Burger King Complaint

Posted on Monday, June 27th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by a66de67a

Company: Burger King Complaint

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Burger King Complaint

Jim Hyatt

Executive Vice President

U.S. Franchise Operations & Global Operations Officer

Burger King Corporate Office

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive

Miami, FL 33126 June 27, 2005 Dear Jim Hyatt, Subject: Health Policies at BK #122599 I am writing in regards to the Burger King at Seattle-Tacoma Airport in Seattle, Washington. My husband and I were in the airport yesterday afternoon and stopped to purchase lunch before our flight. We ordered a large Chicken Whopper value meal and a Whopper sandwich. I took the sandwiches out of the bag at our table and noticed that we had received medium fries, not large. We took the fries back to the counter and asked for large fries. The employee took the fries from us, RETURNED THE FRIES TO THE BIN of cooked and salted fries and reallocated fries out of the bin into a large fry container. Meaning some of the fries we received in the large order were from the original medium order, but some of the medium order would be redistributed to other customers. I do NOT believe that this is proper and cannot believe that such a policy would pass any health codes. If the employee had simply given us some additional fries so that we would have the equivalent of a large fry, I feel that would have been appropriate. If the employee had taken the fries that we returned, discarded them and given us a new set of large fries, I believe that would have been the better policy. However, the employee returned the fries to the fry salting area! What if we had tampered with the fries? What if we were sick? What if anything else happened? We did not tamper with the fries and are not sick, but the fries SHOULD NOT have been returned to the bin. This is a health hazard and puts customers at risk. Also, the returned fries would have been from a slightly older batch of fries and not as fresh. I would like to know what your operation policies are and how this could happen. I do not know whether this location is a franchise or a company owned store; however, the same policies and training should be instilled and enforced at all locations. Please respond. Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX cc: Dave Gagnon, Senior Vice President, North American Company Operations

Burger King Consumer Relations Department


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e4131016, 2007-10-10, 11:09PM CDT

I visited your establishment yesterday Oct.12 at 1:35pm. Store number 2784 on Queens Blvd in New York city.I ordered a whopper,whopper combo meal two whopper juniors and you had a promotion that had two whoppers for 3 dollares we noticed when we sat down because your sign was hidden behind the soda dispensors. So when we asked how come no one told us about the sale the manager(Tolba,Ema)was really rude she told as your policy was that they are not supposed to tell us about the sale and i though that is a little wrong i over paid almost 5 dollares it's not about the money but i would think u should atleast tell your staff to be a little bit more informative... Thanks Edgar Gonzalez

5d1ad44e, 2007-10-28, 09:07PM CDT

They obviously don't care or they would have a complaint link on their site. My suggestion is to boycott them till they begin to care.

Just remember thats what happened to Kmart. They stopped caring about the customer and along came Walmart. Kmart was left behind...way behind.

Burger King wake up. Tell then you are No Service King.

be9f1711, 2008-01-03, 08:07AM CST

We are at Carrollton,Ky, We had been going to King about three times a week.

The past few months the tables, seats and floors have been very unclean,

The rest rooms are not fit to go in,they are dirty and smell.

We started going there when it first opened,back then it was clean.

37b3fece, 2008-01-22, 10:40AM CST

I visited Burger King restaurant #00035, on 4498 Mobile Hwy, Pensacola, FL, (850)456-3965 on January 19, 2008 at 3:34pm. My order was #189, eating in Whopper, king fries, medium soda.

I really do like Burger King onion rings, and am happy about king size service when I order fries. I am particularly fond of Burger King's "Zesty Cheese Sauce" for dipping my onion rings, hash browns and/or fries, as I do not care for ketchup. I am always happy with my Burger King meal, and, have been a loyal customer since Burger King gave away free whoppers, decades ago.

My complaint is that when I requested zesty cheese sauce from a behind the counter employee waiting on my order, an adult Caucasian female Baby Boomer employee, also behind the counter, interrupted to inform me that Burger King had asked her to let customers know they could not have zesty cheese sauce unless they ordered onion rings, and it was not something Burger King was going to keep further, on standard supply. This adult was offensive to me and her uniform was covered in grease and salt waste. The actual employee who waited on my order, an African American adult male Baby Boomer, walked over to my table to make sure everything was as I wish (he had given me the zesty cheese sauce at the counter and remained silent). I was very pleased with his comments, as with the rest of the Burger King employees staffed at that time, and, he volunteered the adult female's name was something such as Jane Grey.

I really cannot imagine what the adult Caucasian female Baby Boomer/Jane Grey was doing based on no ketchup order from me. I most certainly would like to see Burger King zesty cheese sauce stay around for a long time, and in good supply.

Your sincere customer,

Kyra Ann Parker Nelson "Annie"

95f9ca7b, 2008-02-16, 03:46PM CST

I went through the drive through about a month ago and order a large drink, two crispy chicken sandwhiches and two plain cheeseburgers and a large fry. I paid for the food and took my children to grandmas for the evening. When we pulled in the drive way i went to get the food out and there were no burgers. the fries were cold and the crispy chicken sandwhich was actually nuggets on a bun ( wierd huh) so grandma fed the kids pbjs and me and my husband went back to burger king to pick up the rest of the food. we did not get a receipt either. so i go in the store and ask for the manager... manager says how can i help you... i say i came in about 15 min ago and i explained what happend and wanted my food or money back. she said you will have to talk to so and so tommorow. i ask her if she could make my food and she said she didnt think i had ever been there and she would do nothing for free. i said to one of the gals working the window do you remember me just a min ago the manager signels the girl to be quiet.. i tell the manager that i had a mri done and needed to eat and that would she make me my order. .. she said she epliptic and that i was a f**** B*** and to leave. i never was rude to her i just was asking for good customer service... so i left the restraunt and as i was walking out she was going off on the staff about me... their were kids in the store the whole time this was happeniing. please fire rebecca slyter 4176739210 the number to call and ask for miranda the recipt policy includes not giving recipts to drive through customers

19a9bb4a, 2008-02-16, 08:27PM CST

This complaint is in reguards to your store in Chicago at the corner of Southport and Fullerton Street. I was not able to assertain any other information from the person who was extremly rude and inept, not to mention a racist. She refused to take my childs coupond for her free kids meal, because according to her you must mention it when you order. When I told her that I would report her and asked for the telephone number she told me to look it up. If i was White I'm sure she would not have been such a Bitch to me, she told me her name was shandrell.

ad3d77e3, 2008-03-28, 09:01AM CDT

dear mr. hyatt i livein wimberly texas and i am in sanmarcus texas 4 times a week and eat at burgerking every time im i town so any way my friend and were in kine to order and the mgr. came up from the back and sneezed into his hands and started handling food 3 other customers saw the same thing and walked out when we did they need to have better germ control i will not eat there any more thanks

12e1432f, 2008-03-31, 01:16PM CDT

Drove up to the drive thru and was told we would have to come inside. Don't understand why he didn't take our order.

41481ec1, 2008-04-08, 11:05AM CDT

This morning I went to the Burger King in Swannannoa, NC. From inside the store, my daughter and I simply ordered a plain biscuit and a bacon, egg & cheese croissant combo (no special order, just a regular combo). When we came in, no one was behind us. After we had ordered and were getting our drinks, a man, a girl and another man came in, all separately. All were given their food before we were even addressed again. I asked the girl at the counter, why the 3 people who came in after us had their meals and we were still waiting. She made a face and said, "they only had 1 thing each and you ordered a bunch of stuff.", in a very smartass tone. The man behind us ordered a sausage biscuit & coffee, the girl ordered 2 breakfast burritos and a drink, the next guy ordered 2 sausage biscuits. I ordered a plain biscuit and 1 regular combo meal.

I was upset and I told my daughter that it was not right that we were still waiting. The RUDE girl whipped around to me and said, "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" and I told her that i was not talking to her. We waited a few more minutes, and I asked how much longer, that we had to go. She stuck her tongue out, crossed her eyes and wiggled her head from side-to-side and made fun of me for simply asking how much longer it was going to be.

We walked in BK at exactly 7:30 where one high school kid was placing his order before we even got to the line. We ordered immediately and waited exactly 20 minutes before our food was given to us, while 5 other customers all ordered behind us and got their meals and were on their way.

After we left, I called the manager, his name was Jason, and I told him what had happened. He said that my sandwich had been left in the microwave and that that commonly happens. I asked him if he realized that people were trying to get to school and to work on time and he said, "uh .. Ya!" I told him about the rude girl and he said he would talk to her. He was not very nice either in his tone. After the call to the manager, I them opened my sandwich and found a cold stiff croissant with a slab of cheese on it, which had CLEARLY NOT been in the microwave.

I returned to the business and asked for my money back, where he simply said, that the sandwich had cooled before i got it from sitting in the microwave. Now idk about anybody else, but I can tell if bread had been nuked or when cheese has been in a microwave .. Clearly, he was simply making stuff up to cover for the extremely rude counter girl. This is not right. Bad Manager and even Worse Counter Person!! Terrible service, even worse turnaround time on an order and not the quality of meal that I had paid for. We stopped for Breakfast to start a good day, but this was a rotten start for both our days. Nobody deserves to have a smartass counterperson stick their tongue out and make fun of them for simply asking a question.. or have a manager then try to cover for them with an obvious lie.

I will NOT be back, but more importantly -- my money will not be back!

fb395dde, 2008-04-11, 11:06PM CDT

tonight i went to burgerking in addison, tx at 1030 and i waited in the drive threw for abou 5 minutes. i figured they were just closed so i pulled out. then i saw the open late sign so i went back threw. i waited for a few minutes then i said hello? some ignorant lady had the gulls to say hola. thatg is absolutley ridiculous i am so outraged

f87e8bfe, 2008-04-14, 10:08PM CDT

The BK #6676 in Jackson Ms is the worst fast food restaurant I have ever given my business. I will never go back for these reasons, rude employees, slow service. It does not matter if there no cars in the drive thru they always make you pull up and wait it does not matter what time of day it is. If you have a special way you like your burger no mayo no must etc. it is never right they make it how they want to make it. This company has to good of a product to have people representing you in this fashion. Maybe you should get the KING to correct all of the sub par service coming out of this location. This is the WORST fast food restaurant in this city and that is saying a lot. Please correct these problems for this locations sake I am not the only unhappy consumer.

John Spreafico

5318 Jamaica Dr

Jackson, Ms 39211

[email protected]

a1a395b1, 2008-04-17, 02:55PM CDT

I currently work at a burger king in West Covina, Ca. I've been working there for about 7 months. My managers change from one day to another. I currently do not get along with her, yolanda. I feel as if she racionlize me for not speaking fluent spanish. I feel as if she discrimates me as a person that I am. Before she became my manager I would love to go in to work everyday with no calls off or anything. Now that she works there, I rather just not go. I don't even look forward in coming to work anymore. Its sad, it is. I just feel as if i need to quit because discrimination!


Brandy N. Rion

8a3e8316, 2008-04-18, 10:22PM CDT

I do believe that Burger King is sending

our kids the wrong message in the new

Burger King commercials about violence

and that violence should be taken

seriously, I am talking about the comm-

ercial with 2 cars at the Drive Thru

window and one car bumps the other car

and pushes it out of the way this is

violence plain and clear and here is

Burger King promoting violence for our

children and saying this is ok no it is

not ok our children will see this and

think this is ok to do

c9c088fc, 2008-04-22, 07:58PM CDT

i had just recently stop in the bk at norridge,il on harlem ave. me and my 5 yr old ordered food it took 10min, and our food wasnt ready .i talked to the manager and he said our order would be right up. 15 minutes later one of thee other employees said our order had been ready 20 min, ago , and had been sitting on the counter. the manager said take it or leave it. not very impressed with management . please look in to this matter. signed andrew kreslin .[email protected] 4-22-08 7:00pm. thankyou

c9c088fc, 2008-04-22, 07:58PM CDT

i had just recently stop in the bk at norridge,il on harlem ave. me and my 5 yr old ordered food it took 10min, and our food wasnt ready .i talked to the manager and he said our order would be right up. 15 minutes later one of thee other employees said our order had been ready 20 min, ago , and had been sitting on the counter. the manager said take it or leave it. not very impressed with management . please look in to this matter. signed andrew kreslin .[email protected] 4-22-08 7:00pm. thankyou

25f6b714, 2008-04-26, 06:09PM CDT

Burger King is absolutely going down the drain. I will not be surprised to see most stores shut their doors within the next 3 years.

I have approximately 5 BK's in the immediate area and all of them are understaffed (most have 2 people). The last 4 times I have gone (my son always wants the toy) they have A- made us wait a ridiculous amount of time to take the order and even longer for food. B- screwed up the order ( big kids meal with chicken tenders and honey mustard sauce should not be that hard).


We can't let these jerks continue to take our hard earned cash for bad service and bad food. Jeez, I think i wasted 40 dollars worth of gas just waiting in the drive thru.

Burger King Corporation

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive

Miami, Florida 33126

Corporate Headquarters - 305-378-3000

Marketing/Advertising Information Requests - 305-378-7200

Consumer Relations - 305-378-3535

HAVE IT YOUR WAY Cards Consumer Help Desk - 1-800-522-1278

If you are a consumer, please contact our Consumer Relations department at 305-378-3535. Our representatives are ready to assist you Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST. Please note that consumer inquiries received via the BKC pressroom cannot be processed.

Anonymous, 2008-04-29, 06:05PM CDT

just ordered 2 of the Steakhouse burgers.

Nothing was on the burger except bacon meat and cheese. We don't eat bacon. no onions, no lettuce, no tomatoes. We threw them away.

Have it your way? They couldn't even make it their way!

847a48a4, 2008-05-11, 07:04PM CDT

i think that BK sucks. I went today, i had a discount card, the man working would not accept the card. also i ordered a tendercrisp, and they put no mayo on it. also i had to wait for about 10 minutes to get my food. I was in a rush and had I not already paid I would have left. The service was horrible. This BK is located in Rockland, Massachusetts. The man working was not friendly and he took his time getting me my food. YOU SUCK BURGER KING

544db949, 2008-05-12, 08:44PM CDT

Burger King service has definitely gone down. I went into a Burger King today and the employees were so FAKE it almost made me not want to eat. and to top it off when I try to play the online game with the codes I received, the game doesn't even work. Burger King has now become a joke to me. I'd rather go to McDonald's now. At least they don't have cold onion rings.

At least someone feels the same way I do. Have it your way. yeah right.

Matt S.N.

74c868c3, 2008-05-13, 07:23PM CDT

Dear Jim Hyatt, I was a customer at the Burger King in Gonzales, Louisiana on May 12th of 2008. The young lady took my order and I asked could my chicken sandwich be cut into three pieces for my grandchildren, who were ages 2,3, and 4 years of age. The manager was in the back and screamed to the girl at the counter, swearing in a way that I would have never thought of this at a restaurant. This woman was so nasty with the words that came out of her mouth, that I asked for my money back, and she then told the young lady to give her back the damn money then. I would appreciate it if you would see to it that the managers at this store would be respectful to the customers as well as the workers. This was uncalled for and I was very disappointed with this location.

5a35ccb6, 2008-05-15, 08:37AM CDT

Trying to play on the BKINDY website. Unable to register because the birthday year only goses to 2002. I was born 50 years earlier. Also rules state you have to be at least 13. Finally there is no easyily discernible way to contact BK about this issue. Regards,

97e4a8ab, 2008-05-25, 07:58PM CDT

I ordered a Rodeo Cheeseburger at the drive through at 1:29pm on 5/25/08 at store #4075 in So SF. The burger was not hot - it was lukewarm- and the cheese-food was not melting. I turned the car around, parked and went in to the store to complain. The older Asian-American woman at the counter could barely comprehend the problem. After a few minutes I was given a freshly (over) nuked sandwich. The bun had steamed to mush and the cheese was liquid, but at least this time the burger was hot.

2d51631f, 2008-05-31, 02:01PM CDT

I was at the Burger King located on Military Hwy(Janaf Shopping Ctr) Norfolk, Va at 1pm today. Only 2 girls were at the front counter, Kim and the manager, Ms. Winn. I waited 15 minutes to order and 15 minutes before I received my order. Kim was inexperienced, tired and slow. And Ms. Winn was busy with the front and drive-in. At the time of my ordering, there were 12-15 customers behind me.

From my observation, there should be at least 3 or 4 experienced employees up front.

b798723c, 2008-06-07, 02:46PM CDT

With a written list of what food items i ordered, the staff of burger king (store # 16122)did not meet my request. The food was not cooked completely (french fries), & too much soda syrup in the soda. Simon was the server and Fewstar is the supervisor.

During the week, I go to a Subway next to this Burger King. The staff there are well mannered, their store is clean and shines like chrome on a motorcycle. Their new owner should visit this burger king set a sample on how everything should run. Inform your staff that things have to be more direct in areas of weakness.

8170e0a6, 2008-06-09, 03:58AM CDT

I live near a Burger King located at 1209 Leonard St. NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504. I only go there for breakfast and CANNOT BELIEVE the poor service! Once, the employee did not know how to make the cheesy bacon wrap, once they had no wraps (sold out), a couple times the girls were out smoking by the dumpster and had to run inside when I pulled up, but WORST OF ALL about 25% of the time I'm told "we cant take orders for 20 minutes". I get there early - about 4:10 AM (Breakfast starts at 4), but if you are going to claim you are open for 24 hrs, and have the sign on - be prepared for people to come in. After getting denied this morning - I'm done going there. Theres a mcd's accross the street - never had a problem with them.

1d9b77e4, 2008-06-11, 08:30AM CDT

Burger King

(941) 758-8947

5224 15th St E, Bradenton, FL

My daughter works at this store. She was hurt last night. Tore off her fingernail and tore open her finger. She was informed at the ER where she was treated that she was to keep her hand elevated and not to work for two days. Her manager told her this morning that he did not care, she either worked or she was fired. Since florida is a right to work state, he can apparently do this kind of bullying. So if the girl with the open wound on her hand serves you I'd be sure to check your fries.

9dab9cbc, 2008-06-13, 11:45AM CDT

OK, I went to The BK on 192 in Kissimmiee FL.( U.S.) I order a number 8. heres the funny part! I don't speak SPANISH but every one that works there does. So I hope I get what I order... Of course i don't at all, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! Niether do the people in front of me and the people behind me get a remark back in spanish...? Its the slowest service!

ef3db9a3, 2008-06-14, 02:26AM CDT

I was at a Burger King tonight(friday) at about 1:15 am, I have seen many advertisements recently saying that they are open until 2am or later, and the BK was closed. I am VERY upset!!! I don't like BK in the first place but my bf loves it and i agreed to go there for him. This is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT and the company should not be allowed to get away with it. If you say you will be open til 2 am you NEED to be open UNTIL 2 AM. SCREW BURGER KING!!!! They will lose many customers because of this! ( I am not the only one very pissed off because of their false commercials)

-advertising ex

8dd87f83, 2008-06-15, 01:29PM CDT

What has happened to our beloved Burger King!? I do NOT want a coupon for a free burger, I just want Burger King to return to good standards.

While traveling though Mt Shasta, CA, we stopped at a BK and received not only the wrong drink, but a watered down version of a different soda! And it took almost fifteen minutes for two drinks and a small snack (without a car line!). Also similar problems at my local BK in Gardnerville, NV. So sad that I can not return to BK.. too substandard. VS

bbad7e1b, 2008-06-19, 03:57PM CDT

Today I was at the BK in Austin, TX on Guadalupe St. 78705, this location serves mostly to the university of Texas students. I ordered #9 chicken sandwich, when I opened the wrap, the meat was burnt and in a deep brown color, it was dried flat. I took it back and told them I need a new sandwich since this one was burnt, the sales guy at the counter told me not to complaint and the meat is NOT burnt. How is it not burnt when the meat is dried flat in a deep brown color? Another person walked up shortly after I demanded for a new sandwich and complaint the same thing. They did give me another sandwich, but it was the same meat from the one before that. I will NEVER eat at BK ever again!

9faefcb7, 2008-06-25, 11:36AM CDT

On June 11th at approximately 9pm I was at the Burger King in Cambridge Ontario and let me tell you, I am still in shock to the way I was treated. I proceeded through the drive-thru, but noticed all the lights were off, so before I began placing my order, I politely asked "excuse me, are you open?" the lady responded "if you are talking in the box, than we must be open" I replied "excuse me?" and she said "and I am replying back ain't I?! Are you going to place an order or what?" I said 'actually I would like to speak with your manager' I went to the window. and I asked "I just asked a question, I saw your lights were off, thats why I asked." she proceeded to be rude so I asked to see her manager, she said she was busy. And I told her that I would wait. She than proceeded to tell me that I needed to wait in the parking lot because she had to tend to the other customers. I said, I am not moving until I speak with your manager. She than proceeded to yell "GET OUT OF MY LINE" I was in shock, her manager heard her and did nothing, she yelled for her manager, and her manager yelled back I'M BUSY!!!! finally, she came to the line and said "what the problem" I explained to her she said "thats not true, i heard everything, she did not yell at you, and did not say that" in COMPLETE SHOCK I said thats it I am calling your head office, they both laughed and said "GO AHEAD ITS IN MIAMI" and I said "GREAT can I have the number?" they refused to give it to me... I drove off.

almost two weeks later, and I was again, treated horribly at the brampton location... what is with BURGER KING

7888f05b, 2008-06-26, 10:51AM CDT

We eat at the Clio,MI store at least 3 times a week.Monday the area manager was at the store I was waiting to use the rest room behind him.He just finished and left without washing his hands.I feel sick about it could not finish eating I wish I would have complained.But we finished up and left.We are still visiting the store 3 times or more a week.but I need to share my feelings about this.

cd04c8eb, 2008-07-14, 11:20PM CDT

i went to burgerking in mulberry fl on 7-14-08 they told me they did not have icecream again and i told them this is getting silly i come up here three times a week and get turned down, they tell me they have none so wheen i told them this is getting silly they said in front of my son fuck you cracker. i asked to talk to manager, he came to window i told him what happend and he acted like he did not care now you tell me how i should feel

ad757821, 2008-07-06, 10:59AM CDT


My name is Terry Harris 407-396-9510, my e-mail address is [email protected]

The other day I went to your store at hwy 192 and 535 in Kissimmee, but never again i too manage a restraunt in Kissimmee but I love BK. I was by in the afternoon in the store to order food on the way to a meeting I was bringing snacks , a toal of 40 dollars in food to be exact, When greated I was refured to as pops , my age ? I ordered and nothing wwas right or hot not even warm, when I called I was treated as a ass no refund no new food nothing I can tell you Mcd donalds looks alot better know TERRY HARRIS

d7a8e52e, 2008-07-08, 10:38PM CDT


6a9df485, 2008-07-15, 08:36AM CDT

I've been to many of your fast food joints. I always ask for easy ice. I pay almost 2 dollars for a large diet coke, and I get about 50 cents wort of liquid, if that. What ever your large drink size is .I want the ful amount of 32 oz or what ever it is.What a rip off. No longer going to your crummy stores.Tell your employees this is the USA speak english will ya.

da98121b, 2008-07-15, 11:42PM CDT

Please help... I don't know where to file my complaint. I cannot click the link to email someone who might care so I went to my local police department to file a complaint. Last week at your Layton, Utah store your operating partner decided to attack and fire my cousin. The problem is he did so in an inappropriate manner in front of my 3 children, ages 12, 8, and 2. I found out about the incident 3 days later when I questioned why my 2 year old was walking around saying the "F" word. I asked my 12 year old what happened and he said he was scared because the OP was yelling and swearing at their uncle in the play land during lunch rush and he felt like they were not aloud to be there and didn't understand why. The thing is my husband and I don't condone this behavior in our home nor do we use that language around our kids let alone each other. I was quite upset and filed a disorderly conduct and harrassment complaint with our police department and I want to be sure that the situation is handled appropriately. I look forward to your response as I would hope this doesn't go ignored.


Kelly Pierce,

A concerned parent

7b5afbbc, 2008-08-07, 09:34PM CDT

First it was "hit moms". Then there's people calling each others "You arrogant Punk". Now you go into beastiality. I used to love Burger King-but Im so disgusted by the commercials, I will not eat Burger King. I dont want anyone judge me if I order a big burger.

Correct yourself. "have it your way" is old, but I think maybe a "green" campaign. With peace signs and such. We have enough violence in this world. Please don't bring it home in your commercials. It is so sad .....

88e9daef, 2008-08-22, 09:31PM CDT

I was at the burger king in holland michigan.2378 North park dr Holland,mi 49424. My co worker and I went their for lunch my cheesy tots were soaked in grease and the grease was black. My coworker ordered the chicken sandwhich with bacon the first one was over cooked the the second one did not get the bacon on so she took it up their for a third time and the employee behind the counter put bacon on her sandwhich with his bare hands no gloves or nothing. The pop machine was dirty and the pop was flat.the whole restaurant was was just nasty. The mamager acted liked she had an attitude with us. I am very unhappy and they did not really offer any apoligy to us. i will never eat at burget king again in my life.I was upset because I like to eat at burger king I thought it was have it your way I guess not huh? I hope they get it together over there if not they will lose all of their business. I will let the people know at work not to eat their. I work at Wal-mart across the street. Thank you for your time

3f45698b, 2008-09-07, 03:44PM CDT

I used to love the fact that i would get the best chips in chiswick from burger king. I even loved the flavour and moisture of ur burgers. Then all of a sudden ur branch in chiswick went. Now for the first time in about a year i got 1 cheese burger and bacon sandwich, at 2.99 and a double cheseburger and bacon burger meal for 5.49.

Not only have your prices increased drimatically, ur food is dry. I find it so difficult to swallow ur burgers let alone eat them! Your staff in the gloucester road branch even tried to flog me of with bottled coca-cola that was flat. So in the end i had to ask for a milk shake. I love ur chips. I used to love ur burgers! Its a shame what u ave been reduced to or at least ur branch in gloucester road! I used to wonder why the branch in chiswick went! Now i see! Thanks for wasting 10 of my money that i very irregularly get! I went to get myself a treat and ended up spoiling my nite.

Now what?

Do i start bad mouthing u?

Id hate to do that! I love burger king!

Just please fix up!

12c4ebca, 2008-09-16, 03:00PM CDT

We ate at the Burger King on 8775 Washington Blvd in Jessup, MD. My chicken sandwich was room temperature and dry. The fries were also dry and only slightly warm and tasted like its been sitting around for hours. I told my husband that I don't remember BK ever being so horrible as this time. he said what did i expect from a fast food. Ha, that's not all. My 2 year old son had a Jr. whopper sandwich and had acid reflex after a few bites. He pushed it away and my husband finished it. That wasn't the worst part. When we got home, my son complained of stomach pains and had a sour look on his face. He then threw up all over his bed. My husband had diarrea and sat on the toilet for an hour. What did I expect from a fast food restaurant? I could deal with luke warm fries but the getting sick part was just unacceptable.

51c08413, 2008-09-16, 03:00PM CDT

We ate at the Burger King on 8775 Washington Blvd in Jessup, MD. My chicken sandwich was room temperature and dry. The fries were also dry and only slightly warm and tasted like its been sitting around for hours. I told my husband that I don't remember BK ever being so horrible as this time. he said what did i expect from a fast food. Ha, that's not all. My 2 year old son had a Jr. whopper sandwich and had acid reflex after a few bites. He pushed it away and my husband finished it. That wasn't the worst part. When we got home, my son complained of stomach pains and had a sour look on his face. He then threw up all over his bed. My husband had diarrea and sat on the toilet for an hour. What did I expect from a fast food restaurant? I could deal with luke warm fries but the getting sick part was just unacceptable.

28a2a4b3, 2008-09-18, 07:51PM CDT

Wwe purchased 7 chicken tender sandwiches and when we got home we had chicken nuggets in whopper buns! we bought 2 fries for a total of $10.39 at store 13273, check#564, sale #18460764, drawer 7, timothy. we dialed phone #1-515-962-2055 and let it ring 50 times,3 times in a row! time was 6:48 pm on thursday sept. 18, 2008. store located in Indianola,Iowa.

We did finally get someone to answer and the manager said WE needed to be more specific about what WE wanted.

We ordered exactly what was on the menu, a chicken tender sandwich, not a chicken NUGGET sandwich, which is not even close to what we received. All the other BK's have strips in these sandwiches, not nuggets. I think they wer just to lazy to fix them correctly. And what do they say about going through the drive thru?!??! They knew we wouldn't know what we got until we were too far away to go back. And I don't see anywhere that BK does anything about these complaints. You can't see if they ever respond, or even read them. Would be nice to know!

73f34330, 2008-09-22, 01:03PM CDT

I have just visited one of your burger kings whilst in holiday in Fuengirola, Spain at Myamar retail complex.

22-09-08 @ 19:00 hours approx

It was the most unpleasant experience, not because of the food but because of the staff. My friend gary is a little on the large side and a little timid.

I noticed one of the female staff whisper something to her friend who looked over and burst out laughing, then she spoke to another female collegue who also looked in his direction and smirked. Then to top it off the manager was called to the front and something was said to him, he poked his head around looked at my friend and i could also see him laugh.

At this point i knew i could not complain to the manager as he thought what ever was said was amusing. I find this disgusting and intolerable, it was obvious to me it was about his looks or his size which to me seem as awful as racism. I will also take this up with the manager of Myamar Parque, Fuengirola, Spain.

My friend laughed it off but this has left a horrible memory of my visit to Spain as i live in the uk and have not ever experienced this ever there.

Please get back to me as soon as possible as i am only in Spain until 26-09-08. I would like to have a sincere apology from the staff and would also like to know they have been disciplined or even relieved of their position, i am that angry about this.

Yours hopefully

Spencer davis.

Mobile 447940254193

926a39c5, 2008-09-28, 10:20AM CDT

when i was on my way back home i stopped at bk and and the i gave my order and she had no idea wat she was doing. after that i ordered 2 vegi woppers and 1 vegi burger and instead she gave me 3 vegi burgers and then i had 2 hershey pies she said I'll give it on the house for all the trouble" then we looked at our bill and it said that the hersey pies were included and then she never even gave the hershey pies and i was already on my way home and couldnt go back. I tried to call the bk and she picked up and said that she gave us the pies and started to argue. then she just hanged up on us. we called agin and she hanged up again. i still have the recipt and i can tell you all the info on the location:

bk restaurant #3730

order 229268

cashier mary

employee 2583



drve thru reg. 2

1890dd32, 2008-10-09, 01:12PM CDT

I went last night with my kids to Burger King in Ontario Mills. CA first of all the food to my surprise was very expensive I was in shock that I order No. 1 combo witch is a whooper with fries and a soda price $6.50 shocking and I also order a single whopper price 4.00 can you believed and then a kids meal price $4.50 again shocking at the end I paid more then $16.00 with tax so you can see how expensive it was taking my kids and eat there...the people there are not friendly and to top my unsatisfaction they give me the wrong soda I ask for a coke and they give me Dr.Pepper then when I get back to talk to them to tell them that they give me the wrong soda since I drink a little bit of that soda that lady witch her name is ERIKA did not tell me sorry and to top of that she say since I already drink some of that soda witch it was their mistake she did not fill it up she give me half of that drink CAN YOU BELIVED AMEZING. I ask her in front of people if this is the way she treed customers and she said I am giving you this as a favor if I want a full refill I need to paid check this out $1.50dlls for a refill...I confront her and I told her that this was and insult and she has no right to do this remember CUSTOMER NO. 1 But of course she didnt care to my unsatisfaction on this burger king inside of the Ontario Mills is very poor and I will never ever get back and eat in that restaurant they don't have the quality of services of McDonalds no wonder can never compare them selfs with McDonalds this was unacceptable I recommend people not to eat there the food is not even good....... negative 0

784ca684, 2008-10-18, 02:27PM CDT

I wanted to let all you know, we have a Burger King in Denver North Carolina..My son went yesterday (10-17-09) to see about getting a job there...This Burger King is on 6085, NC highway in Denver...I made a phone call just to speak to someone to see if they had to look at the papers he had falled out... The lady ( the manger) told me in so many works that she had not had time to look at the papers and hang up on me... she did not even give me time to speak to her... I will let anyone and ever one know how you are done at this place... Never in my life have i been do this way.... PLEASE look into this... The phone call i made was today at about 3.00pm... I'm ss for getting upset about this, but this way so wrong...

Thanks Connie

f52a645c, 2008-10-26, 09:56AM CDT

I am complaining about the Burger King in Owatonna Minnesota. My husband and I were there this morning and had breakfast. As we were leaving I seen an employee, named Linda eat potato rounds out of the heating bin. First of all,I thought it was very unprofessional to see an employee eat out of the bin. Hands weren't even washed as she continued. I am sorry, but I will not return to the Burger King when she is working. I will leave. It made my stomach sick to see something like that.


07fb8715, 2008-11-02, 05:16PM CST

I am writing to complain about all of the Burger Kings in Slidell, Louisiana and I visited one outside of Mobile, Alabama and have had the same experience at all of them. It does not matter if there is one customer or 50 you always have to wait forever before giving your order and receiving your food. For example, I visited the Burger King on Gause Blvd. in Slidell, Louisiana last week and when pulling up to BK there was one car in the drive thru and maybe three customers inside. We were asked, not so politely, to wait a minute. After about 3 minutes my husband said hello to make sure that they knew we were still waiting and the crew member siad "I told you to wait a minute" after waiting about another 3 minutes we decided to leave and just go to McDonalds. Another example is the store outside of Mobile Alabama. Last summer we were coming home from Gulf Shores Alabama and decided to stop at the BK outside of Mobile when we pulled up to the drive thru we were told that the drive thru was closed (it was only around 5 P.M) and that we had to go inside so we did. After placing our order we waited, along with about 7 other customers, for at least 45 minutes. It always seems that everytime we go to BK we always have issues. I believe over the years Burger King has gone down hill which is really sad because I have always beleived BK has had much better food than McDonalds but I would rather go to McDonalds because you get much better service and definately in a much more timely fasion.

bcaf1f22, 2008-11-03, 07:11AM CST

Let's See i too have a complaint.. why evan ask for No Pickles this didnt happen only 1 time or 2 times 3 times this has happened to me (NO PICKLES) WHAT IS SO HARD about this i get home and it has extra Pickles this happened in Pensacola, Mobile hwy. Fairfield .. well i will never go to another burger king . When i pay for something i want what i asked for .. isnt that why the workers are there . to please there customers ..


488e17d2, 2008-11-06, 11:13AM CST

I'm complaining that there is SAND(Glass) in my BK Ketchup & Fries Flavored Potato Snacks! I read the back and found Silicon Dioxide in the ingredients! This is NOT digestable, nor Nutritious!

Not to mention that I was severly disappointed with the taste. They taste awful.

I do not recommend any of these similar products they sell

5f09fde1, 2008-11-21, 09:39PM CST

My husband and I have always enjoyed going to burger king. We atleast go once a week most of the time treating our five sons.The service is always slow but i am patient. Being a mother of five I gladly enjoy someone making me dinner. We live in London Ontario the store I would like to file a complaint about is located on 1075 Commissioners Rd E/ Pondmills Rd N5Z 4L8. We were exausted from our busy day and like all Fridays I don't feel like cooking. We decided to go to burger king for a quick dinner. Ha!!! Our cashier was hopefully in training he got our order wrong not once twice but three times. We laughed this off as comical he looked like Bubba from the movie Forest Gump. The manager stepped in and helped finish place the order. We ordered 2 # 2 double whoopers compo's one root beer one coke and a junior whooper. Basic, right! Even though no matter what time you go and the fact that there is never more than six orders on the go there is a wait. As you wait for your food you go fill up your ketchup cups grab your napkins staws ect. Have a breaf conversation with my husband find a spot to sit ect. They do the drinks first unsure of our order there is about fifteen order slips coming out of the print out machine. We wait..... ahah i see the whooper 2... wait ...wait .... ok there is no one else put the burgers on my tray please....someone asks about uor order.....young kid gets our fries grabs burgers.....ah purfect jr whooper is done I look down to grab the tray and a atleast week old blue bandaid that was wrapped around someone's thumb was resting on top of my fries. (YUK)o.k. shit happens the manager speaks up we will just give you new food, you just go sit down and we will bring it to you. Cool although I did loose my hunger. we sit and wait and wait I'd say 6 mins. I look up young guy moves the tray around uh your food is done asked if we got or needed drinks. we said yes. He seemed upset he looked at me and waited... then decided to bring us our food .We were the only customers at that time. AH FOOD ... THE FRIES WERE COLD SO WERE THE BURGERS THE POP WATERED DOWN MY HUSBANDS BURGER THEY FORGOT CAME PIPPING HOT BUT AFTER READING OTHER COMPLAINTS I THINK THEY MICROWAVED IT THE BREAD WAS SOGGY AND MY HUSBAND DIDN'T EVEN FINISH IT. WE CAME TO THE CONCLUSION OUR NEW FOOD WAS OUR OLD THEY DIDN'T GIVE OUR RECEIPT AND THEY OVER NOOKED OUR JUNIOR BURGER TO THE POINT OF NO CONSUMTION. WHAT A SHAME YOU HIRE IDIOTS THAT REPRESENT YOUR COMPANY YOUR FOOD IS GREAT AND YOU HAVE LOYAL PATIENT CUSTOMERS. OUR FAMILY HAS ALWAYS PREFERRED BUGER KING BUT IF YOU CONTINUE TO HAVE STAFF RUN YOUR COMPANY THAT HANDLE REGULAR PAYING CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT ANYWHERE EVEN OUT OF OUR WAY WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE TO DINE THAN YOUR CORPORATION BURGER KING. Sincerly Shannon, Randy, Rick ,Scott, Wesley, Owen and Aiden Talbot

7e887049, 2008-12-08, 04:46PM CST

As a handicapped customer I found a very unusual situation last week at a local BK.

They had only one handicapped parking space. IT IS LOCATED IN THE FARTHEST SPACE FROM THE DOOR! ???????????????????

Store # 3973 in Glendale Az. 5841 w Thunderbird Rd.

319169fb, 2008-12-14, 12:31PM CST

Mr. Hyatt,

I am writing to you to complain of your store in Richmond Va. store # 1258. I go to this particular restaurant all the time and every time I go regardless whether it is noon, evening or night, but everytime we ask for shakes their response is the shake machine is down. Seems to me that it is ALWAYS down. I made a comment about it to them and the response I received was: "We have a shake machine but it is down right now." Then when we got to the window to pick up the order the gentleman there said: "Here are your two cokes." I corrected him and said, "It was one coke and one sprite." His response was: "Whatever." We got the rest of our order and when we got home, the way I ordered it was NOT the way I got it. I asked for extra mayonaise and there was barely any on it at all. I guess your slogan should read, "Have it your way just not the way you want it." Upon taking a sip from the coke it was terrible. Just about all selter and no coke syrup in it. I mean this is at 12 noon!!! Practically no ice in it. I used to work at a fast food chain many years ago and back then we took pride in what we sold and checked everything. Not to mention the shake machine was never down.......even in the summer time! I am sick and tired of NOT getting what I want when I go this restaurant and the "children" that work there have not the slightest clue as to how to speak to their patrons. This is appalling!!! I sure hope this is NOT how you train your employees to be. I believe I deserve my money back on what I spent there. I have nothing good to say about this particular restaurant what so ever. Including the employees. I would like some satisfaction on this and would like a speedy response to this. I have worked with the public for over 30 years and this experience among many that I have had at this particular location is unacceptable by all means. Sincerely,

Kara Holland

52535334, 2008-12-22, 09:20PM CST

Ajax, burger king me and my mom were at the drive thru and i asked for a meduim milkshake and it took 15 minutes its BS! how long it took and the ladies name was amanda and she was just so careless for here customers im tired of this service please talk to the ajax burger king about this plz

71a7bd3a, 2008-12-28, 08:07AM CST

I was in burgerking newbury (UK) while no one was serving and a manager was walking around with a book on his hand. About 10minutes after waiting, the manager told to a staff member that she had customers. She was apparently serving someone else maybe on drive thru and she told to the manager: why don't you serve them and it has to be me?? while they were arguing me and customers were waiting to be served. i think it is completely disrespecting to see a manager and a staff member arguing to serve a customer. if the manager doesn't know how to give an example to a staff member of the store, maybe you should replace him! i didn't like it at all and i bet the other customers didn't like it neither. please be careful with your staffs.

Carla Whestal

e9333410, 2009-01-10, 10:40PM CST

Mrs. dont you think its kind of stupid to complaint about this and incase you didn't know youre already risking your health by eating this junk food,I dont mean to be nosy but come on kids work there what do you expect my suugiostion dont eat there again and you wont have to make these stupid complaints.

2605a4e8, 2009-01-16, 07:12PM CST

If this complaint will even be recognized by your company. The Saginaw, Mi. store @ 7868 Gratiot road. 989-781-0190. TIME 20:40 01-16-09.

Stood at the counter for aprox 3 to 4 minutes watching two employees in the kitchen walking around, possibly filling an order, even though no one was at the take out window. I also saw and employee ( female ) talking to two males in the eating area, and again no one at any of the tables. The children you have working at this restaurant just don't seem to get it. It apears that the world they are in, is just their own. So where is the supervisor at this time. I got so pissed I went to TACO BELL.

d0997dbc, 2009-01-27, 06:58PM CST

you have a burgerking in salmon idaho 83467,there you have a manager named carrie cambell,she dosen't know me but today 1-27-09 she told the lady waiting on me not to serve me that'he is trash',wow i go in there every day,in the day time if a lady named judy hatch is working the place is clean,after she leaves all of this carrie cambells kids buddies are working,things are dirty,service is non exisant,ruddness is the main fair,,carrie cambell is the one who sets the example,she is constantly outside smoking,being rude,never says ANYTHING nice to anyone,so the kids learn by example.i have never done anything to her or anyone she knows,she came from back east and thinks everyone in salmon is a piece of garbage,aand wasts no time telling them that,food,service and politness are a thing of the past if she is around,my friends and i spend a lot of money there every week,too bad there is not a macdonalds.

fcab0b32, 2009-02-08, 03:11AM CST

I went to Burger King on Northern Lights Blvd. here in Anchorage, AK.

I asked for a Double Whopper with Cheese, I showed up in a Taxi Cab. The Girl that was at the window (Tamika) at 9:57 p.m. She was rude and was giving a smirkish prejudice attitude towards me while sitting in the cab. She responded rudely when I asked what was taking so long. It was over 8 minutes for 1 double whopper with cheese. I asked her what was taking so long. She said "just hold on" with a smart/(as* remark). Edwin Cruse was the manager at the time. She had an attitude towards me. We called and spoke with Edwin Cruse he had a negative response and attitude towards my boyfriend at the time to complain to the manager (Edwin). He called us back several times and was apologizing for her attitude because we said we were contacting the Corporation Management. We had good friends go to the same location and they were treated poorly with the employees yelling at the customers. I had gone to Burger King for the last 20 years, not only because I like the burgers but is close to where i live. I would like some results in a positive manner.

If your franchise doesn't want our money, my husband said McDonalds does.

Thank You.

54b63ba7, 2009-02-17, 06:29AM CST

I live in Celina, Ohio and about 6 months ago my husband had onion rings with the sauce and he got very sick about 4 hours after eating and then the kids finally talk him into eating there again and I ordered the onion rings with the sauce and I was up about 4 hours after eating them getting sick everywhere and he thinks that the sauce is what made him sick and he says that it was the sauce that made me sick, My suggestion to BK would be to find a different sauce for your onion rings, Because I do love you whoppers but I will never order onion rings with sauce again.

50a7b441, 2009-02-19, 06:52AM CST

ordered bacon egg and cheese and got sausage sandwich was heated so long in the microwave you could not chew it, this happens almost everytime there is no call to mess up my $6.00.

f8d71550, 2009-06-15, 05:35PM CDT

I would like to say I will never go to the Burger King in Route 70 in Cherry Hill again. Placed an order at drive-thru was told to pull in front and food would be out. It took 20 minutes to final get my food...hello is this not a fast food place???I asked to speak to a manager I was told he was cooking and would not come to front to see me. The lady at the register was so rude. Her name was Akilah Mc Lean. I asked several times to speak to him and she was rude ignored me and would not get him. After all of this I was shorted food! I will never go to this BK again and would warn all that go there to beware of the ignorant workers and managers. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

03116af7, 2009-06-20, 11:33AM CDT

sorry por no write english but sabado 20 de junio fui a comprar unas hanmburgesas con los cupones que siempre mandan cuando llegue ala tienda les di los cupones yel que estaba enfrente me jalo los cuones y me dijo que los usara en otros lugares y he hizo una risa burlona ,no usan uniforme y siempre es lo mismo en esa tienda,la tienda es en georgetown de.

2fcc077b, 2009-06-26, 04:43PM CDT

Last night, my husband and I went to the Burger King on 454 Murfreesboro Rd, Nashville, TN store #6494. We ordered two whoppers with cheese, one with extra onions and one with bacon, two fries and two drinks. What we got was two whopper with cheese with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions on the side. Our fries were burnt!! They were brown and black and had black stuff all over them. My husband asked for fresh fries, the manager (a big black woman name Shelly) said that all the fries will turn out brown or black because the grease haven't been changed and won't be changed until the next day. We were offered burnt onion rings, which my husband turned down and he asked for something else like a salad or a shake. He was told all they could do is offer more fries or onion rings. After arguing with the lady (a short black woman name Symetra) for a minute, she shouts back to the manager asking if it was okay to give us the salads. He came back with the salads but by this time I had become bothered by the way the manager handled the complaint about the burnt fries. I went up and asked for a bag and a copy of our receipt. I packed up our order and left. Upon, arriving home, I noticed that the salads were old!!! No wonder she asked her manager if it was okay to give us the salads!!! I am not eating there again!!!! EVER!!!

NOTE: The tables and floor was dirty and sticky. I don't think the employees even stepped foot out into the dinning area and cleaned the tables or try to sweep or mop.



af40fe6a, 2009-06-29, 03:22PM CDT


753e93cf, 2009-07-06, 08:56AM CDT

Burger King= Burger king con

287fa76a, 2009-07-06, 03:32PM CDT

the bk transformer site is not working when I enter my birthday code for the $10,000 bonus play and hit confirm. It does'nt confirm or even load anything

543bcff6, 2009-07-11, 08:58PM CDT

I been going to Burger King for many, many years. And all the times I??ve being going and also with my gift cards from time to time mistakes are made and I understand. But the last few times I can say its been really bad. Not only is the order wrong and but the services isn??t the same. My husband and son and I order our food. Not only was it wrong but they got mad when we drive back for them to fix it. They receipt was right the order wasn??t the same. They changed it?But it was like they were mad at us. They next time It was me and my son and they didn??t get most of it right and we just ate what we had given. We love Burger King but might go other places because of the service.

dbc07735, 2009-07-14, 05:28PM CDT

I went to the Burger King on Mockingbird Lane and was inside sitting down at one of the table. Trying to decide what I wanted when one of the employees told me to "Get Out". She didn't wait to see if I was going to order something. I told the employee that I was never going to eat at that Burger King ever again. This is the first time that they have been rude to me.

d4674b73, 2009-07-14, 06:06PM CDT

On June 25th my childern and I went through the drive-thru Burger King in Suamico Wisconsin. A young girl answers the intercom "What do you want to order" No welcome. Between each item she would just say "next" or anything else in a very dry, bores sounding voice. When my order was done she asked "Is that it?" Gave price of $18.09 "drive forward" I gave her $20.10. She gives me .63 cents change. I told her What my amount was and I should be getting back $2.01 she rolled her eyes and took back the change. She didn't apologize. Then when she handed me my sodas the cap wasn't on tight and when I went to grab it, it spilled all over my car outside and in, my pants and inside the compartments in my vehicle. A very hard to reach spot to clean. It did stain my pants, they were tan. Again she never apologized. She stared at me as I gave her back the drink so I could shake the soda off my hands. I asked her to please get me a napkin so I could dry off my car a little and my pants. She rolled her eyes again and handed me two small napkins. She then told me it would be a while before my order would be finished and please drive around to the other side of the building and wait. We waited for about 7 minutes and then the manager came out with the order and I told her about my experience and the only thing she said was that the attendent must be having a "bad day" She said she was sorry but that was the only excuse she could give. She did offer me a dirty, wet rag to wipe my car with. I told her that it would have made a big difference if she would have just apologized or even a simple I'm sorry. But that never came out of her mouth. Again the manager just said she must be having a bad day.

I too just had a bad day, but I made sure I at least said please for a napkin to wipe my pants and did say thank you for giving it to me.

I was just at a major department store with two very tired childern, going grocery shopping for two hours got in line at the checkout and was told we had to leave right away because of a bomb scare. Had to leave all groceries and supper at the checkout with two very hungry, tired childern oh and did I mentions extremely frightened by the experience. I thought we would have a little better experience going to Burger King to settle them down. And then this all happened.

Thank you for hearing my complaint.


Janine Barkow

33b514de, 2009-07-24, 02:38PM CDT

I took my son to the Burger King on Broadway Drive, Hattiesburg, MS on 07/23/2009. We ordered a Whopper Jr. and a Double Cheeseburger. When I took the food to the table, I opened both burgers and saw that they gave us two Whopper Jrs instead. I took one of the burgers back so I could get my correct order. Instead of the worker discarding the burger I brought back, she put it back in the BIN!! YUK!! Surely this is unsanitary! I touched the bun when I checked the burger!! Needless to say, I will not be eating there again. I may cut out fast food altogether!

77d3abeb, 2009-08-03, 12:53PM CDT

Report this kind of thing to the health department, for sure.

49778902, 2009-08-04, 08:16PM CDT

8:40 pm. Tuesday. I went to the Burger King on Pelham Road, Greer, South Carolina and ordered my daughter three 4-piece chicken tenders. There was no one behind me, but as usual, the girl at the drive thru window asked me to pull forward for five to ten minutes wait. I pulled forward. After about five minutes I saw my food handed out the drive-thru window to the slobby guy that just came out of the dumpster emptying trash. Gross! He brought my food and handed it to me. He then continued emptying trash from the receptacle I was parked near. I will not be back!

a2a2c9b1, 2009-08-09, 09:16PM CDT

I visited your Oneonta, Alabama store tonight.. well, let me clarify it started at 5:30 in the afternoon and ended in the drive thru 40 mins. later.. 6:10 at night.. and wow there were 3 cars in line and 4 in the parking lot.. the woman told me that it was the dinner crowd (gosh, would like to see them work with a real crowd) and they were running 30 mins. behind.. there is no excuse for letting people sit in a drive thru for 30 mins. I will NEVER be back to this location. My pitiful order was cold, not what i ordered and not given to me with a smile but a look of disgust.

This happens at this location time and time again. I know people who will not go here because you can be the only person in the drive thru and still be 20 mins. Also, lets touch on the dirty employees.. and please put something over that first window you never use in the drive thru.. we can see them put there hands in their dirty hair and wipe there nose with their arms.. disgusting. Major management changes need to be made at this location.

67cb9ef6, 2009-08-11, 02:01PM CDT

August 11, 2009 I went to the burger king in northport, al and i ordered a tendercrisp sandwich and i could hardly bite through it it was so burnt and so was my bun. I work in a restaurant so i dont like to complain but i just could not eat it any longer. So i took it up to the front and the MANAGER had an attitude and did not even apoligize but just snatched it an threw it away and mumbled that they were all going to be like that. When she told the kitchen they began to cuss and mumble words while looking at me. and sure enough my tndercrisp looked the same burnt when i got my new one. I did not want to complain again because i do work at a restaurant and i just left but i will never go back to burger king because that was just unnecessary.

56c17209, 2009-08-15, 08:23AM CDT

15/08/09 i went to the BK in newcastle central station in england, at 1pm, i was served by a guy called michael. Firstly for 5.99 i expected a slightly higher standard than finding my chips all over the bag and the burger looking like a car crash!

my complaint is for the customers be hind me, they had to wait 5mins in an empty shop til this michael guy decided to stop chatting and swearing about how hard his life was and there was a small argument reguarding who was actually supposed to be serving!!

also i watched a manager type girl take the till draw away for counting, then proceeded to count the money on a food prep area in view of the customers, i doubt thats in your manuels!

my email is [email protected]

please inform me of what you plan to do to remedy this

614858b1, 2009-08-21, 11:26PM CDT

My wife and I visited Burger King #1397 at 14300 S. Cicero in Midlothian, Illinois.

We placed a rather simple order for 3 double cheeseburgers and a sprite at 22:35. At the time there were two cars ahead of us, one of which had ordered in the minute or so prior to our order. For the next 30 minutes (15 until we could pay for the food) we sat and waited. There were three employees working and 1 person who appeared to be a manager. None of them was willing to discuss why the order was taking so long. When we finally got the order the food was cold and the drink was mostly water (not surprising since we watched them make the drinks for the customers behind us who were waiting at least as long as we were. When we tried to respond to the survey it was ten minutes of please press the button, with no humans involved. When we tried to write a complaint letter we found there wasn't anyplace, except snail mail addresses to write to. (A search for complaint on the website led us to "Subserviant Chicken). Bad ads, cold food, unnecessary waiting (At 10:30pm). Can you say never again?

cdc3ed9a, 2009-08-22, 10:44AM CDT

I went to the Burger King in Lockport, Illinois on 159th Street and ordered a whopper. What I received was half a hamburger. Looked like the hamburger fell apart and they pieced it back together on the bun. This Burger King is getting worse and worse. They are slow and unfriendly and now they don't even give you the food.

08bd885c, 2009-09-05, 01:18AM CDT

I attended a Burger King recently the number at the topof the check says #212, beside the date it reads 9420 19:52 #14 SEP.03'09 REG0002. Iwaited 15 minutes to get my food and there was 1 customer ahead of me. There were 5 customers in the store, including sitting ones. When I got my original chicken sandwich it was crushed and over cooked. I talked to Manager she cooked another, after 8 mins of waiting the sandwich looked the same and was horrible. I took one bite and threw it away. I spent $13.96 and threw most of my food away. I am never going to Burger King again I feel I was treated unfairly. I complained with the number on back but I am not returing unless someone offers me something better I sent $13.96 I want something equal or more than that horrible customer service and resolution.

aed6ed61, 2009-09-07, 12:53PM CDT

Today, September 7th 2009. I went to the burger king in Hudson Massachusetts and it was ridiculous...I went in, ordered a Veggie burger (because i am a vegeterian) And they gave me a Rodeo Burger, i obviously can't eat this so i go back and tell them i want a Veggie burger. They charged me 2.09 for the rodeo burger. And they said i owe 2.89 for the veggie. and i said they didn't give me the right change..because they didn't. They were only suppose to charge me 80 cents! Its not my fault they messed up. The manager refused to give me my change. He called me a liar and that i hid the change! I will not be going back to BK until that manager is gone.

7016be5e, 2009-09-11, 05:31PM CDT

Two Saturdays mornings ago, group of us (3 men) stoped in at the local Long Beach, MS (39560) Burger King. I would rate the food and at about a "5". Then last Saturday morning, we decided to try this same Burger King again - couldn't be any worse - wrong. There was no coffee in the dispenser, the sausage biscuits were cold, the sausage was dry and hard, and the biscuits were dry. The employees were inept - kinda confused. We will not ever return to this establishment again. This does not help to improve the image of Burger King. Someone from corporate should really visit to see just how bad that place is because the owner does not seem to care.

49869d6e, 2009-09-29, 09:41PM CDT

I am a customer who is tired of being bumped at your Burger King located at 2175 Greenbush in Lafayette, Indiana.

What I mean about the bump is that you can see the performance of your employees on Burger King's security camera. Imagine, being located in the same plaza as Teleservices Direct (DirecTV)? I also would like to bring up the mental ill virus that has been going on around Tippecanoe County. Watch your screens...

076d218d, 2009-10-19, 10:35PM CDT

so what would I have to do in my position because i went in a burger king restaurant about a couple days ago and i paid with my debit card and the cashier charged me twice and i been trying to get ahold of the manager but apparently he is never there this happened at the Jerome, Idaho restaurant.

86febf7e, 2009-10-21, 07:44PM CDT

I just need to know how to email Burger King regarding local fundraising

777ceca4, 2009-11-06, 11:16AM CST


6c345dd7, 2009-11-10, 10:13PM CST

Greetings, On 11/10/09 @approximately 10.25 pm. I went to the Burker King drivetru located @4594 washsington st in Roslindale,Ma. I ordered the #1 and a double cheesburger with onion rings.

The person who took the order a manager did appears to be upset by the tone of his voice. after several minutes waiting,I decided to go the the window. He claimed that i did not ordered. He later gave me the double cheesbuerger and the onio rings. When i #1 he replied to me that i did not place an order. I said to him that i wanted my #1 he denied to me the food. I mentioned to him that i was going to file a complaint with the corporate office and he replied "i don't care"WORDS LIKE THAT SHOWS POOR MANAGER SKILLS.I lived in Roslindale for more than 25 years. I'm 54 years old male. I been there hundres of times. Tonight is the last time that i will visit the Roslindale branch. my hope is for you to let him know that people care about the best burgers in the market. AND LET HIM KNOW THAT I WAS A GOOD COSTUMER. i have with me my 19year old daughter as a witness.


thank you.

Carlos Velazquez

6c345dd7, 2009-11-10, 10:15PM CST

Greetings, On 11/10/09 @approximately 10.25 pm. I went to the Burker King drivetru located @4594 washsington st in Roslindale,Ma. I ordered the #1 and a double cheesburger with onion rings.

The person who took the order a manager did appears to be upset by the tone of his voice. after several minutes waiting,I decided to go the the window. He claimed that i did not ordered. He later gave me the double cheesbuerger and the onio rings. When i #1 he replied to me that i did not place an order. I said to him that i wanted my #1 he denied to me the food. I mentioned to him that i was going to file a complaint with the corporate office and he replied "i don't care"WORDS LIKE THAT SHOWS POOR MANAGER SKILLS.I lived in Roslindale for more than 25 years. I'm 54 years old male. I been there hundres of times. Tonight is the last time that i will visit the Roslindale branch. my hope is for you to let him know that people care about the best burgers in the market. AND LET HIM KNOW THAT I WAS A GOOD COSTUMER. i have with me my 19year old daughter as a witness.


thank you.

Carlos Velazquez

0668352a, 2009-11-12, 10:18AM CST

On Nov 01, 2009 at 1045 a.m. I visited a Burger King in Hope Mills NC, at 3012 Hope Mills Rd. I was refused the opportunity to purchase from the lunch menu. Reason given by cashier is her supervisor told her to let me know she was not ready. So, I stated I was willing to place my order and wait. I was then refused again to be given that option. I ask to speak with the manager and she refuse to come to the front counter. I then ask for her name, she simply sent a message stating her name was Wykia. I then ask for a last name or spell the first name. I was told all I needed to know was Wykia. I am not sure if the spelling is correct, I found this to be very poor business management. Service was due by a particular time, and when it was not available no explanation was given. Only a statement of "you can buy from the a.m. menu or not by the manager". If the manager has an business attitude of this nature, what type of influence will this be on the employees to follow her lead. This has help me to re-evaluate eating at Burger King. I hope this manager will receive some education in Business etiquette.

422cd68d, 2009-11-16, 12:02PM CST

Your store @ North 21st Street Newark, Ohio has a bad habit of not filling orders right. Again today we got shorted a double cheeseburg, we did call and complain and they did apologies and offered to give me one if we drove all the way back there. That is difficlt to do (I am handicapped and depend on others) I also asked her name and she just said ask for the manager if I come back.

5ad1ab21, 2009-11-22, 06:30PM CST

Three weeks ago my wife and I visited BK at 130 Otis St, Newport News, Va. I informed the manager there were two large pot holes in the driveway. She stated someone had been contacted to repair. Tonight we visited again. The pot holes still have not been repaired.

37b3fece, 2009-12-08, 02:12PM CST


Dear Burger King,

I have surveyed my complaint to Burger King 1-866-425-4745, without specifics regarding restaurant number 11915, 128 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108, 617-556-8299, using receipt Sun Nov 29 04:00 PM T=03L I=5 C=125, and receiving coding for Burger King coupon offering: VM88383. I would like to note, with pleasure, the newly renovated double door foyer, the Tremont Street, Boston Commons, Boston, was so cold before. The new decor is nice, also.

The factual date of visit in regards is Sunday, December 6, 2009 at approximately 4:00pm, served by Carlos. This Hispanic American staff has been a blight on your staff for months, now. He is tormenting every time I approach the counter and his serving is to harass me, throughout my visit, including in the dining room, on numerous occasions. Firstly, I believe he is personally responsible for shutting down the ICEE machine, and has been out of service since Spring 2009.

On Sunday, December 6, 2009, when I approached the counter, Carlos was no different. As frequently, he has visitor(s) in pedestrian garments at the customer order counter, front entrance to the industrial kitchen. Upon receiving my meal, sitting in the busy dining room, my as usuals sharing a table with an African American family unit, including youth male of approximately three or four years. In continuing my meal, Carlos began yelling from the order counter at the preschooler male, You/family unit better be keeping everything that is for you, including her/Kyra Ann Parker Nelson. The little boy was so bright and responsive he grabbed the table top with both hands, standing and began grinding his pelvis upward thrusting, pleading as I am strong enough. Carlos yelled through the dining room, Yeah! Through my pursing, the little boy dropping to the side of the table and trying to stand and not cling toward his Grandmother. I am forty-eight years young. Further, the close alertness of the other diners was not adequate for recuperation.

You may want to serious use your clause for psychiatry on the man, and not allow him to be deported, if deemed, immediately. It is possible Carlos is psychic. The youth male seems almost possessed, including bulging eyes. Boston is a megalopolis. My thought is Carlos using yesteryear techniques, could tell what is caught in Bostons middle that no one is seeing with hostile(s) on top.

Thank you for your attention to this,

Sincerely yours,

Kyra Ann Parker Nelson

DOB: 10/29/1961

ddf87a5a, 2010-01-05, 02:42PM CST

I want to tell you this. I don't usually do this but i was very impressed. I eat Burger King once in awhile but I never go to McDonald's because they never do this. I came in for lunch about 12:00 at the 4709 Sharon Road Charlotte, NC 28210-3327 store. The store was very clean. The lady behind the counter was very nice and very fast. She offered extras and smiled and laughed the whole time. I used to run a few restaurants and I wish I had all employees like here. (I did not catch her name, that was my fault.) I was very please and how fast it was I got my food. Thank you very much for the great experience.

d0016ce6, 2010-01-07, 12:17PM CST

Hi Yesterday I visited Burger King 784 Portion Road in Rankonkoma NY and was charged $143.73 for a Vegeterian Burger. I am waiting to hear from corporate.

9dd994ff, 2010-01-14, 07:28AM CST

I went to the Burger King at 9803 19th ave SE Everett, WA 98208 and when i got there was a kid that was his first day. He asked for help to fill the order but no one came. He charged me twice the amount of the order on my debit. Well total was 6.21 and he charged 12.21, So i received an over draft fee of 35.00. I asked them to put the money back on the card and the manger there named Stephine on 1/13/2010 @ 8:30pm was very rude and said all she could do was give me cash back. And could not return my money on the card. I was very upset but agreed since i had no choice, then i asked for a comp on the meal cause i had just paid 35.00 for there mistake. She said no they could not do that she said pay for your order or leave. I said thats fine i will pay cause at this point i was starving. I had to wait 23min for 3 double quarter pounders. They had my mothers order done in 2min. I was in shock not only did i get ripped off but i got home. And was so hungry i ate it well it was ice cold and the meat was hard. and there was no way that was a double quarter pounder not only that, i threw up and have been sick ever since. I think they gave me the patty's that been sitting in there all day cause they were mad. So now i have food poison an over drawn bank account. I bought my mother dinner and she is also sick. If you can avoid this store do so at all costs. I will never return and i mean never!

1070b693, 2010-01-26, 08:03PM CST

I put in a order that total 16.88 paid for it. Then they inform me to park to wait for my order. keep in mind that it is raining at this time!! waited for about 8 to 10 mins. then seen the employee wave me to go back thru the drive- thru to get my order. I'm thinking what kind of CRAP is that. drive back thru the Drive thru!! Now their is a Car in front of me so, I have to wait longer to get my food. by

this time my food is COLD, and all I get

is a Fry and I'am sorry. where is the Customer Service? Not this way. very unhappy customer that WILL NOT GO BACK

with this kind of SERVICE.

67fdd9f4, 2010-01-27, 07:03PM CST

Hello Buirger king number 2579

My name is John Diaz, I am a District Leader for Quick Chek Food Stores and a Citizen of Kearny New Jersey...My Kids and I, we love to Go to our Burger King Location and we bought hundred's of dollars in Burger king meals for the last 13 years and today, my daughter and I, we were rudely treated by the staff or what I guess they call staff at the Burger King on Kearny NJ 07032 on Passaic Av.. I was yelled at through the drive thru window to "PULL AWAY ALREADY" and "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR"! the cashier name is Patricia C.!! I called to let the manager know and when she finished laughing she told me that she thought I was over reacting and I could call corporate but it meant nothing.YMy daugther is 11 years old only and she is afraid to go back to this location...I will go to Wendy's now...With this economy situation and the budget you are triyng to heat, I do not think that with cashiers like Patricia you wilkl be able to reach your customer count target...I will talk to my family my friends my coworkers...You are loosing not only one customer but more...

I will not return and either will family or friends. I am offering customer service for the last 7 years and the way how patricia talk to me and my daughter is not going to make me come back any more...I plan on posting something in our local news paper. Treating paying customers like this is unacceptable.

Please call me back my number is 973-342-8986 or e mail me ..my email address is [email protected]

Thank You

for your time

John Diaz

27125da7, 2010-01-29, 11:41PM CST


4ecece69, 2010-01-31, 09:32PM CST


I'm actually trying to email a complaint against a burger king restaurant i've called several times last week and left messages with someone in corporate but to no avail i've not even recieved a response.Last Wenesday my family and I entered a Burger King restaurant and placed our order inside upon arriving home my brother took a couple bites of his chicken sandwhich and realized that it was raw in the center we returned to the restaurant where we recieved a full refund and apology however I work in food service and realize the reprocutions of what could have really happened however this is of serious concern and I do plan to file a report with the local health department and would appreciate a call concerning this matter to know that precautions are being taken to ensure that this never occurs again.

ccea22e0, 2010-02-07, 12:50PM CST

I went to Burger King on Semoran blvd North of grant Orlando FL at 6:05 10/06 served by Josue 7.

I ordered Big fish combo onion rings and small choc shake. Paid for with credit card,got food pulled away and stopped to check order. Had Fries instead of onion rings. walked back to window. they had no onion rings available. asked me to pull around. could not due that as i was running late so I left. Cannot further identify transaction because I did not receive a receipt only the ticket attached to the bag with the info furnished. Very upset and disappointed.

Bob Jones

2a2570f5, 2010-02-16, 07:51AM CST

The staff by name : Liton Khandaker has got a bad attitude with the customers.

I have been a regular customer of this branch and experiencing bad customer service.

Brighton, North St

63-65 North Street



dacdf29a, 2010-02-17, 05:03PM CST

I see on tv where Burger King has slumping breakfast sales and is now introducing Starbucks coffee to help boost their sales.

I travel around the U.S. for business and have always been a Burger King fan over McDonalds. I only eat breakfast at fast food restaurants normally and feel I can give you a professional opinion on why your sales are slumping.

I found almost all Burger Kings that I visit will always deep fry their french toast sticks and then pile them up to the side. When you order them they dip them back into the deep fryer and serve them. I've returned the last two or three orders because of this across the board practice. When you do this the sticks are spongy, soggy, and soft instead of fresh and crispy.

The last two or three visits to Burger King I also found their breakfast sandwiches to be cold or barely warm from stacking them up under the heat light. This is not just one or two places this is all over the east coast. I now eat breakfast at McDonalds because their food is always hot and fresh. I will go back to Burger King if they can get their quality back on line. Managers and Assistant Managers are right there and do not find it in themselves to represent the company in a professional manner to where they would represent what is going on in the kitchen.

Send me around and I'll keep you informed and up-to-date with quality of product in NC, SC, KY, OH, PA, IN, and MI.

dacdf29a, 2010-02-17, 05:05PM CST

I see on tv where Burger King has slumping breakfast sales and is now introducing Starbucks coffee to help boost their sales.

I travel around the U.S. for business and have always been a Burger King fan over McDonalds. I only eat breakfast at fast food restaurants normally and feel I can give you a professional opinion on why your sales are slumping.

I found almost all Burger Kings that I visit will always deep fry their french toast sticks and then pile them up to the side. When you order them they dip them back into the deep fryer and serve them. I've returned the last two or three orders because of this across the board practice. When you do this the sticks are spongy, soggy, and soft instead of fresh and crispy.

The last two or three visits to Burger King I also found their breakfast sandwiches to be cold or barely warm from stacking them up under the heat light. This is not just one or two places this is all over the east coast. I now eat breakfast at McDonalds because their food is always hot and fresh. I will go back to Burger King if they can get their quality back on line. Managers and Assistant Managers are right there and do not find it in themselves to represent the company in a professional manner to where they would represent what is going on in the kitchen.

Send me around and I'll keep you informed and up-to-date with quality of product in NC, SC, KY, OH, PA, IN, and MI.

e3ace8f8, 2010-02-18, 09:18AM CST

I like Ham Omelet Sandwich on the Breakfast Value Menu. It was a real disappointment that when I came to the Burger King store in Euless, Texas, they said they did not have Ham Omelet Sandwich: Today( Feb. 18)I came at about 8:30AM, they said they did not have it. I remembered they said they did not have it for at least two or three times this week.

What happened ?

I think it's appropriate to delete the items from the list,rather than to advertise and selectively choose the food for the customers.

The store is located at 101 West Euless Boulevard, Euless, TX 76040

5eb893ad, 2010-02-20, 07:59PM CST

yall have to be kiding me right? I the whopper meet is thin as paper what you had to make double an triple and even bigger whoppers jus cause of it an your chargen an arm an a leg for it this is crap p.s. your fries suck u should really look in to that .

8f6d6864, 2010-02-22, 05:53PM CST

Todays burger and fries pushed me over the edge and I am proud to say I will NEVER eat at Burger King ever again. Why must you corporate assholes adveratize delicious food when what you actually get is the complete opposite?? Todays whopper was the most disgusting "edible" thing I'd ever seen, and yeah, it's never good looking, but WOW. The bun was totally wet and no not a little soggy from grease this bitch was straight up wet. I had 3/4ths of a patty! What is that??! Did someone take a bite of it first?? the mayo had a gelitonous texture like the stuff that collects on the lid over time along with the ketchup which was half on the burger, half everywhere else(adding to the buns wettness) making it impossible to even pick up. The cheese looks like a school bus that has been sitting in the sun for 50 years! Except of coarse the four corners of it which were quite firm. The tommatos couldnt have been picked from the bottom of the barrel they must have just been taken out of a garbage can because they smelt funky as well as looked older than dirt(I had to throw them away before even trying to eat the burger). So, being EXTREMELY dissapointed AGAIN, I looked to my frenchfries for relief. But man was I let down yet again. Someone took the wrong batch of fries out of the fryer because these were STILL FROZEN!!!! I have never bit into a fri and wanted to cry as bad as I did today. Not to mention your soda has never been fully carbonated. It ALWAYS tastes like watered down syrup. All of these things today made me realize that I always have this experiance with BK some days worse than others but I will never eat there again and I encourage the world to join me. F.Y.I. I hate McDonalds even more! If I was at the top of BK things would be different forsure.

d9969d0c, 2010-02-26, 11:07AM CST

I took survey on 1.26.10 that I received to Burger King, Store# 1150, 331 North Gallatin Pike, Madison, TN 37115-3703

(615) 865-1120.

And was told that I had to purchase at least a small fries instead of the value fries that I normally purchase with survey and the Medium Diet Coke. I told them that based on survey that it says any size.

Based on the agreement of the survey they can not alter it to suit their needs. This right belong to the corporate management not store management because this is a national corporation, even if it was independently owned they are still using Burger King Corporate Logo.

I intend to file complaint with Local BBB based on agreement on back of survey ticket.

Because based on agreement it only good for a month today 2.26.10 is a month that I can use it

d9969d0c, 2010-02-26, 11:11AM CST

I took survey on 1.26.10 that I received to Burger King, Store# 1150, 331 North Gallatin Pike, Madison, TN 37115-3703

(615) 865-1120.

And was told that I had to purchase at least a small fries instead of the value fries that I normally purchase with survey and the Medium Diet Coke. I told them that based on survey that it says any size.

Based on the agreement of the survey they can not alter it to suit their needs. This right belong to the corporate management not store management because this is a national corporation, even if it was independently owned they are still using Burger King Corporate Logo.

I intend to file complaint with Local BBB based on agreement on back of survey ticket.

Because based on agreement it only good for a month today 2.26.10 is a month that I can use it

ba010006, 2010-03-12, 07:24PM CST

I have been searching for any comments on Parsippany, NJ Burger King. Then I realized that there could be people like me, just searching but not responding to the issue they faced. So let me be the first in BooRah to comment about this BK.

Yesterday, March 11, 2010 I did a big mistake, I visited this BK store. I purchased Spicy chicken, Whoper, buger shots etc for my family. Came home and ate it, dint feel anything different. But today morning, March 12, 2010 my wife puked and she got diarrhea. My kids too had diarrhea. I was feeling like crap and had severe headache and stomach ache. Check with my wife to see, she too is having severe stomach/headaches. Couldnt point out the issue immediately, both of us couldnt go to work (lost a pay-day) and stayed back to take care of ourselves and the kids. Later we visited the doctor to know that it was food poison. The only common food we had yesterday was from Burger King. So I googled to see anyone else had this issue and tried to give a complaint/feedback to Burger King at www.bk.com. Obviously there is no form/link/section for submitting a feedback/complaint (Wow, such a great company). So I called the consumer/customer service, while my wife and kid couldnt get up and when they were sleeping. They made me wait for over 10 minutes and atlast someone picked up the phone. They asked all my personal details and then said she will register a complaint, she was hell bent on saying its not a BK issue. I kept on asking whether there were any complaint about this BK store from Yesterday, so that I can go to a hospital to prevent from any mishap and be proactive. She said she cant share that information! Then asked her to have someone respond to me as soon as possible by checking the issue, she said it will take 3-4 weeks!!! WHAT??? by then we would be dead or we could be alright, so 3-4 weeks is not an option. They gave me the store phone number, which I already had in my receipt. I do not think they want to help or resolve the issue, rather than that they just want to push the issue from their plate and live out of reality. Am posting this long response, mainly because, if any of you readers had an issue on March 10/11/12th at this BK, then please let us know by entering a comment here. Thus we can visit a hospital and be save in this economical situation.

Thanks a lot for your time and please stay away from this store, be safe!

4c89dccb, 2010-03-18, 01:58PM CDT

I just experienced something very similar at the BK in Addison, IL on Rohwling Rd right near the Best Buy.

I should have left even before I got my order. I was in the drive-thru for almost 15 minutes and there was only 3 cars in front of me! Then, I get a medium fry for a large. All the food was cold by the way too. So I have to park and go inside which is only adding insult to injury at this point. I walk up to the counter and the idiot behind the counter just stares at me as I walk up. I took the frys out of the bag handing to him explaining I ordered a large. He then does the same thing to me that the person experienced in this original compliant. He never spoke a single word during this whole exchange. He actually looked like he wanted to kill himself. His custromer service would be just about as effective if he did. Even when I first got my food, when I pulled up to the window there were 3 people including the manager doing God knows what and not one person offered any apologies. The woman handing me my food almost forgot my drink too. If I would have driven away in haste, that easily could have happened. I sat there staring at her thru the window like, "Hey! You forget something?!" There's another BK about a 1 1/2 miles down the road. I'll try that one now. If the service and food is better, it will be worth the extra travel. If not, I'll just end up boycotting BK altogether.

And another thing...why am I writing this here where probably no one will read it..no one will give a crap...and no one will do anythign about it. there is no way to leave feedback on their website and no way am I wasting my time calling. Oh yeah and if you do call, it's on your dime since the number is not toll-free. WTF??!!!

8cf7bde8, 2010-03-21, 11:32AM CDT

I had a very similar experience at a Burger King at Phoenix SkyHarbor Airport yesterday. I had a Whopper with tainted lettuce. I was sick with diarrhea for most of the afternoon after eating this. I searched the Burger King website, and there is no easy way to lodge a complaint other than calling a phone number in Florida during working hours.

c16b0622, 2010-03-22, 06:45PM CDT

On 3/22/10 at 12:11 p.m. I went through the drive-thru of the Burger King located at 2 Lawless Road, Morgantown, WV, 26501. I ordered a sandwich and a medium coke. When I got to the window to pick up the order, I stuck my hand out to pick up the coke that was already waiting on me. The cashier made a remark to be careful "it is really full." That was an understatement!! It was filled so full that when I picked it up, coke spewed out of the staw hole, went down the side of my car and also inside my car down the interior door!! I immediately started grabbing napkins I had in my car to clean up the mess. The cashier saw what happened and when I looked up to see her reaction, she just had walked away from the window and was taking care of something else. When she finally turned around, I asked her to please get me some napkins to clean up the mess. Without a word or an apology, she plopped the napkins down in the window and walked away again. I finally caught her eye again as I was still cleaning up the mess and asked her to at least empty some of the coke out of the cup so it didn't make a mess again. I don't know if she did or not because I was too busy looking down trying to clean up the mess that she had caused. I was outraged and she could tell. Never one time did she apologize nor did she even say another word to me. If she knew the coke was so full and warned me of it to start with, why didn't she empty some of it before I picked it up??? Maybe that made too much sense. At any rate, it was obvious that she could have cared less. When I got back to work, I had to clean the outside of my car off in hopes that it wasn't going to damage my paint. If she had apologized or had said anything at all, I would have been more understanding. As it turns out, I will not be visiting this establishment again and will be hard pressed to visit any Burger King in the future. This tells me how you train your employees in providing good customer service. Very poor indeed to say the least!!!

537803f3, 2010-03-24, 12:56PM CDT

I was at the Bk on 5th and alton rd. I live a couple of blocks away. So I go there a couple of times a week. It's never been a place to tell others about. I went there a week ago and they were out of the xlts and no milk shakes. I asked for the 99cent double burgers w/bacon. As long as i can remember they have alway's been that price.

They charged me $3.00 a piece for them for six of them which came out to $18.00. I said this cant be right the counter person got all rude and started to cuss me out in spanish. Needless to say this is one customer that will not be going to B.K. again. I am also spending time to let everyone know how your employees are. I work for one of those entertainment papers and needless to say. I had nothing good to report on you's. I would recamend the new whopper bar on washington ave. thou what a differance. That place I did a good write up on. I would'nt of went but my boss was buying.

34a67177, 2010-03-27, 09:04AM CDT

I visited store 2585 3/27/10 for breakfast. I ordered and after waiting 12 minutes I asked the lady who took my order how much longer, she replied " I have no idea." I asked her can you give me a time frame? She replied "I don't know." I began to say something else and she yelled for the manager. He came around the corner and asked me if there was something he could get me instead of the biscuits I ordered. He was very helpful. My complaint lies with the young lady (Pamela) name on my receipt, she rang me up. After handing my order to me and saying sorry as I was walking out she deciede to add "Oh my God!" Now I know it was Sat. morning and it gets busy I understand people get busy. But I do not understand the way she reacted!

dc16c271, 2010-03-30, 03:40PM CDT

You're a moron... you state that you paid $6.20 for 3 double quarter pounders AND your mom's meal? Forget the fact that BK doesn't sell double quarter pounders... that would put you WAY over $6.20 for all of that food. Also, the incubation period for food poisoning is 12 - 48 hours, so if you were puking, it was most likely from the fact that you ate 3 DOUBLE QUARTER POUNDERS, you fatass!

9a0db016, 2010-04-11, 06:54AM CDT

You must be kidding. With everything else going on in the world, you took the time to write this? About a fact food commercial? Hold crap, YOU NEED A LIFE!

1c9b6deb, 2010-04-11, 10:36AM CDT

Burger King Corporate Office

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive

Miami, FL 33126

Dear Burger King,

I just came back from a most unpleasant experience at one of your restaurants.

I went to the location in Navarre, FL and thought I would try your new breakfast sandwich that you are spending millions of dollars advertising.

They had signs on all the registers explaining that they had no sausage for the sandwich due to poplar demand.

I say bull.

You have to be to the worst if not the worst run fast food business in the country.

This is why I never go to your store but against my better judgement my wife pleaded with me to try the new sandwich.

So much for that.

All I did was waste my time and gas driving to a burger King that can not sell me what they are spending millions to advertise.

I asked one question in the store while I was there.


The answer was , now get this, " we only make minimum wage sir. We went through two boxes of sausages in one day. "

I told them to look around . Your store is empty and soon you will not even be making minimum wage because they will have to close down stores like this one and let people go.

Why, because Burger King is not able to deliver what they advertise!

That is decepitave, incompentant, and why millions of Americans choose to stay away from Burger King ,no matter what you try to do .

McDonalds will also recieve this letter just so they can have a good laugh.

f5047dc3, 2010-04-11, 11:03AM CDT

you must be kidding me on the size of my whopper,jr the meat was the size of a 25 cent piece.who is in charge should be fired now.

ff9b9075, 2010-04-17, 10:09PM CDT

You guys are all stupid and have a lust for death. Why would you go to Burger King for anything except heartburn and way too many calories wrapped in paper?

f61ce12e, 2010-04-17, 10:22PM CDT

last week i had a very bad experience i went to a Buger king in park street downtown crossing and when i got in front of the counter i realized that i missed 2 pennies to buy the sandwich and the cashier refused to sell me the sandwich. I explain to her that i didnt have other change and was hungry but she answer me very rude (She said:i dont care). This is not how a customer should be treat. Ive been a faithful custumer to BK befor that, but now everything changed since that day. Im not going to be disrespect by a cashier and you should pay more attention in what kind of people should go in front of a register. Some of them dont belong to the front but the back to make sandwich.

f97ee4fb, 2010-04-27, 01:55PM CDT

Dear [burger king],

Philadelphia is drowning in litter. On April 20, 2010, First Philadelphia Charter School for Literacy took a survey of the 4300 block of Tacony Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to find out what kind of litter was on the ground. We found one of your productss packaging on the ground. In fact, we found that 39% of all the litter was food & beverage packaging.

We know that it is partly a consumers responsibility to throw away their trash properly. However, we also think it a corporations responsibility to understand that their products, especially ones made of plastic, will end up as litter. In fact, 42% of the total litter we found was made from plastic. We know that plastic takes many life times, before it degrades. We are writing to urge you to stop using so much plastic packaging.

We learned that petroleum is a dwindling natural resource. Since so much plastic is ending up as litter or in landfills, we do not think this is a good use of this precious natural resource.

After the litter survey, we cleaned up the litter on the 4300 block of Tacony Street on Earth Day this year. We picked up a total of 78.4 pounds of litter on this block alone.

Please, [burger king], we urge you to stop using so much plastic and start using more biodegradable materials. Some other companies are beginning to use biodegradable plastics. You may be making a big profit using plastic, but we, the kids of Philadelphia are drowning in the waste.


First Philadelphia Charter School Sixth Graders

7a510725, 2010-04-28, 03:17PM CDT

I agree - the same situation happened when I went into the location on Chili Ave in Rochester, NY. I ordered the new sausage muffin sandwich and was advised they ran out. This was at 8am - with 2.5 hours left in the day that seems unacceptable. I asked the girl if she was kidding - her response was "no sir - sometimes we just run out of things. What else would you like today." After that comment - the manager came over and jumped right in passing the blame by stating "I am sorry sir - the cook just informed me we were out so I was not able to order anything else." I then asked for an order of the French toast sticks, and guess what .... cook forgot to advised management they were out of those too.

Very disorganized and all in all - will be avoiding burger king in the future. Since their sandwiches are horrible for eating while driving and fast food is the last thing I want unless I am on the run - McDonalds is a much better options with management that keeps on top of inventory and has yet to pass the buck on responsibility.

c5fa4ee3, 2010-05-02, 07:20PM CDT

Hello I am sorry for this E-mail, but I went to Bk in Salem N.H. and ordered a Double Stacker.I think the picture should be smaller to fit the stacker.

It was so small I could not believe it and double stack.It was one burger and a half of a burger.Really I dont mind paying more but this thing was ridiculis.I not cheap becacause I go to BK alot I have one near me.I did not get my moneys worth I hate Mcdonalds now i dont know if I should go back to BK.

39a00eb1, 2010-05-14, 02:39PM CDT

i was just at a burger king location in dania beach 1800 sterling road. Standing in lie waiting for my food to be made i saw a rat run into the back of the store towards they were making my whopper. so i decided to look around a little more to see what else could be wrong. i then noticed a very distinct smell of marajuna comming from one of the employees pasing by me. it was funny to me because i know people who were turned down or fired from this very same place because the manager suspected that they were smoking this person did not even bother to cover up the smell a friend of mine told me that the employees and the managers like to sit around and tllk about different experiences while smoking and that they do not follow proper procedure while storing food they dont clean machines and they do not properly dispose of garbage. know that i wil be having an inspector visiting your business i dont want drug addicts and alcholics touching my food i will make sure that people stop visiting this particular burger king i will keep telling people about what i see when i visit i will even go as far as posting signs and verbally telling people to stay away right in front of the establishment i am disgusted

39a00eb1, 2010-05-14, 02:41PM CDT

i was just at a burger king location in dania beach 1800 sterling road. Standing in line waiting for my food to be made i saw a rat run into the back of the store towards where they were making my whopper. so i decided to look around a little more to see what else could be wrong. i then noticed a very distinct smell of marajuna comming from one of the employees pasing by me. it was funny to me because i know people who were turned down or fired from this very same place because the manager suspected that they were smoking this person did not even bother to cover up the smell a friend of mine told me that the employees and the managers like to sit around and talk about different experiences while smoking and that they do not follow proper procedure while storing food they dont clean machines and they do not properly dispose of garbage. know that i wil be having an inspector visiting your business i dont want drug addicts and alcholics touching my food i will make sure that people stop visiting this particular burger king i will keep telling people about what i see when i visit i will even go as far as posting signs and verbally telling people to stay away right in front of the establishment i am disgusted

9db7b1ff, 2010-05-19, 08:51PM CDT

i feel you jim some of the most crazy bad service i have ever seen cant ever order chicken or fish without pulling up at drive through that in itself is unkewl an then they have a tude with me when they are at fault how do you stay in employed or open for that matter i have read many other complaints i dont think bk corp gives a damn or they would handle it boycot bk !!!!!!!!!

44dc2832, 2010-06-04, 01:35PM CDT

"Burger King, poor service & rude employee" this is the UNDERSTATEMENT. I went to a drive through on 41st and Marion Road in Sioux Falls, SD today 06/04/10 at approximately 1245pm. Ordered 2 Jr Whooper kid meals. Instead of telling me they did not have Jr Whooper kid meals. The s****d gale decided to just gave me the 3 Jr whoopers instead. When asked about this, she said: "There are 3 Jr Whooper in there, we don't have Jr kid meals!". HELLO BK, ARE YOU COMMING FROM S****D LAND OR WHAT?

8114acf1, 2010-06-06, 09:10PM CDT

I am very upset seeing how I am Cherokee and I have fair toned skin reverse discrimination is being exhibited toward me and my mom. Today when the store first opened my mom and I were the only people in the lobby. The counter where they assemble the burgers was filthy and the worker 'black woman' looked our way - proceeded to turn her back on us and walked toward the back. this behavior I witnessed about 20+ years ago at Cloverleaf Mall until Cloverleaf Mall totally went under, understandably with service like this [it was a Taco Bell] standing there for 30 minutes with black employees acting like I was not there! But, this is Burger King and it appears that history is repeating itself.......instead of an employee enjoying her job and making her customers feel welcomed she makes them feel shitty!!! My mom and I we went ahead and left to go to Mcd's. Then, later tonight I thought I would go back and see if the same behavior is being exhibited. Yes, Yes and Yes!!!!! Even worse!!!!! Westchester Commons Burger King will not be lasting too much longer unless some really brilliant PR people come and resurrect this particular Burger King......answer this question for me...

why would you take females from out of the area....bus them from the city of Richmond, VA. to this particular Burger King [where they have attitudes already engrained in their heads of hatred toward 'white people'] and subject them to serve them all day long - of course along with the multitude of other races that grace that Burger Kings presence. I have come to this conclusion......

Corporate either is unaware or doesn't give a shit! I prefer to believe the unware thing.....this is not the first time that through the drive through - we are treated like 5th wheels or pains in butts....the consumer - I don't get it.....either you care about this one or you don't.....employee #29 waited on us before and the same shitty behavior was exhibited. She whispered over to her coworker with shifty eyes and then when she presented the bag she held it out with glaring eyes like she might catch something from us......WHAT THE HELL IS THE ALL ABOUT MAN?!!!! Just take my order, take my money, give me my change and give me my 'f'ing food. If she is not blessed with the ability to interact with the general public why is she still there........

30ec922e, 2010-06-08, 05:43PM CDT

I had the absolute worst experience at my local burger king today. I ordered the steakhouse XT burger value meal. First of all it wasnt the right burger that the sent me. They gave my a whopper with cheese. i told them its not what ordered, They said ok, what did you order. I said the steakhouse XT she looked at me and said we are all out. Sorry. i paaid for a XT burger abd got a whopper. asnd they wouldnt give me a refund.

82335fa3, 2010-06-10, 09:36PM CDT

In DeQuincy, La, I ordered the ribs, a frozen coke, and an apple pie. They did not have any of these items. A few days later I ordered the ribs again and still no ribs. Why do they even advertise them?

f9f8893a, 2010-06-11, 04:03AM CDT

Really? How dumb can you fucking be?

Oh yeah a construction crew will be right out there to fix that pothole problem and will get it done in about ermm let's say twenty minutes? DO you even have any fucking clue in that pea sized brain of yours what it takes to do pavement? You sir or maam are an idiot and should win the darwin award by offing yourself somewhere in a field...

or obviously you have never worked a real job in your life maybe get shit handed to you when ever you want. and for that my friend you should seriously just die... Really you went to a BK and noticed potholes..... and went that same day but a few hours later? and realized that said potholes were not fixed ? Seriously, How fucking stupid are you? and how can you actually remember to breathe in and out? wait a second , on second thought maybe you are stupid and I have to put this in terms you may understand clearly....

big holes......take much time... to repair.... take money.... and mexicans... to fix holes.... UGH UGH

(beats chest)..... That explain it ?

does that help? maybe if you passed the fucking 3rd grade instead of fucking your sister/brother to make your disgusting offspring that somehow rule this country you might actually realize the intelligence of not making your family tree look like a spear.... and if your wondering about that crack....

it means that you keep it in the family.

Honestly HOW FUCKING DUMB CAN THIS COMMENT BE? sad really.... that people like this are allowed to live in society, instead of being put down to better our country. so sad

baea7d4c, 2010-06-13, 11:29PM CDT

I had a pretty lousy experience at the Burger King Aggieville location in Manhattan Kansas this afternoon while taking my son out for lunch while shopping. We ordered our meals ,of which mine was the Steakburger XT, We got our meals and sat down. I ate a few fries which were hot and fresh and then opened up my sandwich. To say that I was a bit upset would be a gross understatement. The "steakburger" looked like it must have been sitting around somewhere(not under the heat lamp or anything else even close to warm) and was about as cold as the table I was sitting at under the air conditioner vent. Needless to say, I wasn't going to eat it, so I allowed my son to finish his meal and took my sandwich up to the counter and asked to see the manager. He came over and asked if there was something wrong, to which I replied "Yes, the fries and shake were great however this Steakburger is cold as ice." His response was only a dumbfounded look and stunned silence, to which I could only reply "I will never come to this place again". So, to whomever may read this from BURGER KING MANAGEMENT, YOU JUST LOST A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE. AND I WILL TELL ANYBODY WHO ASKS THAT THEY SHOULD AVOID ALL BURGER KINGS LIKE THE PLAGUE! I hope I got my point across well enough.

1e97c24e, 2010-06-17, 03:56AM CDT

I hate to tell you this but YOU should've checked the amount that they charged your card before signing your signature, or entering your pin number in the chip and pin machine. In other words, you gave your authorization to this transaction by confirming with signature. And if you're gunna take food home then of course it wont be piping hot!

54299d02, 2010-07-05, 07:58PM CDT

After 130865 complaints one would think BK would do something.Mexicans non english speaking Gooks we americans cant understand Blacks with pants hanging to knees nasty dinning rooms the burgers or nothing like the pictures on menue.This is false advertisement.Bk and the young generation has gone to shit.

3cf46f51, 2010-07-12, 03:16PM CDT

I have made a trip from Portland to Canada and have always been told if I want the free game pieces to go on line. Well I have been on line and no where can I find a site to get the free game pieces. I am a diabetic so I can not order a drink, since your diet drinks contain aspartame, which causes seizures, do not say it doesn't I have had 5 and my daughter several as well all because of that poison, So since I cannot have one of your drinks I wish to have the free game pieces and I would like your site to make it easy to find them. Respectfully, Diane Mantia [email protected]

8ace54b4, 2010-07-17, 10:25AM CDT

i have never had such worse food before from burger king the workers there dont care about anyone just there paycheck ive had better food from a dog lifting his leg and saying open up

7ac54c43, 2010-07-18, 02:04AM CDT

The new Burger King on University blvd in Birmingham Alabama, I sat in the drive thru for 35 min. stuck never got waited on 8 cars in front of me finally asked everyone in line to back up let everyone back out. people at the window waited for 45min. after paying for food... please hire people who really want a job and not people wanting money for crack...I was so happy that mcDonalds had some compatition finally you were doing great , I don't know what happened...

776871e1, 2010-07-21, 11:18PM CDT

fuck burger king man i went to bk in milwaukee on n 76th st ask them about the 5 for 5 deal and they said they know nothing about it then i said its posted right up there on the big ass sign a high ass black guy said he never heard of a 5 meal under 5 dollars each deal couple months later i went back around 11 pm to the drive thru and order 5 whopper jr. a lady said the first 2 are fine but the additional 3 will have to be purchase with fries and drink i said i only want the 5 whoppers she said sorry corporate made us do it i said wtf is that i think they are just a bunch of lazy F**Ks.

dd977c13, 2010-07-24, 12:09PM CDT

They swiped my card through drive through 7-23-10 in Jefferson City Missouri. There is no pin or signature required. My receipt showed the proper amount HOWEVER the transaction with ONE transaction number was taken out of my bank account twice. I called to let the local store know and was told I would have to find a printer to print my electronic bank statement and drive back to their store an hour from my home to get my money back!!! No apology other than sarcasm about how did I expect them to take care of it any other way!!!

6304ad32, 2010-07-28, 11:40AM CDT

i never been to a dirtyer place then the burgerking in rissingsun and van kirk in philadelphia all tables was dirty flr sticky bathrooms was a mess parking lot very dirty employees firting with customers food over cooked all together a -10 i never seen anything like it i recommend you look into it my name is juan figueroa 317 west albanus st philadelphia pa 19120 it,s a shame cause i like burgerking if you need to call me 856-426-9530

da45a4e1, 2010-07-30, 11:34PM CDT

To whom it may concern, I would like to express some concerns about B.K. .I was a frequent customer at your stores until a few years ago when I started to have several bad visits. The 1st was when B.K. started to run adds about the drive thru being open late. On more than two occasions I went to the store on west 49th street and about 9th ave. in hialeah fl. It was 10:30 p.m. once and about 11:00 p.m. another, the other times were all before midnight. On all occasions the store was already closed. Sometimes the lights were off and sometimes there was someone at the window but they told me they had put all the food away. On July 30th/2010 at exactly 10;58 p.m. at your hialeah store on east 49th street and east 8 ave. I tried to order food through the drive-thu and after several hellos no one answered so I drove to the window and I asked a young man (through a closed window,)if the store was open. HE shook his head yes while on the phone but continued to talk on the phone for several minutes whithout ever asking what I wanted to order. I finally drove off without the employee opening the window and trying to make me come back. About 3 weeks ago a friend of mine drove through the a B.K. drive up window and ordered two whoppers and I was very disappionted with the meat. I,m not sure if it wasnt cooked correctly or what the ploblem was but our whoppers tasted aweful. I used to love eating at B.K. but my last experiences have not been pleasant ones . If your going to spend good money on advertisement at laest make sure your stores are really open at the advertised times. Im tired of having to keep going down the street to mcds but its not my fault. On previous times when I did get to the store before it closed every time I ordered something it just so happened that they were either out of that item or the icee and shake machines were not working.I can see them not working but not on THREE STAIGHT OCCASIONS !!! I hope this isnt falling on deaf ears I,m just trying to help. Mt cell number is 786-301-9914. Feel free to contact me any way you wish. Thank you, Antnony revilla.

8f71f7b6, 2010-08-01, 10:35AM CDT

i am typing here today to add to the hundreds of complaints i have just ate the worst breakfast in a while from store #either 5561 or 3561 you cant read ticket to faided but anyway i will start from ordering ! i orderd a large vm bac cri but i guess he didnt comprehend that & a 3 pc fren toa stk well he charges me 4.59 and 1.19 for a large soda i stated i asked for a large sir but in the bag i have a small hashbrown the mngr says tome no u didnt i said if i didnt why did u give me a large soda so he comes back with the large hashbrown and says u owe 1.79 i said no idont i asked for a large vm he raised his voice at me and says just leave and take the hashbrowns closes window . i go park to eat food breakfast sandwich cold cheese not melted egg is cold and the hashbrowns tasted like they had been sitting in bin for hours i was terrified togo back in so im here typing you ! he was idian man very unprofessional .... never will i return to this store again !! address of the store is 1174 beaver st bristol,pa.19007 215 7819370 i got that from public records ..im not done with this store im gonna go further and would like someone to call me ..2152089538 mike thank you!

c9de136a, 2010-08-11, 05:36PM CDT

yeah, It's 8/11/2010.. I just got back from Burger King in Springfield IL 2900 South 6th Street, Springfield - (217) 527-8130,

First I was greeted at the drive through by the rudest woman i have ever met. She yelled at me because I order a drink you guys didn't have. My mistake yes but yelling at me? I pulled up to the drive thru and she continued to be rude and openly. Keep in mind this is the first time I have returned to this Burger King in a year. I stopped once before for almost the same reasons but I didn't report it. This time I have had it!!

I get home unwrap my food and guess what? Smoked Steak XT cheddar has no cheddar, or any thing else but mayo and a little bit of lettuce. The chicken sandwich my girlfriend ordered had no cheese or anything as well. But thats not all people, It gets better. The burger I had a big long brown hair in it. My girlfriends hair is black and it was actually in the freakin burger.

At this point I am furious and i make a phone, Talk to the manager and before I can tell her what happen, she blows up on me and hangs up. I had to call back under another number just to get them to answer. Some guy this time. I asked him for the managers name and he gave me Debbie Hatchet. I asked for the girls name working the window and he said hold on. Then I hear the girl cussing up a storm about not giving me the number. So they leave me on hold and I hang up.

I don't want your coupons or your free crap. I want some one to do something about this!! I can't believe this is how they run their business.

03cbee1c, 2010-08-25, 07:51PM CDT

That is nothing...if burger king reads these which i doubt that they do...the Upland , Indiana location has the rudest manager I have ever seen..When she takes a order she reads it back like she has a burr up her back side. I know alot of the employees that work there and they say she treats everyone of them like garbage...could this be a case of reverse discrimination since she is black and all the other employees are white? she has let the authority go to her inflated head...

31b8b0b7, 2010-09-01, 09:06PM CDT

I was just at BK #4732 on 950 w. alameda ave. denver co 80223. Sale #19190848. I was the only one in the drive thru and it appeared there was no one inside. My burgers were cold and my chicken fries were over done until they were inedible and that was all I got. Thought I'd let you know. Won't be back anytime soon.

40975b76, 2010-09-14, 05:11PM CDT

Im not commentin on the article prior to this,just wanting to make people aware of a few things



to whom it may concern-

I have a complaint about one of your managers-currently works at the stoe in wayne county on wayne memorial,in North Carolina.

his name is Jason Wright-he is sexually harrassing female employes.

I used to work at the store on Berkley when he used to work there

he actually asked me if I would give him a blow job and offerd me $600 of I could do it with in 15 minutes.

well reguardless to say I no longer work there and he is one of the reasons I no longer work there-I was nice and did not press charges all though I should have-but the store manager knew of this Ms Danette (pardonme is if I spelled her name wrong) as well as the district manager knew about this and neither believed me or they just did not feel like doing anything about the problem.

well I as well found out recently he used to work at the burger king/gas station in marmac-

he got transfered from there to berkley (this was before I knew him) because of sexuall harrassment-he got transfered from berkley to marmac (same reason) then from marmac to wayne memorial ( same reason)

why do they keep transferring him and trying to hide it instead of just firing him?!?!

I also found out he is really good friends with the district manager..

I have a friend that just started working at burger king ( I did not know she was working there) but talking to her on the phone and what not she was complaining about how this person was sexually harrasing her-I said she needed to report it-she was scared to report it cause she did not want to loose her job cause hse has to support her baby and her husband had just lost his job -well I asked her where she was working at-she then told me burger king-I asked her by chance is the guys nake Jason Wright?

she said yes!

she said that he was doing this to all the ladies that work there particulary the ones that happen to be white.

this man has to be stopped! I do not mean a slap on the hand either he needs to be fired.

I have been talking to the other ladies he ahs been doing this to,

I know I let to much time go by to do much of anything now which is my bad-

but these girls are even talking about going as far as taking it to the local news one if them said she went to school with one of the local broadcaster.

I said that I would e mail you guys-cause this needs to be fixed-she said if it is not delt with immediatly as possible then she is going to take this to the news.

and embarasse the crap out of burger king in this area for not doing a thing about it.

this other girl Jason has gone as far as message her on yahoo and has no clue how he got her yahoo id (she thinks may have been from the job application) but started to harrassing her on yahoo messenger-Jason Wright has done this to me as well and YES!! I have saved the recent conversations of this! so now I have proof!!!

there are a few other thing that went on at the Berkly burger king-like the night shift during the time I was working there all but 3 people were taking drugs- and going to work high as a kite one of them was always drunk- 2 others would light up marjuana (joints) while on the clock in the back room-and yes ms daenette knew about this as well as the managers working on there shifts and nothing was ever done about it.when one particualr manager was working I think her name is Keontay-she was one of the managers that knew of this.but she as well was afraid of loosing her job.

SOMETHING has to be done before more damage is done.

I love burger king it is my favorite fast food place- I can not believe that this was allowed to go on.

I will be watching in hope that your coporation cares enought to do something before the girl I mentioned takes this to the media -and the other girl takes this to court.

fix this problem please and thankyou

3c5dbb9a, 2010-09-21, 04:30PM CDT

My name is Jeff Davis and have a comment about another location doing nearly the same thing as this complaint explained. It was September 19th 2010

at around 5 p.m or so in Pensacola Florida located on michigan avenue right by mobile highway. Me and my wife went through the drive thru and ordered 4 buck doubles. We got home which is only about 3 minutes away or so and proceeded to eat. Upon opening the wrappers we noticed these burgers were significantly cold, not even lukewarm. So i actually broke a piece of a burger patty in half to stick my finger in the middle,still cold all the way thru.I took my time and actually stuck a thermometer in the meat...what do i get, 75.3 Degrees!!!!! now im not up to date on the temperature requirements but when i worked as a teenager at whataburger i thought it was more around 120 degrees.so we took our burgers back (shall i mention we have a salmonella break out right now and my wife is pregnant, add that with cold meat!) when we took the burgers back the front desk emloyee took them and told the manager that she wa throwing them away, the manager asked why. the employee said they brought them back cause theyre cold. the manager then said NO, i mean why are you throwing them away...my wife openely muttered, well i hope your throwing them away considering ive had my hands all on the burgers and my husband actually stuck his finger in one AND theyre old and cold.....and the front desk employeee literally counted to 3 before throwing them away which made me assume the manager normally keeps brought back food and at that time she got angry at the employee for throwing these burgers away. Thats quite disgusting if you ask me plus what if we had put some poison or anthrax in those burgers and brought them back and the manager resold them.think its crasy its happened before (not with burgers but remember tylenol poision?) and this is not the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th or 5th time we have had problems at this location,weve called complaints in atleast 5 times....the workers are rude,slow,the food is cold and disgusting,and the workers walk around cussing and acting like fools.

im not racist but i think its funny i go in the mornings (white people working) my food is fine,i go in the evening (blacks working) and my food including the service is piss fucking poor.

7db0621f, 2010-09-30, 08:02PM CDT

On 2 seperate occasions I have driven to the BK location at 4303 E 22nd Street in Tucson, AZ. Both times they failed to include the toy in my daughter's kid meal. After the second time I called to let the manager know. My daughter is only 3 and was very upset. I know this is slly but to her it was HUGE!! The manager apologized and put my name down for two free kids meals. Cool, huh? NOT!! It was nearly three weeks before I could get back to that location and when I went in there was a different manager on duty. When she looked up the notation in their log book she said I had already claimed them and that I was lying and shr refused to honor the notation.

It is most likely that an employee took them and marked the book to cover their theft. I feel like they not only cheated her but then lied to cover their own BS!

I am calling the corporate office in the morning, we know nothing will be done. They gotta make a buck somehow!

a135e230, 2010-10-28, 07:13PM CDT

My complaint is on store # 00165 in greensboro, N.c. on Summit Ave. We went into the store 2 people were in front of us and 2 behind us there were 5 employees,a shift manager and the store manager Rebecca. We all stood there 5 minutes with no service. Rebecca did not look up or ask anyone to wait on the customers, she just totally iginore everyone, even when I said CUSTOMERS COME FIRST SHE DIDN'T BULGE!!! It was so unprofessional, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.. THE PEOPLE THAT GIVE YOU YOUR JOBS AND KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS, GETTING TOTALLY IGNORED. My dad ordered a salad with grilled chix and got whopper patties(who trained these people?) I worked for BK and McD's before and I know this is not acceptable. The crew we had at BK waited on customers as soon as we seen them. This is not the only time this has happen at this BK., it has happen nunerous times and many times we just walk out. It's so simple and just plain common sense. I NEVER GO TO A BK AGAIN AND WILL TELL OTHER NOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

b6068158, 2010-11-03, 10:01PM CDT

Get a Lawyer, that's illegal taking money out of your account without your authorization.

3c3d9916, 2010-11-23, 02:16PM CST

The wife and I took two of our grandkids to Burger King last Sunday at the Beechmont and Berney Ln. store in Cincinnati, Ohio. First of all the white boy with long black dirty looking hair took our order and used the cash regester and went straight from there to work on the food without any gloves on. Later his tall black boyfriend came in to take him home and they met with a lips to lips kiss there in the front room.

My five year old twin grand kids did not need to see that and if it were not for laws I would of kicked both of their skinny asses right there and then.

The lady manager was there and didn't say or do anything to correct this sick action. We have decided to tell everyone we know in this area of what we saw and we will never go back in our life time.

If the law says you have to hire these sick bastards then you should have the right to make them act normal on Burger King property.

Les Dietz

5fceac69, 2010-11-24, 07:36PM CST

11-24-2010. Burger King store id #

I AM FORCED TO VISIT THIS STORE OUT OF NECESSITY DUE TO PROXIMITY TO WORK. I WILL NEVER EAT HERE AGAIN. This is the worst fast food restaurant I have been to. The line is always out the door and the drive thru is just as bad (they process one order at a time from start to finish....how can a fast food restaurant operate like that?) . Tonite was the last chance they had to redeem themselves and they failed horribly. After waiting 15 minutes in the drive thru as the fourth car in line, no took the first cars order in line, the two cars in front of me left and I decided to go inside to complain(I asked the first driver he long he was there and he said 20 minutes). When i got inside no one was at the counter in line and the manager was walking around doing nothing to help the drive thru girl. Instead of an apology, the obnoxious manager women behind started to argue with me telling me I was out of line. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRITE. EVIDENTLY NO ONE TAUGHT THIS TO THIS WOMAN IN HER 5 MINUTE MANAGER CLASS. I went outside and left the drive thru and when I went around the pick up window there was one car. And the max number of cars between the order screen and the window is 3. WTF!!!!!!

After leaving with no food. I called to ask her name and inform her I was going to report the store and her to her superior. She proceeded to yell, gave me no information and hung up the phone on me.

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

89ddb849, 2010-12-01, 09:33AM CST

I used to work at Burger King and the stories Ihave read are sadly true. The store I worked for located in the UMDNJ cafeteria does some nasty things. They pick burgers of the floor, they put old and brown lettuce on sandwhiches, they dont clean condiment bottles that often just refill them even if they are dirty. The manager there Alfonso has sexual harrassed every female and employee and he is truly indeed a pervert. THe owner was told if this but brushed it under the rug a couple of the girls wound up quitting their job because they didnt feel safe. I advise everyone to try not to eat out of that store if you have to go to the Univerity Hospital do not eat their Burger King unless you want to be a patient their. Be careful and be safe!! Watch what you eat PEOPLE!!!!Especially from 150 Bergen Street Burger King Store #9572 I got Yall back.

32742498, 2010-12-12, 09:56PM CST

OH NO....You're at an airport and you just happened to put poisen in your own food. ASSHOLE!!!!!

32742498, 2010-12-12, 09:57PM CST

OH NO....You're at an airport and you just happened to put poisen in your own food. ASSHOLE!!!!!

1de1a71f, 2011-01-06, 07:18PM CST

I live in Winston-Salem, NC and I cannot believe that last month I went to Burger King on Martin Luther King Drive and I wanted a whopper and they did not have any lettuce, tomatoes, onions or pickles. That is crazy and then I went the other night and they did not have any whoppers at all. They told us that they are waiting on the truck to come in with supplies. What is going on that is really bad business and some of us plan or not patronizing the store. What is going on? The main thing is whoppers.

f5a776d7, 2011-01-25, 10:42AM CST

(305)378-3000 Burger King Consumer relations in Miami, Fl.

c5436dca, 2011-02-07, 12:48AM CST

well i will not give the store name but i will say its off saratoga in corpus christi texas.... I am a little person and i always liked burger king... well me and my wife went into this burger king to eat lunch so we walked in and ordered our food and i was sitting their and this older guy and some young girl wad mopping the floor and the girl must have said something about me because the older guy said what that midget sitting over their. well my wife got upset that he said that and those poor people they had no ideal what they have just got them selves into lol. so while she went up and asked for the mannager in a very sweet voice and boy when that mannager got up their and she asked the two employees to come up their to oh my god she went off on these people they didnt know how to act and were am i while all of this is going on sitting their in my booth i knew better than to go up their with her lol. anyways all this was because the girl i guess said that i was cute and the older guy got mad. And the sad thing is that i am 38yrs old and that guy must be in his late 50s or early 60s and the girl couldnt have been 18 or 19 at the oldest and he got jealous and that's why he got mad and said that out loud. well i no longer go their because my wife doesnt want to step foot into the place again. Me i dont care either way. and i went to burger king tonight and ordered BK stuffed steakhouse and fries and the lady at the drive threw asked us to pull up so she can get us fresh fries well the burger and the fries must have been fresh out of the freezer because they were cold and i dont mean kinda chilled i mean really really cold. never again will i go their i dont like mcdonalds but they are better than burger king.

6483ea84, 2011-02-13, 10:25AM CST

I was in burgerking Scotland Aberdeen down at the beach. The woman behind the counter was realy rood to me and did not have any customer service experience at all. ALso when i asked for sauce with my meal she said they didnt have and to just take my meal and go which i thought was completly out of order. I was also at the other burger just the next day and i was in the burger king on aberdeen union street after town and the staff where fine with me and my friend just sittin in the restruant to enjoy our meal as we werent causing any trouble. But then two bouncers walked in and told us to get out.

25466152, 2011-02-16, 04:17PM CST

I was sexually harressed at the Layton Burger King on main by Desmond he said I would have to have sex with him to move up and he was always asking me to go out without with him even though I he knew I had a boyfriend,He rubbed against me as much as possible.He made me feel so dirty.Ask some of the other women who worked there also one of the asst mngs who was married kneww the stress I was going thru.I just wanted to quit and get away from him.

78d13e0f, 2011-03-01, 04:36PM CST

i visited the restaurant store #08081-in laplace,la.at 9:54 a.m.feb.27/2011 i ordered coffee, and was told that they were out ,i ordered a sausage cheese&egg sandwhich &was told they were out of eggs, i ordered a breakfast sausage bowl,which was a mistake.the breakfast bowl had very little flavor,mostly potatoes cooked hard. iam very disappionted with the food served and service at this store,which will no longer be visiting. neil duhe

c4d81fca, 2011-03-02, 07:59AM CST

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to complain about two of your stores. The Finneytown store on Winton Road at Hempstead and the Avondale store on Reading at Forest.

The employees including the Managers are GHETTO and unprofessional. Their uniforms are dirty and the place is unsanitary. It is not unusual to sit in the drive through for 20 minutes waiting on to place an order of get your food. Burger King is the only hamburger I like to eat. It's unfortunate that I have to drive 5 miles to another location to get decent service. These locations need to shut down!! Or you need to get some decent employees. I will wage a personal campaign and let all of my friends and family know to BOYCOTT BURGER KING.

I work as a workforce development trainer and these locations gives me plenty of stories to share with my clients about how NOT to present yourself to the public.

My next step is to contact our local I-TEAM to do a report on bad service. Maybe I should take my video camera and share the information with the local news agencies.

9897e24b, 2011-03-16, 05:37PM CDT

Gentlemen last wk i spent $24 I have been spending $12 and change as a regular basis. last wk for the first time in a long time the food was not cooked to order the fries were like rubber and burgers were pre maid, I had asked for the single double and they no longer had it i asked for the next dollar double as it turned out the manager said their was only the new double with bacon for $2,he could not answer any of my questions about the new burgers, I came in to the store acouple days later, as i usually use ther drive up, to tell the manager about the bad food, he would not answer me and kept talking to other people ,I asked for the no. of the corp office he would not give it to me I told him he was a terible manager, he only made faces at me , i started to yell at him to do someting, he did not, a nice counter helper said i"ll make the food for you, that is how it ended , the manager both times i believe was the same manager for your knowledge.

56f3bff2, 2011-04-07, 09:34AM CDT

no one FORCES you to eat at a fast food restaurant.

b0fdc9db, 2011-04-19, 07:26AM CDT

Mr Hyatt,

I have done lunch a couple times in the Spring of 2011 at your Mt Laurel NJ and the people are polite and working hard but they are dramatically understaffed. Each visit found the woman who works the front counter at lunch on weekdays trying to juggle the tasks of bagging and preparing foods as well as order-taking and ringing. Yesterday I was in there and at arrival, was 4th in line of people who were ordering normal sized meals. The next 30 minutes were spent watching this woman try and get orders fulfilled with limited effectiveness. I stayed to see how it panned out more than to enjoy my meal. Two guests who got in line behind me and one in front of me gave up and left without placing an order. the whole event took over an hour. I don't know if it is normal for one person to work the front-counter at lunch but it appears that this person cannot.

Previous visits were comparable in timeframe and shade my decision whether or not I want a Burger King lunch when in Mt Laurel NJ.

89edb6db, 2011-04-26, 09:09PM CDT

come to sidney burger king the owner will give a new set of boobs.they will fuck you any money asked.they are slums

b7e2f282, 2011-05-07, 08:34AM CDT

This is one of your current employee's at your Burger King branch located in Many,Louisiana the problem is your managers Merlin Dykes she is a African-American that has let the power of management go to her head she keeps harrassing us pions in the business i mean us other new employees she knows if we r new that we won't be as quick starting out.But she treats us as it is our fault you know some people just catches on slower and then she has harrassed your employees so much until they started quitting and she was the same way at McDonalds when she was a manager harrassing the employees I never thought I would say that I like working at a fastfood place of business and I really do I've even had to lie to the customers so they would not file a complaint about the way she has been talking to them I mean it is ridiculous maybe ya'll should hire all white Americans and all of this is coming from a [black man]<-----employee I know the rule is we can get fired just because so if I get fired behind this it wont be for nothing I am just going though the steps before I quit because I have never had a problem with my co-workers before now and I have never had a bad work record so could ya'll please do something about her. I've already told the store manager and he is too leanient and when he talks most people dont listen.P.s what is with all of the flies in the kitchen and the eating area.

29f18487, 2011-05-09, 03:15PM CDT

To Whom it may concern.

I have been working at Burger King in Guelph, Ontario Canada for 4 years. and we have a new manager I asked her for more hours and she said no and that she could not afford to give me more hours. And yet she has hired new people who get more hours then I am getting is that not against the labor laws


Nancy Bennett

a0dffd5b, 2011-05-11, 06:19PM CDT

on wednesday.11th May,2011.i visited the Burger King Restaurant located at shevchenko and Newmaan Blvd in Ville La Salle,Montreal,Quebec,Canada.first of all someone who seemed to be the manager of the day,by the name of ISHA,rudely advised me and other customers that we were standing at the wrong part of the line and,THAT,WE SHOULD BE STANDING THERE AND NOT HERE....gesticulating with her FINGER,she also seemed to have been training one of the cashiers.as she was showing off herself by walking round and round the restaurant in the area of the cashiers..before me,someone was served a wrong item and she looked on as if the customer had no right to complain..when it came to my turn..i went to the drink fountains and realized that there was no ICE.i politely advised her and she said that someone would be there to put the ICE...in the meantime,she is joking around with the employees..i got my order and again returned to the fountain and still there was no ICE,while all the employees continued to have a CONFERENCE...I then asked for some ketchup and she pointed rudely again,that it is OVER THERE....!!!one of the male cashiers were also all over her..then,she decided to have her lunch...and decided to sit right behind me,knocking my seat all the while with her feet..when i left the restaurant,they were still having their little conferences.hope that this matter is urgently addressed,then,i do not know if they were careful in their preparation of the food-i actually orded a Whopper trio,when i got home,i had to go to the washroom urgently.

thank you.

598efaac, 2011-06-18, 08:25PM CDT

It is June 18, 2011. Around 6 pm, my husband and I decided to have Burger King in Holmen Wisconsin. Upon pulling up to, the drive thru a male started to take our order. As my husband was trying to order#4, whopper jar. Value meal, with no pickle or onions this male, Cal something, interrupted my husband while still in the process of ordering. Cal very rudely stated small, medium, or large and what do you want to drink. My husband nicely asked him to please let him finish his order. Cal became even ruder with his tone of voice and told my husband that he did not interrupt. My husband told him to cancel the order. As we drove by the window, one person gave us the middle finger. Upon this action, we drove around the building to get the persons name, Cal something, and the manager's number. I entered to building to find the crew laughing it up until they noticed me standing there. I asked him to write down his name and the general managers name. He was even ruder upon this request and ran to the back of the kitchen, retrieved the phone, and made a few phone calls before coming back out. As he is on the phone leaving a message for the general manager, Jesse Hess. He refused to write his own information down. We have tried calling Jesse several times and he has refused to return our calls. We have had a previous encounter with this store but put it off to being a busy time of the day. Today, however the establishment was completely empty of customers, also no one was behind us or before us in the drive thru. He had no reason to be so rude and unprofessional. As I was leaving the store I told him he would be hearing from us and he stated that &quoting highly doubt It.&quot; As a manager myself, this behavior would not be tolerated in any manner. Customer service is the key to any company, without it, you have no customers and no business.

77cca53c, 2011-07-10, 07:36PM CDT

We stopped at BurgerKing rt 30 lancaster,pa today. I purchased a large diet coke & small sprite. $4.01. that is expensive. I did not have a penny & asked window person for dollar change. he gave me 99 cents. how rude.

39a0494c, 2011-07-10, 09:02PM CDT

I recently went to a Burger King in Blue Springs Mo. Restaurant #12625

I ordered a Whopper buy one get one free

when I got to the window the girl Angelina had over charged us and we tried to explain this is not what we ordered.

She went and got the manager the time was 5:19 pm 7/10/11 the manager was really rude and argued with us when we told him that is not what we ordered he gave us a dirty looked and stormed off this was unacceptable behavior and I and my mom are senior citizens he was

disrespectful and should never be allowed to work with the public he should be fired. I am not happy with the way I was treated..

Glenda Peacock

[email protected]

4b7f88ed, 2011-08-13, 03:57PM CDT

well store bk 08491 has been selling rank food for some time now not sure if im going to, be herd or you care, but the food sucks.

6361d984, 2011-08-18, 06:43PM CDT

burger king store13743pittston,pa18640 the only drive thru in the city of pittston. so maybe they are making moneybecause of this/ just like me going and over and over terrible 9 out 10. only whrn i'm desperate. 100 times you call management and they say it wony happen again/ but it always does/ tonite again and / i called because i wanted a decaf coffee as usual after spending my afternoon in thr emergency room/ just starvedand dying for a coffee/ oh well / was told coffee is in carafe/ well they do not hold hot coffee / drive through/ again and again/ chicken sandwich after a lunch rush many times cold and horrible. i live 2 blocks away and drive there. if another drive through came right into the city good byr burger king.the old forge and any other are almost always good/ every rest. has some difficulties sometimes/ try greasy soggy chickrn, soggy cold fries and cold coffee. get with it or close that store embarressment to your name. on that sign should be burger flopper/how about the ice coffee in dirty old plastic containers 1 cold coffee and seen where it was poured from and that ended that/ my ticket wa24.

76510c69, 2011-08-21, 12:39AM CDT

i recently ate at burger kin in kirksville mo. although the service was good the food was awful.my burger tasted like it was 3 months old and my milk shake was not fit to drink. this is the second and last time i will eat at bk. give me a big mac and one of their gteat shakes any day. bk what has happened to you. mary

cc75d70f, 2011-08-23, 06:37PM CDT

I stopped going to BK because the prices are outrageous and the service is slow, but decided (after many months) to give it a try again. I ordered a $2.99 daily value meal but was charged $4.98. I brought it to the cashier's attention and it was fixed, but should not have happened to begin with. How many other patrons are busy with kids, etc., and don't even notice....little extra something in BK's pocket! Also, I was the first person in the drive thru and was at the window for 10 minutes. I finally knocked on the window to see what the hold up was and apparently they "had a new cook and he's trying". I live in a town of 5,000 people, so it's not like they are ever swamped. Lesson learned AGAIN....won't be wasting anymore hard-earned money or valuable time at BK when there are much better options available.

294ace9f, 2011-08-24, 09:00PM CDT

I tried the new Burger King guacamole burger tonight. It was the worst $5 I've ever spent. The burger was the size of a White Castle burger with wilted nasty lettuce, and a taste

less sauce. There's a reason BK is losing customers.

c458eec9, 2011-09-23, 01:08PM CDT

I'm guessing you gave him $5 well $4.01 from $5 is .99 so what should he have given you..$4.99 and he kept the penny...stupid!! He gave you exact change..it's morons like you that give us customers a bad name!! Stay Home and eat in next time..or learn how to subtract!!

14be2391, 2011-11-01, 02:38PM CDT

11-1-11 this morning I decided to go to Burger King and get breakfast for myselfa and 3 co-worker I ordered a #1 meal (ege and cheese crossiant) two # 2 sandwich (sausage and egg biscuits) and 1 #5 (french toast sticks) the person repeated it and after saying she forgot to said the #5 meal I did get it. I pulled off and started to eat my potato tater to find out they were not hot but lukewarm, I didn't go back I continued to go to work, I get to work to discover that I didn't get the #1 and that my french toast sticks were hard. This is not the first that an issue with breakfast was brought up this is the 3rd issue I've had once before it was the mini biscuit they were too hard to bite into and the other time was the service I recieved. There has to be a happy medium to this so if you can find it please let me know and if not thank you but I will not be a customer there anymore.

ffefd62f, 2011-11-06, 02:45PM CST

I'm an employee at a Burger King under Bill Thompson's ownership in Northeast Florida and have been for nine months. Yesterday, I was getting ready for work in the morning and realized that I was very nauseous. I called my General Manager and told her that I was highly nauseous and was not sure if I was going to be able to be around food without vomiting. I took some Tylenol and went to work. When I got there, and the smell of food hit me, I realized that I was more nauseous than I originally thought. I told my GM and the hourly manager again that I still thought that I was not going to be able to be around the food, so they put me in the hole. A member of the kitchen crew was cutting onions and my nausea got even worse. About an hour of working, I told the hourly manager that I was not sure how much longer I could take all the smells. Five minutes later, I told her over the headset that I had to vomit and I walked very fast to the bathroom. When I came out, the hourly manager told me that they had called for somebody else to come in and cover for me and she would be there in ten minutes. A few minutes later, my GM told me to just go home and they would cover until my relief got there. So I went home to rest. I assumed that they were going to leave a note for the manager tomorrow morning that I probably was not going to be in, since I had thrown up at the store. I woke up this morning to the same hourly manager asking why I was not at the store for my shift and I told her it was because I was still sick. She started complaining about how I should have called and that if I was going to be out for another day that I had to go see a doctor and get a note. I told her I would have to then. So, I had to drive from Green Cove Springs to NAS Jax to sit in the ER for 3 hours to get the note stating that I had the flu and would have to stay home and rest for today and tomorrow. When I got home, my father went to the Burger King that I work at. When my father went in to the store, the hourly manager told my father that I had never told her yesterday that I had vomited and that they never sent me home early. I was appalled that my manager actually lied to my father's face. I called my GM and told her about what the hourly manager had told my father. She was not there when my father was at the store, but she insisted that the hourly manager never said any of those things to my father. She basically told me that my father, who NEVER lies and has no reason to, had lied to me, without using those exact words. She just kept telling me the hourly manager had never said those things. I am highly appalled at the fact that one of Bill Thompson's managers found it appropriate to lie to my father and that another tried to tell me that my father was the liar. This is not the first time that this same hourly manager has required me to work my shift while being ill. I would highly appreciate that someone look into this. If nothing is accomplished, I will personally take this to corporate or higher up to the CEO.

a02e7b60, 2011-12-21, 06:17AM CST

This is as low as you can go, I hate BK. They serve NO MEAT on their whopper jr's at all. Places in Hagerstown, Md are greasy floor's and really dirty, why would anyone even want to eat their, as far as their new fries, what a JOKE, someone gave me a couple, McDonald's still have them beat by a long shot, they just need to close their doors, Wendy's is rising fast, GO Wendy's.

24e0614d, 2012-01-09, 12:07PM CST



fc771ad9, 2012-04-02, 03:48PM CDT

Burger Kings store is old and gross, and unsanitary!!!!!

9f857df7, 2012-05-09, 09:33AM CDT

Burger King parking on 6th Ave S in Birminghan AL is a joke. It is across from the Childrens Hospital and I have watched day after day the employees of Burger King and towing company A-1 tow car after car, sometime two tow trucks at a time working. The parking lot sometimes is not even full. Someone is making money by having these cars towed, looks like the employees of BK.

9f857df7, 2012-05-09, 09:35AM CDT

Burger King parking on 6th Ave S in Birminghan AL is a joke. It is across from the Childrens Hospital and I have watched day after day the employees of Burger King and towing company A-1 tow car after car, sometime two tow trucks at a time working. The parking lot sometimes is not even full. Someone is making money by having these cars towed, looks like the employees of BK.

e2847ecf, 2012-05-27, 05:27PM CDT

The location at 250 Monument Rd is a sorry store. Their machines are always down. I am mad, anger at this point ! They are advertising $1 Smoothies until Monday, Memorial Day. I had gotten one on Saturday, today is Sunday i went to get one they said " the machine is down ". I am pissed ! I want my $1 smoothie. I am not traveling to another location.

85e36278, 2012-08-05, 10:11PM CDT

I went to the BK in Denton, TX (2233 S. Loop 288) and wasn't happy with the service I received. I placed my order with Debra Hein (the BK manager). I explained to her that my order wasn't right and she grabbed the from me. When she went over to the fry area, I heard her say to an employee that I was picky. She didn't think that I heard her but I did. I'm not picky but I did pay for $15 worth of food and think that it should be right. I asked the employee "Is she always like this" and they said "Yes". That's sad. If the head persn in charge is acting crazy and saying things that's not right, how can you expect the worker to be or do any better? If she doesn't like her job, let her see what unemployment feels like. People pay for service and should get just that. Debra Hein's is a bad example of management.

mike d., 2012-09-09, 06:40PM CDT



a93bea8e, 2012-12-17, 07:12PM CST

I know what's wrong and not one of you will say it, They say oh look at whitey f--k him then your food gets dealt with or the other way around , you can ask for no onions all you want you are going to get them you know why because no one gives a sh-t I have been ordering from the same place for 12 years you think one time they can get the order right hell no ! you think My fish sandwich can be hot in stead of cold hell no, if you say some thing about it they make it a race thing , will this complaint do any good, well let's see 12 years they could not leave the onions off of the damn sandwich I'm pretty sure the same will happen here, here at corporate they know the problem can they fix it hell know as soon as some one reads what I wrote they will say I'm a racist and that's the truth , I watch white people trying to get a job over here all the time , it won't happen because every one that works there is black and there are good people there but every time they hire some one knew the food is like sh-t then I don't go until they get rid of them which doesn't take long, but still in all you know what happens during that time frame the public get's screwed and their food is handle very badly , I call you out Corporate do some thing for a change what ever happen to have it your way at "Burger King" Lucky I'm not running thing's there would be a lot of people with out jobs and equal among all not just one greed controlling a store , by the way I notice you pick and choose to what is view , here is my ticket .What's the deal , I have live at this address for 12 years every time I go to Burger King 1 1/2 blocks from me I ask them every time please No Onions they even re did my ticket to correct it this time you want to know some thing NOT had Onions on it plus the sandwich was cold what is going on I feel that Burger King Owe's me a lot of money I ask them Hey can I have a fish sandwich dress like a whopper Bun in all it won't happen, what ever happen to have it your way,

JACKEY H., 2013-03-20, 05:33PM CDT


Brandi B., 2013-05-18, 10:43PM CDT


twila t., 2013-06-18, 01:57PM CDT

i stoped at bk store#4307 1255 n ,21 st st. newark ohio on 3-18-13 an they took my order at 11:32 am ,sat their for ever and finaly at 11:55 the ticket says 11:50 but what ever i got my food, i asked the cashier really 20 mins she says sorry n closed the window .now i have been a fan of bk for many years n i think i'm done no one should have to wait that long in a FAST FOOD line n just be told oh sorry.ps this is not the first time at this bk it is always slower then the others,but really come on 20 mins, well all thats left to say is bi bi bk you will b missed.

38ddf678, 2013-06-24, 11:26PM CDT

We ate at Burger King in Opp, Alabama Friday June 21st, at 3pm. We noticed right away that there were 3 employees eating in the dining room, when we made our order, i noticed one one of the employees, a black male, get up and go behind the counter to make our burgers, he did not wash his hands, before touching our food. We also noticed that the drink counter was dirty with dirty napkins, and smeared ketchup, and dried syrup from the drinks. We sat down, at a table i had to clean off, because all the tables were dirty. When they finally called our number, i asked for some packets of ketchup, which the girl behind the counter got for me, she then dropped a few on the dirty floor, only to pick them back up and put on my tray. The manager never once came up to the counter, or checked on the dining room, nothing, she stayed in the back talking to the employees. Employees standing around doing nothing, while others eating out in the dining room, while the store is dirty. We will never eat at Burger King again. No reason for store to be filthy, IF YOU HAVE TIME TO LEAN, YOU HAVE TIME TO CLEAN.

45880aa4, 2013-07-02, 12:22PM CDT

I am writing this in regards to the Burger King in Downtown Mimai and The Biscayne Blvd and 17th st Burger King. Let me start off with downtown Miami, the people look like they roll out of bed in the morning and come to work. The men wear their pants off thier asses. the guy who cleans the fryer had no hair net and wears his dreads sticking up on top of his head. It is by far the most ghetto Burger King I have ever been into and I'm black, I've been to better ones in the worst neighborhoods of Miami. There has been many occasions where I walked in to get a burger and was told they ran out of meat and I can only get chicken, thats like churchs running out of chicken. When i am able to order I have to wait at least 15 to 20 minutes for my food. By the time I get out of there my lunch break is over. Now to the one on Biscayne Blvd and 17th st. I dont know where to start, the people are clueless. They rather stand around and talk and play while there is a line out the door. There is a guy who is always there and Im still not sure if he actually works there. He never has on a uniform and he has no idea about anything I ask. He gave me a fork to eat my ice cream because he couldn't find the spoons, 2 seconds later he said "here they are next to the forks". I would think they would be there anyway. The place was a mess the tables were dirty and there were crackheads everywhere hanging out not eating. One lady had her black ass feet on the top of the table. I couldnt take it I threw my food away and walked out. Beware of these two Burger Kings they are aweful, STAY AWAY. As a matter of fact Burger King is getting on my nerves period, time to find a new fast food burger joint.

d53052af, 2013-07-20, 03:57PM CDT

Because I promised Burger King I would tell this story as many times as possible and even to the health department. Yesterday I went thru BK's drive and got a large Iced Tea. I sipped on that Iced Tea all afternoon from client's house to client's house. Finally, (about 5) I was leaving the Ardmore area to come home and I took the lid off the cup and was gonna shake the old ice onto the ground. Well, I wish old ice had come out of my cup, instead a baggy came out of my cup. It's like a cellophane bag or hair net (anyway, it's NASTY). So I called BK (in ardmore, okla, on Commerce st) and reported the problem. The teenager nite manager was super hateful, and then hung up on me. I never even raised my voice at this young man, It wasn't his fault. And NO I did NOT want my lil 1.50 back. I ain't driving back to Ardmore for a 1.50 when gas is 3.50 a gallon. I just wanna know what the baggy was and how it got in my drink.

carina d., 2013-09-25, 02:36PM CDT


d0734ce7, 2013-12-29, 12:10PM CST

store # 7744 in waco Texas i eat at burger king all the time but this store should be closed was with a group of 7 difernt cars we stoped to eat and decided to keep going so went through drive threw orderd our burgers could not understand the lady so pulled up to window thats when the rudeness started then she walked away one burger had clump of hair in all burgers were under cooked thrown together one fell out of box in bag all the frys were dumped over in bag burgers were soggy and tasted sour tomato looked like came of hog slop truck we threw all the food away and did not retun because i was so pissed my wifew knew if they got any ruder she would be bonding me out of jail for asault at the least my company is in HOUSTON onb i-10 and we eat burger king 3 xs aweek spend about 1.000$ amonth there but if i donot get a respnse to this email its over secereley vewrry upset coustemer who WILL PAY THE HOMELESS TO PICKET STORE DAILY PERIOD have 7 receipts from six other cars and wont complete refund and compinsation for trouble

e0fe4075, 2014-03-06, 04:49PM CST

I visited your Burger King on 03-06-14 at 2;30 pm my ck # was 0092 .my wife and I were traveling through Tulsa ok we wanted to grab a bite before we got on the turnpike we ordered a#6 meal /a satisfry and two big kings w/mustard. and we went through the drive thru and sure enough we got screwed the satisfries were nasty tasted like bad chicken had been fried in it.very disappointed / called the store talked to the manager she said come

back inand get a new fry,i am on the turnpike I live in afton okla.the nearest burger king is Joplin ,mo we asked for maybe a free fry coupon themanager said she did not have any. I MUST SAY THAT IS A PRETTY GOOD GIMMICK restaurant#11355 PAMAX MGMT INC

my mailing address is 209 S CENTRAL /PO BOX 541 AFTON ,OKLAHOMA 74331

54715939, 2014-03-19, 10:04AM CDT

I ordered from store # 5671 last night @ 4:05. Paid $23.27 and half the things I ordered wasn't even in the bag! By the time I noticed I was home! I called the manager, told him everything and he acted like I was losing! First off why is a fast food so expensive? Crappy, long service and then to get home and half my order wasn't even there. Manager tells me he will send me 2 coupons for who even knows what! My grandson didn't get his, I didn't get mine. So paid all that money and I only get 2 coupons for having nothing to eat? Shaking my head at BQ from now on and it won't be shaking up and down. I would prefer to just have my money refunded for the whole order!

040fa0f6, 2014-05-17, 01:45PM CDT

I went to your Conway SC Burger King and there was just one car ahead of me no other cars in the parking lot ,I ordered a whopper jr with cheese combo and a plain cheese burger she pulled me up to wait why I don't know because no-one else was there but that was fine .When she came out I hadn't been there at all very long and she apologized for the wait and said she gave me a free burger .When I opened my burger to check it which I always do and its a good thing I did there was blackish- brownish-lettuce on it.U know people works hard for there money and when they pull up to your establishment for freshhhhhh food that's what they should get I took a picture of it in case you are interested but after I see all the complaints I think you really don't care plus you've taken down the calling system so no one can talk to you ,THAT SHOWS ME YOU REALLY DONT CARE AND PROBABLY WILL NEVER READ THIS .SO IM GOING TO TAKE MY RECEIPT AND MY PICTURE TO A ATTORNEY, IF I DO NOT HEAR FROM YOU .That store in Conway used to be so busy what in the world happened to it .Your employees there had to do that on purpose because there was not one other customer in that store or drive-thru .you need someone to take these things serious or im afraid you are going to go out of business and I would hate that because me and my family has grown up with Burger King and it would be a awful shame.Im sorry about this but people deserve better .Thank you Amelia Rogers

9d548bb2, 2014-06-01, 06:28PM CDT

I stopped by at BK in Albemarle,NC on highway 52 and ordered a spicy chicken and coke icee..got home and the 2 chicken sandwich was luke warm at best--had to nuke them in microwave and had no cheese on them..this is not the first time--happened a few times..so I guess i'll go to another store--there was 1 at the register,one at window,and I think onltcooking-and one lady filling bags with customer orders..stood in line(inside)there was 12 or so people in line-took about 15/20 minutes to order--VERY SLOW workers but not their fault--it's the fault of the manager and you the company..well hagd and i'll probable won't be back..

Kevin S., 2014-10-07, 05:15PM CDT

Complaint about Burger King #5480 @ 4622 S Kirkman Road in Orlando, Florida. My family and I were greeted by Gladys the manager at the register upon approaching the counter for service on October 3, 2014. We wanted to order 4 of the new Extra long BBQ cheeseburgers which were 2 for $5. When I told Gladys what we wanted she told me that it wasn't in the register therefore she couldn't ring it up. I pointed out to her that it was advertised on the window but she still made no effort to figure out how she could have put it in so that we could get what we wanted and what was advertised. She could have rang up another 2 for $5 deal and then made sure that we got what we wanted. Myself, wife and 2 daughters ended up walking out and going to Subway to eat dinner. We have had dealings with her before and she seems to always have attitude. What has happened to good customer service because she sucks at it. We will never eat at that Burger King location again because of her attitude and ignorance as a manager.

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