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Posted on Monday, March 7th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by a66de67a

Company: Scarborough Research / telephone solicitor

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Scarborough Research / telephone solicitor

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wanted to file a formal complaint about a very troubling, rude, unprofessional organization that calls me at least 5 times a week, morning or night, bothering me no matter how many times I tell them that I am not interested in what they want or what they are selling, etc.

I have told these people to quit calling me, I told them to remove me from their telephone calling list, and I have told them that I am listed on the National and State of Texas Do Not Call Registries, and I told them that I was going to file a formal complaint, and I was rudely told "go ahead and do that, Sir." What kind of legitimate company tells people that?!?

I have NEVER been treated so rudely by anyone before on the telephone, and I wanted to complain about these people. I hope that no one else has to endure the rude, unprofessional treatment of these people. I have caller ID, and I did a reverse phone number search on the internet and found this information about the company:

Scarborough Research

4801 NW Loop 410

San Antonio, TX 78229-5347

(210) 522-9215

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

I am withholding my name for privacy/safety reasons, I hope you understand. Thank you.

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5c1ce15d, 2007-10-04, 10:32PM CDT

I work for Scarborough research and just want to let a few of you in on a little something.

Advertising is what drives media, such as television. It is what pays for it. The advertisers pay for playtime and that money is what funds tv shows.

If you like newspapers, radio or watching TV you have to accept advertising.

The funny thing about advertising is not all ads apply to all people. There in lies the need for research.

Advertising in radio, television and newspapers is applied for people who will be interested in it, otherwise advertising is useless.

Senior citizens generally don't need video game ads and 20 something college students generally don't need sanitary diaper ads.

Research is the only way to find out what geographic areas have what ages and household types.

Each person called represents roughly 3000 people. Not everyone can be surveyed so your tastes and "opinions" speak for a very large group of people.

If you are not pleased with the programming in your area this is the only way for it to change. Speak your mind, otherwise don't complain.

Sidenote : Picking up the phone, and berating someone, telling them to stop calling you and hanging up does not give them the oppurtunity to tell you how to be removed from the "database". No lists are used. The people that call you do not have the control for who they call, when they call, and your number not being called. ( btw, all numbers are generated randomly.

2# : If you have taken the time to read this then I applaud you for you are of the inteligent people who make up this country and I offer you this -

Research is expensive. Scarborough alone spends 2-4 million dollars a year, just on sending money to people like yourself who voluntarily take a 5-10 minute survey.

Any other method would cost so much that it would increase consumer costs incredibly. Complain all you want, but think of the alternative. Would you rather be called on the phone, or pay 3-5 times the amount for the products you buy? Economics my dear Watson....

And just a question for everyone so aggravated by being called more than once. Do you enjoy being aggravated over taking a few minutes to answer some questions about what type of newpapers you read or radio you like to listen to?

Or you can ignorantly say something about the DNC list, $11,000 and the legality of it all without knowing the full details of what you are talking about.

Also, swearing at someone only broadcasts your inability to intelligently express yourself.

But what do I know, I'm just some $*&% idiot calling you.

071d91b5, 2008-02-17, 04:32PM CST

The response by the Scarborough hack to this complaint is such self serving garbage! First of all, NO means NO! When someone tells you to not call again, that is exactly what it means. There should be no arguing, there should be no rudeness and most important of all, there should be no more calls. It is that simple.

You can spout self serving garbage till hades freezes over but it is very simple. You have no right to continue to invade the privacy of someone who tells you to stop. I am in the process of researching and contacting all companies who use Scarborough Research to file complaints with them about the abusive and rude tactics used by Scarborough Research.

5b57ecdf, 2008-03-05, 09:21AM CST

Everyone has the right say yes or no to someone contacting you for information. No one has to give a reason. Your home is a place where you can accept or decline requests that you did not ask for. Regardless if it's a telemarketer or researcher. For a small one time fee, you can install a telephone device that blocks any telephone number as well as the unknown name/unknown number, private name/private number. The beauty of this is the call never even rings into your home! You can send the call to your answering machine or a call center. Privacy is restored.

b8a93116, 2008-03-27, 09:28PM CDT

Yeah, these Scarborough researchers have been calling us every night. I'm not too worried, I'm sure pretty soon Scarborough Research will outsource their $7.50/hr asses to India.

134c4e06, 2008-06-07, 06:40PM CDT

Yup ask to be taken off list and they keep calling but they tell you I am going to give you an 800 number to be removed but call it and they keep calling.

What a bunch of idiots.

They are a waste of space and the tele idiots must only have an education less than 1st grade.

If you want phone numbers try hq 646-654-8400 or the 800 number 800-753-6043 or for an email try this lame duck top level less than 1st grade education lady or is she a transsexual.

[email protected]

Deirdre McFarland

VP, Marketing & Communications

16b743d6, 2009-01-10, 05:25PM CST

I too have have been and am being harassed by these idiots. They think because they are doing a "survey" that gives them the right to harass. Well in short it does not.

I don't give a crap what info they want. You want info make it up, you should know what I know about tv & radio. It's useless trash most of the time. You want details on trash go look in your garbage pail nitwit!

Here is the number I keep getting on my caller id. 941-379-1954 I am keeping a log of this in case more comes from this.

They call just about every day. They even sent me a letter in the mail after they told me they do not know who I am. Get this they even gave me two dollar bills for my inconvenience then they continued to call me. Hey if you want to pay me off it will take more then $2.00 !!

6edbb275, 2009-01-11, 04:43PM CST

I too am having a bit of harassment by the Scarborough Research people I believe out of florida. They keep calling from 941-379-1954. This after 3 confrontations and I repeatedly said NO! They are stupid people and act like it is some civic duty to partake in their most holy survey. Well you know what I say to that? Well you know what I would say. I don't care about your survey nor how much someone else paid for it. Go get a real job!

e1c1cc17, 2009-09-24, 08:30PM CDT

the only executive home phone number I can find is for steve seraita at 914-923-5550. call him and disturb is quiet family time just like he is doing to your family and enjoying a big salary. give him the same treatment. maybe steve will tell his boss robert L. (Bob) Cohen, the ceo of scarborough research or surveys the message to stop calling people on do not call lists.

496aa9e0, 2009-10-11, 12:41PM CDT

Nice comment from the person from Scarborough Research. "Hey! What we do is important!" Not feeling a little defensive are we? I think Bill Hicks said it best about anybody in Marketing and Marketing Research. "Suck on a tailpipe and kill yourself, you'll be doing the world a favor". Not that the original poster is innocent in this either. I'm willing to bet money that you filled out one of those "free survey" flyers, either in the mail or online. It was free and if you filled the survey out you got a prize! Or maybe five bucks! Awesome it's free right! You, are an idiot. You've given them your name and number, and accepted money from them. Congratulations, you've just waived your right to anonymity. By taking money and giving them contact info, they can ignore any "do not call" lists or otherwise that you've signed. Next time, don't fill one of those things out.

5af04bac, 2009-10-25, 01:22PM CDT

My problem is no having someone call my house, it is the time of day, or I should say night. Anything after 7pm is off limits for anyone other than family and friends.

57b7cf7c, 2009-11-20, 12:59AM CST

I want to start out by saying that I'm sorry you were treated so rudely by someone calling your house to further their business. It's always a mystery to me why people are rude to anyone when they are calling you at HOME and interrupting your personal time.

Secondly, I just wanted to point out that the response by the person who works for Scarborough is technically correct, while a little condescending and self-serving. . It does point out that what Scarborough does is legitimate, and is definitely worthwile if you want to influence what is offered in your area. Only around 1 percent of people around the country will do the Scarborough study, yet they are the nations leading research company. So only 1 percent of opinions are influencing what is shown/offered in your area.

And you will find that the people who DO the study are usually not of the same mind as people who are more difficult about participating, so you have a bunch of other people's opinions standing in for your own.

Also, there is a way to be taken off of their database, by asking for their 1-800 number, or even going onto their website and getting them to remove your number. It's pretty quick, and a lot easier than dealing with the incoming calls if you don't want to. Or you could just do the survey, that way they have no reason to call you again. :) I'm pretty sure that both of those options would take less time than you've already spent drafting the letter above.

b960e94b, 2010-07-05, 06:06PM CDT

Look around on the internet and see how persistent Scarborough is. Then stop and think. Something does not add up here.

Would a company simply providing feedback to TV stations would not be this desperate to reach people who do not want to be reached? Read some of posts out there. Think about the information they are collecting. What do you think they are really doing with it?

How much would someone who sells time shares pay for a list of people who watch CNBC and reads about real estate?

How much would an auto dealership pay for a list of people who watch auto shows and buy a new car every 2 years?

On another board one of the "employees" posted that they wanted to reach people who didn't want to answer because their oppinions and pereferences are often different. Ya. I bet! The people who don't answer are exactly the type that this company probably needs to know about because those are exactly the people with incomes and activities, and therefore they would have preference profiles that are more likely to be valuable if you were to sell them.

It just doesn't seem to tme that a company would not be this desperate to get people's oppinions just to give feed back to TV stations.

But it seems they just might be that desperate to get a consumer profile of exactly the sort of people who don't want to be profiled or marketed to if they were selling it to those buisnesses that wanted to target people matching a certain profile.

It sounds like if you answer their questions, they will start sending you surveys. Where do you shop? What do you buy? What do you plan to buy in the future?

Try this. Take their survey. Tell them mostly you listen to local stations and local shows. The names of the things you watch and listen to are:

"I don't have any money"

"How to get back at telemarketers"

"Advertising has a reverse effect on me"

"I don't do buisness with anyone who calls me on the phone"

"I am a problem customer"

"How to cost companys that bother me time and money"

They are all local shows, so you may not have heard of them.

See who they can sell that information and profile to.

Now the people on the phone may deny this. The guy who posted here may deny this. But would they even know what their own company is really doing? Someone may argue this is a not-for profit company. Ok, so the company doesn't make any money, but how much does the executive make in salry and bonuses?

A decade ago, I had a subscription to a very specific type of magazine about investing that covered 'technical analysis'. So it's not just about general investing. It isn't something I persued, so I canceled it over a decade ago. I still get calls occasionaly from people who want to sell me technical analysis software. That means a decade later someone is so desperate to find people with that 'preference' that they are willing to go look at decade old magazine subscription lists and call a number that may not even be the same person after 10 years. So information about what you watched on TV last week is quite possibly a lot more valuable than you would think. Particularly if you are exactly the type of person who is busy and doesn't want to be advertised to. And Scarborough (or someone at Scarborough) is probably making a ton of money off it.

You watch the discovery channel. Now they know you're educated, which correlates with income. You subscribe to a magazine about your hobby. Now they know what you do with your time. Then people in that industry pay Scharboro big money for your name, address and phone number.

I'm just saying this whole 'media research' thing could be a cover. I don't know that. And I don't have any specific evidence. My only statement here is to look at what others have posted on the internet about their behavior and ask yourself what you think they might really be doing. After reading what others have posted, do you think the level at which they won't take no for an answer adds up with their explanation of what they are doing?

c3e3bbc2, 2010-07-19, 02:17AM CDT

Just tell them that you work for a survey company. They will hang up before you do and never call again.

07449484, 2010-09-18, 02:34PM CDT

I have been contacted by Scarborough numerous times, and waited on the phone through the we are a survey information. I also advised I was on the DNC list and requested not to be called anymore. After waiting for the person on the other end to respond in the usual well we aren't selling anything just a survey, I again advised them I did not want to be contacted and to remove me from there call lists. I at no time was given any further information to call to remove my number from their lists. The calls have persisted day and night as late as 10 pm and I have continually politely asked to be removed and without hanging up immediatly been told sorry and they hang up. After finally being fed up over the repeated calls, I asked for a supervisor in which was told there were no supervisors there. Only after threatening litigation did I receive a supervisor and a phone number to call to remove my number from this company. I repeatedly expressed my distaste for the rude, unprofessional behavior from their company and asked why after months of repeat calls did no one provide me with the DNC number for the business. No answer could be provided by the supervisor. Also after requesting the address for the company I was placed on hold as no one could provide me with their address.

a2c6c449, 2010-09-29, 06:25PM CDT

Here are the emails to all the execs. Please send them lots of requests (please get cancer, remove me from your list, etc). Have fun.

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

60b61553, 2011-01-08, 10:51AM CST

I found this site after searching because I am in the same horrid loop with Scarborough Research. In the business world, I have actually work with Scarborough and am stunned at how unprofessional and rude their interviewers are. This is my first experience on the "other end."

They have called my home daily for two weeks. Often when I am not home. However, they have also reached me 6 times now. They call all the way up until 10pm. Who calls homes at 10pm??

I have very firmly but nicely asked to not be called. The first five times they simply plowed by me with "When would a good time be to call?" REALLY? A consumer is snapping at you for calling their home at 10pm and you really think they will gladly take your call another time??

Each time I ask to not be called they just keep calling. Today, it happened again (a Saturday!) and the woman told me she can't remove me, that I must called another number to ASK to be removed? WHAT? You have people calling homes with no power to remove those who do not want to be bothered??

I need to escalate this somehow. It just escapes logic that you would keep calling someone who clearly has said they don't want your calls.

2592ae71, 2011-04-11, 04:17PM CDT

Just tell them that you work for a survey company then they'll never call you back. By the way, advertising doesn't pay for TV, I pay for TV, and still get to see 20 min per hr of commercials.

3b5653a7, 2012-03-04, 03:47PM CST

Thx for posting this. They sent me a survey with a dollar in it. I was going to fill this out, but after reading this, I kept the dollar and threw the survey in the trash.

2e461ff5, 2013-10-03, 10:14PM CDT

I never listen to radio and I do not read newspapers/magazines. This is my choice. I Record everything so not to see or hear commercials. My home is called "commercial free" and you must be "remote worthy", that is muting all commercials or remote is taken from you.

I was most courteous from the beginning asking not to be called again. I was given & called the 800# several times but was never taken off list. Calls continued. I do have a Zapper for Salespeople which they are happy to pass since they do not "sell anything" but when told again not to call they begin yelling and arguing. Not nice, calls continue.

I do have many reasons for not wanting to speak with Scarborough Research but mostly that ANY Company (Nealson included) that would want information gathered by people who received it in such unscrupulous ways, I could not trust.

I completely understand everyone needing an income to survive as well the respect for privacy in the home, feelings of being invaded but everyone must stop this dumb game since it is not okay - neither side.

Shame on Scarborough Research for their ways and those who hire them to gain information that is not reliable or correct in the first place.

I would think that those that pay such large amounts of money to advertise on these various medias would not want information gathered in such ways. Even the responses from Scarborough Representatives is shameful, they never apologize for the inconveniences they cause to those who do not want to be bothered. It truly is not personal until calls continue, irritation begins and so the cycle goes - needlessly.

So if you happen to call a home and get an unhappy person because they are tired of "your company" calling - just apologize for the inconvenience, explain their number is selected randomly, give a legitimate #800 (pls. make sure someone IS taking care on #800 side to get numbers removed so people are not repeated called) and let them go.

Thank you, and please no smart remarks; I too have been dealing with this for several years and have hung up in tears. I have not been left alone (still do not know my next step) but will demand not to be called again.

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