1999 Dodge Avenger at the Tom Saitta Dodgeland USA

Posted on Wednesday, June 29th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by f1266421

Company: 1999 Dodge Avenger at the Tom Saitta Dodgeland USA

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1999 Dodge Avenger at the Tom Saitta Dodgeland USA

June 28, 2005 5750 Sky Pointe Drive Las Vegas, NV 890130-4985 Dear Sir or Madam: We have a very big problem concerning services done to my 1999 Dodge Avenger at the Tom Saitta Dodgeland USA. No one has contacted me in regards to these issues. I dropped my vehicle at Tom Saitta Dodgeland USA on June 13, 2005 because my car was not starting properly. The engine would turn but take seconds to minutes to start. I had had a fuel pump replaced at BIG O Tires on W. Craig Rd for the same issue. My car still had the problem, so I brought it to the Magic Mazda dealership where I had bought the vehicle to have it tested. Mazda couldn’t find anything wrong with the car, so I called Dodge with high esteem that they would have a knowledgeable team to recognize the engine’s problem. We explained in detail the issues we had with the vehicle from Big O Tires to Mazda to Dodge. Dodge examined the car and decided to replace the distributor. The part took days to get to the dealership, and upon installment my car still had the same issue. Then they replaced the regulator 3 days later, the day I picked up my vehicle (June 21, 2005). They had my car ready and washed for me. I thought, “How nice, they washed my car,” and as I was admiring my car that I had missed for 8 days I recognized some scratches that were not previously there when I had dropped the vehicle at Tom Saitta. I brought this to the attention of Mr. Frost for him to tell me that I had initialed a box saying the car had scratches on the front passenger side of the vehicle. I had no copy of such documentation. The scratches I found were on the back and middle side of the passenger side of the car scraping the pin striping. The newly found scratches were unmarked on his diagram. I was upset by the fact Mr. Frost walked away from me when I wanted and explanation as to why my vehicle was scratched. Adding the drama, when I started my car to leave the dealership my engine didn’t start right away which was its original problem. The engine turned but would not start for seconds. I went immediately to Mr. Frost and told him that my car still had its original problem, and demanded an explanation as to why I paid $1600 for scratches on my car and nothing else. We asked Mr. Frost if they had checked the fuel pump (which was supposedly replaced by Big O Tires) and he said “No.” If the car is lacking fuel pressure, why was this not tested? Mr. Frost said he didn’t know what was wrong with my car and gave me the parts that were taken off the vehicle for my father’s technician to further test. Mr. Frost didn’t acknowledge my concerns and said “he didn’t know” what was wrong with my car, leading me to not trust this dealership. My father contacted Mr. Frost the next day, June 22, 2005 and Mr. Frost said he may not want to look at my car further due to my attitude. Then my father called the service manager three times on June 22, 2005 at 3:30pm, 4:30pm and 5:30 pm. We received no response to this day. Then on June 23, 2005 since no one had made an attempt to contact my father or me, I called a woman named Misty at 2:00pm from an online source. She wouldn’t hear my issue, and said a general manager would be contacting me within one business day. No one has returned any of our calls! Today is June 28, 2005! More upsetting is this: We had the distributor tested by an ASE certified technician of automotive repairs. The distributor tested fine, Dodgeland replaced a part on my car that didn’t need replacing, and I feel they have been screwing me around from day one. I am out time and money and I have scratches on my car from this dealership. My original parts should be replaced on my car at another dodge dealer (since I no longer trust Tom Saitta Dodgeland USA) in accordance with a complete refund ($1612.24), and a buffing job to remove the scratches. Or Dodge can refund my money and pay to have my car buffed. At this moment my car still is not working properly. It seems there is a problem with the fuel system, according the technician who tested the distributor. Dodgeland is swapping parts hoping to correct the issue and charging me for their misdiagnoses. My father and I have never had such a terrible experience with any dealership in our lives. Sincerely, Andrea Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_44798#


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