Posted on Wednesday, June 8th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 6e62363a

Company: Cingular

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My sons LG phone has broken 3 times, same problem and replaced under warranty. Now it is broken again. I have only had my contract with Cingular for 9 months. I went to the nearest retail location in Coral Springs FL to have them upgrade to a different phone that does not have problems with the speaker going out on the phone all the time. I told them I would pay the difference.

Response, we cannot help you, call customer service. We did that at the store on their phone. Customer service said I would have to sign another two year contract. I could not believe what I was hearing. Is this company so big that they don't have any common sense. Why would I sign another two year contract when they are providing me with broken phones under warranty. After three phones exchanged under warranty with the same problem isnt enough enough? I told them if I had a business I would not hesitate to provide a customer with a phone that worked without threatening them with a new contract. I'snt that extortion?

I told them I would cancel my contract and go elsewhere if they cannot hold up on their end of the contract to provide service. ON top of that 4 months ago I told them to cancel all IM's on my sons phone and interent. They left inbound messaging on instead and I was getting interent charges on my bill? Great Service!

When I bought my phone in took them 10 days to activate one of the phones.

ATT was great. They were pro customer and very helpful. Cingular only threatens and does not live up to their end of the contract. Very poor service. I hope they go out of business. I will be sure to tell everyone I COME IN CONTACT WITH NOT TO USE CINGULAR!!!

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