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This is very sad story and I can not believe that DELTA airline, that is supposedly one of the biggest airline in US can do that. I travelled on this horrible airline on 5/15/05 from Atlanta,GA to Sacramento,CA. My luggage was late for one whole day and all the perishable items were gone bad. But the sad thing is when my stuff was stolen from my other bag. Delta

claims that it is the crew at ATL airport who did that. Well if that is the case then let us allow to lock our bags.

They wont allow a locked bag so we have to tempt the THEIF to get in our bags and steal what ever he likes. GOOD JOB DELTA. You should have asked me and I would have donated that stuff to DELTA AIRLINES. I know you all are not doing good financially but is that the way you are keeping it up? For my lost luggage, I have to call the customer serivce like 10 times. They did not even have the courtesty to call and let me know. Delivering stuff at

midnight is I think ethical in Delta's book. When I talked to the supervisor, she said YOU BOUGHT THE TICKET FOR A SEAT, NOT FOR YOUR LUGGAGE. IT IS A PASSENGER CARRIER AND NOT A LUGGAGE CARRIER. Very nice customer service. I hope you keep up the good work. FAWAD Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_44499#


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