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On June 20th, I went to the Cashier Cage to write a check at a Las Vegas casino where I have stayed for over 12 years and have an established line-of-credit. After showing the appropriate identification, I started to write the check and was told that there was no need to actually write the check as it was done electronically now. The system came back stating "Denied - High Risk Transaction." I was rather taken aback as I have cashed checks there for several years. After we returned home, I went to my banker. Understandably, I wanted to find out what the heck was going on. She first checked with the bank department that can tell if my account had even been accessed to attempt to clear a check. There had been no access.

She then called the casino accounting department to find out about this electronic service. She was told that it is this TeleCheck company and they faxed a copy of the form that is given to guests when their check is denied with the reason why. The form does come with an 800-309-3877 number to call which is totally useless. My banker then called TeleCheck and both she and I talked to a "Customer Service" lady with absolutely no results. We were informed that this is their list of denial codes (mine was Code 3) and that there was no way that I could even update my "account" with them so that this would not happen again. Code 3 includes: an out of state check, maximum limits, maximum number of checks written, or "otherwise falls beyond the parameters set by TeleCheck's decisioning system for acceptance." All of this without ever even checking my bank account or credit rating. This whole problem has left a very nasty taste in my mouth. The idea that a company can arbitrarily decide whether or not to cash a check without checking one’s bank account or credit rating is unacceptable. I have done a bit of research on-line and find many complaints from both customers and merchants. Apparently it is advertising heavily for on-line merchants. There is a suit filed against TeleCheck, a subsidiary of First Data Corp., in West Virginia. What if I had needed to write a check for an emergency situation? Who is this company that can convince merchants to sign up for their services an apply this kind of "Big Brother" tactics? Makes one wonder about this First Data Corp.'s affiliation. Also, I discovered in my on-line search that TeleCheck also is into Fish & Game licenses with the "tagging" of sports hunters for their game limit. Now isn't that an interesting connection. I have sent letters to the Attorney Generals of two states and other appropriate agencies. We are losing our rights hand over fist. We better wake up and start complaining! Regards,

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0f0c5e59, 2007-11-08, 08:23PM CST

Ya, I work for a company that uses this item and it is quite a hassle. If it declines it one time, you can try again and then it will magically work. In my case I tried cashing a check through it and it worked, 3 days later I tried again and now it is a "code 3". Considering I had more than enough money in my account and it took a check from 3 days earlier just shows how this machine is complete shit. I would take it to a field and re-enact the Office Space scene if I had the ability. Complete garbage.

8bfba77a, 2008-01-15, 12:27AM CST

Just curious, which casino did this happen at?

Your story is a little strange since you state that you have an established line of credit, but yet you're trying to get a check cashed at the cage. You may have been better off going to the front desk of your hotel. From a risk perspective, check cashing companies look at the two very differently and so do the casinos!

Something to think about.

37fbf0e2, 2008-07-07, 10:16AM CDT

This is not the casino or made up at all. I am having the same problem and all the numbers they give me to Telecheck are no help at all. I have been battling this for months. All my payments I mail in clear fine, it's only when I go to an actual establishment that runs the check thru Telecheck. My car dealership gave me a code 3 and 4 as well and I called Telecheck and they were like robots just repeating "it is out of Telecheck's requirements", but could not tell my "Why", "how to fix the problem", or anything. I am so furious.

I had to use debit machines to get cash to pay for transactions.

Does anyone know how to get some sort of resolution?

a9d68c6a, 2008-12-14, 05:52PM CST

I just had a similar experience and received a code 3 decline. Most of my banking is done with debit cards and online bill pay, so I don't write a lot of checks. This is part of the problem. No history with telecheck results in the same thing as having bad history. Here's the catch 22, now that I know I may be unjustly humiliated at the checkout, why would I try again to write a check and actually establish a history with telecheck? In what world is this logical? I mean really, it would be like knowingly making yourself a target for them. You either risk being humiliated so that you might get a check through and start establishing a check writing history with them, or you risk being in an emergency situation where you really need to write a check and telecheck declines your transaction. They are holding my financial dignity in their incomplete and infuriating database. If they don't accept my check, how do they ever find out if I write good ones?? They are really messing with me. I was furious when I was told my check was declined. I have positive credit and this account is several years old. I understand that merchants have a problem with people writing bad checks, but there is a huge imbalance in this system. My check was over $70. I'm wondering if it had been less, would they have approved it? If this is the key, should we all run to a telecheck merchant and buy something less than $10 once a month for a quarter or so? Honestly, I'm disgusted with the merchants for putting their customers in this situation. The only recourse we have, because I'm told there is absolutely no way to rectify the situation, is not to frequent businesses that use telecheck. Walking away from the purchases is an option, and we could go somewhere else with our business. Code 3 declines are for a variety of reasons. Basically, they declined my check for reasons that they imagined might exist, since I had no history... Their way of thinking reminded me of my three year old at bed time...what if there is a monster under the bed! I also noted on telecheck's website that merchants set their own standards for check declines. Merchants could potentially (not confirmed so, this is just meant conceptually) set a standard when there is no negative history that would be more reasonable. I'm disapponted in the merchant after my experience. But then, telecheck also monitors the frequency of check writing, so I guess if you write too few, or too many, that raises red flags in their system. Am I crazy or doesn't writing infrequent checks also mean I'm not in the habit of writing bad checks? I honestly would have allowed them to contact my bank to establish that my account was in good standing or perhaps I would have allowed them to check my credit rating to establish a basis for accepting the check, but they offer no such solutions. I walked away from my attempted purchases, even though I had a credit card I could have put them on. I can't abide being treated that way. I agree that the telecheck customer service person was not helpful. This is true because she has actually absolutely nothing to offer with regard to rectifying the problem. There is no resolution. You could try a purchase in a different amount at a different vendor on a different day and it might go through, or then again... you may be declined again. You see, according to code 3, there is no history of you in their files. They may feel like approving a purchase one day and not another. I am certain that somewhere, in a conference room far far away, there is someone at telecheck laughing his head off at all of us!

b0220d44, 2009-08-22, 08:47PM CDT

I just returned from shopping at an outlet mall and presented a check to one of the stores for $135 and it was approved immediately. Less than two hours later, I wrote another check to a different vendor for $190, and was denied with a code 3.

Just like you, I got nothing out of the telecheck rep, other than there was nothing negative against me or my bank account. I know I could boycott the vendors using Telecheck, however, two weeks ago, I had the exact same thing happen with two different vendors that used the CERTEGY check verification system, so I boycotted all the vendors using Certegy. If I boycott all the Telecheck vendors, I forsee a time where all available vendors are on my boycott list. I have had nothing but positive response when I purchase from a vendor using the CHECKTRONIC verification system. I just hope they do not change.

30bec9fa, 2009-09-09, 11:11AM CDT

These people are like check gods or so they think. I went to one store and wrote a check for $650 and they took it no problem...then to the next and was denied cause they use telecheck. I sent a letter to the Attorney General this morning...These people give you the same line of bs every time you call in and say your check doesnt meet their guidelines even if you have written a check to the same place within the last ten days and they accepted it. Someone has to put a stop to these idiots. If no bad or negative marks against you, they have no right to tell the store to decline you. I saw online a man in Michigan won a settlement against them in small claims court. But you talk to them on the phone and they treat you like an idiot. Something definitely needs done about them

38f3c349, 2009-12-28, 04:51PM CST

Telecheck agents are rude! They are not helpful in anyway. I was calling to find out why I was not able to write a check. I was asked why was I calling. I stated you tell me I was the one denied. Of course no answer just requested mailing address and phone number then I was told I would be contacted by mail. Gee Thanks Telechecks freakin Jerks. lol

dd20a10d, 2010-01-02, 07:17PM CST

I am having the very

same problem!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous, 2010-08-23, 11:10AM CDT

I am currently experience the same exact situation 23 Aug 10. I was going to write my own complaint, however after reading your's I realize that thank goodness.........we are not crazy. I felt like I was on an episode of Candid Camera or the Twilight Zone. I cannot accept that in America one company can have complete control over my checking account and I have ABSOLUTELY NO RECOURSE!!!

73e60026, 2010-08-23, 11:33PM CDT

I recently found out about this company because they denied my payment to using my bank account. I have used the same account for many purchases with Amazon, and so never have had to think about the middleman. Suddenly I try to purchase an $86.00 TEXTBOOK for school, and I am not allowed to because TELECHECK decided this was "outside of my normal purchasing habits."

I am going to blog and write about this as much as possible until someone does something about this company and it's horrible business practices. If I have to write a letter to every person possible, or blog until I'm blue in the face...I do not believe businesses should be able to decide what I can spend my hard-earned money on.

cab5fbe1, 2010-08-26, 08:48PM CDT

I love the monster under the bed comparison and, I have been as far up the ladder as I could go with this company...I have started to wonder if their system is " a Magic 8 Ball" to where they ask it questions about us consumers as far as payments go..I was told they did not monitor my bills being payed and then they started naming of some payments in my past pay outs and they named of a payment that ....Yes you guessed it it was one of my bills...I am furious with this non-suffecient company and am going to call the Att. Gen and the BBB . Something needs to be done about this because they are holding my money ransome for the period of 6 days and then their Magic 8 Ball will reset it self, but untill then I must suport my day to day living expenses(GAS ,FOOD ,CHILDCARE , ect.) and put food on my family's table for wich I can not write a check for. So I'm broke with money????????

779d1327, 2010-10-19, 07:51PM CDT

I was at Walmart this evening and received a code three for a purchase of $253.00. I was told that there was no negative history and that my check fell into a high risk category. I offered to verify funds through my bank but the rep stated that they wouldn't authorize the check, but still wouldn't give me a reason. I just wrote a previous check for $42.00 in the garden dept at the same store and it was approved. I feel that merchants are losing money with the code three through First Data and it is all percentages on paper with nothing to back it up. I was very upset with First Data and Walmart for allowing this process.

a6e20ea8, 2011-01-27, 11:42AM CST

I also recently was denied a check at a grocery store called Sullivans. It also came back code 3. The only way I was allowed to continue was because the store manager knew me. When I contacted Telechek, I was told I do fall within their parameters and the system does not reconize me. Although I have had a bank account for over 12 years. I was told to wait 10 days before writing another check. I was told the exact same thing a few weeks back and I waited. Now I am facing the exact same problem again. I am afraid now to go anywhere to write a check because I was told by Telechek that each merchant was different and had different parameters. Who do I complain to because all you get at Telechek is the run around. The person just repeat themselves with the same information back to you. Very frustrating. I would like someone to contact me concerning this problem. 815-616-0359 Pat B

5c39a898, 2011-09-17, 06:32AM CDT

Completely agree, had the same experience at my grocery store yesterday. It was embarrassing and a waste of time for everyone. I won't knowingly use businesses anymore with Telecheck, since I won't know if my purchase will be declined for no reason other than I haven't written a check through one of their vendors for awhile.

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