Rockaway Bedding, Hempstead, NY - Cant' get acceptable mattress delivered

Posted on Friday, May 13th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 9bcafc27

Company: Rockaway Bedding, Hempstead, NY - Cant' get acceptable mattress delivered

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Rockaway Bedding, Hempstead, NY - Cant' get acceptable mattress delivered

May 12, 2005 I purchased a pillow top full size mattress and box spring in February 2003 from Rockaway Bedding in Hempstead NY. The box- spring after nine months started to make squeaky noises upon sitting on it. In February 2003 it was replaced without someone coming out to inspect it. I only had to pay a delivery fee. Which I did not mind doing. It is now May 2005 and the box spring is making that same noise again. And the mattress has to be constantly flipped over to keep from looking as if someone is in it. It is very uncomfortable to sleep on. I called (516) 538-4556, the place where the mattress and box spring was purchased on May 11, 2005, who informed me that I would needed to contact the Rockaway Bedding customer service department (888) 762-5292, which I did on May 11, 2005 and again on May 12, 2005. On May 11, 2005 I was informed that an inspector would have to come out in order for the mattress and box-spring to be replaced. At which point, I informed the customer service representative that my box-spring had been replaced in 2003 and that an inspector did not come out before it was replaced. She informed me that, that was the policy that someone needs to inspect the mattress and box-spring before replacing them. I asked her if she had this in writing and she informed me that it wasn't in writing. I became annoyed and ended the conversation. On May 12, 2005 I called Rockaway Bedding again. And this time I spoke to Jeannie in customer service, who informed me again that it was the company's policy that the mattress and box-spring must be inspected before replacing. Again, I asked her was this in writing she said, no. I asked her was it in the warranty she said, no. She advised me to call Sterns and Fosters and she gave me the number (800) 697-3259. I called Sterns and Fosters upon ending my call with Rockaway Bedding. Sterns and Fosters customer service informed me that it wasn't in writing that someone needed to come out and inspect the mattress and box-spring before replacing. I asked was it in the warranty, I was informed no it was not. At which point I asked for the warranty to be sent to me. I was informed by Sterns and Fosters customer service department to call back Rockaway Bedding because that they should be the one to replace the mattress and box-spring and that they do not deal directly with the customer. I was also, advised to call the Patterson, NJ Factory where the mattress and box-spring comes from. As suggested, I called the Patterson, NJ location (973) 345-8800 and was informed that Rockaway bedding customer services at (888) 762-5292, should in fact be the ones handling the replacement at. If it is the policy of the company to have an inspector come out and inspects the mattress and box-spring before replacing them, why did they not do that in November 2003? Why isn't it in writing? Why isn't it posted anywhere inside the store about inspectors coming out to inspect before replacement if product is defective? I am not seeking a refund; I just want them to replace the product that was purchased. I can not afford to take time off from work to sit and wait for an inspector. If I had known this before I purchased the mattress and box-spring I surely would not have purchased it from Rockaway Bedding in the first place. Very unhappy customer, Michelle Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_43517#


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