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On May 2,2005 I ordered flowers and candy for my daughter inlaw for mothers day. I asked they be delivered on May7,2005. I had my son keep his wife close to home on that day to accept delivery. At 4:00 in the afternoon my son informed me that the flowers and candy had not been delivered nor a phone call received telling them when they could expect delivery.

At 4:30 on May 7,2005 I called Teleflora and asked why my order had not been delivered they said that the florists in the area were swamped.

At that time I asked if they could place a call to my sons house letting them know that the delivery will be postponed, they said they would , I provided them with two phone numbers to call. No call was made. Later than night I called Teleflora again and asked them to please make the phone call still they didnt. On Sunday may8,2005 in the afternoon my son informed me that a call was still not received so I called teleflora again they said they would make a call.

On Monday still no call so I called again and they told me my flowers and candy would not be delivered till wednesday, I asked again to please make a call but they didn't. Here it is 1:35 Tuesday May 10,2005 and still no flowers , candy or call.This 8 days after I placed my order.

I am so disgusted,Teleflora is a very dishonest company. I will never use them again and will recommend that everyone keep away from them.

I have to laugh they talk about customer satisfaction and guarantees. WHAT A JOKE!


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6332e6d9, 2008-04-22, 12:22PM CDT

teleflora, as well as ftd are order gatherers, they tack on service fees while not paying the shop 100% of what you paid. I am a florist and know TF and FTD all too well. You are better off ordering with a local florist close to where you want your delivery done. All of your complaints, if you have any will be dealt with in a prompt manner, with the actual person(s) that made your flowers, AND they can actually tell you if the delivery went there and what time. All the information at your fingertips! surprise, try getting that with TF or FTD, you'll be on hold for hours! Get 100% of what you paid for, because isn't that what it's all about? shop local

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