Posted on Friday, June 24th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 94967581

Company: x10.com

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It is very difficult to get a refund from x10.com...basically that is why I want other consumers to know.

I am still struggling to get my money back.

I purchased a security camera package from x10.com and it did not function as they claims.

They did not mention that customers with firewalls can not use web browsers to use web-cam.

After that I removed my home internet firewall but they are now suggesting that which ever PC I may use to use their web cam product ...my not have any firewall (at this age of hackers this is impossible not to have any firewall...especially if I am trying to use my work PC from work to monitor my home over web cam...I need to have my work IT people to remove firewall...how absurd is that)!

On top of that...I had to spend >6hrs of call time just to get an appropriate return authorization!

Now that I have returned my product..still no refund!


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