Sears Sucks

Posted on Thursday, June 9th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by d389941e

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Sears Sucks

Please tell the whole world never to order a central air system from Sears. Their customer service absolutely sucks. Calling a national customer service center for local service is the stupidest idea I ever heard. I'm in Connecticut. They're in Florida. They couldn't care less about me or my problem. They're just minimum wage customer service reps whom Sears also doesn't give a shit about.

Yesterday, they promised me that a service technician would call me by 6:00. At that point I went a day and a half without air conditioning. After not receiving a call, this morning I called again and they said I would receive a call by 6 o'clock tonight.

Six o'clock came and went. Seven o'clock came and went. I called Sears back and Diego transferred me to the department that makes the service appointments. Once there, the rep promptly told me that a service technician hasn't even been assigned to me yet. Now I am three days without air conditioning and is was 90 degrees today.

I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and I was disconnected. I called back and sat in hold for at least 10 to 12 minutes. When I finally got Reginald, he again transferred me to the appointment department, whose number is not listed so I can't call directly, that person told me that they can't find a repair shop to handle the call.

He asked if I wanted to be transferred to national customer relations to file a complaint. I said yes. Rebecca answered the phone. She looked up my account, put me on hold and promptly disconnected me.

What the hell is the matter with these people? Can't they do anything right?

Tomorrow morning, which is day 4 without air conditioning and another 90 degree day, I will call every service center in town and pay for what is supposed to be a "free" warrantied maintenance call.

Not only will I never recommend Sears to anyone for this type of work, but I will never buy another freaking thing from Sears as long as I live.

I hope you will consider printing this so everyone knows how much Sears sucks.

Thank you.

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bb0124f4, 2007-11-12, 08:53PM CST

Sears really sucks. They CSRs are just a bunch of idiots.

9cc32970, 2008-01-24, 04:15PM CST

Sears service has hit an all time bottom. I'm done with them. I've been a loyal customer for years buying many large purchases, washer and dryer, 60" LCD TV, Oven, Microwave, etc... I have been having so much trouble getting service for my microwave that I have an extended warranty on that I'm ready to take mine and leave it at their door! My microwave broke two months ago and here I sit still without a microwave, even though I paid big $'s for an extended warranty.

At this point I'm waiting for service on my 60" Sony, supposed to be here between 1:00 and 5:00 and guess what it's now 5:15 and no service guy. Unbelieveable!!! (Another item I paid for the extended warranty) Bottom line is my Sears Premier Credit Card is going into the shredder!!!!

Go to lowe's, home depot, or some other vendor but avoid Sears.

6c948277, 2008-01-28, 10:51AM CST

When buying my Kenmore Elite range and the extended warranty, I had no idea that I would have so many problems with Searss customer service. My range has been broke since Christmas Eve and I have patiently waited on your calls and service technicians to schedule a time when I am home. Twice I had Saturday appointments set up. Once was cancelled by the technician because he had called in sick. Now Karin the customer service woman who wouldnt transfer my call to a supervisor told me that I was stuck with Monday or Thursdays and that I was just stubborn. Never mind the fact I work 5 days a week to pay for the range. Oh and pay for the elite refrigerator, the dishwasher, the vacuum, and the craftsman lawnmowers. I am so disappointed at this point I am ready to get a new range from another competitor. This has been so far a real deal breaker on the future purchase of anything from Sears. My question is this. 1. Why do you hire these types of individuals to actually run your customer service? 2. How come your warranty doesnt say this is covered only on Mondays and Thursdays? 3. I think they craziest thing was when another representative told me I would have to pay 10 dollars for a Saturday that it was an option.

It will be a cold day in hell when I am ever talked to like that again from someone who was paid to satisfy the customers needs.

8b476128, 2008-02-23, 02:18PM CST

I have spend the entire date attemping to get service from Sears! Everything said about their customer service being the worst is true! You get standard response or non-responses and they blame you! Buy anywhere but Sears and never buy an extended warranty!

a5d76c36, 2008-05-14, 10:02AM CDT

I agree their service sucks. I called for a free home estimate and they never showed up. I rescheduled and their tech has not arrived yet for a free home estimate for central a/c. Sears not only sucks, sears swallows.

1957f4e3, 2008-06-06, 10:48PM CDT

Dehumidifyer 3 years old qiute they don't want to fix it for free. Paid close to 300 bucks it's a piece of junk !! Will never buy a damed thing again from them.


2621402d, 2008-06-07, 12:24PM CDT

I purchased a Sears Kenmore 18000btu air conditioner 4 years ago - with an 3 year MPA service agreement. The air conditioner died on us. We called the 800 number to check on their warranty on the unit - 5 year on the sealed system. The person on the phone said they could send someone out to evaluate whether the repair was covered by the warranty (the sealed system). He said their would be a $75 service fee if we chose to fix the unit. The service technician arrived and said that Sears charges $75 for his time no matter what. I told him what the customer service person told me that we would be charged if the problem was not covered by the five year warranty. He said that once his truck pulled up we are charged $75 no matter what. I asked to talk to his supervisor - Mrs. Edith. I explained what the customer service person told me and she (and the technician) said they do that all the time and that I was wrong (not the customer service person). I told her why would I approve their visit (and $75 fee) when I have already purchased another unit. I was looking to see if the Sears Kenmore unit could be fixed under warranty and I was going to keep it as a back-up. The technician told me Mrs. Edith told him to write me up as a refusal to pay - I said I would pay if that is my only option but, I felt that Sears Home Services had miscommunicated their service fee to me and should be waived without me being blacklisted (or labeled as a non-paying customer). I wrote the check out but, decided to switch to the Sears credit card - the technician told me I couldn't use the credit card because he had closed the ticket (his fault not mine). He called his supervisor and said he was told not to accept any payment but, from now on Sears would have me listed as a nonpaying service call-out customer. I felt like this was completely unfair and possibly illegal since I have other Sears (and Kenmore products) which I have purchased service agreements for. I cannot believe the hassle I received (not from the technician but, Mrs. Edith) and the misinformation. This made feel like Sears was out to collect their service fee regardless of my situation.

cf04f33b, 2008-07-16, 05:16PM CDT

I have been going through an ordeal with Sears that has surpassed ridiculous

proportions at this point. And it has been going on for so long now, that I'm not certain there's any way to be brief about it, but I'll try. I simply want this matter resolved as simply and as quickly as possible. I have been bounced around to far too many people already.

I ordered a refrigerator from on June 21st, and have yet to receive

one at the time of this email to you. The first delivery date was June 24th. I missed an evening class in order to be home for the delivery confirmation call on June 23rd, and made special arrangements to be home for the delivery on June 24th. However, on the day of the scheduled delivery, I got a phone call informing me that the refrigerator

would not be delivered that day, because they discovered it was damaged.

Even at this stage I was inconvenienced, because I took time out of two days to facilitate delivery. I realize things happen, but I would have thought Sears would inspect merchandise before it is shipped out. Whatever the case, damage to merchandise resulted in a delivery delay. When I called about the cancellation, I was promised a $50 gift card by Jed, and we rescheduled delivery.

The second delivery date was June 28th. I had to miss classes on June 27th, in order to be here for the delivery confirmation call, and on June 28th, in order to be here for delivery.

On June 28th the delivery team arrived. The younger mover appeared to be in a hurry. Both delivery men glanced down the gangway of my apartment building, and the younger one immediately announces that the refrigerator won't fit that way. Not having seen the unit

in person, I take him at his word and tell them they can bring it in via the rear gangway, since it is wider, but the younger one disregarded that and pointed at the front entrance to my building and apartment. I told him the refrigerator would not fit that way because of the construction of the hallway, as well as heavy furniture blocking the path to the kitchen. [I've lived here over 35 years, and own this building. I know what I'm talking about.]

The mover aggressively and hurriedly ran up my front stairs, to the porch where I was standing. I had to hold my hand out in front of him and tell him firmly, "Don't go in there". For a moment, I wondered if I would have to bodily prevent him from entering my home.

The older mover called to him and waved him off. It was absolutely ridiculous to even have to wonder if I was going to be facing a physical altercation with a Sears delivery person.

They finally took the refrigerator to my backyard, and brought in the two doors to the new refrigerator. Then they took out my old refrigerator. As I cleaned the dirty space that had been behind and under the old refrigerator, I heard scrapes and metal squealing as they took the old unit out. I discovered later that they had damaged my steel door, instead of removing it. Again, they were clearly in a hurry.

A couple of moments later they called me down and told me they wouldn't be able

to get the new unit in through that doorway. I asked them about the front gangway again. They insisted that wouldn't work [even though the doorway at the front gangway is a bit wider than the one through which they removed the old unit.

At no time did the delivery time even attempt to bring the refrigerator in through the front gangway. And considering 1) they were in a hurry, and 2) they had already damaged ONE of my doors in their haste, I really didn't trust them to make any more attempts. I only saw potential for greater conflict with the delivery team. I also took

the older mover at his word, after he measured the doorway at the front gangway, and said there's no way they'd get that unit in without "tearing it up".

This second aborted delivery got classified as a "No Fit". Once the delivery team left, I went back to and looked up the unit again:

The width of the original doorway I requested the movers to use is 30 inches. The depth of the unit WITHOUT HANDLES is 31 3/8 inches. The problem is that the depth WITHOUT DOORS is not provided. That leaves the customer having to speculate. This makes no sense, since it is the DOORS that are removed when more depth is needed. But what really should have been provided is a very simple spec indicating the minimum clearance required for that item.

I was too disgusted that day to deal with the matter any further, but the next day, June 20th, I called to see if I could find a smaller and comparable unit. A customer service rep named Jeff worked with me on the phone for an hour, trying to find something smaller and comparable. We could not. But I did speak with his manager to offer my compliments on Jeff's helpfulness. I not only complain. I also

believe in giving compliments and credits where due.

At any rate... I called a Sears retail store that had this model in stock, and I asked the salesman to physically measure the depth of the unit, excluding the doors, but including any protrusions that would add to the depth. [It took some doing to get through Sears' horrendous automated phone system, to an actual human being.

Once I did, it was an answering service that told me the store was closed. I had to call back a SECOND time, in order to avoid the person giving untrue information, and finally access someone at the Large Appliances sales floor.]

The salesman [Tom, at the Harlem and North Avenue Sears] returned and told me

the depth minus doors was 28.5 inches. That is 1.5 inches narrower than my doorway. So there seemed to be no reason it should not have fit through the first doorway. I called delivery back and voiced my concerns about this to them. They told me that I'd have to speak to, and transferred me. I spoke with a very rude young woman [whose name I don't have in front of me at the moment]. I spoke to her supervisor, gave her my complaint about the nastiness of the customer service rep, and shared with her the measurement the retail salesman gave me. She apologized, and promised me another $50 gift card, and free delivery.

The next day, June 30th, I renewed my order for the original unit, at which time I was informed that the new delivery date would be July 8th - EIGHT DAYS LATER. Considering the amount of time I had already waited, I felt waiting another 8 days was a bit much to ask. On July 1st, I decided to call the Customer Relations dept in Hoffman Estates [1-847-286-2500] and was helped by a woman named Renee.

I told her of the ordeal I had been through up til then, including the damage to my steel door, and told her my concerns about the next delivery team being willing and able to get the new unit in here without damaging anything. Renee apologized and informed me that it could take up to 48 business hours to address this issue.

Later that day, I got a call from Sears Home Delivery, informing me that instead of the promised July 8th delivery, they wouldn't be able to deliver a refrigerator to me until JULY 16TH! I was aware of the increased demand for the unit, but it was not right that I be penalized with FURTHER DELAYS, because of Sears' failures.

On July 7th I got a call from Kenneth Tomporowski [w: 716-881-9221 c: 716-812-0138], a manager from the Sears Distribution Center in Buffalo, NY. He left a message asking me what he could do to help me with my delivery problem. I left messages for him at both numbers, and never heard back from him.

At 9:50am on July 8th I got a call from an unidentified young woman with Sears Home Delivery [1-800-732-7747], informing me that while my doorway is 30 inches wide, the depth of the unit I ordered is 31 3/8 inches without the DOORS. Her claim was inaccurate, because - as stated above - the depth of that unit is 31 3/8 inches without the HANDLES. I called back, but of course I got someone other than her. [Consistency and individual accountability seem to be a massive problem at Sears.]

I spoke with a very helpful young man named Jonathan, who did his best to absorb the notes of my ordeal, and help me as best he could. We ended up calling another Sears retail store, and after even MORE time on hold, etc., managed to get a sales person to measure the unit yet again. He gave us a depth of 27.5 inches. Smaller than the 28.5 depth I was given before, but also smaller than the width of my doorway.

July 8th I also spoke with Renee of Consumer Relations in Hoffman Estates, to tell I had not been able to reach Mr. Tomporowski. She informed me that she discovered he was the wrong person to address the issue. She contacted Leo Dunham instead. Mr. Dunham [908-343-9712] called me on July 9th to explain to me that there is a piece at the very bottom of the refrigerator I order, which can not be removed,

and causes a protrusion greater than 31 inches. This was the first time I got clear and definitive information that would indicate that this unit indeed might NOT fit through my doorway.

Had this information been made available to me as a customer back on June 20th,

it could have saved me weeks of this madness.

I expressed this to Mr. Dunham, who asked me how Sears could right the situation right. He asked me what was fair and reasonable. I told him that considering what I've been through in this ordeal [and I've really only conveyed about 70% of in this account of what happened] it would be fair of Sears to give me a refrigerator of similar value FREE, or at the very least compensate me the equivalent of 50% of the value of whatever refrigerator I end up getting, if I do purchase it from Sears.

Mr. Dunham told me he'd see what he could do, and told me he'd call me back the next day, Thursday July 10th. After still not hearing from Mr. Dunham by Friday, July 11th, I called to check in with him, only to discover HE WENT ON VACATION UNTIL JULY 21ST. Why would someone allegedly sincere about rectifying this fiasco promise to call me the next day, when he knew fully well he was going on VACATION the very next day?

Three weeks later, after many hours of phone calls, incompetence, rudeness, and several missed evening classes, I am here still without any refrigeration of any sort, and a LIST of delays and unfulfilled promises from Sears.

Sears is an absolute nightmare.

b6b564ed, 2008-08-06, 09:00AM CDT

I called Sears for service on my air conditioner. I also called another company who responded faster than Sears. When Sears got to my home, they saw the other company truck. I opened my home to the service man (and also sales representative who tagged along) to come in and give me an estimate. The salesman was so upset he walked away not letting the service rep. look at my a/c. Consequestnly, I am being billed 170.13 for their time to come out to my home and do nothing. I have argued and asked for help from ALL the Sears departments, but they are useless. I was treated like a criminal, called a liar, and I was put into collections without having a bill or invoice to pay. Some nice company. I thought Sears was a good company, but NO LONGER. It's a good thing I work in a community center, so I can discourage anyone to use Sears. In the long run, it was a good thing I bought from the other company, 1 Hours Heating and Air Conditioning. This company even g

ave us free use of 2 window units for us to use until they could install my new air conditioning. I will NEVER go into another Sears store as long as I live. This may also include KMart since they are affliated with Sears.

Damage Resulting = My excellent credit rating may have been damaged due to this poorly run company. Now that I have complaints about Sears, I have learned all these little rules that they have, which I was never told in advance.

I will never walk into a Sears store again, nor purchase anything. Consumer Beware.

ac136e99, 2008-08-29, 02:40AM CDT

oohhyeah, sears has the worst customer service ive ever dealed with. first, i am a professional plumber and my inlaws have a kenmore power miser 12 water heater that kept turning of,so they called me for help. well i saw that the thermocouple needed to be replaced.real simple repair, well this stupid heater use a special thermo that only they carry and have to order, well first, they have no hotwater ok. i called for parts and the heater has a 12 year parts warranty. i called the sears number and i got transfered to 10 different reps so i had to tell each one my issue,well finally i got a person that could help me. i told her what the part was and needed and the stupid lady says well we need to get a service man out-there so he could diagnose and order the parts, i said man im a plumber and i already know what the issue is and get this, they said they will charge for service!! well thats not the crazy part,she said he will get here in 4 days!!! uuhh theres no hot water? and after that he still has to order the part, another 4 days to ship!!! that was bullshit and they wouldnt take my problem seriously.thats becouse they dont have to take cold showers every morning. they sell the heater, but they dont stock parts? uuhh its called an emergency? i hate sears!!!!!

072367ac, 2008-09-12, 08:59PM CDT

I live in NY State and have never had an air conditioner. You went a day and half! Oh my god, I pity you.

BTY, Sears DOES suck, especially their credit service.

9e94bcb7, 2008-11-14, 02:57PM CST




b21101d5, 2008-11-19, 11:36AM CST

I just got off the phone with the customer complaint line (800-549-4505). We have a Kenmore refrigerator & a Kenmore clothes dryer, both purchased in 2005.

The fridge died last year--fan went out in the back of the freezer. Sears wanted over $200 to fix it. My dad ended up jerry-rigging the fan with gorilla glue and it's hanging in there so far.

The dryer's heating element gave out this past Sunday. Called SEARS. Again, they want over $200 to come out and fix it, and they want me to wait 4 days for them to send somebody. the appt was today btw hours of 8am-noon. Repairman NEVER ARRIVED. I called and they tried to tell me that the appt was for 4 days from now. Now I KNOW what day the orig appt was made for, because i was pissed off that it would take that long in the first place, and upset that I'd be charged so much money to repair a 3yo dryer.

So I called the complaint line and spoke with Jen. I swear she is a robot. She was unhelpful, dismissive and rude.

First of all, it is CRAZY that appliances under normal household use (family of 4 here, 2 small kids) should only last 3years before having problems.

I totally agree. SEARS SUCKS.

Thanks for the opty to vent.

9441a01b, 2009-01-28, 09:29AM CST

When buy any purchase from any store on a new appliance there is a 1 yr manufacture warranty no matter what. If you choose to purchase and extended warranty say like a MPA(master protection agreement) which gives you 4 services and 4 part failures on your appliance or if it has to be repaired and can't be fixed or parts are on backorder for over 3 wks, then it will get replaced. Or there is a SSA that if your appliance is demended unrepairable then it gives you upto $500 toward a new one. Then there is the RPA(repair protection agreement that has the repairs that you don't have to pay for, but the item can't be replaced at no cost to you. So, no matter where you buy you item, there is always an offer of an extended warranty. We must all accepted that appliances are not made like there were way back when and that there will be problems with them. So, think before you buy and to me, it is worth a little more for the extra warranty to cover my products. No one expects to have a new item break or not work, but it does happen. So whether you buy from Sears, Best Buy, Lowes or Home depot nothing isguaranteed to work forever. Cover yourself and your appliance. Only an idiot would think that something will run forever without problems. And if you dont get any satisfaction with service or the store call 8004796351 executive offices One Source like I did.They are willing to do what they can to help you. But if it is out of warranty with no extended warranty, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

2b002f4d, 2009-02-27, 12:20PM CST

Ditto on how Sears sucks.

I had a similar issue with a home repair of my washer. Scheduling issues, poor customer relations issues, etc.

I will also never buy anything from Sears ever again.

Kudos to Sears for losing customers in a contracting market.

3d8b0ae8, 2009-11-30, 11:11PM CST

I called Sears for my first annual service call since I paid for a maintenance agreement. The customer service person i talked to said someone will show Monday between 8:00am - 12:00pm The

Around 1:30 the tech calls saying he will be here by 3:00. No one called until 7:30 saying that there running very late if we can reschedule for tomorrow morning. It was already late so we said yes. The tech said it would be the first on his schedule. The following day we waited until 4:00pm for the tech.

All he was supposed to do was check my washer and dryer. It did not need any repairs it brand new, only had it for 1 year. He had everything on the dryer off (door, front panel). He said he need to do this to vacuum the inside.

I never saw what he did to the washer, but my washer is destroyed.

Now my washer is so loud bangs so hard on the sides. Water come out from the bottom/and it shakes like crazy.

I called customer service, ask if there was anywhere or someone I can speak to, to file a complaint or even a manager. This person name josh laughed at me and said have fun and put me on hold. Foe 15 or 20 minutes no one came back the phone just went dead. Called the repair service. Also the repair service was no help there to I got hung up on three time and on one called was told there's nothing they can do.

For me to call the store.

The store, call customer service.

The way we found out there was something wrong was with the first wash, saw all the water and had to get a bucket so we can put the water hose. Thinking it was the hose, no that was fine, but most of the water was coming out from the bottom so much water on the floor. Now my floor maybe damaged also.

How many calls do I have to make to sucking sears.

I am going to close my sears account that i have had for 22 years. this one did it. sears truly sucks


3d8b0ae8, 2009-11-30, 11:13PM CST

I called Sears for my first annual service call since I paid for a maintenance agreement. The customer service person i talked to said someone will show Monday between 8:00am - 12:00pm The

Around 1:30 the tech calls saying he will be here by 3:00. No one called until 7:30 saying that there running very late if we can reschedule for tomorrow morning. It was already late so we said yes. The tech said it would be the first on his schedule. The following day we waited until 4:00pm for the tech.

All he was supposed to do was check my washer and dryer. It did not need any repairs it brand new, only had it for 1 year. He had everything on the dryer off (door, front panel). He said he need to do this to vacuum the inside.

I never saw what he did to the washer, but my washer is destroyed.

Now my washer is so loud bangs so hard on the sides. Water come out from the bottom/and it shakes like crazy.

I called customer service, ask if there was anywhere or someone I can speak to, to file a complaint or even a manager. This person name josh laughed at me and said have fun and put me on hold. Foe 15 or 20 minutes no one came back the phone just went dead. Called the repair service. Also the repair service was no help there to I got hung up on three time and on one called was told there's nothing they can do.

For me to call the store.

The store, call customer service.

The way we found out there was something wrong was with the first wash, saw all the water and had to get a bucket so we can put the water hose. Thinking it was the hose, no that was fine, but most of the water was coming out from the bottom so much water on the floor. Now my floor maybe damaged also.

How many calls do I have to make to sucking sears.

I am going to close my sears account that i have had for 22 years. this one did it. sears truly sucks


dc0c2207, 2010-06-14, 08:25AM CDT

Don't buy a washer with a warranty...they won't send anyone to your home to repair it, they just want you to fix it while they chat to you telling you how to fix it...why buy a warranty if you have to fix it yourself?

dd7ba4c8, 2010-06-29, 04:33PM CDT

I too would never purchase anything from Sears ever again. Two weeks ago my refrigerator broke and called for an appointment. They scheduled one for 3 days later and that someone would call by 5:00. At 5:00 I got the call and the technician informed me that he had to cancel my appointment. So, frustrated, I called to reschedule. They told me that they would have someone at my house 8 days later. Furious as I was, I could not get an earlier date, so I had to deal with the fact that I would be without a fridge for over a week and a half. The appointment came, and the technician cancelled againm and I was once again rescheduled for 7 days later. Well, here I am 7 days later and I have gotten no call. So I called them and they are once again cancelling my appointment and Erica informed me that my next appointment (which they will undoubtedly cancel) is scheduled for 14 days from todays date. I am currently on hold with them right now, hoping to get some service (I know, it's rather sad), but I don't know what to do without a fridge for an additional two weeks.

6c0d49e4, 2010-08-23, 07:07PM CDT

I've just ended up having a huge fight with Sears over repair of our water heater. The repairman did not have the part on his truck, so he ordered one for us and set us up with an appointment for one week away, on Monday. (today)

For an entire WEEK, every night when I got home from work, I would have Sears on my caller id. Some days, I came home to TWO missed calls. I would call them back, and confirm that YES, the part WAS here, and I would be told by a representative that my appointment was confirmed for Monday (today) between 1 and 5.

I had to repeatedly keep telling them that the part was here, and was repeatedly told that our appt. was confirmed. I took time off from work to be here for the repairman, and when I walked in the house, there was yet ANOTHER call from Sears on my phone!

I called them back, ONLY to be told they did NOT have ANY confirmation that the part had arrived! And I was also informed that they did NOT have me confirmed for an appt!

That started the fight. The lady, within 5 sentences, gave me THREE different dates for them to come out and fix the water heater! She kept telling me that they had NO record that I had confirmed the part arriving!

I repeatedly demanded to speak to a supervisor. She would put me on hold, hoping I would hang up and give up. When I stayed on the line, she was forced to come back to me. I would demand again to speak to a supervisor, and she would REFUSE to allow me to speak to one, INSISTING that SHE was a manager!

That was when I lost it completely with her and started getting VERY nasty, which FINALLY got me to the department that handles the complaint calls and problems.

The gentleman I ended up with was a wonderfully nice man. He checked their database, confirmed with ME that yes, all the calls HAD kept coming to my house, and yes, I HAD confirmed that the part had arrived, and that my appointment SHOULD have been this afternoon.

However, he couldn't do anything about it and get me in today. But he did get me in for tomorrow. So I do have to say - once you can GET to the department that handles the problems? They do solve it ASAP.

It was a totally lousy way to do business, from the repair representatives handling the MANY calls, and it has made me re-consider EVER buying anything from Sears ever again. This is very sad, because the gentleman who finally was able to help me to my satisfaction was an extremely nice person who did everything he could to make it right for me.

6c0d49e4, 2010-08-23, 09:01PM CDT

RE- the reply that was telling people they have to get an extended warranty to expect any kind of good service from any appliance dealer.

The problem is? From what I'm reading, many, if not MOST of us DO have extended warranties! And Sears is NOT honoring these!

We are literally being jacked around, HUNG UP ON, insulted, put on hold, having our appointments for repairs cancelled on us, getting constant re-schedules for the repairs, given EVERY excuse in the world.

Yup, shoddy way to do business, lousy way to treat customers. I don't care if it is $5 or $5,000 we spend in their stores - WE the customers PAY THEIR WAGES!

Sears, KMart, all of the companies under the umbrella of Sears... take a hike! Step back and let a company who DOES honor their products step up! (if there really is one?)

432503dc, 2010-09-22, 08:33PM CDT

I purchased outdoor patio furniture from Sears in June 2010. I bought a total of 3 pieces totaling $3100. They were all delivered to my house damaged. There was slip inside each box that said to call a company called Home Casuals if anything was damaged not to contact the store. So of course following the instructions provided, I did just that. That turned into a 3+ month fiasco. Home Casuals blamed Sears and Sears blaming Home Casuals and so on and so forth. Basically, it got to the point the no one wanted to be bothered with it any more. Then I called the corporate office. They would put me on hold for 15 minutes. Then pick up the phone and make a smart remark like, "'re still on the phone?'re not finished yet?.." When I asked if there was someone else I could talk to, I was told that I could hang up the phone, call back, and perhaps get lucky and get someone else. But then I would just get put on hold and go through the same thing all over again. Oh and by the way if my receipt is dated over 90 days ago I am "out of luck".. I could not believe the how unprofessional each person was that I spoke with. A few times I was told that even though I was within my 90 days, there was still nothing they could do. I was so frustrated. I assumed that the employees at the corporate office were professional. I guess that Sears is the exception to that rule. How embarrassing for that company. I will never do business with them ever again - not even to purchase underwear. They are a disgrace to the retail world. Those people who work at that corporate office need some good training on how to have good customer service skills. Not sure how they even made their way to the "corporate ladder". The only reason that I finally received a refund was because I filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General's office and with the Federal Trade Commission. Then they asked me why I filed the complaint. They were confused what my reason was?

So Please - NEVER NEVER EVER buy anything ever from sears!!!!!!!

smash s., 2013-12-15, 03:27PM CST

Oh my God Sears deserves to hang itself. At the very least, I wish the company would quit taunting the public with the belief that Sears might be a good choice to buy a product. A year ago I purchased a high-end Kitchenaid slide-in range, for a fair sales price with a new Sears credit account to take advantage of their 18-month?s zero interest offer. Except for the almost three weeks delivery time, the rest of that transaction has been beautiful and the Kitchenaid product has been as terrific as I expected.

Then, fast-forward about 11 months later to the week before Thanksgiving 2013, and I found myself frustrated with the lack of space available in my very nice Kitchenaid refrigerator. I looked around online for various styles of fridges and discovered "freezer-less" fridges by Frigidaire. This would be a perfect auxiliary garage fridge. The discovery of this product was made on the Sears Web site. I spent some time deliberating and also discovered Sears was again offering zero interest, this time for a period of 12 months, sold somewhat at a sales price compared to the normal listing price.

So I placed my order. And, the really exciting thing happened when I discovered I could have the new thing delivered the very next day. I did it! And Sears delivered late the next afternoon. My God how exciting!

Well when the delivery crew of three (Really? Efficiencies require three delivery people?) brought the product into my garage and removed the box, we found a big old dent in the upper portion of the right face of the fridge. The lead delivery person said I should contact Sears and I will probably receive a rebate in the form of 10 percent-off coupons on future purchases or something like that. Well that didn't sound terrific to me, one because the machine could be affected internally somehow and two because I didn't pay $1,600 for something that arrives damaged-on-delivery.

Regardless, I slept on it, filled the fridge with loads of beer, wine and leftovers, and then decided I didn't really care about the dent. Thanksgiving happened. Then it was Black Friday. I curiously checked Sears' site to see if they were marking that model down. And, indeed they did by about $77.

I printed my purchase receipt and the sales price and went to my local Sears store where I showed the appliance sales people how the price had changed in less than 48 hours, fully expecting to get a $77 refund. I was met with an incredibly rude attitude and the response that Sears corporate instructed all employees that there will be no honoring Black Friday sales prices for previous purchases. I asked for a manager, for which one was rudely offered, and he curtly provided the same attitude and answer.

On the way home I called the number given on the Sears Web site, through which the same response was provided. When I escalated my question to a manager, a woman of whom I could barely understand, one with loads more attitude and rudeness than I had experienced in the store, sang the same song.

I told her I wanted both she and Sears to clearly understand that unless they honor the sales price and refund the measly $77, I would return the product all completely, dent and all, and they could just eat the whole $1,600.

Sears apparently operates on a business model that I am way to stupid to comprehend because that fridge was picked up Sunday afternoon, following Thanksgiving, and the full refund was on my account within 24 hours, including delivery charge.

I now own the exact same refrigerator model, purchased form an online appliance vendor, both tax-free and free delivery, and for less than the sales price at Sears, saving me a total of $491.

Incredible journey to keep $500 in my pocket but I see no future in bothering with Sears, ever.

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