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I have been using an AIRTEL Prepaid connection Hyderabad since one year. Today i had to face a desperate situation where my connection was cut by airtel without prior intimation. This was only for one reason that i didnt submit the documents on time which i came to know after speaking to AIRTEL so called Customer care. After speaking to them i was wondering whole day who was the customer !!! whether AIRTEL Customer care or me , I better call it enemy care.

1) This was not properly intimated to me in advance. Airtel has more time in calling and disturbing its customers to tell about its hello tring tring , astrology and recharge today plans etc. and make business (AIRTEL Calls it value added services) but couldn't call me in telling about this submission of documents well in advance.

2) The customer (enemy) care as they say are very very rude and never thought how to apeak to customers and they were telling only one thing, submit the documents and get the connection. I was in a mess about all this losing many important business and other calls. Now i will have to go all the way to their office submitt documents and get the connection. Mr. Supreet of Airtel customer care whom i spoke to may be a gunda sitting there for a lesser salary???

Now after all this should i continue using this airtel connection ????? or should i warn people about these so that others are safe in choosing which is best. People if are still looking forward in buying an airtel connection please do a simple mock test for your self. Call airtel office in hyderabad @ 9849098490 and tell them abt the problem i have faced. Next thing u will do is take another sim card. ?? all the best




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19ee4ae1, 2008-02-25, 04:08AM CST

Isn't submitting identification documents a mandatory process [to be completed within a week, I think] of activating a prepaid connection? I'm not in anyways, arguing on the side of Airtel, but you would have had the same problem disconnection problem with Vodafone, Spice, or what have you. Regarding prior intimation - its in the 'terms of agreements' :). About customer care, no comments - never had to call up Airtel.

One note: Might be better if you decided to submit complaints when you're not fuming and emotional. Otherwise, the complaint might just get ignored as mad ranting.

02a3b20e, 2009-07-29, 09:38AM CDT

The point raised by Ms. Anu is exactly correct, Previously i am airtel subscriber later i switched to vodafone. while checking the name and address of the subscriber vodafone authorities are (i feel) better than airtel. Vodafone authorities called me for verification when I gave them my name they told me that the actual subscriber of that particular number is Mr. X (who is my brother) immediately I told them the exact information and they agreed. When my friend got same problem with address proof blah blah.. we called customer care of airtel they told the same story that the subscriber is different. I requested them to give the person name he will submit the documents for this also they didnt reacted properly. Actually when they called for verification my friend told her name if they have any doubts regarding subscriber they should ask about the person (on whose name the mobile has taken) they didnt even asked about that. What the hell service airtel people are providing.

37f3207b, 2010-05-25, 04:50AM CDT

really air tel is worst in Hyderabd, i never good good network here.

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