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Posted on Thursday, June 9th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by ec1d2e02

Product: Automotive Service Center

Company: 1431 Service Center, Inc

Location: 1403 Whitestone

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

My father (an elderly man in his 80's) took his 1995 Mercury in to have his shocks looked at because a light had come on advising. After a day passed he called the shop and they said his car was not ready. The next day he called again and they said they were waiting on parts. The next day he called again and they told him they had ordered a computer component. He told him he did not ask for a computer component to be replaced and he wanted his car back.

They told him the part was already on order. At this point, he had not been told what was wrong or given an estimate of what needed repair. He had not signed anything authorizing any repairs. I drove my father to the shop to pick up his car and they charged him $112.00 for diagnostics. The owner stated that the shocks were fine, but the computer that balances the shocks needed to be replaced (something along those lines). Of course he never gave my father the option of having the work done or not and was very rude to me when I told him I thought he should have advised my father before ordering the part and that we were not going to have the work done.

After assistance from the Cedar Park Police, a $112 charge to his VISA card, signing the owners form "authorizing" the already completed work(yes, after the fact), and a threat from the owner that if he has the charges reversed, his car will be repossessed, my 83 year old father, who lives on a fixed Social Security income has his car back in the same shape it was in to begin with. Since he only uses it to go to the grocery store and doctor visits, he has no plans to have this computer component replaced. We just want everyone to BEWARE of this place and find some place else to have your car repaired in Cedar Park, TX.

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