2001 Subaru Outback L.L. Bean Edition - Constant Brake Problems

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Company: 2001 Subaru Outback L.L. Bean Edition - Constant Brake Problems

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2001 Subaru Outback L.L. Bean Edition - Constant Brake Problems

Almost from the moment we purchased this car we expierenced problems with the brakes.

What follows is an outline of the problems that I have been experiencing with my car. I 1. Nov.11th, 2001. Six months after purchase. Our first scheduled maintenance. We also asked Lynnes to look at the

brakes. They were squeaky. It was something we noticed after the first few months. We were told

it was "brake dust". We were also told that it would eventually clear up. 2. Mar. 08th, 2001

Four months later. We gave it time, but brakes were still squeaking. We scheduled

another appointment with Lynnes.

3. Apr. 18th, 2002 Approximately one month later. The brakes were still squeaking. We scheduled another

appointment with Lynnes. 4. Dec. 20th, 2002

Approx. 8 months. The brakes never stopped squeaking. We again asked Lynnes to

find and fix the problem

5. Jan. 16th, 2003

One month later. Brakes were still squeaking. Once again we brought the car in.

6. June 24th, 2003

Approx. 5 months later. As you can see in the documentation, the brakes went from squeaking to

a grinding noise. When we got the car back, the grinding noise was gone, but the brakes were still

squeaking. At this point, we had the car in for servicing a total of fourteen times. Six of those for brake

problems. That averages out to once every 1.7 months since we bought the car.

Even after the six visits for brake problems, the brakes still were squeaking. When asking

Lynnes for the cause, we were always told that is was 'brake dust'. That there was nothing that can be

done. At this point, we were feeling that it was an issue of Lynnes and Subaru just refusing our

repeated requests to replace the brakes. Not wanting to have to live with our car constantly in for

servicing, we gave up. We felt we just had to live with the squeaking. Now the latest.... When starting out the first thin in the morning there feels as if there is resistance when we depress the brake pedal. We had to pump the brakes several times to get them working. We took it to Lynnes Subaru and we were told that there was a problem with the master cylinder, which they replaced. We got the car back and still had the problem. Lynnes re-replaced the master cylinder. The problem still existed, however after a few weeks it seemed to go away, however our brakes are now squeaking louder than ever. I have contacted Subaru, but they refuse to be of any assistance. As a matter of fact, They actually hinted that I was Lying about the problem

George F

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9d9d7462, 2008-02-12, 11:31AM CST

...Squeeking squeeking squeeking...

I have a Subaru LLBean Outback 2001 with now 100,000 miles and have had tons of cars for which brakes are rarely a problem. They all can squeek from time to time.

What I can tell you is that Auto Brakes, by their nature, are two pieces of metal/stone that are designed to rub on each other, creating friction to let your car stop safely.

If there is some noise (esp. squeeking), its nothing to go into a panic about. What really matters... is this...

a) Response: does the car stop consistently and adequately from a range of speeds. It should always stop, if not, you have an actual brake problem

b) When braking hard, does the car pull one way or another -- it shouldnt. If it does, you have a real problem.

c) When braking, does it feel "spongey". If so, your hydraulics are at fault, the system needs to be checked and the brakes likely "bled" and then refilled to get air bubbles out. Without the liquid hydraulic system working properly, your brakes have no chance.

Some noise is not a real probelm, and its bothering you to no end, you can spend the money, have a pro mechanic replace all four of the rotors, drain out and replace the brak fluid, and get all new and faultless brake pads.

**But***, it still may squeek some!!!!

Good luck and please dont stress so much.


8d2e72f1, 2008-10-29, 12:46PM CDT

We have a 2002 Outback and have had constant problems with the brakes. We have never had a car with as many brake problems. We also had to replace the head gaskets and they say we need new valves. We take care of our car - I would never buy another Subaru.

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