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Posted on Sunday, June 19th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 75702dae

Company: Fireside Bank

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I called Fireside Bank to get the pay off balance as I was refinancing my truck through another lender at a lower interest rate. I was told on June 2, 2005 that the pay off balance was $15,046.82. I was also told that this pay off balance amount was good until June 10, 2005.

Subsequently I mailed a check from Capital One Auto Finance in the amount of $15,046.82 which was cashed by Fireside Bank on June 9, 2005. On June 17, 2005 I received a letter from Fireside stating that I still owned $178.95 on the account. I spoke to two individuals in Customer Service (the first hung up when I told her I was recording the phone call) in which the second individual admitted quoting me the pay off amount on June 2, 2005, but she stated the correct pay off total was $15,225.55.

I replied that the correct amount quoted to me was $15,046.82. I asked her to adjust my account to indicate that the account was paid in full. She replied that I still owned the $178.95. I told her that I was going to report this account to the BBB to which she replied, "go ahead."

Do not do business with this bank unless you don't mind dealing with their shenanigans


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Anonymous, 2007-09-28, 02:45PM CDT

We also have an auto loan through Fireside Bank. They have very rude customer service reps & collectors. They never give you the same loan balance. They hang up on you. We are soo tired of dealing with them. We are seeking to refinance our auto.

1696efc0, 2007-10-17, 02:32PM CDT

I also had a loan with fireside. When I tried to call them they kept hanging up on me. When I finally did get a hold of someone they told me I was lying no one would ever hang up me. yeah whatever. Well I finally got sick of them and got away. I couldn't ever even find a website on them so I could check my account, just pay. I'm never home so I use the internet for everything. AHHH. Don't deal with them ever if you don't have to.....

b2176de2, 2007-11-24, 12:33AM CST

We also have a loan through Fireside. They are some of the most rude people I have ever talked to. they wont leave me alone at all.

e05da8c7, 2008-02-25, 07:28PM CST

I also have a auto loan from fireside and have had problems with them from day one saying we never had our own insurance. When I finally got fed up with dealing with them I told them to come get the car. I quit making payments on the car in early 07 and STILL have the car. They wont come get it.

6edbb275, 2008-02-29, 06:09PM CST

My husband and I have your taurus Finance with Fireside and like many others we have alot of problems. Does anybody else get calls from them before your payments even due? The only reason I found this site is because they called 7 days before our payments is due, just to give a friendy reminder. YEAH RIGHT!!!! We have even go so far that I went online to find what laws a call center has to follow (FDCPA),I pointed out what they were doing wrong , the lady simply said we don't have to follow laws.

3a49e389, 2008-03-24, 11:39AM CDT

I have exactly the same issues. they are liers, and blood suckers. in my car lease with a little tiny fonts that you need a microscope to read it, they had a policy that I need to pay 10.00$ PER DAY for interest! so, from 535.75 that I pay every month, 300.00 goes for interest and 235.75 from my account. and this until the END OF THE LEASE!!! calling them is worthless. they deny easily what they said before. just tell them that you are recording the conversation and if really can, DO IT.

8c08430a, 2008-06-11, 04:38PM CDT

I also deal with Fireside Bank. They call 7 days a week. They are very rude. At times they had people come to the house if the payment was a day late. What is wrong with these people. I have also issues with my pay off amount. By the end of the year my pay off was $11,560 now six months after that my car pay off is now $13,000. how is that. Should there be a class action suit against this bank? With improper information?

71e0c311, 2008-07-14, 04:19PM CDT

I have a car loan though Fireside aswell, in June 2007 we sent in our payment, then i left town and asked my husband to mail in the July payment, which forgot. So then on the 7th of July my van got repoed. I was confused becouse we were only like a week late. Well come to find out they never put in our June payment. Not till the day the van got taken did they post the June payment. They told me that they did not recieve that payment till that day. So they are saying that the mail took 19 days to get to them, I don't know, my husband is a mail man and 19 days is unheard of. I always get there statements in 3 to 4 days.

So then they tell me to get the van back I have to pay the July payment and a $400 towing charge. So I western unioned the money to them, and they were suppose to fax the tow company to release the van. They didn't do that till 4:45 on Friday. By the way the tow company closes at 5 and is closed till Monday. So on top of all of that the tow company is charging us $147 to get the car out, That is there fee they said. PLEASE DO NOT USE FIRESIDE THEY ARE NOT A TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY!!!!!!!

56b58687, 2008-07-16, 06:45AM CDT

I have had the exact same issue where at once I was told a lower payoff 6 months earlier, however when I had a car dealership call to get the pay off when I was looking at the trade off it jumped by almost $2,000.00

The first few months I had my loan I was making extra payments to pay my car off earlier to eliminate intrest. I was told that I had a set amount of intrest so if I paid the car off in 2years or 6years that I would still pay the intrest, then they stated when I was looking at trading my car in that I would pay less intrest if I paid the car of earlier.

I feel that I have been screwed over by Fireside Bank. I spoke with an attorney and here is what I was told.





01f9db3a, 2008-08-01, 01:38AM CDT

for 1, i work for fireside bank, and the only shinanigans is you customers not paying theyre bill., so we call, and we call alot- how would you like it if you loaned someone 10-20,000$ to buy a car and they give you every excuse in the book to pay the bill. while complaining about interest.No bank gives loans interest free and when you are late you pay more interest that accrues daily. Yeah we sometimes dont pick up a vehicle if it doesnt run or isnt worth re-selling at auction.The fact of the matter is if you dont pay the bill it will get repoed and go on your credit, and then fireside will go after you for the difference from when we sale it at auction. And if you dont want to pay still we will garnish your wages or put a lein on your home if you have one. Be nice to the reps and they will be nice to you. Dont get mad because we call you when you are late, all u have to do is pay your bill on time or in a timely manner and we are all happy. You think I enjoy calling people all day hearing the same story which half are lies anyway? I dont , so dont take it out on the collectors because we are just doing our job

a7e03b0e, 2008-08-04, 04:13PM CDT

I've had problems with them too. I had a representative on the phone tell me they are not a bank. They don't give loans or refinance, she said. They don't defer payments at all. I was told in a pinch I could change my due date. I did exactly what they said. I was contacted the day after the usual due date, to be told they hadn't changed it, and I owed a late fee. Told I was not 'eligible' to change my due date. Why was I told by them that I could then? Then I was forced to make 2 payments the following month, plus a late fee. No other option. Just what I need as I'm about to refinance my home. These people jerking me around and hurting my credit. Makes sense though, that way if they get to do business we me they can charge more. I got 2 kids to feed, I don't need this.

I would strongly suggest that any consumer avoid dealing with these scammers if given any choice at all.

Theres good business, and customer service, and then theres fireside 'bank'.

fd55b408, 2008-08-10, 09:39PM CDT

wow well i just got a loan with fireside wish i had seen this sooner :( but i didnt so wish me luck guys.

b61f1cd6, 2008-08-18, 03:40PM CDT

yeah i have my car refinance by them also they are very rude i even spoke to the manager name william poor customer service and didnt get nowhere with them

0492f2a7, 2008-08-27, 11:29PM CDT


4bc80860, 2008-10-01, 03:50PM CDT

I've been a customer of Fireside Bank for about a year now in New Mexico when they still had local branches. After they closed their branches and went to only phone service it has been completely ridiculous - every teller is extremely rude and they've screwed everything up, i.e. changing the date of my payment or notating that I would be a week late on my payment or that I had even called in the first place. They've hung up on me several times due to an arguement of their information being incorrect and nobody will transfer you to their superior, they just say "they'd tell you the same thing". They're a bunch of idiots and are probably going out of business, why else would they close all their branches and go just to phone service? lol grr to them. Just thought i'd add my input.

94e70ef1, 2008-10-01, 05:47PM CDT

That's exactly what happened to me!! Except the rep. suggested I change my due date and if, when I need to, I can always change it back. Well that was not the case. I was later told I could only change the due date only once.

267ee7e4, 2008-10-10, 02:16AM CDT

i purchased a truck through fireside,i gotta tell you i actually had no problems with them they have been very nice,as i am to them,they once charged me twice my payment on my card,but quickly fixed and credited my card,...i was late with a few payments,they were never rude to me,you people must all be stuck up snotnose punks!...FIRESIDE ROCKS!

8bc53d76, 2008-10-13, 01:37AM CDT

I am currentley going through them right now. I have not dealt with them too much just payingmy bill. We tried to trade our car for a new one and they said they would finance it and called two weeks later and said they wouldnt. even though we had the final interview call with the payment amount. So we had to return the car to the dealer, on top of that they charged me a late payment on our other car after we had the new one still!! Even though they were the ones who messed up. High interest rates and not user friendly over the net. Can never get where you need to on the site. This one was easier to find then the actual site!!!!

480767b1, 2008-10-23, 02:43PM CDT

I made my payments by money order (3 payments) and three months later I get a call saying they are repo'ing my truck because I haven't paid my bill. They recieved my money orders and never posted them to my account, every one I dealt with was rude and accused me and my husband of lying, well come to find out they "misplaced the money orders" maybe you shouldn't assume that everyone is lying to you. I almost had my truck repo'ed because of firesides mistake, and had to deal with being called a liar. I don't believe I ever even got an apology when they found out they were wrong!

fe053e65, 2008-10-24, 10:23PM CDT

We have also had our auto account with Fireside for many years and have had virtually no issues until recently when there csr agent (his name was Angel) called, made threats and quoted outside of what is actually in our contract language calling me a liar about the terms. Fortunantly I have had audits done on our account and sent to us to keep them honest as possible. Occassionally I have sent the payment out a day or two later than usual which has never been a problem, but now that we are close to payoff they are calling before payments are due and up to three times the day it's due, asking personal questions, ect. I personally think that due to the economy right now that they are afraid they will be stuck with a bunch of defaults and wind up out of business. Honestly, they will be out of business or in a class action lawsuit if they continue to deal with their customers this way with the end result OUT OF BUSINESS(or perhaps they need to hire more polite CSR's that are familiar with what is happening in our world currently and that are greatful they even have a job right now or start actually monitoring those calls "for training purposes" as they claim they can do, oh yea that could actually wind up being to their own demise in court so why would they ever think of doing such a thing?). If anyone ever needs information about payoff balances, be sure to either have it sent or faxed ASAP so that if they made an error, they can be heald liable in the future. Another piece of valuable advise is to document all conversations, dates and the names of those you are dealing with, it helps a lot when you speak to someone who actually is in a position that's not making min. wage and perhaps is NOT desperate to earn some sort of bonuses or insentives on their bottom lines that cause a collection agent mentality or preferably send a written certified letter outlining the issues to corp. president. Then the next time you make that major purchase, steer clear of using them, be sure to express to the person you buying from does NOT run you through Fireside as a financer since you refuse to do business with them. They have also been known to report people to credit reporting co. before 30 days past due, this is NOT legal!!!! Report to BBB, your states attorney general office and any other options for your state to file a consumer complaint, they will be dealt with harshly if they are not following the laws....they are a USA based company and are very subject to the laws, so DON'T let them tell you otherwise! Again be sure to get each person you talk to name and either location or employee #, they can give you that info. and if they don't it's because they know they are doing something wrong, but if you record the date and time it can be traced through computer and/ or phone records. Hope this saves others from dealing with their rude customer service (if that's what you want to call it)and being treated unfairly, our payments are what keep them employed (which I always pay more than the amount due)so maybe (in my opinion)they should start realizing we are the only reason and source of their paychecks and that they could be one paycheck from the unemployment line like half of America, left unable to pay their bills then perhaps they will get a better appreciation! As for their statements made on here preporting that everyone is a "Liar" telling "stories", in my opinion that is a form of slandering their own customers by making such a broad statement! Maybe for a few that is maybe very true, but that is not the majority so they shouldn't make it a business practice of lumping everyone into the same heap, as for myself I have always been direct and honest, in turn I as a customer do not appreciate seeing on this board an employee being so negative with such careless statements about customers. (*For legal reason I must state that this is all written based on my experiences and/or opinions and is intended for information purposes only ;)*)

8b799c9f, 2008-10-30, 02:42PM CDT

I unfortunately have an auto loan through Fireside Bank. I called to pay off my loan $5,004.98 and was told that they only accept payments over the phone or via the web site in $1,000 increments and that each incremental payment would carry a $9.95 "processing fee" so they wanted another $60.00 to pay off my car. I asked for the the physical mailing address so I could FedEx my payment to which they said "no" that they wouldn't accept payments at their physical address. I would rather not have the car than have another loan through Fireside!

7f3f3d87, 2008-12-03, 01:43PM CST

I, too, have an auto loan through Fireside Bank and have had nothing but trouble with them since I started the loan. A few months after getting the car loan we ran in to some financial troubles with healthcare costs for our children and they wouldn't even work out payment arrangements to get the car paid off a few days later. They said that we had to secure payment through our checking account in order to do that. Since neither myself or my husband had a checking account at that time, we couldn't do that and they have been nothing but a nightmare ever since that time.

I wouldn't recommend doing business with this bank. They just cause more stress and agony over just on car payment.

36d706b6, 2008-12-10, 03:42PM CST

I googled Firesides name because I'm at work and needed their number to call and make my payment and found this.

Last month I paid my bill asking them to debit a specific account and they debited the wrong one, causing over $300 in overdraft fees. I have two seperate checking accounts, one that I use ONLY for bills and the other that is linked to my debit card..I specifically requested that they use the account that is just for checks and even transferred funds over from my account linked to my debit card to make sure there were enough funds for all of my bills that were due to post. They took it out of the wrong account!!! Bank of America only reversed $100 in fees because I gave my account number out authorizing it to be auto debited.

This reminds me, they were supposed to send me a copy of the tape recording, which they never have. I'm going to call them now and ask for it.

4a96f647, 2008-12-16, 02:38PM CST

FIRESIDE is horrible at customer service.

I made arrangements to pay off my balance on November 26th and told that I needed to get the payment in by December 6th. On Dec 2nd (5 days later) I started to get harassing phone calls, the first one was ok, maybe someone got their lines crossed but when Fernando? (if that was even his real name) called he was a total ASSHOLE and demanded that I interrupt my day so he could let me know that I was going to pay this balance now. I informed him that arrangements had already been made and that I did not appreciate his mannerism, he then told me there was no record of anything and that a late payment had kicked in already and he can not override that unless he got a payment right now over the phone. I told him that I had already made arrangements back on Nov 26 and that the check was already sent. He told me that if I did not pay the account it would go to collections - at this point I asked to speak to a supervisor, HE HUNG UP ON ME. I called back only to get the run around and nobody knows anything about anything. This company keeps only records about GOOD conversations with people I guess.

I have since that time left 2 messages for SUPERVISORs who have disregarded my complaint about being treated so rudely - NO ONE has called back.

Over the last 4 years of dealing with your company, I have found that FIRESIDE lacks every imaginable decency for respecting customers. Most of the customer service agents are so cocky and rude it is a wonder that they are still in business. I am glad that my loan is paid in full and NEVER recommend Fireside bank or any of its affiliates. If anyone is wondering is this is a good establishment - RUN for you life! They are CROCKS, LIARS and CHEATS - and they will mess up your credit if given the chance.

To the idiot Fireside worker that commented on this site - do you see anyone saying one nice thing about your company - LOOK IN THE MIRROR, stop blaming us. If you do not like your job - go get another one. Customer service is easy, it is about helping the customer, that is it.

7f688bc8, 2008-12-16, 03:54PM CST

FIRESIDE is horrible at customer service and terrible for getting a straight answer.

I made arrangements to pay off my balance and then 5 days later I started to get harassing phone calls, the first one was ok, maybe someone got their lines crossed. On December 3rd, Fernando? (if that was even his real name) called and he was a total ASSHOLE and demanded that I interrupt my day and pay my outstanding balance. I informed him that arrangements had already been made and that I did not appreciate his rude mannerism. He then told me there was no record of anything and that a late payment had kicked in already and he can not override that unless he got a payment right now over the phone. I told him that I had already made arrangements back on Nov 26 (6 days prior) and that the check was already sent, he should be able to confirm that in his computer system. He told me that if I did not pay the account it would go to collections - since his hearing was apparently not working- I asked to speak to a supervisor, HE HUNG UP ON ME. I called back only to get the run around and nobody knows anything about anything about people making any type of phone call like that. I have since that time left 2 messages for SUPERVISORs who have disregarded my complaint about being treated so rudely - NO ONE has called back.

Over the last 4 years of dealing with FIRESIDE company, I have found that the company lacks decency for respect for anyone. Most of the customer service agents are so cocky and rude it is a wonder that you are still in business. This must be taught from the top down, since everyone acts the same.

I am glad that my loan is paid in full with you and I will NEVER recommend Fireside bank or any of its affiliates. If anyone is wondering is this is a good establishment - RUN for you life! DO NOT FINANCE ANYTHING WITH THEM, THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!

97c92e43, 2008-12-16, 10:01PM CST

I am currently receiving financing through Fireside Bank. Yes, the interest rate is high, but that is what you get for having not so good credit. I am not having any problems with the company at this time. I make my payments on time, thru bill pay through my bank. This can protect the customer, because Fireside can not say, they have not received a payment on time. However, I am making triple payments, in order to pay off the loan earlier, than 48 months, which looks like it will be paid off in less than 3 years and my credit and fico are now consider good and fico in the high 600s and 700s. So, they are good for something...

One customer service person told me, I should make payments toward the Principal only, which will reduce interest I would have to pay over the life of the loan. This can only be done on a loan, which does not require a payment due the next month or so. That much is true. Besides, this individual realize I want to pay off early and see I am being responsible(his words not mines). Not all the customer service staff are stupid, although I will admit the service industry is not what is use to be 30, 40, 50, 60+ years ago.

Also, for those who are going to pay off their loan, try to do it in person or else confirm the pay off amount with more than one person and obtain a copy of the policy on how long the pay off amount is good for. The automation, gives the payoff amount, then confirm with a live person. Remember, the date when the interest is applied is a factor. Also, have them send you the pay off amount in writing and how long that amount is good for. Always, get that stuff in writing, because it's their word against yours. Remember, buyer beware! Keep that in mind!

Also, If you record the person over the phone; if you record only as evidence of what you said or if you get a life and death threat, you don't have to tell them you are recording them; this is legal in California. Rightful so, you have to let a person know you are recording them or a beep must be heard if you don't tell them you are recording. The beep sound may not be noticed or understood by customer service, because most of them are not very bright.

However, I will say, Fireside customer service does request your phone number, address, place of employment, etc... each and everytime you call. I think, that is their way of making sure, you have not lied about this info. or you can be found. I simply tell them, the info. has not changed and besides I make triple payments, on time and your getting your money, thats all you need to be concerned with. They don't go any further with confirmation of info., they simply laugh.

When I make that last payment about 4 months from now, I will let you know if I get the run around.

c8bbe13f, 2008-12-18, 06:47PM CST

F U Fireside bank. You are all a bunch of morons that couldnt get a job anywhere else exept maybe McDonals. i always pay my bills on time. you people allways seem to tell me im late but i always come back with hard evidence. The evidence is a cashed check 2 days before its due. Dumb asses all of you.

58253e6f, 2008-12-28, 10:33AM CST

Hold on there! I don't have any dealings with Fireside Bank. But I got a call from your company asking for a G... S.... I told the fellow that called there was no G... S... at this number. He started badgering me, so I hung up on him. He called back immediately and asked again for G... S.... I told him I had already said there was no G... Smith here. Then he, yes he, wanted to know if I knew GS. I said no. Then he wanted to know if I knew R... S.... I said that I had already told him that I didn't. Then he asked again if I knew them. At this point, I asked who he was. He said his name was Brian. He did not give me a last name or where he was calling from. Then 'Brian' accused me of not answering his questions. That's when I got really angry and told him I didn't need to answer any of his questions. He wanted to know why GS would give him this phone #. I told him I didn't know and he should contact GS to find out. We had quite the argument, while he continued to harrass me. Then I hung up on him again. I still had no idea what company 'Brain' was with until I called the number recorded on my phone. I called the number and got a recording. I have never even heard of Fireside Bank, and I certainly will never do business with them. After considering the matter, I also called the police. Now that I have read all these other complaints, I think I will see about pressing harrassment charges.

b4a0926a, 2008-12-29, 04:34PM CST


1137ad0c, 2009-01-09, 05:43PM CST

I am also doing business with fireside and not having any good luck. My loan ended in June well they told me at june that I had six months left so I thought we'll maybe I was wrong so I paid the six months and called them and asked them to send my title well they said I had six months left.

8610d4aa, 2009-01-21, 10:26AM CST

I have paid off two vehicles with Fireside and have never had a problem.

Interest high? Yes! But when you pay your bill on time they do not bug you.

They are trying to get better with customer service but no one is perfect.

Obviously our credit wasn't that great or a fedral bank would have loaned us the money. So we get what we pay for!

d59658bd, 2009-02-04, 08:11PM CST


2db82291, 2009-02-25, 07:18PM CST

I also had a loan with Fireside. The car was stolen and totaled by the insurance company. Between the payment from insurance and the refund sent to the bank for the service contract the account was overpaid almost 600.00. Ahhh but alas the interest on an account that was paid off ate almost 300.00 of what they should refund me. WHAT A BUNCH OF CROOKS. They advised me not to make my February payment until they got the insurance payoff then charged the whole payment to interest when they got over 7k from the bank already. DO NOT FINANCE THROUGH FIRESIDE.

c3a32179, 2009-02-28, 05:35PM CST

I am also doing business with Fireside Bank. I made a payment by phone with a representative, in wich he said would satisfy my account for the time being. Subsequently, I was called the following day being advised that I actually owed an additional amount. I was also threatend that my car would be reposessed by a rep who's objective seemed to be to engage in an argument with me, rather than collecting on the account, or explaining where the mistake was made. She was such an idiot, as she never even got around to telling me how much more was owed on the account, instead she told me that I need to learn how to return peoples phone calls! I was absolutely appalled, Me being a former collection rep, and knowing that the customer doesn't have to even allow the collectors to call the phones! Where did fireside find this jerk? With the economy being the way it is, and this rep seems to be begging for an harrassment law suit!

2e1852ff, 2009-06-17, 09:21AM CDT

I have to say, as an unfortunate customer of Fireside, it's been nothing but headaches and ulcers with them.

They ARE heartless. They DO jerk you around. One person last month told me that if I am going to be late on my payment all I have to do is call and let them know -- "Just stay in touch," she said. "And as long as we receive it by the end of the month, your account will be okay."

Yesterday, however, when I called to inform them that my payment would be late, the b**** on the phone said: "No, that's not true. We'll can come take your car whenever we want, and we'll start calling you the day after the payment is late. You'll get lots and lots of phone calls."

At least she was honest about that.

They are rude, they are ready to fight and they live to humiliate. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration.

98198636, 2009-06-30, 10:42AM CDT

To the person who commented and works for Fireside. I guess you know they lost in a class action law suit over the way they handled their repos. Tis a great and wonderful company you work for.

3455bf96, 2009-09-12, 08:32PM CDT

I have had two car loans through Fireside, and never had any problems. It's true, the day after your payment is late, they start the annoying phone calls, and the interest rate is high. But that's what we get for having bad credit. I just finished paying off my car that wasn't supposed to be finished until 2012. I talked to 3 or 4 different people to make sure I had the right pay-off amount, and address. A few days after paying off the car, I called to make sure they got it. And about 2 1/2 weeks later, just like they said, I got the title... no problem. Just wanted to post this to show that not everyone has had a bad experience.

68fe1251, 2009-09-26, 11:06PM CDT

In March of 2007 we purchased a car, and in Feb 2008 we sent the remaining balance of 4,800 to pay off a couple of weeks later we got the title to the car, and a letter stating that the car was paid off with a refund check of 330.00 dollars and now just now they are calling saying we owe them 498.00 dollars they keep calling us we sent proof of paying off the car proof of money orders sent ect. We dont know what to do should we pay on a car that we already paid off, I mean we sold the car in June of 2008, we tell them not to call us at work and they still do these people are rude and stupid idiots that dont know there own head from there ass.

1f233659, 2009-09-28, 01:07AM CDT

Well I have read all these complaints and I have to agree with everything that is said. I on the other hand had spoken to someone last year in AZ. The made arrangements with me and low and behold the following month they repossed my vehical. Boy that was something. They ran me around for days before I could get my car back. They were waiting for the due date to come and go even though I paid everything. They were going to sell my car out from under neith me. Please no matter what, bad credit and all! Do Not get a loan with this company. They have had so many complaints with the BBB and the Federal Communications Commission that they do not care. The are rude, they try to imtimedate you. I have had they say the things that were said to all of you. They do get things wrong and the NEVER write in the computer what is said. That is how they try to win over on the hard working people in this world! Don't forget....Bad things happen to good people!!!!!

d695c2b0, 2009-10-11, 12:30AM CDT

We are unfortunately financed through fireside as well. My husband has me deal with them because he can't even speak to them. They have hung up on us numerous times, been extremly rude, try to hassle us for more money then what we owe, lied to us, should I go on?

I called to get my pay off ballance and they were very hessitant, stuborn and tried to play us as stupid. I told them that I had our contract and I wanted to see the info that they had on us so I made them mail us a copy. They had the same copy so they had no excuse to say that we were confused as they were tring to claim and the info we were giving them was wrong.

There has been a few times we were late by maybe a few days and we were told before signing our contract that we had a 10 day grace priod. We would call to give them the heads up, they would say it's okay and then we would make our payment and they would harras us for a late fee.

They have tried to rip us off numorus times not just the late fee before the grace period. When we signed our contract the agreement for the late fee for $10. Then they tried to say it was 15 a few times, then it was 20, last month it was 35. The man I spoke to said it had always been that amount until I told him about our contract. Then he change his story to "they just changed the fee amount. " I told him that, that was illegal and they never gave us a 30 day notice so we would not pay it. Even though our contract is in stone I just wanted to get off the phone with them. He told me "fine forget the late fee then, just send us our payment".

There has also been times in the past to where I have asked for a supervisor and they have put a another person on the phone posing as one. You could tell because the person was unexperienced and I remembered her voice. Another time I asked for a supervisor, they did the same thing, the person forgot to put me on hold and I heard everything. They were saying bad things about me and making the whole thing a joke and putting me down saying I was being stupid. They put a person on the phone then they hung up on me. Just like a bunch of roudy teenagers trying to play games.

We really need our car for transportation so my husband can keep his job and drive me to the hospital if I have a seizure. He can get me there about 15-20 minutes before an ambulance would even arrive. I have almost died from 1 in the past. But even though I know alot and I put them in thier place when I need to, (there has only been 1 call I haven't)I am so tired and can no longer handle this. I have enough problems in life as it is and have always been faithfull about our payments but I don't think all of this negativity on top of over $10,000 we have paid ont it, is worth the problems my huband and I go through with these people. We are about to give it back just because of the way they treat us and I am really scared because my husband needs to keep work and my seizure problems.

It is my strong opinion theese people are rotten, dishonest, disrespectfull, try to take advantge of you, try to steal from you (isn't that embezlement?)and completely unprofessional. Although I do give credit to one man that works or at least used to work there. He was very kind and helpful and also told me not to let the other employees tell me diferent then my contract. The only possitive contact we have ever had with them.

Is there anything we can get out of this because of all of the problems we have had to go through with these people?

d695c2b0, 2009-10-11, 03:40AM CDT

For the fireside bank representative: I know exactly who you are. Those are the exact words you told me when I called to make sure you got my payment when I wasn't late just because you guys blamed us for not sending in our payment the month before when we were also ON TIME! To make it worse we send our payments through western union which is electronically processed so it is received the same day. How do you explain that, why did you have to be so disrespectful towards me when I did nothing wrong except for giving my money to some company that does not deserve money from honest people that pay their bills and from those that have a temporary hardship but somehow makes sure their payment is paid in full? Why do you tell people they owe more then what they do and attempt to collect late fees that are not due? Why do you threaten people to tow their vehicles before the California State Law time period regulations allows when they say they might be late before they are even late? Oh, and the breach of confidential information you told my husbands friend. Legally your only supposed to tell them to call back at the most not all of the personal details. All of these are experiences my husband and I have gone through with you. I think all of us loyal paying customers deserve a credible explanation of these questions, you owe us a minimum of honest apologies and a change of the negative actions of your company.

I think all of us on this site are actally greatful that you did post your comment here. It is solid proof of what we are all posting is true and others can see as well how you really act, treat and think of your customers. It is a shame how you treat those who help keep you company alive.

d695c2b0, 2009-11-16, 12:53PM CST

Opinion: In response to the fireside reprsenative for all of us victums. Is'nt it great that they posted this comment on this site?! It proves to all how they treat people with the way they responded. It also shows how "professional" they are. Also, did you notice how bad thier grammer and spelling is in thier comment? I sure know I would not hire anyone like that especialy when it come to keeping important records. They also need to learn thier manners.

8e75a3f2, 2009-12-04, 05:03PM CST

I am writing about the traumatizing experience my family had from the repo man from LA Walker Repossession Company, who came to our home last night. First, Fireside Bank would not work with me on any kind of payment arrangements; I could not catch up so I knew they were coming to repossess the vehicle.

I had the vehicle parked right here in our complex for ease of recapture, there was no need for him to do what he did. At about 12:30 after midnight last night, the repo man banged on our front door like he was trying to beat it down, very scary and intimidating. When that did not work because we were sleeping, he proceeded to bang on all of the household's windows, also very loud and scary. He awoke my teen daughter age 17 and my son age 18, and he traumatized them to the point where they could not go back to sleep the entire night and missed school today because of the lack of sleep and the stress of the situation. Lets send a message that these evil practices will not be tolerated.

52f22b15, 2010-03-29, 11:38AM CDT

We to have a loan, got the car repossessed after they blocked out payments, we called to make a payment over the phone at 9am, the tow truck came at 8pm that evening. We were one and one half payments behind, and told them we would be making a payment to catch up the amount due on the following day. We contacted the tow company to retrieve our personal belongings, and Fireside already removed the vehicle from their lot. It is to be sold today at auction, how do we get our belongings back? When we were on time with our payments, they still harassed us wanting the next payment 30+ days ahead of due date. DONT USE FIRESIDE...WALK FIRST!!!

b82609e5, 2010-07-09, 08:59PM CDT

I understand your frustration because I have worked with the public for over 20 years. However, the majority of the customer service reps are not rude and untrained although I did have a couple of horrible ones these past 2 years. We can all serve the public (customers) without taking things personally. We simply state our rules and policies. Anything more than that is simply poor manners, and perhaps psychological issues.

3447d676, 2010-07-28, 06:56AM CDT

This bank fireside is still garnishing my paychecks and they have been garnishing more than what I owed them, I think these people at firesideBank or the company is wrong for doing this to poor people like this at this time of a bad economy when everyone else are struggling to make ends wife and I keeps arquing about our financial issues just because this company garnished my paychecks so many months that we sure get late payments on our rent, and other bills, foods for our 5kids and 2adults at our home, these guys are very bad and they sure know that they owe me alot, because they been garnishing my pychks with from 100$-1,000.00 on my paychks since last year for 3months and this year for another 3months when I only owe them $4-5,000.00 on a used ford focus with no warranty on it....I hope this company get a law suit again someday so they don't have to treat people like this!

6e9c68be, 2010-08-18, 10:19AM CDT

I have to agree with a lot of the people here and sympathize with them also. I have a car loan with Fireside. I am paying over 19% interest on my loan. I have paid for almost 2 1/2 years on my car, a 2001 PT Cruiser and never been late on a payment. Recent financial problems and i asked for assistance from Fireside and they refused. All that i wanted was a 1 to 2 month deferment to get caught up and they refused. What kind of bank is this. First they take advantage of you when you are down by charging you outrageous interest rates and then refuse to work with you if you get the least bit behind. They are setting you up for failure before you ever get started. I hear people say that the high interest rate is because we have challenged credit. That makes no sense, by charging us such ourtageous interest rates you are making it more difficult to succeed from the very beginning. Shame on you Fireside for such very poor business practices. Not all of us out there are trying to scam the system, some of us simply do have some financial problems and need help once in awhile. I am 54 years old,I work as nurse for veterans,i am single and live alone trying to make ends meet. I hope you find some pride in doing this kind of work and doing this to people. I

3b814774, 2010-09-07, 09:04PM CDT

I have a loan through fireside.. I FINALLY owe $3200 on the car and it should be paid off in March or April of next year. I cannot explain how happy I will be to get rid of these horrible people. All the nice people there get fired because they are not aggressive enough. The day after you payment is late, they call me litterly 15 times before noon. Never leaving a voicemail. In my mind, if you dont leave me a voicemail, than its not important. They always say they will work with you, yet when I dont get paid till the following week, I can't give you what I don't have.

35b74f1e, 2010-09-14, 09:40AM CDT

I got suckered into dealing with Fireside, I bought my truck which was a Mercury Mountaineer, I had it for 2 weeks when the dealership called and said that the bank couldn't do the financing for that truck and I needed to bring it back and pick out something else, this is called Predatory Lending and it turned out that it was much Fireside as it was the dealership pulling this scam, they said if I didn't bring it back they would repo it, so I went back and demanded my down payment and my trade-in back, they stalled for days and days, finally calling and saying they had a great truck for me, I went and look and was so tired at this point I took the one they offered, which started overheating the moment I got on the interstate. I called the Attorney General here in Idaho and they dealership fixed my truck and it was beautiful, ran great, it was perfect. I was a happy girl but still a little irritated about how things went down. Anyway, a year goes by and I became disabled after have 2 surgeries on my spine, I knew I couldn't pay my payments so I did a voluntary repo, several months later I get a letter stating that my truck was auctioned and that I owed some crazy amount which was more that what I owed to start with, Fireside justifies it by calling it interest but that is total BS. Anyway so here we are 4 years later and I am still disabled, have had 2 more spinal surgeries. I know I owe them but not the figure they say. Their collections dept call and send letters and I let them know whats going on with my ability to pay and thats that. Well suddenly my father gets a letter from them, an offer of settlement, saying he owes them and the will do a 90% payoff, it is duplicate of the letter they sent me recently only my father isn't on my account, he doesn't have an account with them, he didn't co-sign for me. When I call them to find out whats going on the collections rep called me a liar, said I was trying to distract attention from what I owed. Now my father is very angry and we both start calling. The Attorney General's of both Idaho and California, the Federal Trade Commision (they regulate fair dept collection). Jose at Fireside is regularly combative with me, yesterday when I again asked him why he sent the letter to my father he got very defensive said I was lying, told me to fax it then in the next breath said "you don't want to fax it cause you are lying". I told him he was pretty stupid to violate the law, and he lost it, he said "call me stupid again" it was the most ridiculous conversation,the implied treat was there, so I responded "why what are you going to do threaten me?" I told him it didn't take an education nor intellect to do collections especially if you were breaking the law to do it So in the end I'm not faxing a copy of the letter,a copy is going to be sent with the letter advising them to cease and desist in contacting my father.

They clearly violate Fair Debt Collections Laws and think they can continue to get away with it but I'm not letting them, I advise anyone who has experiences with their collections team and you feel they have violated privacy laws or collections laws, call your attorney general, or go to the website and start a complaint that way, and also call the Fair Trade Commission. As long as the get away with it they will keep doing it, and it is wrong. Report violations the only way it will change is is people do something about it. Here's the link for California Consumer Information page, you can file a complaint here.

7a895838, 2010-12-02, 12:46AM CST

I am not responding to the above, but I needed to ask a question....I got my car repo'd 1 year ago...I have amde payments, but they will not let me change the time of month for due date again. They only do it for a one time of the loan...I was unemployeed for a while then my new job I had a different payday......Fireside would not work with me on changing the due date for a second time, so I incure a late charge of around $100.00+ per month....does that go toward the principle??? in their pocket. Another thing, if they repo your car, do you legally owe the balance of the loan or do they just take it when they repo the vehicle???? Does anyone have the answer????

b4f5d83c, 2010-12-09, 05:57PM CST

They are very rude reps and they harass you over and over and dont get the meaning of stop harassing, the cost me my job for harassing me

eecf5002, 2012-03-27, 11:18AM CDT

Fireside is a sham! They Harass me all day long knowing I dont have $8000 to hand over. They call me maybe 10-12 times daily. Nights and weekends!

Karl, 2012-12-26, 08:56AM CST

Last year in December 2011, I was being harassed about making payments on a car loan I took out for $25,000.00, yet the funny thing is... I do not have a drivers license due to my epilepsy. I can not purchase a car without a license, and I have never been to the state of California. After receiving so many harassing phone calls, I called my provider law firm here in Ontario, Canada, who referred me to a law firm in California, which they ended up writing a letter on my behalf to Fireside bank, as I received a final e-mail approximately 1 week later, apologizing for the harassing phone calls, and explaining they called me in error.

Overall, from seeing many peoples complaints towards this bank, I think they were doing a lot of illegal actions, and we all should fight for our legal right against this bank.

Kiva B., 2013-02-17, 10:41PM CST

I been trying to obtain my car title for about two years now still trying. Im very upset with company they do bad business I was late on one payment and they repo my car back in April 2011 They came and got my car and took it to Livermore trying to sell it and it havent even been a week took all my personal stuff out then tried to sell it back to me for $130.00 .They thought, I was dumb I had a balance of $1,750 the car was 9,999 at honda of Oakland back in 2006 with a 18.1 interest rate first buyer by time I paid the car in 2011 the car was $18,999 for a 2003 Buick regal that car is only worth $5,700 I learned my lesson messing with Fireside Bank they were very rude the for five years to me. Now I really need the title cause my car was stolen for the Insurance Company I glad there closed I just want the Title to my Car thats it I will be calling this company listed above to see how they can help me .

Lyndsi Jay L., 2013-08-23, 06:11PM CDT

WOW. Just applied for a car loan. Got informed by the Senior Financial Rep that I have a lean on me for $7k from Fireside Bank. I have not heard from that bank in 3 years, and was told that 2 years of $200 a month paid the balance. I am shocked and feel completely blind-sided. I told the rep this is rediculous, I have been at the same phone number, residence and job.... I'VE NOT BEEN HIDING. WHY HAVE THEY NOT CONTACTED ME! I am so confused at why a judge can even do this wihout notifying you. It's sad. How am I ever going to pay back a lean when I can't get a loan for school, a morgage, or a vehicle to support either of the two ideas. Does anyone know how to contact anyone with Fireside now to fight this?

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