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Posted on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by db4e6eff

Company: Insta Move

Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

My complaint is against the Insta Move moving company. A neighbor of mine in an apartment complex (Waterford Pointe-Orlnado, FL) hired them to move her things, and they proceeded to park their truck directly across the entire street. No one could get by to throw their trash out or to check their mail for quite some time. When I asked them to move their truck, they proceeded as if I wasn't even talking to them. So I followed them to the door of the apartment and asked them again if they would move their truck about five feet back so at least myself and my neighbors could get by.

They agreed so I got back into my car. Next, instead of doing what they said they would, they continued moving the things from the truck into the apartment, while the stack of angry neighbors continued to pile up. When they finally finished and left I called the number for the company which was on the truck (407-382-3822) and asked to file a complaint. The man that answered pretty much blew me off and did not want to hear the complaint nor did he seem to care at all. That's where it stands now, with complete lack of regard for others and utter unprofessionalism.

The movers were rude, not only in their parking of the truck, but also to everyone that asked them to move; as I was not the only one. I would like to advise others to stay away from this company as they are completely unprofessional and do not deserve your business. If you can't even call and get a civilized person on the phone who will actually take care of things than I don't see how this company can possibly function doing other tasks.

Thank You,

Nicole C


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