Air India - Lost Baggage complaint

Posted on Wednesday, June 8th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by fe4edb38

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Air India - Lost Baggage complaint

Lost Baggage complaint. Hi, There are lots of things to complain about Air India but I will limit it to the most important thing that is directly affecting my brother right now.

He arrived at Mumbai airport on AI 1144 on 2nd June at about 11.30pm and boarded AI 126 Flight to Hyderabad and reached about 3 am and found his baggage missing

.Interestingly all the passengers were found panic, running here and there to find none of their baggage too arrived.

He lodged a complaint, and a Gentlman filled in a form and he assured that the baggage will be reaching the final desitnation(Vizag) on the next day morning. i.e on 4th June 05.

But he neither got a courtesy call nor the baggage for almost 6 days.

He along with his wife had to literally miss out the wedding for which they have come all the way as all the Clothes along with Credit cards and cash got stuck in those suitcases.Huge investment had to be made finally to over come this problem to some extent.

Their Infant daughter had to forcibly be put under available food in India as the little one is not aware that she got adjust to conditions and situations adhere, leading to refusing any intake as the entire baby food is stuck in those suitcases.

All of us have been trying to reach the numbers available on the lovely cover they provide while handing over the tickets with a lovely smile in USA .The same interest will obviously not shown while handling customer care or solving problems because this will screw their happiness and selling tickets will bring laurels.

As they feel they have marketed a ticket with their skill and services but fools will travel in Air India with a strong country feeling at extra cost and extra screwing.

We have been humiliated ,harassed with their words of escapism ,nice stories, lovely musics while put on hold for hours together and finally no one knows where that baggage is lying.

Phone calls to Mumbai & Hyderbad Air india offices have been made continuously for all those five days where most of the numbers have not been answered by the Maharaja's working in this ever loss company.

We never know that it is only safe when we buy couple of extra tickets to accomdate our luggage too with us inside our AirIndia flights.

We have been thinking on how to catch hold of these unethical people working for the sake of salary ,without any sevice committment ,to sue them for a reward which should teach them a life time lesson and no one in future should suffer.

We all appreciate if any one a Lawyer/Attorney could come forward and advice a piece or two. Ram Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_44417#


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d9a894d3, 2008-08-24, 07:57AM CDT


my name is Barry Kowal and I am having a similar problem with Air India.I have been trying to contact Air India since Wednesday but I have yet to receive a response.On August 18,2008 at Heathrow Airport I filed a claim with Global Baggage for two

lost bags.Both bags were delivered to me in Berlin.Germany.However one of the bags a big huge

green backpack had a small dark/light blue small backpack (like the kind that children use to carry their books to school)inside of it. This bag was not delivered.On Sunday at check in for my 19:45 Air India flight (AI112) from JFK to Heathrow they only allow you to check in two bags.But I wanted to check in three bags so I put the small light blue/dark blue backpack inside the huge big huge green backpack. There is no bar code on the small dark blue/light blue backpack.One should note there were at least 10 magazines inside the small dark blue/light blue backpack.More important to me was that there were also some very important papers inside the small dark blue/light blue backpack.

There are three possible scenerios of what could have happened. The first one

I hope is not the correct one. Some could have stolen the backpack.

I hope one of the other two scenerios are the correct one. The small dark

blue/light blue backpack was packed at the very top of the huge green backpack

and was secured at the top by just a string. Possibly while in transit the string could have loosened and the small dark blue/light blue backpack could have fallen out of the bigger backpack. If that is the case then the small backpack should be located at either JFK,Heathrow or in Delhi.

Although I departed the aircraft at Heathrow in order to catch

another flight to Berlin, Delhi was the ultimate destination for flight AI112.

The final scenerio is that after I filed my claim for the big green backpack and the backpack was located (with the small light blue/dark blue packpack inside).Then possibly the smaller light blue/dark blue backpack fell out of the green back pack somewhere between where the big green back was first located and where

it was delivered to me in Berlin.

I really need to find this bag.The magazines I really dont care about

but there were some very important papers in that bag that I must have and Air India does not even reply to my correspondence. I am now in Berlin and tomorrow I will be going to Warsaw.Air India does not fly to either city.Do you have any suggestions of who I might be able to contact or what other avenues might be available for me to try to get my bag back.


Barry Kowal

8b4731a8, 2009-09-13, 06:28AM CDT

Flight # : A1639

Lost folding white aluminium walking stick at Delhi security check point. Request pass message to search and keep safe. It was my late mother's gift. Hence sentimental value.

bd84f006, 2009-10-01, 12:38AM CDT

Hi, I am SAFINA, I travelled JEDDAH TO NEW DELHI, on 19/09/2009, AIR INDIA FLIGHT No - 896, I have lost my luggage, Please try to find my luggage and delivered to me, Luggage No is - 26530.

8ad80035, 2010-12-31, 09:40AM CST

I am in thailand at the moment, just got over here from a trip to nepal. When i arrived there my luggage never arrived (and still hasn't) meaning i was left to go on a trek with, erm, no trekking equipment. I travelled london to kathmandu via delhi. I was told my bag would arrive the next day and wasted 3 days running to and back from air indias office and the airport. Discovered some horror stories along the way. Air india losing 160 bags a month coming via delhi in kathmandu alone!!!!other horror stories too if you are interested. Recieved not one penny or bit of help from air india who were quite clearly, totally and utterly unbothered by the affair. Trip was effectively ruined. Going to make serious enquiries into legal proceedings when i return to the uk so any advice on this would be great.

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