All South Robertson - Trash Removal

Posted on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 25808507

Company: All South Robertson - Trash Removal

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All South Robertson - Trash Removal

All South Robertson - Trash Removal

1405 Meredith Park Dr,

Mcdonough, GA 30253

I work in customer service myself and could never treat someone the way that I was treated by this company. To make a long story short..I gave this company my debit card number to automatically debit bills as they are due. Well one day I noticed that they did not pick up my trash so I called the next morning. They had the nerve to tell me that i haven't paid in months. But when I did review the bill it said "statement only do not pay" because my automatic payments were set up. I didn't get upset because I should have checked to make sure they were processing my payments.

So i asked if they could correct their error, after I faxed them the original authorization for the payments right then. They apologized and said they would send someone out the next didn't happen! I called again and again they said the next morning....again it didn't happen! Now my husband took the trash back down the drive three days in a row and still no pick up. I called again and then told them to cancel the service and come pick up their can and to credit my account back for that particular quarter.

They said again, they'll have someone out the next morning to get the can and cancelled the service and gave me the credit. It's been about 10 months and they still haven't picked up their can, I don't know if they credited my account like they said, because I don't get any statements from them at all. I've called and left messages but of course with caller ID..they didn't answer I guess when they saw my one returned my calls. I even typed a letter and sent it to the same fax number!'ve got it! response! I haven't received anymore bills and I still have their can. What ever happened to customer service and accountability?

Ms. Pig

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