Bell Express Vu

Posted on Friday, June 10th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by fafe0e89

Company: Bell Express Vu

Category: Telecommunications

I am writing to complain about an unfair billing charge and an ignorant customer service representative which resulting this issue being sent to First Credit. About 18 months ago, or in Nov. / Dec. 2003, I wrote an email to Bell Express Vu to suspend the account due to the family relocation. In the mail I approximated the time frame of resuming the service in the end of January 2004 while sending another dish to my husbands parents house in Calgary, AB. We then moved to Red Deer, AB. But we could not find a suitable house at that time frame and we were busy with our newly started restaurant business. So we had been renting an apartment. We did not find it worthwhile to install a dish at the rental property. Until July 2004, the father-in-law brought us the accumulated bill owing $99 to you. I made a phone call to you immediately after receiving that statement. I spoke to a Customer Service Rep about my concern; however, that conversation went to no communication but frustration. He did not give me any alternatives to raise my concern. Until today I received a call from First Credit, and phoned Bell Express Vu again, and I was given this number to address my complaint. Had I used the service I am billed for, I would pay for it. But the reality is, I have not. And I had not been instructed to call you if I could not find a house and reactivate the account again. In my mind, I always thought I need to phone in to activate this service again. This is a terrible miscommunication from your side of the procedure to be taken in the situation like this. And now my creditability is being affected. I recently got myself a new Bell Mobility mobile phone and sign a three year contract. But because of this, I do not mind paying the penalty of canceling the contract. If this problem is not taken sincerely, Bell as a whole service provider will lose a customer. M & M


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