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The Place Furniture Galleries

Hello - I am a 25-year-old professional New York newlywed. My husband and I made our first big furniture purchase for our new home with The Place Furniture Galleries (address: 1640 Broadhollow Road Farmingdale, NY 11735 phone number: 631-843-9393). My husband and I placed our order on October 17, 2004. They were running a sale of 10% off the original prices. Our order included a media cabinet for the living room and a bedroom set. We informed our salesman of just how anxious we were to have our house all set up for the holidays. He repeatedly promised us that all of the furniture would be there in time. We even expressed to him that if the furniture would not be available, that we would rather pick out another set. Again, he made his promises. Our sales contract states delivery in 8-10 weeks. The media cabinet was delivered prior to Christmas and I could not have been happier. I called to check up on the Bedroom set and was told that it would ship in late January. Of course, I was very unhappy.

I complained to my husband (as most normal wives do) about the fact that my clothing has been in wicker baskets in the closet since we moved into our home and that I am tired of the television being on the floor. In response to my complaints, my husband made a phone call to the store and explained how unhappy we were about the late shipment. The manager (Patty Daly) informed him that she would deduct the $100 delivery charge from the order and that she would send a $100 gift certificate in the mail to accommodate us. After these promises, we felt better about the ordeal. The month of January came and went and we still did not have our furniture. Again, we called the store to inquire once again about our bedroom set and also about the $100 gift certificate that we never received in the mail. Not only was there no notation that a gift certificate was promised to us, but we were informed that the furniture would not be ready to ship until mid to late February.

We were told a manager would get back to us about the gift certificate. We never received a phone call from a manager. On Friday February 25, we finally received a phone call that the furniture would be ready to ship on Saturday March 5 (FYI...this would be 20 weeks after we placed the order). Again we inquired about the gift certificate. The woman could not help us and told us that the manager would get back to us. We did not receive a phone call. On Sunday February 27, we decided to drive out to Farmingdale to speak to the manager in person. We wanted to make sure that we did this prior to the furniture shipping and us paying the balance of the order. We wanted something, anything from a manager. A personal "I am sorry" would do. We got to the store and waited for 45 minutes for the manager. While we were waiting a receptionist brought a $100 gift certificate over to us. All of a sudden the gift certificate that no one knew anything about was no longer an issue.

We felt as if we were unworthy of the manager’s time and just wanted to speak with her in person. We didn't think that was too much to ask. When she (Patty Daly) finally came to the customer service desk to speak to us she did not say a word. She didn't introduce herself or anything. My husband just began telling her our story. Her response was "What do you want me to do? We gave you $100 off in delivery costs and we are giving you a gift certificate". When my husband told her that we had waited for 20 weeks for our furniture and have been living out of suitcases and boxes and were given the run around and didn't even receive a call back from a manager, all that she said was "We have no way of knowing when the orders are going to ship.

Your furniture came from China and the warehouse does not tell us when it will be ready." I told her that if we had received a phone call in the 11th or 12th week of waiting explaining that, we might have felt better about everything but we didn't get that courtesy. The only communication was done when we made the phone calls. She continued to say, "Well it is only a $1700 order". Clearly she hadn't even bothered to look up our account because we also bought the media cabinet from them. When we said this to her she replied, "What would you like me to do? Take away a poor old man's commission to give you a credit?". My husband expressed that he was not concerned about the "poor old man's commission" because as far as we are concerned, he was only trying to make a sale and didn't do his job properly.

We told her that we were interested in adding the bed to our order (we had a duplicate of our honeymoon bed made in Costa Rica and therefore, did not order the bed from The Place). His thinking is that any normal manager would then offer the bed at a discounted rate. Patty said fine and proceeded to walk away to see how much the bed cost. She came back to us a half-hour later with another sales slip. On it she had the bed at a discounted price of 10% (which was our original discount). The total cost with tax was $850 after the discount for the bed. At this point we were very confused thinking that we would receive a better discount than that and also what happened to taking off "the poor old man's commission"?.

We expressed this much to her and she said "Well, I didn't give him the commission on the sale of the bed". I seriously thought that my husband was going to lose it at that point. He definitely raised his voice out of frustration. She then got another manager who happened to be the store manager (Richard Healy). Mr. Healy was not interested in what we had to say and basically treated us like common criminals threatening to remove us from his store. He was not interested in hearing our side of the story or even how we proposed to make it better. My husband shook his hand and we walked out. Then realizing that we wasted 2 hours of our time on a Sunday and left with nothing, my husband went back in a got the $100 gift certificate.

Our blood was boiling. We couldn't even speak. What could have been solved with a simple "I am so sorry that it took so long for the bed to be delivered" or " I am very sorry that no one called you back" or "Here is the gift certificate that we promised in the sorry that it did not get to you" or "Why don't we add the bed onto the order at 40% off"...ANYTHING WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER! You would think that a referral from a just married couple with friends who are also filling brand new houses with furniture would be worth something.

I noticed that there are a number of complaints posted on Internet sites against The Place. Obviously, there are other unhappy people out there. Thank you for looking into this matter. I hope that you are able to use it on your show.

Janine P

New York, New York 10022

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6469c9fb, 2007-11-09, 08:14PM CST

on sept 6 2007 i bought a living room set i was told it takes 6 to 8 weeks i accepted when nov 6 2007 came i never recieved a phone call or a postcard telling me i was not going to recieve furniture on time so i called nov 6 with status on furniture and i was told i had to wait another 4 weeks something about the fabric which was b/s. delivery there is horrible not only that when u do go to the store snd find something there they charge you then the salesman gives u the bad news it takes 4 to 8 weeks then when u cancel they get upset. they do not neg at all

87e3fbfa, 2008-12-09, 12:05PM CST


9a971a27, 2009-06-26, 02:25PM CDT

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself, I am Julia Jones the New Customer Relations Manager for The Place Furniture Galleries. I was hired because ownership is committed to developing a new 'World Class' customer service department. The entire department has been overhauled with new policies and brimming with highly motivated customer service representatives, dedicated to serving you. I know in the past we have fallen short of your expectations but ownership has heard your complaints and is responding to your needs. I would like anyone interested to know that Janine P. has been contacted and invited to come down to the store to meet with management and ownership. We would like to personally extend our apologies. Our only desire is to resolve the past in order to build a new relationship together, for a better future.

Thank you for reading this post,

Julia Jones

Customer Relations Manager

The Place Furniture Galleries

1640 Broadhollow Road

Farmingdale, NY 11735

(631) 843-9393

f05dcb77, 2009-08-05, 05:24PM CDT

I also orderd a table from the place, and was assured it would be in before my daughters wedding, the table was ordered in early august and was supposed to be delivered by the end of september, after waiting way past my daughters wedding in mid october I was told the table woudln't be in for another 6 weeks. Needless to say I cancelled the order and will not deal with the place ever again!

1b57848d, 2009-10-07, 09:17AM CDT

I agree. I am stunned at the lack of good service (no calls back until I lost my patience), lack of quality (my couches were ripped after waiting 5 months to get them), lack of attention to detail (I got matresses that don't fit the furniture I ordered, again after waiting months for them). I could go on......nightmare. Very frustrating.

0b337fef, 2009-11-20, 05:04PM CST

I purchased a bedroom set in March of '09 for my daughter. I was talked into getting from the place by the manager, even though he couldn't match the online price that I received. He assured me 6-8 weeks we would have it. We received some of the pieces on time, but the bed and nightstand were not delivered till the second week of August. We were cleaning her room the day of the delivery, and we noticed a crack in the headboard. Not a small crack either. This crack went across the entire top of the headboard from one side to the other. We called the same day and they told us it would take a week to get someone to come and see it. The inspector came SEPT 9TH!!! 8 DAYS later I called to find out when we were getting our new headboard and no one had an answer for me. I received a message the following day stating that the headboard was on order. SO WE WAIT AGAIN. And wait, and wait. NOW November 18th we get a call stating that the manufacterer no longer carries this headboard!!! I find this a little hard to believe since they are still advertising it on their website. So I contected the manufacterer and am awaiting a reply. Every time I call the Place it seems like it is very difficult to get help on the phone. When it was time to order though, I was helped really well, the purchasing went like a charm. The delivery, follow up and customer service have fallen short of my expectations.

f46691d8, 2009-12-18, 12:40PM CST

I am a recent new home buyer who is looking to furnish my house. I ordered a dining room set from The Place in November with the understanding that I would receive it in 2-4 weeks (the exact quote of the salesman was "well before Christmas"). On the contract it specifically states 2-4 weeks for delivery. 2 weeks later I purchased a complimentary piece.

After 4 weeks had passed I contacted The Place and asked for an update. Each time I called I was told I would be called back but never was. Finally I went to the store and was told I had to come back before 5 PM. Once I finally did they said that they had spoken to the manufacturer and I would have it that Friday (this was a Tuesday).

On Friday I went and was told that now it wouldn't even ship until the following Monday. So my fiance followed up the following Monday and was told that we would have it on Wed for certain. On Wed Patty Daily from The Place called her and yelled at her on the phone and then hung up on her.

The very next day I went to the store to speak with Patty's manager, Jim Peters. When I told Jim that out of frustration I wanted to cancel part of the order (seriously, who yells at their customers) he refused. Even though at this point we are BEYOND the contracted time of delivery. I asked him why we were repeatedly told different dates as "definite" delivery dates and he said "well, that was our estimate" but he couldn't explain why we weren't told it was an estimate. When I pressed him further and said "wouldn't it be better to tell me it will take longer than you expect so that when it comes in early I'm happily surprised instead of being upset about the delay?" He said "no, that isn't how we do things".

Clearly The Place is a less than reputable operation who will tell you anything to get your money. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE.

e38b71fb, 2010-03-02, 02:41PM CST

STAY AWAY FROM THE: The Place Furniture Galleries (address: 1640 Broadhollow Road Farmingdale, NY 11735 phone number: 631-843-9393).

In November 2009 I placed an order for a livingroom set and it was to arrive by Christmas. It never arrived in 2009 and when it arrived in late January 2010 it the furniture was damaged. I refused the order and canceled the contract. The manager at the store "ANN MARIE" told me that I could not cancel the order. She was informed that they had failed to honor the contract by not delivering on time.

I did cancel the order and purchased a more expensive set at another store. Here we are in March 02, 2010 and as of today my credit card has not been issued a refund of credit. Ann Marie keeps telling me that they are trying to find the papers to my order. Well guess what if you did not deliver the furniture why keep my money tied up?

We are not talking about pennies here but over $2,000.00.

SO SATY AWAY AND AVOID HEAD GAMES & PROBLEMS with a store that claims not to know when furniture will be delivered.

Jimmy in NY CITY

0f43fe6a, 2010-03-17, 10:25AM CDT

Never ever buy from The Place. They are rude & unprofessional & don't give a shit about customers! I ordered a dining room On Nov. 25, 2009. As of March 17, 2010, I still have no furniture. All I get is excuses & the run around. Amazingly, every time I call, I'm promised that it will be in within 2 or 3 weeks. The new estimate is March 26. I'm not holding my breath! I think they need to find new manufacturers to deal with, because those they have obviously aren't up to snuff. Why the hell is funiture coming from China? I demanded a discount for my troubles & they only offered to refund the $250 protection plan cost. What nerve! My total order was $4900. I shoud be getting a lot more back from them. I'm on the brink of cancelling the order, but then I'll be waiting another 2 months for new furniture from a reputable store. Everyone I've talked with since then has had only negative things to say about The Place. Wish I had known it sooner! THEY SUCK!!!!!

374d0857, 2010-05-07, 09:16AM CDT

Call your credit card company and have them do a charge back. It will cost the store an aditional $200 if that makes you feel better.

bc66dda5, 2010-07-26, 11:31AM CDT

Hi I have been reading the comments about the horrible service at the PLACE FURNITURE GALLERIES at (1640 Broadhollow Road Farmingdale, NY 11735 phone number: 631-843-9393.) I ALSO had a HORRENDOUS experience there. I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THERE again! I had ordered a small kitchen table that my salesperson had PROMISED me would be in within 1-2 weeks. It was the only reason I bought the table from the store was because I was told 10000x times by my salesperson that it would be delivered to my house within 1-2 weeks. He even wrote twice on my contract "to be delivered within 1-2 weeks !!!!!). Well I tried contacting the Place Furniture Galleries when my table did not come in. They were so RUDE I was shocked. Finally I was told that I would receive a call on Thursday to set up a delivery time for Friday. I readjusted my work schedule for Friday and sure enough No One called. When I tried to call them they just told me its not their problem that the furniture isn't going to be delivered at that time. I was consistently transferred to answering machines and given the run around. Finally I decided to just cancel the order because no one would tell me when the furniture was going to be sent. Again to my shock they refused to cancel my order telling me that the furniture was already on its way to a warehouse. It is a shame these low-lifes are in business stealing people's money. This company has NO PROBLEM TAKING YOUR MONEY FROM YOUR ACCOUNT but when it comes to delivering the service they promised they seem to fall short - to put it nicely. Not one person I talked to (Nancy, and Julia) showed me any sort of respect/ customer service about my order.

12673b02, 2011-09-01, 07:38AM CDT

Hi Janine,

I purchased a server from The Place and refused delivery because it was not what I ordered. Since then I have spoken to the customer service several times. At first I was told they would have to check with the delivery company and would call me back in 48 hours. It has been 48 hours many times now. When I call now they are avoiding my phone calls and not calling back. I think you haven't exactly figured out the problem yet. I don't believe I have ever seen a place of business so rude and unprofessional. Oh yes did I mention that I purchased this cabinet over the Internet? That is a whole lot of other legal implications. I need a refund please for this cabinet that I don't have and yet have paid for.

e7fedaa4, 2011-10-25, 10:46PM CDT

Rude and unprofesional. Nobody should do business with THE PLACE. I ordered furniture and was under the impression, that it would be delivered and put together. Weeks after I was promised delivery, it was left in my house in dozens of pieces. When I called to complain I was treated very rude. I can't believe these people are still in business.

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