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Service to build a website

July 22, 2005 - Business Message - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_74603#

Hello. My name is Stephen Salyer I am a web master and I was paide to work on a web site called Ravens Wing I am sending you this e-mail to notify you that you

are to remove this post it is false info and deflamotry, Alice as she says in her post she reported me to the BBB the BBB after I talked with them thay have closed her case and will

have nothing to do with it you may contact them at 4321-563-1880 and pleas talk to Blanca Lopez this is proof that Alice Thomas is a liar. Now if this post is not

pulled of your web site I will hold your web site and the others she has posted this on responsible SHE MAY OF AGREED TO YOUR TOS BUT I DID NOT! YOU HAVE 24 HOURES TO PULL THIS POST OFF THE NET OR A FEDERAL SUTE

WILL BE FILLED TO YOUR SITE FOR NO LESS THAN WHAT I HAVE LOST WICH AT THIS TIME IS $879,800.00. You may contact me at 432-524-5206 at this time I am DEAD SERIOUS The F.B.I is involved and I have a case number.Internet frud is serious and holds high penelties which I From the desk top of

Stephen l Salyer

Webmaster and Illestrator.

July 25, 2005 - Consumer Follow-up Message:

Mr. Sayler never completed the website I paid him to do.

In fact, he did not even complate a template for a website. All I was getting from him were graphics, which I did not know what to do with, so I turned him over to my webmistress who has always done my websites. I allowed my daughter to talk me into paying Mr. Sayler to do a website for her. Again, he never did do one for us. In fact, nothing he was doing was satisfactory to me. My webmistress tried to help him understand what I was wanting, but he simply quit responding to her and to me. I did not have his physical address, nor was it available online or in the phone book. He would not answer any of my emails until I filed the complaint online, which is a ligitimate complaint. He has trouble spelling, so I firmly believe that it is his mother who follows up with his emails for him in this situation and more than likely she is the one who typed the email to you. I have nothing for the $150 I paid to Mr. Sayler and I only want my money back. He has done nothing but threaten me since I filed the complaint. As a consumer, I have that right. If he can do a website, he certainly did not dofor me what he was paid to do. You don't just send a website/template via email and expect to be able to download it and work it. There is a lot more to it then that, which is another reason I asked my webmistress to help. If it were that easy, any website/template someone liked could be downloaded and changed to suit them. My complaint can be verified through my daughter, who arranged this transaction with Mr. Sayler and also my webmistress. Their email addresses and/or phone numbers will be supplied if needed. Alice

June 29, 2005 - Consumer Message: Alice

Odessa, TX 79764

Re: Stephen Sayler

VFW Mini Mall

6110 Andrews Hwy

Odessa, TX 79763

On April 1, 2005, I paid $75 via check to Mr. Stephen Sayler to build a website, which he had told my daughter, Raven Wisdom, he could do. On April 15, 2005, he stated that the site was almost done and would appreciate it if I would pay him the balance of $75, which brought the total to $150.

Mr. Sayler was given an image that we wanted to use on the website as the logo. He digitally colored this image. In the last 3 months, this is all he has done in regards to building us a website. I paid Mr. Sayler only because Raven wanted him to build the website, which was intended for her business, Raven's Wing Aromatherapy. The website never got built. My webmistress agreed to work with him to complete the website since it was obvious that he did not know how to build one; however, he quit communicating with me and with the webmistress.

Mr. Sayler has been contacted on numerous occasions requesting a refund since what he was paid to do never was done. He and his mother continue to tell people that he can build websites; however, from my own experience, I know he cannot.

I want nothing more than a complete refund of the $150 paid to Mr. Stephen Salyer.

Alice Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_44771#


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