1999 Dodge Dakota Bad Paint

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1999 Dodge Dakota Bad Paint

Sorry for the long post but you have to read all of it to get the "flavor" of the problem with Chrysler.

I leased a new 1999 Dodge Dakota (VIN 1B7GL22Y0XS298XXX) from Chuck Patterson(car dealership), located in Chico, CA. At the conclusion of the lease, I purchased the vehicle. The vehicle now has approximately 57,300 miles on it. It has received maintenance on a regular schedule and is well taken care of.

Approximately one month ago, I noticed a large gray area located in the center of the roof immediately above the windshield. At first I thought this was an area I had missed when I washed the truck. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it wasn't dirt but that the paint is going bad. The gray area is actually paint primer. The area immediately to the left, right and rear of this area is very rough (like sandpaper), no longer has any clearcoat or shine and is in fact, in the process of revealing the paint primer. In plainspoken English, the paint is going bad.

Upon inspecting the rest of the truck, I noticed the paint is also in the process of going bad on the right front fender where the hood meets the fender. This area is checkered showing that the clearcoat is breaking down.

Following is an abbreviated account of my contact with them and with the Chrysler Corporation.


To Chuck Patterson for oil change and to point out bad paint on roof. Waited on by Service Advisor (SA). SA wasn't interested in looking at the paint. She gave me her card with a toll free number for Chrysler. Told me to call them with my complaint.


Called 1-800-992-1997 (Chrysler) and spoke with a service representative. I explained my problem to her and she said that SA should have handled the problem. She said that there is a procedure in place to handle complaints such as mine. She said she would immediately FAX a report to Chuck Patterson advising them as to how to handle my complaint. She gave me a case number of 136564XX for future reference.


Called SA and told her of my conversation with the Chrysler representative. SA didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. I referred her to the FAX that Chuck Patterson was supposed to receive. She said she would research the matter and get back to me. She called about 30 minutes later and said that she was unable to locate the FAX. Further, that she had discussed my case with her supervisor and he told her to tell me that there was nothing that either Chuck Patterson or Chrysler would do as the truck is out of warranty. She said her supervisor told her to tell me that my only recourse is to sue Chrysler.


I called Chrysler again and spoke with a male service representative. He was absolutely of no assistance and kept repeating that the truck is out of warranty and I have no recourse and that Chrysler isn't responsible for the paint going bad. This person had the attitude that he wasn't going to help me and that he could care less about my complaint. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me that wasn't possible. He said he has the authority to make the decision he has made and that there is no higher authority.


I called Chuck Patterson again and asked to speak to the owner of the business regarding a complaint. The operator connected me to a service representative. She listened to my complaint and said she would get back to me in two or three days. As of this writing, (6/24/05) I have not heard from her.

I conducted some research on the Internet and without too much difficulty located several sites listing discussion forums wherein other owner's of Chrysler vehicles and specifically, Dodge Dakota trucks were experiencing similar problems with their paint. I certainly do not expect a paint job to last forever however; I do expect a new vehicle to have paint on it that will last for at least 6 years. I don't think that in this day and age, especially considering the cost of my truck, that my expectations are unrealistic.

I am requesting assistance from the Chrysler Corporation to resolve this problem.



(Name & address deleted for purpose of posting on the internet.)

Reply from Chrysler

Dear Richard:

Your email has been received and the concerns you have raised are appreciated.

After thoroughly reviewing your paint request and the files on this matter, we respectfully concur with the decision rendered by our Senior Staff during your phone conversation.

Thank you for taking the time to communicate with DaimlerChrysler Motors Corporation. It is regrettable that a more favorable reply can not be provided.

Thank you again for writing. deerra

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