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Oh how I could go on about the problems with my 2000 Jeep GC. It is a 2000, I6, 2wd, Laredo.

Fuel sender o-rings went out, track arm bolt fell out, cam shaft sensor went out, numerous brake rotors, oil seepage from block/head, etc. Most of these problems were before my extended warrenty milage ran out at 60,000 miles. My main problem was Team Jeep in Douglasville. Bad customer service. They charged me for a "road test" and the mileage on my Jeep when I picked it up was the same as when I dropped it off. Well, anyway, since then my Jeep has been pretty good overall. I now have 129,000 and just recently had an issue.

I was getting the familiar pulsating when braking, so I pulled the wheels off and the rotors to have them turned (resurfaced). When I pulled the drivers side rear off, there was differential fluid all over the brakes, dust shield, flange, tire, it was everywhere. So I am looking forward to a nice blown seal replacement job. Head up to the auto parts store, got the new seal, ordered the new bearing/ring and wait patiently til the next morning. The next morning arrives and so does my new bearing. Out with the old, in with new. Reinstall the new seal.......and wait a minute......it doesn't fit.

The new seal and the old seal are completely different. So, I head back to the parts store. He double checks, tries a year prior and a year after. Still calling for the seal he originally gave me. Then he has a stroke of genius. He tries the 4WD model. Guess what - that is the right seal. After freaking out that the brake pads, bearing, retaining ring, etc are also different, we find out that everything else was the same. But imagine my surprise when I find out that my 2wd GC has a 4wd axle. Just had to get that off my chest. I had not heard of anyone else complain about this so I figured I would. Len Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_44608#


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