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Posted on Wednesday, June 8th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 4bc14afa

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SEARS complaint

SUBJECT - Complaint for Sears location, service, quality and customer satisfaction Location - SEARS 701 RUSSELL AVE GAITHERSBURG, MD 20877 (301)840-5228 Details - Case of FRAUD and NEGLIGENCE. - I had to change my order THREE TIMES. and never got my order on time. I STILL do not have it… I BET if ANY sears executives have the guts to call the above number (anonymously) and get hold of the store manager on above location. - I filed a complaint (contact me for the case number). Still nothing happened. - 1ST TIME ORDER - I was give 3 diff. stories why the order did not come through. I believe it was a long weekend, the delivery man did not show up. But I was told the item was damaged - try to find ACTUAL PROOF of damaged stuff, not only system notes. So I went to the store (after 4 hrs on phone with no luck) 2nd time - I was DESPERATE to get washer and dryer so that I am functional at my NEW HOUSE (u guys completely killed all the fun!!!) so got the floor model. I was told "it is perfectly fine and working great!" by the managers. but the piece was DEFECTED.. and they all KNEW ABOUT IT. Delivery was horrible.. no installation!!!! 3rd time - I was assured I will get my product in 2 days and then a person calls to inform me there is a day delay of another day. Enough is enough - YOU ALL NEED A REAL JOB! SHUT DOWN THIS STORE ASAP!!! REMOVE the slogan – “customer satisfaction” change it to “lazy guys at work” I have worked in retail for 4 yrs. You guys are a big joke to the retail industry, EVERYONE puts complaints and you don’t even have a clue! I will ensure I add ALL the details and send it to local news papers, internet review sites, BBB, and media… it’s really about time! Your pay checks will not shrink if you REALLY investigate this issue. Very and highly unsatisfied customer, who swore not to do business and spread this word around. look around you, do search on internet - EVERYONE have complains on sears service. Keep it up! (I am sure, do you even care???)


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53931bec, 2007-10-28, 09:50PM CDT

10-26-07 Here is my Sears storyI have never experienced worse home repair customer service than at Sears. I called Sears to have my gas dryer repaired for my summer home. I was told that there was a 2 week wait, a $75 charge just to come out, additional labor and parts (around $350). In need, I agreed and set aside that Saturday to drive the 75 miles to my house. On the friday, the day before the appointment, I received an automated call telling me that a service repairman would be coming on Saturday between 8am and 5pm. I drove to the house, got the dryer pulled out and waited for his arrival. At 12:30, I called to find out if they could tell me when he'd be arriving. They told me sometime between noon and 5pm (duh). At 3:30 pm I called again to confirm that he would be coming since the day was getting on. They confirmed he would be. At 4 pm I received a call telling me that the repair man had been overbook and that he would not be coming and that I would have to reschedule. I complained and asked to speak to a supervisor. After explaining my story, and how wrong it was treating costumers like airlines (overbooking and bumping) the supervisor told me that they would get in touch with the repair department and arrange to get one of the service men out to me and would call me back to let me know I was being taken care of. At 4:30, after no returned call, I called again to find out that I was completely blown off. Though I explained my 2 week wait to do laundry, 150 miles of driving, and a full day of my life, and now, having to wait again, find a repair service as well as pay to do my laundry at a laundromat, it didn't mean anything to Sears customer service. "Sorry, would I like to reschedule?" was the response. I was so resentful I told them I would never buy anything from Sears again. I received the famous well written and dictated response... "Thank you for calling Sears" I hate them and now have to find another company. Here is another great example why the american economy is going down the drain. Lack Of Care!!!!!

3108691e, 2007-12-12, 12:49PM CST

This was exactly what happened to me, however this was on the initial delivery of an almost $2000 grill. After a full day of waiting, the delivery people kept reassuring me that the item was still being delivered, even though it was dark, even though it was past my delivery window by 2 hours and was by now 10 P.M. At 10:30, when I called to find out where my barbeque was, they told me the delivery had been cancelled. No explaination, no apology, no reason why no one had called to tell me of the cancellation. I have called corporate offices, after spending an hour with customer service this morning to no avail. If they do not call me back with a solution, I will refuse delivery and cancel item on my credit card. Sears obviously does NOT care about customer satisfaction. Buyer beware.

78fbf550, 2008-02-26, 06:38PM CST

I purchased the service agreement for the Kennmore Elite Oasis HE Washer and Dryer combination. I telephoned customer service today and was told it would be a week before the could come out.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained that I had a large load of jeans that did not complete the wash cycle and that I had a new baby in the home and could not wait a week to wash. The supervisor blew me off as well. I've been purchasing home appliances from Sears for over 20 years, but I will not make another purchase nor will I recommend them again. Sears has the worse customer service.

e51c2e11, 2008-03-13, 08:50AM CDT

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM SEARS. We also have awful and unlucky experiences purchased from Sears. I purchased washer/dryer from Sears because the prices were cheaper than Home Depot, and Best Buy. The machines themselves are good and I do not have problems with. What I have problem is Sears customer services. The first time when washer and dryer delivered, sale associate forgot to order stacking kit (We are living in a new condo on the 2nd floor and it is in closet), the delivery people can not stack washer and dryer into the closet without stacking kit. In addition, I asked for reverse dryer door on the left hinge since my closet door is on right side. The instruction was clearly printed on sale receipt, apparently Sears did not follow anything on instructions. Therefore I have washer and dryer setting in my living room for a week and can not use machines.

When I called Sear store & asked for stacking kit and dryer door reversed, they were helpful and told me next available delivery is during weekday. I asked for an appointment after 5:00pm since my husband & me both working on weekday and no on is home before 5:00pm. They answered NO PROBLEM. This was starting of my nightmare, we kept received many phone calls from Sears delivery department stated they are coming at 10:00am to 2:00pm. The time when no one is home. Meanwhile I kept spoke to their customer services to changed times to weekend. After spoken to at least 3 different customer services. Still, Sears delivery crew showed up at my door when no one is home.

Finally, we had the stacking kit delivered on Saturday, 3/8/08. However, Sears ordered me a RED color stacking kit when my washer/dryer is white color. The delivery crew also told me they DO NOT do reverse dryer door hinge. I called the store again, Sears said they do not have white stacking kit available at this time; I will have to wait. We understand all this and trying to be patience as much as possible.

We told the delivery crews to put the RED stacking kit on and when the white one becomes available, they can come back install the white stacking kit. After the all the installation and delivery crew left, we decided to do a load of wash to try out the machines. Little did I know that installation on the water pipe was not done properly by Sears. All the washer water leaked out from the pipe in the back of the machine and water flood my new kitchen floor, new paint wall and the bottom of washer machine. I was terrified on what happened. The next morning I went back to Sears requested replacement on a new washer (since bottom of washer was flood) They asked for 15% re-stocking fee to replace a new washer. I was very upset on what happened to my new floor and painted wall. Finally a customer service BLANCHE helped me replace a washer without charge. (She is the best customer service from Sears, working in East Hanover, NJ) She helped me set up an appointment to have some one come on 3/22/08 to replace a washer and reverse dryer door and change correct stacking kit.

On Tuesday, 3/11 at 2:30pm, I got a call from Sears delivery people they are in front my door and on one is home, they are coming to change dryer door?? I thought I make myself clearly not to have anyone coming in before 5:00pm on weekday??

I went back to Sears store asked for BLANCHES, she helped me again set up the correct appointment time. I really have to commend her, she was on phone for more than 1 hour, after spoken to 4 different customer services. Finally, she got my schedules set on 3/22/08 again. I am in the middle patiently waiting the next appointment. I do not need any more surprise, hopefully they will make this delivery without any problems.

I do not understand how Sears functions and how they are able to stay in business this long with such terrible customer services. DELIVERY SCHEDULES DEPARTMENT is the worse I have deal, luck of care and customer satisfactions.

37ac4f32, 2008-04-05, 06:39AM CDT

Sears Repair Center

Waited all day for service repair man for my washer. No show. Called Sears (worst voice recognition menu ever!) finally got thru' to correct department. Rep told me I shouldn't have been scheduled as no one was available. All she could do was add me to the end of the wait list. Sears messed up, wasted my time, had no interest in making amends - thought they were doing me a favor by putting me behind everyone else. Furthermore, the wait was another week - I have 4 children, not a realistic option! I paid for Master Protection Service - crap! Sadly, this is not the first time I have encountered their abysmal service - I will never buy a Sears appliance again.

69df722d, 2008-07-08, 12:31PM CDT

I had same problem like you are. What I am thinking is we need to find out Who is CEO or Division Directors and send all complaints to them, because they did not read our complaints, so NO matter what we wrote they don't care, because they did not see or read it. Is any one know any CEO name or Division Director names? I need it so I can mails direct to them. Thanks

d9031340, 2008-08-15, 12:28PM CDT

I bought the SEARS Master Protection Agreement for my appliance, as I had for the last 30 years for various items. Three years ago, I called about some problems with the new refrigerator and a very well trained, friendly, technition arrived on-time and completed the work. Last month the frige started making loud noises, so I called again. This time the inept repair-person did nothing but agrue with me and never even checked-out my appliance for the noises it has started to make. He said it was installed wrong (by Sears' own people) and that my half-full freezer compartment was beyond it's capasity. He turned the thermostat down, to stop the compressor-noises and left. After 30 years of loyality, I will never shop at Sears again.

c3ea276b, 2008-09-19, 12:20AM CDT

My delivery date is tomorrow and I'm already having problems with them! I dread to see where this all ends up. I just moved into a new apartment and bought a Kenmore Refrigerator from Sears. First of all, no one was in the refrigeration section to talk to when we did make our decision, we had to hunt the guy down. He told me that I could get a rebate on my delivery (which they charge 65 dollars for right off the bat) if I went online and submitted for it. Of course, the website tells me that they can't find my sales order number. So I called customer service and they fed me some line about how I have to wait 48 (more) hours and if I still can't submit, to mail it in! Way to go! So anyway. Of course, I'll have to mail it in because they can't find my order. The way Sears works with delivery is, they say they will call you the NIGHT BEFORE your scheduled delivery date to tell you the 2 hours window in which your item will be delivered. They were supposed to give me a call between 6pm and 9pm (after work so I can't even give my boss a heads up. Fantastic, way to plan ahead!). It's 10:14 pm. Still waiting for the phone to ring. I did call the number manually and get my 2 hour window. But where is this alleged call? Sears representatives are liars. People who are in need of high ticket appliances have enough stress, they don't need inept Sears representatives and delivery workers to complicate and delay things. If ANYTHING goes wrong tomorrow I am going straight to the BBB and all of the Los Angeles news stations because this is a popular Sears and people need to know that they can't be trusted.

42342ffe, 2008-10-01, 06:06PM CDT

I bought a refrigerator in good faith from Sears in March 2008. From the first I had nothing but problems.. Finally after many service calls I insisted on a new one. I went to Sears to pick out a new one (not another Kenmore Elite.) The salesman at Sears Eastview, Victor, N.Y. spent all afternoon with me while I was on the phone with the people at 1-800-479-5899. They assured me that I would be able to get a replacement of my choice. Once on the phone with someone that could neither speak or understand english I was on the phone for over (2) hours while he was trying to figure things out. They gave me a case # which he didn't understand, finally I thought things were resolved.. When I didn't hear about a delivery date I had to call several times again, always speaking to someone from a foriegn land... I never received any answer except they couldn't find the case #. FINALLY I spoke to an english speaking person and the date for delivery was set up immediately.. NO MORE BUYING FROM SEARS OR CITIBANK!!!! How about taking care of Americans first and stop outsourcing?? This is an insult to all of us.. Get your act together Sears or your days are numbered... I've noticed that your business is getting smaller and smaller.. Figure it out....By the way, your Salesmen are terrific but your phone staff sucks...

1b0616ae, 2009-09-16, 04:24PM CDT

This complaint is for the store manager

and one of his staff at the sear appliance center located on Merrick road in Islip new york. my wife and I are

long term customers of Sear with out ever a complaint about any one who worked for

sear's except today My wife and I stopped

in the store mentioned above to see about

purchasing a 4 slice toaster .We nicely

asked if it could be plugged in to be sure that it was in good working condition. The sales lady said let me

check with my boss so we walked over to the manager of the store I guess that is what he was. Asked to plug it in some where he said very smartly we don't have bread to put in for us to taste that I let slid and said no just to be sure it works because it is such a long ride from where we live to the

store if it did not work to return and get another one. The next remark I did not like and I also let him no it His

2nd answer was this is not a restaurant

very smartly said. I told my wife lets go and we will go some where else on the way out he started to speak in his foreign language to the girl who took care of us and then started laughing.

I turned and told him you think I am funny how about if I put my foot where the sun don't shine. He turned and walked away still laughing. I said to him which I am sure he heard I am going to file a complaint against you he then

threw his hands up in the air as if to say kiss off. My wife and I where stunned at the non respect shown to us as a consumer. As you have guessed we did not buy a toaster and will look for one else where I am sorry to have such ill feeling against sears I am almost temepeted to cut up or credit cards after 30 years of being one of your

consumers. I sincerely hope that you take some type of action on our behave toward this problem thanking you in advance Samuel M Giglio Sr

a909aac8, 2009-11-26, 04:49AM CST

I ordered 20th October, and Fifty-one lost my order because of incomplete adress.

Sears didn't refund me. And I've lost 152 $

I advice you not to buy on if you don't want to loose your money.

They robbed me 152 $, it's inacceptable, how can they do that with impunity.

There is a pictures of the email confirmation and the order tracking.


37ca3727, 2010-06-22, 09:47PM CDT

This identical thing happened to me and my family, which is now being looked into by the media, Call 3 TV in Sacramento. Sears told us today that we "shouldn't have contacted the media, that was a big mistake" something like that, then blocked our number and said they were breaking off all contact with us. We called them by cell phone and they revealed themselves to be the clever manipulators that they have been for months over this, though they kept claiming they would "take care of us". Sears clearly uses this tactic of selling knowinly defective floor model washers to trade you up into more expensive models. But, you end up with no washer or dryer, multiple service calls replete with a possibly devious or surely inept repairman, multiple replacement units, and only thousands of dollars charged on your Sears Mastercard to show for it, and Citibank who backs them, who also may turn out to be by association in on the scam. Amazinly corrupt mobsters seem to be running the major appliances departments and much of Sears (and Big Kmart) these days! Or, are these people just inept and lazy as the other victim, Mehul, cites? to be clear, our position on this is as follows: signed, not sure about anything these days when it comes to Sears or Kmart

c7c416dc, 2010-12-19, 04:44PM CST

I purchased a refrig #3046 94689 KM 4.6 BLK on 11/27/10 and it didn't work returned it and supposely got credit for it. Got a statement today with balance of $181.04 account # 512-0718-8396-7600 Please check up on this balance??? Thank you, Bill King

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