2002 Toyota Corolla Charcoal Canister Failure

Posted on Saturday, June 18th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by f52678bf

Company: 2002 Toyota Corolla Charcoal Canister Failure

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2002 Toyota Corolla Charcoal Canister Failure

Dear Complaints.com,

I am contacting complaints.com about a problem with my Toyota Corolla 2002 regarding the replacement of the Charcoal Canister.

A couple weeks back my car's check engine light came one (this was when the mileage waas around 40,500). Since it was out of warranty so I took it to a AAA certified repair repair shop for investigation. I later came to know that the engine light was due to Charcoal canister failure. Since the charcoal canister can only be obtained from the dealer so I later inquired about the repiar cost. The total repair enstimate was told to me around $480 which prompted me to search the web about similar repair issues.

I have always taken the car to the local toyota dealer for regular oil-changes,etc. I was alarmed that such an important part of the car would fail just a couple thousand miles after the warranty expiration. So I called the Toyota assistance at 800-331-4331 on 6/3/2005 (reference # 200506030018). I was told that the dealer would contact me some time within the next 3-4 days but that never happened. Upon calling the Toyota assistance center today again (6/16/05) I came to know that the dealer had never bothered calling me and had instead just left a notification in the electronic system that the regional center had refused to provide any information in this regard.

My other car in the household is around 70,000 mi and it had never had any such problem. I would appreciate if the Toyota looks into the Charcoal Canister failure issues more seriously and provides relief in that regard. A part of such importance and cost should not fail within such low miles.

In addition I plan to contact the Wisconsin Department of Agricultural,Trade and Consumer Protection in this regard. Thanks

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9d566712, 2008-05-06, 05:44PM CDT

I have the smae issue also! I have a 2005 TOYOTA matrix that i just bought less then 3 months ago and has been NOTHING BUT TROUBLE! it just hit 45,000miles and i came up with the same problem!! and my waranty that covered it was up too!! But i got an extended waranty , thank god that will cover it..or maybe the place is doing it free cuz i was so mad about it since my car is definately a lemon!

c4a81c52, 2008-06-27, 05:38PM CDT

I also have a 2002 Corolla that I purchased at 48K - the engine light came on within a week of purchasing. Code was gas cap, which was replaced, and check engine light was cleared. Within a few weeks the light came back on. I've had it turned off for smog checks and it always comes back on. Today, auto repair said it was charcoal cannister. This must be a common problem with Toyotas?

6cb443c5, 2008-09-09, 01:00PM CDT

The check engine light on my '05 Matrix has been on for months, but I didn't bother to get it checked because the car, which has 57K on it ran fine, plus the first itme the CEL came on , the dealer said they didn't find a code/problem. Finally decided to have it looked at before I go get a smog test and found out it's the charcoal cannister, which the delaer wants $453 for, parts and labor. The cannister is warrantied for 3 yrs./50K so I missed the warranty. Now I see other owners are having the same experience, I will call the main Toyota customer line back and escalate up to a supervisor and try to have it covered.

e657d4c8, 2009-09-13, 10:01PM CDT

I have a 2002 Tacoma, and I have had it for 2 1/2 years and have had 2 things go bad with it, one was the #1 sensor on the #1 bank, and NOW my Charcoal canister is bad, and I have 92K on mine, and what sucks is, i take care of my truck, change the oil regulary. we as consumers, should not have to go through this crap when we pay top dollar for these vehicals, and its just us on this page who have had this problem, now how about all the thousands of people, if not millions, who have had the same issue

baabc5eb, 2009-12-28, 05:28PM CST

I also have a 2006 toyota corolla and the mileage is only around 32,000 miles. The check engine light was on. when I took the car to the Claremont Toyota dealer in CA, the first time, they replaced some kind of computer, turned off the CEL. And it was under warranty. I took the car home and the CEL was on again the next day. So I took it back and the same code appear, they said that the Charcoal canister was damage and wanted to charge $575 for parts and labor. it was bad enough that they missed diagnose the car and made me going back and forth. the car was under warranty the first time but not the second time although the same code was on for both times. The advisor and the supervisor were being totally inappropriate. He argued with me and said "so what if we misdiagnosed your car." It was a very bad experience.

beb45b4f, 2010-01-21, 06:43PM CST

I have a 2006 Toyota Rav4, and the exact same thing happened to me. My charcoal canister was bad, and they said it would cost close to $1,000 for a new canister and labor,

Why is this not a recall item for Toyota? I've had Toyotas all my life, but will never buy another one. The dealership helped not one iota.


58ddd24b, 2010-06-28, 10:34AM CDT

I have the same issue on the Charcoal Canister. I had the light come on at about 61,000 Miles. I spoke to the dealer and fount that they charge $ 945 to do this change. This is absolutely a rip off for a defective part supplied by Toyota. I have checked online and found many other have/had similar issues. I have owned 2 other toyota's and they never had that issue.

59ffe3c2, 2011-06-25, 04:25PM CDT

Our check engine lite never came on. When we try to fill the gas tank the pump keeps switching off long before it is full. Went to dealership and they charged us nearly $100 to diagnose it as needing a new vapor canister. Cost would be nearly $700 ... Went to local mechanic who used a new Toyota canister yesterday. Tried to fill up and same problem! What else could be causing the gas pump to turn off so soon???

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