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August 15, 2006 - Business Reply - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_68829#

Customer ordered the product for $499.99 PLUS the $39.50 which is the right amount he was charged.

Not open on the weekend.



March 9, 2005 - Consumer Message:

This business is located in Wallingford. CT. they are the most unscrupulous company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with, they sent me an E-Mail confirming that my purchase was $499.99, the charge on my checking account was for $539.41, I have tried to contact them....

they do not answer there phones, and there web sit that has "contact us " will never open, I wonder how you are suppose to contact these rascals to resolve a problem if they cannot be reached by phone or e-mail.......very bogus company, stay away.

I am going to contact the better business bureau in Connecticut and also I will send a letter to the Attorney General of Connecticut, I think these people must be made to answer for there latent disregard for the unsuspecting on line purchaser, I have ordered many, many times with reputable companies in the past and never had a problem till I had the miss fortune to find this bunch of robbers.

Ron Cook, Salmon Idaho


Ron C

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