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Company: Smart Choice Health Care AKA Health Care Advantage- Smart Choice Response

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Health Care Advantage AKA Smart Choice Health Plan

July 27, 2005 - Business Reply - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_74605#

Re: Smart Choice Health Care AKA Health Care Advantage- Smart Choice Response

Please be advised that Smart Choice Healthcare is a Florida Corporation which has NO connection whatsoever to Healthcare Advantage, another Florida company in the same field. Any complaints regarding our company should be directed as such. Any complaints directed to other companies should be so directed. Any complaints regarding other companies directed to Smart Choice will be considered libelous, and will be responded to with appropriate legal remedies.

The client in question was indeed a member of Smart Choice, having signed up on 6/14/05. Although one particular network may have yielded no providers, a preliminary search of our combined networks showed 25 medical providers from a variety of specialties within a 20 mile radius of the client's zip code. The client was told her handbook and membership cards would arrive in 7-21 days. The client chose to cancel on 6/28/05 and was issued a full refund on 7/5/05.

This company will continue to serve the public's healthcare needs in a professional manner. Our medical savings plans are particularly suited to those, such as this client, who are not able to obtain health insurance due either to pre-existing conditions, high cost, or both. Had this client exercised a bit more patience she would have realized the benefits of such a plan.

June 28, 2005 - Consumer Message:


I recently perused the web for insurance companies that might provide services to individuals seeking health insurance. I was contacted by Giovanni and Victor, two high pressure salespeople from Health Care Advantage who, for the next 15 minutes, gave an intense presentation, telling me that I was lucky that it was open enrollment and they had only 4 slots left in my state.

The benefits seemed "too good to be true", which as our mothers told us if they seem to be good then they are, right? However, I was in great need of insurance and chronically ill, certainly not a easy sell to most insurance companies. Smart ChoiceHealthcare told me that they had a great rating with the BBB and offered wonderful services and several PPO's to choose from. When I quickly looked up one of the PPO's on the net while we talked and found that they offered NO providers in my entire state they minimized that saying, once again, that they had many more doc's to choose from. They then proceeded to tape record my call and for the first time I heard that this program was not, in fact, insurance, but a medical savings plan.

When I questioned theem further, they stopped the tape. Even though every bell and whistle was going off, even though I always considered myself to be somewhat bright (well, at least I had a Master's degree from Boston College), I was SO desperate and SO caught up in the sales pitch that I let them charge a fee of $195 application fee plus a fee of $225 to be charged monthly and was told that I could cancel at any time. They stated I would receive my "packet" in 7-10 days. Well, when 2 weeks went by I contacted my credit card company and told them the story. They will challenge the charge. I also called the company directly and was disconnected after I told them I wished to cancel. I called back and was told someone would call me back, then I called again after not hearing from them in over 2 hours and was told once more that "someone would call me back, O-KAAAY?" I said that it was NOT O.K., that I had waited a long while and they replied that they had many more important calls to attend to "like from doctors!" Finally somone returned my call and I told them I wanted to cancel..

He sounded incredulous and asked if I had even gotten my packet yet. I said no which was a main factor in my decision . He said that the packets were supposed to be there within 10 - 14 days. In my initial sales call they had stated and I had written down 7-10 days. He told me that my app. fee would not be refundable but he would refund the first months fee. That was really 'big' of him since I had not used any services nor had I been told I would be charged before I was even allowed to use it. Oddly enough in that afternoon's mail, I got "the packet" which has printed on every page "This is not insurance". It is a program which gives a small discount on services from participating doctors.

All in all, a very misleading sales scam, a way for them to pocket a quick $200 even if you cancel. And who knows if my problems with them are over? The person who supposedly cancelled my plan would not erven give me a cancellation number, he said to "ask for Stan, there would be no problems." A little hard to believe!

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