KLM - A Case Study in Poor Customer Service. I traveled from Berlin to Amsterdam on KLM flight KL1835 on March 3, 2005. - KLM - A Case Study in Poor Customer Service

Posted on Monday, March 14th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 0af38eac

Company: KLM - A Case Study in Poor Customer Service. I traveled from Berlin to Amsterdam on KLM flight KL1835 on March 3, 2005.

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KLM - A Case Study in Poor Customer Service

Dear Sir/Madam: Re: KLM - A Case Study in Poor Customer Service. I traveled from Berlin to Amsterdam on KLM flight KL1835 on March 3, 2005.

My luggage did not make it to Berlin. I filed a missing baggage complaint at Berlin airport (file reference number - TXLKL29005). From then on, I spent 8 days trying to trace my baggage. KLM customer service failed to respond for several days despite repeated emails. In Berlin, after much difficulty, I

was able to get through to the KLM office via phone.

They were neither helpful nor friendly and I did not get any information on my luggager. Finally, I was back home in Chicago with absolutely no information from KLM. I continued to write emails to KLM (getting through to them by phone is almost impossible). After repeated attempts, I get a call 9 days later on march 12 saying that they are not able to trace my luggage.

I am appalled that it took so many days for KLM to make the first courtesy call to let me know that they cannot find my luggage. I am a frequent business traveler and KLM has been my worst experience. Further, KLM customer service is extremely poor and unresponsive. My recommendation to anyone who wishes to fly KLM is to be cautious about what to expect from the airline. I still do not know the whereabouts of my luggage. Some important material is missing and KLM continues to evade my queries... Sincerely, Anil Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_73728# Consumer


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0386fe79, 2007-11-02, 10:30AM CDT

On the 19th May 2007 I flew with KLM from Cape Town SA to Norwich UK.

On arrival to Norwich, I discovered one of my bags was missing.

21st May, contacted KLM by telephone, who couldn't help.

23rd May, e-mailed KLM details of lost luggage.

25th May, contacted KLM by telephone to be told to contact KLM Netherlands as it was over 5 days. Contacted KLM Netherlands who asked me to fill out another online form.

30th May, reply from KLM, standard 'Sorry' letter.

21st June, e-mailed KLM after no further contact from them.

18th July, KLM request me to complete online form AGAIN! Replied asking 'why?', as it had already been supplied twice.

25th July, e-mailed KLM asking why no-one has had the decency to reply to my e-mails.

7th September, contacted KLM by telephone asking about state of claim & complained of incompetant customer service. Assured I would be contacted by e-mail within seven days.

19th September, contacted KLM by telephone, customer service unable to help.

3rd October, contacted KLM by telephone asking why no-one has had the decency to contact me despite assurances by one of their agaents. Informed unable to help as baggage claims closed. Would not assist in any way. Would not request baggage claims to contact me as 'Another Department'

Nineteen weeks & STILL ongoing.

24 weeks. I actually get through to customer services & my cheque is 'waiting to be signed'.

No apology.

No explanation.

No reason to why the cheque has been waiting for a signature for over a week.


My advice, Don't expect to have ANY assistance from KLM when they loose your bags/luggage.

f59e0ce1, 2008-04-09, 11:14AM CDT

Dear Sir: I am currently having the exact same trouble. I met several people in the office here for complaints several said they traveled all over world as I do and never expereienced such problems. I can say the same...I want my bags back and Klm should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of service and careless attitud..I don;t want your crappy overnight bag worth 3 dollars..I want my bags with my money my equipment and all my clothing for openings..you people have ruined my entire trip Dr. Pamela Cramond Malkin.sitting in Berlin wihtout a stitch to wear!I see from the blogs..no one is happy with you and the Berlin office is terrible

0f27c01c, 2010-10-13, 12:43AM CDT

i have same bad experience with AF-KLM customer care department in Moscow, i received a compensation for damaged luggage after 6 months from the request, during this period i sent them 3 times the documentation by fax ,1 time by mail and 30 e-mails.

Awful customer care and they don't have any respect for travellers !!

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