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Posted on Saturday, June 25th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 61a8c53d

Company: Blind and Sons Tri-County Heating and Air Conditioning

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Blind and Sons - Tri-County Heating and Air Conditioning

I waited three weeks for a service call and after taking the afternoon off they never showed up. After calling they said they had rescheduled it, but of course I never got their call. I talked with Nicole, but sure couldn't get through to the owner or manager.


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5e10a696, 2008-04-04, 06:10PM CDT

I had the technician Tracy S. hook up the cables to the air conditioner. He was pleasant. My complaint is that I thought the charge of $270 was excessive.

325c0769, 2008-08-04, 01:49PM CDT

i have waited all day for the service call i have planned on since may. not only have i not had my SPRING service call on air conditioners etc., when i asked the receptionist why so late in the summer she sarcastically replied your unit does not know what season it is. uncalled for!

today at 3:00 pm i have not yet seen the service man.

i have called 3 times today for a time estimate and was on hold for 6 minutes

58 seconds, 18:00 minutes and 22 minutes.

what is going on with blind?

0ba80ad6, 2012-12-11, 06:02PM CST

On 12/10/2012 I had a tech out to perform routine maintenance on my furnace. He told my father, who was at the house at the time, that my furnace was cracked and needed to be repaired for about $800, but that he would seriously recommend replacing the furnace. He also said that my T&P valve on my hot water heater was defective and my breaker box needed to be replaced.

I was concerned about his recommendations, especially since I had replaced my T&P valve, and it is in perfect working order. My father-in-law, who is an electrical engineer, had looked at my breaker box previously and indicated it was also fine.

Before undertaking an expensive repair or replacement, I decided to get a second opinion. I called another HVAC company in my area and had them come out and check the furnace. The tech said there is nothing wrong with it and that it didn't need either a repair or replacement.

I had paid Blind $170, which was supposed to cover maintenance on the furnace and the A/C unit in the Spring. Other than taking the furnace apart and telling me it needed to be replaced, the Blind tech didn't perform any maintenance on the unit. My father asked him if he wanted to vaccuum it out while he had it apart, and even offered to get the sweeper for him, but the tech said he wasn't going to bother cleaning anything.

I called Blind and, under their 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, requested my $170 back, especially since I not only won't let them service my A/C, I wouldn't let them in my house for any reason. After berating me for not taking the tech seriously and questioning his evaluation, the service manager said someone would call me back about refunding my money.

I haven't received a refund, and based on Blind's apparent business practices, am not at all confident I will ever get it.

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