Dominos, Opal, VA

Posted on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 2a232d26

Company: Dominos, Opal, VA

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Dominos, Opal, VA

We are fuming!!

Every week we order pizza from your Opal,Va store. Tonight was our pizza night,probably the last.

My husband ordered pizza at 6:39 pm.

We ordered 3 thin crust pizzas,one pepperoni,one ham and one hamburger.

At 7:50 we recieved one hand tossed pepperoni,one hand tossed ham and one hand tossed hamburger and they had half the cheese as usual.

My husband called to complain,Noel answered the phone again the same person who took our order and told my husband there was no manager or asst manager there to speak to us.I could not believe that.I don't know what kind of problem this guy has but he was very very unprofessional!!! I called the Warrenton,Va store and spoke to a shift manager who was very nice and said there should have been some kind of manager there.I wish i got his name cause he was very professional!

So after all this we are even more upset it took an hour and ten minutes to get the pizza and have it made wrong!!

This was not service we expect from our Dominos!! I have never had a problem like this with your stores!! We understand you hire teenagers and for some this is their first job but this guy needs to be retrained or customer service is not for him. And i just really do not understand not having any kind of manager on duty and to give us the answer it will be along time before they come back!!

Well it will most likely be along time before we come back!!

Linda W

Bealeton,Va 22712

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49a71d53, 2008-07-27, 02:52AM CDT

The Shift Manager at the other Store is absolutely correct (only if the original Store you called was a Corporate Store), as it is Corporate policy for at least one Manager to be in the Store at all times. I'm not really sure how that makes the Person you talked to on the phone unprofessional though.

It's kind of silly to think a teenager should be fired for making one mistake (and I'm talking about taking your order wrong, as I do not see a Manager not being there his mistake).

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