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Gas Service / Atmos Energy


Atmos Energy

P.O. Box 650205

Dallas, Texas 75265-0205

We recently purchased a new home in the Marrero area and thought all was fine after we changed over name to Entergy to hev the Services turned on. After a week in the home we began to smell gas and called Entergy. WE were advised by Entergy that we had a Company by the name of Atmos that supplied our Gas. At that time the 27th of April 2005. The Serviceman came out that night and repaired the problem. We gave them the new owners name and information. On the 4th of May we were advised by the last owner that we needed to change the gas over to our name. The 5th of May we called Atmos and spoke with a representative by the name of Linda and was told that we had to give her a check over the telephone before she could turn the gas on in our name. We advised her that it was already on and just needed someone to come out and read the meter for our start of service. We were told that someone over the age of 18 had to be at the residence.

Linda was advised that we were not going to give her a check over the telephone and would write one at the nearest store. On the 6th of May the very next day we learned that we had no Gas srevices, it had been turned off without notice. At about 3PM that afternoon we called Atmos and was told by and irate female that since we did not give a check over the telephone the day before, the services were disconnected. I then advised the Atmos representative that there were 2 elderly women in the house that needed to be cared for. I was told flat out that was of no concern to have the gas immediately turned back on and would have to wait until Monday when a serviceman was in the area. I informed her that it could not wait 3 days and I would have to bypass the lock that was put on the Meter. The telephone call was disconnected at that time. On Monday evening a Sorry We Missed You card was on the door. 2 adults were at home at the time the note was left. No one knocked or rang the door bell. The Meter was changed and locked again. Letting things calm down and using boiled water for 2 days we called Atmos again and this time spoke with Mr. Shawn.

All we wanted was to have the gas turned back on but was told that we tampered with the meter and had to pay an additional $30.00 we tried to tell them that it was fine just bill us. He just got louder and refused to listen. I then asked him talk to his supervisor, at which time he told me no he would not get his supervisor. He Ordered me to put Evelyn back on the telephone. Trying to be nice I put her back on the telephone and she asked him about 5 times to speak with a supervisor. She was told that she could speak with a supervisor, but if the man ( me) was put back on the telephone the call would be disconnected. At no time were we loud or nasty with Atmos Representatives. The whole thing was repeated to the Supervisor Susan who just kept saying that we had to give her an additional 30.00 up front before the gas would be turned back on.

Again we advised her that we were caring for 2 elderly women. Evelyn was constaly being talked over and at no time would they allow her to talk. I finally told her to tell them she would give them a check over the telephone. At the sound of money the supervisor stopped talking long enough to get the check information. We were then told that someone would be out the next day between the hours of 8am and 5pm. So much for the caring of elderly people. Atmos is basically telling people they only care about money. At least Entergy cares about the elderly and does not cut off utilities at the drop of a hat. I had to take an extra blood pressure pill to get back to normal after talking with Susan and Shawn. You can have Atmos I will be going back to all Electric real soon. Is it necessary to abuse new customers? Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_24956#


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e4e08fe3, 2008-10-08, 10:30AM CDT

We have an Atmos in our area, and after reading this, I would never use them.

Thanks for the information, and I hope that the 2 women are comfortable now.

f9da3b6f, 2008-10-28, 08:10PM CDT

There was some roadwork or construction in my area towards the end of September and the gas was turned off. Now that it is getting cold and we need our heater we are not able to use it as a result of the pilot light. I have spent some time trying to light it and could not get it lit. I called in to Atmos and requested to see if someone could come out and help me. I was told that I would have to hire someone to do it because Atmos only does it for new service as a courtesy. I asked the person that took the call why the pilot was not lit in September and he said because our furnace was "dirty". The technician who came in September knocked on our door and told my husband that he needed to light our pilot as a result of the work that was being done outside. HE DID NOT TELL MY HUSBAND THAT HE DID NOT LIGHT IT. I explained to the person on the phone that I have 3 small children and it is getting colder and supposed to be very cold tonight. He stated that I have to seek an outside source to help me. My husband is on the road 6 weeks at a time and I am left in the cold with my children as a result of them believing that they " only making 1 courtesy trip for new service" THESE PEOPLE ARE SOMETHING ELSE

d2d7d907, 2008-11-22, 11:59AM CST

Atmos changed out our gas meter for some unknown reason. They tore up my wooden deck and repaired it. I had to redo the shabby mess they left.

After they changed out the meter, my gas bill went to $88.00, next month $133.00 and the next month $144.00. These bills for the last 2 prior years had been form $28.00 to $54.00.

I called Atmos and they sent a rep out, He told me it was between the meter and my house and it was my responsibility. I questioned why my gas bill made these quantum leaps in use AFTER they changed out the meter. He,of course, had no explanation except it was my responsibilty and shut off our natural gas.

$4,000.00 later the line was replaced. It was 3 days with no oven,stove,fire place,heat or hot water. The temperatures had starting dropping and it was 48 degrees in our house the last day when t;he work was done.

I called Atmos to get the gas turned back on and was told I would be on hold for 39 to 55 minutes. I left my number and did get a return call. I was then told I would need to stay at home until the rep could turn the gas back on. The call center rep,Gloria, could give me no idea of how long it would be. I told her I was in Plano, TX, a suburb of Dallas, and could I get a local number to call. She told me their was no local number to call. At that time I asked for her Supervisor.

I went thru the same song and dance with her. I told her I was 65 and my wife 63 and this was becoming a health issue. Didn't matter to her. I then lied to her and told her I was a lawyer-at this point I would have said anything to get my gas turned on. That didn't shake her.

Interestingly, when I got on the internet, I see that the Atmos that is not in Dallas, as told to me by Gloria, has offices in Dallas.

Advice to all, if you have Atmos and they put in a new meter, beware. These people has issues with the truth and I am sure as hell dumping them as soon as posible.

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