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On March 4, 2005 about 4:30pm I placed an order on line with I was ordering a set of sheets for my daughter in Pa. When it came time to choose who to send them to I filled in the Name and address of my daughter in Pa.. I decided to do a little more shopping so didn’t ship at that moment. I didn’t find what I was looking for so I just punched in the SEND. Well the sheets were sent to a different locations and not the address that I typed in. I immediately called the customer service # to have the situation corrected; this was at 4:50pm on March 4, 2005. At that time I was told that I couldn’t change the order, that it was my mistake and I also was told that I couldn’t cancel. That when the order was placed on line it was shipped immediately and that I could call UPS to have it redirected after I got a tracking #. I would receive tracking # on Monday March 7, 2005. I was of course very upset as I called immediately when I saw the error. At that time I asked to speak to a supervisor.

The supervisor told me basically the same thing, I told her that was impossible, there had to be something she could do. She said no that the order had already been shipped. When I told her that was impossible that I had only put the on line order in a few moments ago she said it was not and again it was already shipped. I stayed steadfast with her but it did not help at all. They were extremely aggravated with me as I was very upset and still cannot understand why they couldn’t stop the order. They did get back to me for being persistent via your fraud department and saying that someone was using my cc without my knowledge. When I explained the problem the people at the fraud department tried to help. While my husband was talking to the fraud department I was still on the phone with my second supervisor at Being able to do nothing, I told them I would wait until I got the tracking # On Monday. . On March 7th I did go back on line and there was a tracking #. I called UPS and they told me that the tracking number was a good one but the merchandise had not yet been picked up. This of course was not what the supervisor of the on line told me. UPS also told me to contact Sears and have them change the location… I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, this time I got her name. Missy. She told me I would have to wait until the package was received by UPS and have it rerouted. I told her I was going on vacation and that presented a problem. She told me she would call UPS and take care of it.

The following day I checked on line and nothing had happened the package was in route to New York rather than Pennsylvania. I called back again. They told me I would have to wait until it was at the point of delivery at UPS then change the location. I told them I was leaving on vacation and I couldn’t do that. I then told them that Missy was going to take care of this, they told me she was busy. A few minutes later Missy called me and said she had called UPS the day prior and the package would be rerouted if there were any problems she would call me. I gave her my cell phone number. I just returned from vacation, March 17, 2005, I looked on line and saw that the package was delivered to the wrong location. UPS dropped the package at the front door, so there was no way to refuse shipment. I called and was told they knew nothing about the situation, which Missy was not in, but that nothing was written down about the entire situation. If I wanted to have it rerouted I would have to pay another shipping charge and to contact UPS. At this point I am so disgusted I don’t even know what to say. This is no way to run a service industry. I have been called basically a liar and a fraud by using Sears on Line. I will not make that mistake again. I will have the people in New York, when and if they get the package to mail it to my daughter in Pennsylvania. I will not do business with Sears any longer. In the store, on line or use my Sears Gold Master Card. I will call and cancel all of them. Customer Service means just that. I was shown NONE. I have called Sears Gold Master Card and have put the purchase in dispute. I was given no option to turn this situation around nor cancel the order. Susan E. B

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658e2139, 2008-12-11, 03:08PM CST

I was told the same thing, that the item had already been shipped, after just five minutes of touching the place order icon AND PHONING UP TO CANCEL. They did not cancel it when I called up an hour later to check, after previously being told that they had. Now, they're telling me to refuse the item, and get ups to send it back. I think this is a very strange way to do business. I will dispute the amount with my credit card company.

c458eec9, 2008-12-12, 10:35AM CST

Lady you screwed up not them..why is it when people make a mess they want everyone else to clean up their mess? You messed up and yes to your credit you did contact them immediately, but for some reason or other they were unable to bend to your whim which btw was not their job their job was to fill the order you placed, which they did! Your job was to place the order the correct order be sure the info was correct then send the order thru you are the one who dropped the ball..then you called them belly aching boohoo I screwed up now fix it..when they told you they couldn't you got upset so they offered you an idea "call UPS and have them change the address once it reaches it's destination..of course you are busy bless your heart so you can't, but you expect the busy people at Sears to drop down on their knees, bow their heads and answer "yes my Lady as you wish"..NOW, as if all that's not bad enough, you want the people who did get the package to go out and clean up the mess you made..unbelievable..I would if I were them offer to send you the package postage due, ONLY after you send me money to cover my gas and wear and tear on my car running an errand for you..tell me, does someone else wipe your ass when you go potty??

dac46e25, 2009-07-14, 11:09PM CDT

Yes, she screwed up by interrupting the order process and then hitting SEND, but how did Sears come up with an address in NY? The computer just pulled a random address out of its ass?

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