Sprint PCS customer service

Posted on Wednesday, June 29th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by bf0c5021

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Sprint PCS customer service

My name is Dean. I am writing because I am having an issue with Sprint. When I moved to North Carolina and tried to change my Sprint PCS phone number, I was told my current plan would not carry over to the new area code. My current Sprint plan was 350 min., nights starting at 8 PM, and free sprint to sprint calling, all for 35.00 a month. Sprint told me that when I change area to my new area code, my 350 min. will be reduced down to 300 min, my nights will go from 8pm to 9pm start time, and I will no longer have free sprint to sprint calling.

I tried talking to a supervisor, but she would only give me free sprint to sprint and an extra 50 mins. I tried calling the corporate office number, the one on your web site, and talked to someone in the customer service, but she got mad at my complaint and hung up. I tried calling again and spoke with someone else. Although she was nice and tried to help, there was NOTHING she could do to help my situation. I have been with sprint for eight years. However, I do not think I will continue my service with them. I do not understand why Sprint cannot keep my current plan AND change my phone number.

Very Frustrated,

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