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Bell Canada Complaint

I have been a customer of Bell for many years, until recently I was forced to look elsewhere. I have sent complaint letters to Bell regarding this matter. Please find attached the complaint letter which spells out the entire situation. Be careful with Bell.

This letter was sent June 07, 2005 to the President of Bell, the Customer Relations Department and many other places (6 in total) As of yet we have still had no response.


For over six years, we have been loyal customers to Bell Canada and Bell Mobility. During that time we have had nothing but grief with your company. The events over the last few days have made us leave your company permanently, but we feel you always have your hand out for more and more money, never providing service in return. About Two ago we purchased a brand-new Kyocera 7135 Palmphone from the “Bell World” store in the Pen Centre, St. Catharines, Ontario. Several times that phone has been returned as defective, but all except recently have been repaired under the extended warranty we purchased. A few weeks ago the phone stopped working properly again and we sent the phone out for repair, in the meantime we got a loaner phone from you. A few weeks later the store calls and states my phone is ready to be picked up. Upon arrival to the store, the clerk stated “it would not be economical for us to fix the phone” and handed it back to me unfixed, then asked me to sign papers to that effect. The store was told “we’re not signing anything” and we took the loaner phone and left the store. The clerk stated we would be charged for the loaner phone, to which we replied “whatever”. Before we arrived at our vehicle, the loaner phone which we were supposed to be charged for, and was now technically “ours” was disconnected leaving us paying for now a third phone a two phone service contracts that we could no longer use. Further investigation into the matter showed us that we now must continue paying almost $500.00 for a phone which is broken, $200.00 for a phone that we cannot use (the loaner phone), and $800 for a cell phone and plan which we most certainly do not want anymore (our one working phone and plan) plus pay per-month for a year for a service we cannot use. No one is interested in helping us. We are not interested in keeping the working phone and plan because if the phone breaks – we have been shown we will loose even more money, and gain much frustration. Upon speaking with a manager at the phone center she said they are not interested in providing us with any resolve to the issue except we must keep paying for your unusable services. The manager was quite rude. The manager of the phone center also stated if we will be charged for the loaner phone, but they refused to activate the phone. We attempted to contact Kyocera – the manufacturer of the cell phone and they stated the phone may have been damaged in such a way that is not covered under warranty. The extended warranty which may cover the repairs is responsibility of the phone company. The reason the phone was not repaired was listed as “water damage” the phone has not been exposed to water whatsoever. We were very careful with the phone. The loaner phone was returned to the store the next day, but somehow the keypad was locked on the phone. The phone store refused to accept the phone back locked. As a result we contacted the phone’s manufacturer Audiovox who wrote us an e-mail back stating all phone centers have master unlock codes and there should never had been an issue with unlocking the phone. Constantly having to pay and pay and getting no customer service, no help whatsoever by any of your staff has forced us to leave your company and go to a place where the staff cares about their customers. Our new phone company was appalled by our story of how you have treated your customers of six years, however they are more than happy to provide us with cellular phones which work, and a flexible contract to suit our needs. Had we been offered a free lesser-model phone in exchange, free of cost, we would have – at that time, accepted it and continued to be customers of Bell. We would have even continued paying for the broken phone, and continued with our contract. As a result of the poor customer service and lack of care – we are now forced to pay a years contract, and thousands of dollars for cell phones which are broken. This is the worst experience we have ever had. In closing we would like to request you look into this matter, and perhaps help your staff become courteous and helpful to the customers you still have. We would like to request being let out of having to pay for two useless phones and service we cannot use, but so far have gotten nowhere. ------------------


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67bcce24, 2007-10-19, 07:28PM CDT

As a former Bell Canada Employee, I have actually seen the Office of the Vice President in charge of Complaints......when you look behind the curtain it is just another clerical department, staffed by people who have little or no chance to work in the other higher tech areas of the company.

They are started in the morning, literally, by a teachers style Bell that indicates they should take their first call. That same bell rings at closing (5:00 pm) to indicate that they should not take any other calls.

They are given scripts, and the general hope is that they will wear you out by promising nothing and telling you why they can do nothing in your particular circumstance. Their discussion is governed by scripts. Any letter they send is crafted by a supervisor. Should you get annoyed, thats their excuse to pass you to someone else. The person who answers the call has no authority to give you anything..but most importantly..there isnt a vice president within 100 yards of that floor

8a387a08, 2008-02-28, 03:10PM CST

I will never use BELL again for internet, home phone or mobile phones. I have been treated in an unprofessional manner.

4f52f31e, 2008-03-28, 08:13PM CDT

I have had nothing but terrible service and frustrating customer service from Bell Sympatico. I have had my "high speed" internet for a year now and the connection has dropped 3 times now. When the connection drops, their "tech support" teams pass you off from person to person to ultimately come to the conclusion that the internet connection in fact is down and needs to be serviced. These techs are so obviously reading from scripts and run you around in circles trying to troubleshoot. The repair usually takes about 3 to 4 days, and when you have a digital home phone, and a home business, this can be incredibly frustrating. Also, I'm not a hawk when it comes to reviewing my credit card statements every month becuase I don't use it that much, but one day I finally did and I realized that for months Bell was charging me over $20 a month for internet services that I had never heard of and would never agree to paying for - games mania, an online tutor( I'm a 29 year old musician!), msn messaging something-or-other and some other useless service). I was was furious. Also because I had a contract I had with Bell was a special promotion at the time I signed up, I was supposed to have the first 2 months free, $29.95 for the next three months, $39.95 for the next three and $44.95 for the rest of the contract. Well, they started charging me $44.95 a month right away, and then 6 months later somehow had added all those extra services. The lady first lady I dealt with on the phone about the matter would not deal with it and wouldn't acknowledge the mistake, but her supervisor however was sympathetic and very apalled at the situation. She gave me credit for all the over chargse (which is the only things Bell has ever done right), but had I not noticed the discrepancy, who knows how long it would have gone on for. Wednesday night, my Sympatico modem died. Just died- was fine one minute, fried the next. It was very important that I had my phone and internet that weekend. Bright and early Thursday, I went to a payphone to call Bell and find out where I could go to replace my modem. I was told that I could go to a Bell World store to replace it. He even gave me a list of locations over the phone. Wonderful, i thought. Until I got there and the girl at the counter that told me "We can't replace modems here, they are only for new customers". This store had a direct line phone to Bell Customer Serivce and I was on the phone with them for over an hour talking to every supervisor I could, trying to figure out why I couldn't just go out of my own way, expend my own energy to physically go and replace my modem. They would not budge and said the only way that I could get a new modem was for them to send me one in 2 to 5 business days, which meant I was shit out of luck for about 6 or 7 days because of the weekend. I told them I would pay any amount of money to them if they could priority ship the modem to me for next day service, and they wouldn't budge. I even said I would BUY a new modem because I needed it so badly. The customer service business manager they told me I could buy a new one, but that Bell would not reimburse me. When I hung up and told the girl at the counter that I would like to BUY a modem, she said "We don't sell the modems. They are for new customers only. You can't buy modems anywhere." My jaw just fell open in pure shock and silent frustration. The people at Bell customer service say one thing, and their product stores say another. The fact that I was standing in a Bell World store, with modems a-plenty right behind the counter, that they wouldn't sell me becuase I wasn't a "new" customer was just to much to handle. Needless to say, I still have not received my new modem and am still out of internet and home phone. I will be cancelling my Bell service and will look into other options. Perhaps SHAW internet. I sympathize with anyone's Bell stories. It's is so frustrating dealing with them. They suck you in, and once you're hooked, they couldn't care less about how they treat you. All they care about are the "new" customers.

707635a6, 2008-04-26, 08:52AM CDT

that sucks but what exactly do you want? the ability to smash your phone countless times and get new ones, over and over? It is very unlikely that you would have so many problems with a cellphone when most of us (on any network) can use our phones for years.

You sound like a scam artist.

e3b7572a, 2008-04-29, 01:10PM CDT

I have been with Bell Canada for several years and they keep making mistake in the payment we made and keep sending us invoices that we already paid and when we called in to say that the invoice has been paid, they said they did not received any payment. ( And our monthly statement show the charges have been withdraw by Bell credit office. )

It happened so many times that finally we gave up and change to another company.

6cadde18, 2008-05-06, 12:17PM CDT

Bell Manager Support Line

1866 927 3656

Bell owed me $113 for a modem I returned that I had bought in store and they wouldn't give me the money back. They kept saying I didn't pay for it when I had the receipt and I had faxed it to them. After about 20 phone calls someone gave me that phone number. It gets you in touch with someone almost instantly who can resolve the issue and get you money back. Although they had to check with a representative of the right department for Bell Wimax internet and that person tried to say I didn't pay for it after yelling at them and stating I did and that I faxed the receipt it she immediately refunded me the money. So try that phone number out people..

f816cc0c, 2008-05-26, 12:09PM CDT

I have been with Bell Canada since 1976....I have Bell Mobility X2 (Full Service) Bell Sympatico High Speed, Bell Express Vu ( Full Service) Home Phone, Long Distance as well as other unique Business services. We spend over $600 per month for Bell Services even though Rogers can provide all of thwe services substantially cheaper with better service.

Th situation i question pertains to Bell trying to EXTORT $1200 out of me for a business service that i cancelled (4) times with them over three years ago. They will not do anything about this even though I have NEVER used the service and spoke to four different agents that informed that they would close this. Bell has sent me to collections and REFUSE to even have a dialoge about this. I got allt he way to the EVP office and he informed me that it all ends with him and he is the one that would got to court. I feel like I have been raped.

I will not take them to small claims court...I AM CHARGING THEM WITH EXTORTION!

Ma bell is turning over in her imaginery grave. Bell Canada is now trying to privatize so AND I QUOTE THE VP " WE DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER TO SHAREHOLDERS".

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN AN INSTITUTION HAS DIED......Rogers is blowing Bell out of the water at every turn.......THere is nothing that BEll Canada can do...Ther technology is decades behind the competition and they have NO CLUE how to service a consumer!

Please be very cautious and consider yourself advised...NOt today or tomorrow but very soon you will be Sc#$wed by Bell Canada.It is only a matter of time!

23036add, 2008-06-10, 09:10AM CDT

I have just had good success with Bell in resolving a complaint. I had a 3 year service plan with them. A few months ago, I started receiving renewal marketing mail, leading me to believe my term had ended.

In the meantime, I had received a complimentary blackberry from another service provider. I switched over my phone number to the new provider.

When I received my Bell bill, there was a $200 penalty for cancelling 1 week prior to the end of the 3 year term. On the previous bill I had paid for the service for the 5 days after the end of the term (you pay a partial month in advance). They credited me with part of my payment ($26) and then that triggered the early cancellation.

After about a hour on the phone, front line and supervisor support told me there was nothing they could do - the cancellation penalty would stay.

I then emailed [email protected], a VP with Bell, outlined the facts, summarized my issues and was clear about what I thought would resolve the issue - and by what date.

I received a call at 5 pm on the date, advising me that the credit had been issued. There was also a follow-up phone call the next business day to apologize and to confirm that the credit satisfied the issue.

The resolution was exactly what I had hoped for with my initial call. I hope they are able to push this kind of support in the organization to the front line phone support.

25f9f345, 2008-07-13, 11:27PM CDT

Yes. You are right. Bell are always charge customer more money. They are liers. I have same situation with you. They ask me to sign a contract for 24 months on high speed internet. After one year, they told me: my contract is 12 month, so they can charge more money.

They charge me more on my phone bill because I stay in Bell company too long (8 years).

It is better to leave Bell along.

848a67b5, 2008-07-22, 09:54AM CDT

In opinion this is entirely our fault as consumers. We should vote with our feet and starve this corporate giants into ethical business practices.

c52852ca, 2008-08-27, 06:00PM CDT

I work as a receptionist for two separate companies, a brokerage firm and a division of a bank, who share an office. Everyday I get multiple calls from people thinking that they are calling Bell when they are actually calling the brokerage company's phone. They all told me either 411 or one of the Bell call centres had given them the number to call.

I went straight to the 'executive' office to get it sorted out and was told by a woman there that the company's phone number was a Bell phone number and that the line was probably just crossed. She told me to call 611 to get it sorted out.

611 said that no, the phone number in question was indeed registered to the owner of our business but that the company name registered stated it was Bell and they couldn't help me further. They told me to call 411 to get it fixed.

I emailed the woman at the executive office once again, who told me herself that 611 gave me incorrect information and that the brokerage company's phone number was a Bell number and the line was just crossed. When I tried to explain to her that we have two separate phones at that office and the one listed for the bank was not the same number for the brokerage firm she got extremely rude and almost passive-aggressively calling me an idiot.

I got sick of her patronizing comments and started back at the bottom with 611 who just kept passing me off to other numbers, most of them wrong or not even part of Bell before I got through to a direct person who agreed that yes, something was extremely wrong and that our phone number was coming up as a Bell number.

What did she do? Offer to put me through to the rude woman at executive office.

I told her flat out that I did not want to speak to that woman and she offered to have someone phone me back. Did that happen? Nope. And people are still calling us thinking we are Bell.

3edc6c05, 2008-08-29, 10:42AM CDT

After 2 1/2 years of service, I moved my office and due to terrible customer service and high prices, I switched from Bell to Rogers. I just got a bill for a month of service, a month after I had cancelled. I called to inform them of the mistake and they informed me that not only would the charge stand, but that I was to pay $160 early cancellation fee. I told them that my 1 year contract ended 1 1/2 years ago, and they said I should go and get the CD I installed 2 1/2 years ago and read the terms and conditions because the contract renews automatically every year. I was also told that I had saved money by being on a contract. He told me I had saved a total of $60 since my contract renewed, but it was going to cost me $160 plus $60 for not providing 30 days notice. I will never buy another service from Bell.

803dda60, 2008-09-20, 05:30PM CDT

I have been a Bell Mobility customer for a few years,and my complaint is service. I get many dropped calls out here on the westcoast and always goes into roaming, or no signal. Bell comments to me were there is nothing they can do about it, and if I want service move closer to a tower or just go to another provider. Thank-you Rogers

a0b6e0bd, 2008-10-09, 01:56PM CDT

I began having problems with Bell Canada Enterprises(BCE)since signing up for sympatico internet over a year ago.

First, I was sent 5 installation kits,and with each arrival I was told by a very unhelpful Bell Rep from India that if they send it to me I must install it!?Why?Because they sent it!...of course!? Silly me!

Fastforward to March 2008,I contact Bell Canada to find out the particulars of disconnection of phone/internet services from one home and reconnecting phone services-only at another in April 2008,I was told to call back the beginning of April'08,

April 13th'08,I speak with Sabrina who takes my new address info,date of move etc...I request that my sympatico internet be cancelled and I was informed that if I suspend my account until the contract expires in August'08 I will get away from paying the $100+ fee for breaking the contract,once the suspension is in effect I could call back,even in a few days to cancell internet.I said yes!and by this time I had contacted the internet tech department pretty well every other day(I began receiving internet aprox. 2 weeks before I was supposed to,which caused problems for me,the b1#wouldn't work each time I had to install the kit as directed and thusly get a new b1#?..etc..)I was told to call back on April 23rd to confirm account deactivation at my soon to be,former home and to reactivate the phone-only at my new home on the specified date.Awesome.

The 23rd of April came ,I called to confirm what transpired 10 days earlier,no record of that call was showing,nice...but Steve entered all the info...again...and I told him to go ahead and cancell my sympatico account, because I was not coming back as a customer since we were signing with Rogers at our new home.I was told it was done and that I still had until August 21st'08 to fully make up my mind and return to Bell,I declined,got a ref# and ended the call believing my requests were honoured.HAHAHA....not likely.

Fastforward a few months,due to all that comes with packing up your life,moving and unpacking we let the phone bill biggy,we only owe 2 months....well,we got the bill(mail was held at the post depot until the keys were ready for the neighborhood box) $400+...,okay?!...mind you we had all of our bills packed away and had yet to begin recieving our mail at our new place,we paid the bill anyway with full intent to follow up when we began receiving mail.Well,we got a phone call around 8 am on a Sunday morning in Sept.I was told that we owe Bell Canada over $500+ and that we hadn't paid our bill in over 6 months? what?!...we had just paid the amount we were told a little while ago AND reported the payment which we were told was noted on our account.....Nope...

It is now Sept.16th,I finally have time to sit down and review all my on-line Bills.Upon research of my past Bell Canada Phone/Internet Bills I find out that since April's -end,I had been charged sparatic ammounts for Internet services not rendered...APRIL-$75.95+,MAY-$74.75,JUNE-$60.20+,JULY and AUGUST-$45.95+...September Bill hadn't arrive yet.

Sept.17th'08,I contact Bell,explain the situation,and was told by June?that they can only credit me for April...great! now credit me for May-August and I will be on my I ask to speak with a superior...Charles gets on the phone and said that Mike?...whom only mins. prior when asked,had told me his name was June..and he even spelled it as well! Charles confirmed that there was NO activity since April 20th'08 at former res. and told me I would be fully re-embursed from April 20th - Sept.17th...I asked again for confirmation of this and was told the same.Great,that is $300+ I will recieve as credits to my account...I got the ref# for the call and ended the conversation.Not...So Fast......

So, I get the September Bill ,exactly a week later and I nearly drop in absolute disbelief...$340+..WHAT THE FAWK?!!PLUS...$26.64+ for internet and modem rental(modem had been returned eons ago)!! and an extra charge for the phone of which was PAID IN FULL in July!!with only Sept.owing.

September 24th,I speak with Amu who tells me that not only is there no record of me being credited for services not rendered but that(after being put on hold several times)I was providing illegal use of my internet account in both April and May....How is that possible? I moved out in April(24th)and in May I was living in my current home...Nope....again I was told I was wrong and that they have proof of usage..even though prior to packing up my computer,I checked to see if I could go online...just in case....I couldn' signal detected!and besides that Charles had confirmed on Sept.17th there was no activity!?!

Amu assured me that I was indeed wrong...and a thief,in not so many words,and a liar...which I guess she had to say since thief and liar go hand in hand,the best Amu was going to do was to credit me for the new internet charge of $26.64+...WOW! Thanks A Bunch!

now credit me for April 20th-Sept. and we will call it a day...Nope...since I was giving a total stranger free internet in my former home without an internet signal I will have to pay!(my summary,not Amu's)If not I will be placed in collections and ruin my I want that?..she asks?

I loudly informed her that I would gladly live in Collections for the rest of my life and that until Hell Freezes over 20 times, I will never pay so much as a cent to Bell Canada...and that how dare you threaten me?!!

So,this is why..Boys and Girls,you should resist, at all cost and length, the urge to give Bell Canada your business.....I guess competition is a real BEE-ATCH!It enables one to have a mind and use it to choose!

I too am currently composing another wonderful letter and I will be both mailing it and e-mailing it to the CEO,Board Members,Assistant General,and Senior VP of Corporate Communications of Bell Canada Enterprises as well, I have already sent an e-mail to the Senior Producer of W-FIVE on CTV.

Thank-you for reading,

Maureen Hagerty

d4e9e6be, 2008-10-13, 12:18PM CDT

I will not take them to small claims court...I AM CHARGING THEM WITH EXTORTION!

I'm interested to find the out come of any complaints here that got resolved. Such as the quote stated above. Me too having a problem with Bell and wanted to pursue in court but need more advice and expert on the issue.

My complain is, about 1.5 yr ago I use Bell Internet for my small business. Now I'm closing my business and got hit with approx. $220 penalty for early cancellation (in middle of 2nd yr. contract) and a mo. service fee for not notice in 30 days in advance. Bell said after the 1st yr. there is a auto 1-yr. renewal contract that I'm lock-in otherwise I need to tell them after the 1st yr. with them. This contract said to be on Installation CD Label and a Hard Copy inside the Box with Modem. No signature from me was required. They said it is legit contract because I was getting a discount and that I was in contract with them (auto 1-yr. renewal). My argument is: 1) I was never notice or make aware that I have a contract of auto 1 yr. renewal, and contain no signature; 2) Both of said contract, to me they are information or guideline only; 3) If I knew such contract exist I would of cancel already after the 1st yr. because business was getting bad, and I never like to lock-in for something that I don't know what is going to happen in the yr. ahead.

For whatever Bell is saying, I feel that they was trying to rob me intentionally but indirect way. If anyone here got link or idea how to pursue this matter, please let me know. Thank you.

dbfe631c, 2008-11-15, 11:54AM CST

I was a sympatico costumer [dial-up]I canceled the service 30 days prior to moving,sympatico told me that it was canceled.I kept getting bills,so I sent a registered letter,outlining that it was canceled and that I moved.The contract was changed,the price went up[everyone knows about this practice]The bills keep coming,the rates have increased,and there is no way of stopping this.Bell Canada and sympatico do not seem to be subject to any laws or regulations,I do not intend to pay these fraudulent bills,regardless on how this may affect my credit.I would be interested to know of any vulnerabilities this company may have.

d0feee3a, 2008-11-19, 02:45PM CST

Can somebody post the address of Bell in Toronto. I want to serve them with a small claims court claim but they won't give me a physical address of a place to go. They have been charging me for 2.5 years for 'Ultra' high speed internet and I just found out last week that we can't get Ultra in our neighborhood. When I pointed this out to Bell they said 'sorry, the contract still stands, you have a fixed IP address and we consider that as meeting the Ultra definition" I'm sick of getting lied to and ripped off.

588769aa, 2008-11-26, 02:38PM CST

I too have just had a bad experience with Bell Canada and want to take them to small claims court.

I even sent a registered letter and tracked it's delivery 8 days ago. Bell, at the address I sent it to, deny ever receiving it. They claim it may still be at a mail screening company they use. So faxed a copy to the person I was talking to and ask for a receipt acknowledgment. That was two days ago, no acknowledgment yet.

Best I can figure is I have two remaining options ....(1) send my small claims papers via registered letters to a few more locations; show up in court armed with all my efforts to 'do the right thing' and let the judge decide who is dragging their heals. Or (2) don't pay my invoice and see what happens.

Of course, I know what happens.

Bell, would cut off my service, hound me for a few months then sell my debt to some collection agency. My credit rating would take a nose dive, Bell would be unaffected and the collection agency would have to suck up a loss.

The most amazing thing about this experience, apart from Bell's utter incompetence, is the fact that so many other people have been through this mill and it is all kept under raps from the general public. I knew nothing of this until just 26 days ago. Now everyone I talk to tells me similar stories. Maybe it is about time the public learned of this.

Al Greenlee ([email protected])

e5a8a044, 2008-12-18, 10:19AM CST

On April 2008 I entered a phone agreement with Bell as a returning customer for $19.95 per month. There was to be no long distance charges, no DSL and it would last for a year. How ever, on the fifth month(May 2008), unknown to me, they added a so called "network charge" for an extra $5.95 a month. My husband pays the Bell bill over the phone and it wasn't until October 2008 that I realized that we were being charged for a service I did not request! I called Bell to complaint and hopefully have my money refunded. They flatly refused, the reason? because I did not call earlier from the time the service was added. I did not ask for this service, I do not use long distance and we had an agreement that I assumed would be honored! So they took from us around $30 dollars in total and that makes me very mad. I recently learned that we consumers have some protection and that under the Canadian consumer act a consumer that is charged for products or services they did not request, can demand a full refund...But what do I do when they still refuse!

f67f40f8, 2009-01-23, 05:18PM CST

We're trying to make changes to our services (to save money of course!) and are not getting anywhere. What other companies get away with holding it's "customers" as "hostages"?

So, living in Ontario and needing high speed internet (a landline to run it through) and mobile phone where else can I get these essential communications services?

b11a0825, 2009-02-18, 02:11PM CST

We are a government action centre, we have and are having problems with Bell Canada. A technician came in to do a service on our line and doubled the charge on installation fees. If this not corrected we will be canceling our subcristion and joining another telephone service company. Mainly Rogers Canada

e03057eb, 2009-06-11, 06:01PM CDT

As a customer of Bell Canada for all telecommunication features in your one bill plan, I have encountered some serious malpractices committed by your employees and customer service.

To begin: I called 2 months ago to notify Bell that we were moving and needed our services disconnected, and re-connected to our new area of residence. I gave ALL of our bill companies 60 days notice in case they required that amount of time.

As I am in a contract, I was told by a service agent that I must continue with Bell in order to avoid early termination fees in excess of three hundred dollars. I told the agent we were unsure of the exact area of our new address yet but it would be either in Moncton, or Sackville NB, or Amherst NS, or with my fiancs parents in Spanish Ship Bay, Guysbourough County. I was assured that Bell was able to provide ALL services in any of these areas. I confirmed that this would be fine.

The agent then proceeded to tell me that they would disconnect at the end of June, and suspend our services until we had a new address, and we were to then notify Bell when we needed our services hooked up.

On June 8th I contacted Bell Aliant with our new address and render our services. I was informed that Bell Aliant would be the phone and internet provider, and Bell Express would be the Satellite/TV provider. As confusing as this was to me I agreed and was told that it was basically the same company a sister company OWNED by Bell.

As agreed, I then notified Bell to notify you of our confirmed new address in Amherst, NS. Apparently, the agent has NO record of my conversation with your agent from the beginning of May.

The agent then proceeded to tell me that I would need to speak with each individual service separately. I first started with Bell Home Phone. The agent argued that there would be a termination fee as per the contract! I said that we WERE continuing with Bell in Nova Scotia & if she wanted to argue that this company was not Bell, the CRTC says that if a provider cannot offer the same service in another province or territory, then they cannot charge a termination fee. After some time I asked to speak to a manager, and the manager agreed to waive the termination fee b/c we were moving out of province, but I would need to fax investigations with a bill from Bell Aliant (confirmation #99450061).

I then spoke with Janika from the loyalty department, and she dealt with my internet service. She argued with me about the termination fee. I again went into a big conversation about staying with Bell but it was through the technical sister company Bell Aliant, and that she could not legally charge me with the termination fee.

Then she said that I had not given the required 30 day notice. I was irritated. I said I had phoned early May to notify Bell of our move. She said there was absolutely no record. I asked her if anyone had made notes on the file, or if she could access the recorded calls for quality assurance and she said she could not. Frustrated, after dealing with Bell for OVER 2 HOURS on the phone, I said FINE, bill me for the 8 days then. Absolutely unbelievable! Stupidly, I did not write down the confirmation # of my move order from May. So I get ripped off for believing a representative would do his job.

Janika then proceeded to tell me that Nia, the manager from Home Phone had NOT put in a move order and that she would now take care of it! She gave me the confirmation number 2343400.

Obviously the transfer of our Satellite TV went smoothly because we were continuing with Bell Express. Although I wont but briefly mention the fact that nothing we have received had worked properly for the first 5 months of use and I continuously had to deal with technicians over the phone for hours to get the system running and finally was given a new satellite box.

The next day, to my surprise, our home phone was disconnected! Infuriated, I had to wait until June 11 to call and rectify the error. The agent I spoke to was polite, and seemed efficient. (180276850) However, when I checked the phone at 5:00 pm, the phone was still NOT in service!

So I phoned AGAIN, and the agent I talked to said the order was placed for the next day (June 12th)! I was extremely mad. I told the agent that I was expecting VERY IMPORTANT telephone calls for possible interviews. I am a teacher, and the window for these jobs is very SHORT!!!! I told her that Bell may have ruined my chances for employment simply because my home telephone was disconnected! The agent, who initially told me there was no way to hook up the phone service today, then told me she would talk to the department that deals with phone connections. She then said that my phone would be in service between 1730-2400. I am currently still waiting to see if it happens. She said the same order number was applicable when I asked how I could prove that I had talked to her.

My other complaint deals with an agent who called my home wanting to speak with Kyle Breen (my Fiance), in early June. I knew it was Bell, and I knew it was regarding our account, and at the time I forgot that I was on the bill as someone who could make changes etc. So I simply said, yes, this is she. He then said, if this is Kyle, what is your SIN number and I said I couldnt find it and then said, this is actually Angela Heagy, but I think I am on the account as well. I tried to explain that Kyle was out of town for a month, and I would deal with paying the balance off and the agent started YELLING at me that I had lied about who I was, and how could he believe me, and now I had to go into a Bell Store and produce ID proving who I was to do anything to the account. This agent YELLED at me! Then argued back with me, refusing to listen to what I was trying to say! I was so upset I had to hang up, and I cannot believe one of your service agents would yell at me! I demand to know who this person was, that called at the beginning of June regarding the bill payment on our account! This is completely unacceptable!

Considering my TERRIBLE, ABUSIVE, and INCOMPETENT experience with you company, the fact that You not only wasted my time, and may have ruined my chances for employment with one of the teaching positions that I applied for (cut off was June 10th & all interviews are completed before June 16th) I DEMAND that you terminate any and ALL contract agreements between myself, Kyle Breen and Bell.

This treatment and this ridiculous money grabbing disgusting service is inexcusable. You may be a monolithic corporation , but EVERY SINGLE person I have discussed this issue with in Brantford agrees that Bell is the absolute WORST company to deal with for customer service, competence, and rip offs. Your customer service commitment to be helpful and courteous, or be clear is a complete flop- and lie. What sort of agents do you have working for you anyway? What about your HR department? Your trainers? What sort of crap are they training your agents with? It seems to me, if you are getting too big to handle the amount of people you want to provide communication services to, then perhaps someone in your head office should be firing a few inept individuals- and hiring someone to run a PROPER training program, and actually use the recordings that go wrong as an example of what NOT to do! We feel that you deliberately are stealing money from the poor to feed the rich with your false advertising, your low ball deals; sucking unsuspecting victims into signing contracts where your lawyers make up the rules. As well, if you have the Bell one bill then you need to have the Bell one agent to deal with ALL your needs instead of transferring customers from person to person, from one department to another, having the consumer explain the same thing over and over again, and arguing with different people over something that should be clear and easy!!!! Treat people like human beings instead of garbage with their pocketbooks open and ready for you to consume.

I refuse to be a part of your services any longer.

If you do not comply- in writing - with confirmation that all of our services, contracts are now obsolete I will continue to not only hound you with numerous letters to each managerial sector, head office, the shareholders of Bell, the Better Business Bureau, the CRTC, the Commissioner For Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS), and I will also form an ANTI-BELL group on Facebook rallying against Bell Canada with a petition to end the incompetence and abuse of Bell Services. I am positive that I will easily find hundreds of thousands of people that will join in the movement to expose your company for what it is: A MONOLITHIC VACUUM out to suck people dry emotionally and financially.

2857703b, 2009-09-11, 06:51AM CDT

individually all we can do is basically complain

as a group with a petition to the government we could really cause bell some problems where we would be listened to and possibly resolve the problem which is the way the company treats its customers

2857703b, 2009-09-11, 07:19AM CDT

it makes no sense to complain as an individual its only one against a large company your on your own


as a group with a petition directed towards the government asking for an ivestigation of bell canada and their injustice towards their customers we could actually change the problem at the source

there are 44187 complaints here each signature is worth 10 people (government figures 9 more think the same way but didn't sign)

thats half a million votes with the elections coming up this is a very good time to voice an opinion

0b689be6, 2009-09-13, 01:35PM CDT

I would like to take all of you unhappy customers to join together in front of the head office of bell Canada in each of your provinces and physically picket the company it is the worst and largest company in north America , but if people are truly informed and physical force is used through picketing in front of there offices and retail locations then the public could actually make a difference by stopping people from entering their retail locations. please send these messages to other unhappy customers and give my e-mail.

[email protected]

0b689be6, 2009-09-13, 01:40PM CDT

I would like to take all of you unhappy customers to join together in front of the head office of bell Canada in each of your provinces and physically picket the company it is the worst and largest company in north America , but if people are truly informed and physical force is used through picketing in front of there offices and retail locations then the public could actually make a difference by stopping people from entering their retail locations. please send these messages to other unhappy customers and give my e-mail.

[email protected]

ca1f58b0, 2009-10-29, 05:44PM CDT

I have been a loyal Bell Mobility customer for over 3 years and find myself moving to Saskatchewan. When I called Bell to find out my options, I was told i can add nationwide My Faves or have some one take over my account.

I work for a call center and we waive the early termination fees for customers that we cannot provide a local number however under no circumstances was I able to get this fee waived. As I have 3 lines and each line is $400.00 to terminate, this is $1200.00 total.

I was treated very rudely and told it was my fault for moving and that I have great service in BC.

Sometimes moves happen and now I find myself with a service I cannot use in Saskatchewan as any calls I make and any one that calls me would have to pay long distance fees as my number would still reside in BC.

I think this fee is exorbitant and unfair for a company that cannot provide local service.

c9261fa7, 2009-12-17, 05:27PM CST

December 17, 2009

Let me tell you this story!

My wife is disabled yes disabled and she was out of town and her phone broke. She went to a Bell World store to get a new phone. They told her that her phone could not be fixed and that she would need to buy a new phone. She did the clerk told her she had a 100.00 credit on her account she said great! she padi cash for the new phone. Not knowing by accepting the 100.00 coupon she was agreeing to a new 3 year contract! Way to go Bell take advantage of disabled people! now i wanted to cancel her services and get her a pay as you go phone... they told me it would cost me $763.00 to break out of the contract! Again Bell Canada screwing disabled people should be proud of yourself!!!

Customer Service and sympathy NONE!!!

WIND will put you out of business i hope!

I was hoping that someone at Bell had the courage to call me back and explain to me how they think they have the right to screw disabled people out of little income they do make? She can't afford to pay that much now she will need to pay so much a month and they will charge her crazy interest...

Thank you

Joel 647-456-7764

d9febbd0, 2010-01-21, 10:51AM CST

My Wife called into the customer service center on 01/15/10 and was told we had a 200.00 x 2 credit towards new phones and signing a 3 year contract. So we went to the Bell store to get our upgrade to our iphone 3gs X 2. At the store we were told that we would still have to pay 199.00 per phone - 300 was a store credit + 200.00 being a Bell loyalty credit leaving a balance of 199.00.

Now if a new client gets the same phone for 199.00 on a three year contract, how can you call this a loyalty Credit when you give the same credit to new clients? So I called in and spoke to Amy and Leanne in the retention dept and they both stated they could only give us credits

towards our plans of 695.00 per phone spread over the three year contract. I countered the offer with applying a 200.00 credit per phone saving Bell 495.00 per phone and having a happy customer. since we got what was offered to us in the beginning. Leanne said that was not possible.

Then my Second Counter was to bill the 199 per phone to our account and let us pay it off over three months and we would waive the 695.00 per phone thus saving Bell 1390.00 for not paying out the credit + the 400.00 for the phones and have a happy Customer. Leanne said that also was not possible.

So what I got from the conversation was that Bell is to big to care about its customers. So what if they leave the Bell Family and go to another Provider. Well Shame on you Bell. What happened to the 'customer comes first' philosophy? Maybe you are to big to think that way anymore.

Every satisfied customer is likely to tell three friends about your business. Great! On the other hand, every unhappy customer will gripe at everyone they come in contact with. Yeah, angry people let off a lot more steam, so its important to have a handle on dealing with them effectively.

Best Regards,

Steve Mann & Debbie Hollihan (Mann)

e0ced7f7, 2010-03-01, 05:30PM CST

To: [email protected]

Subject: FW: CCTS 02010100050205

Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 19:07:08 -0400

My grandmother has been a client for over 50 years.

she is an edlerly woman.

her billings were found to be puffery so she perceived.

she didnt argue when she couldnt get the fair market price of her usage.

she cancelled.

i know people dont care for eldelry people. i know that people dont understand the anxiety a woman has because of a single billing and unfair market price she perceives.

i know that ive heard customer service talk to my grandmother in an unidgnified way, and im easy.

im not asking you to care.

in fact, do what u have to do.

i know that thats exaclty what well do, and we will remain humble. but in no fashion will it ever be accepted to be dominated by people on a power trip. not customer service, not mme prince charmant!

winston churchill, said; people tumble on truth all of the time, and they just pick themselves up and go as if nothing ever happened.

this email sent out on march 1th at 4.30 to ccts

On march first at 3.3 at my home i received a call for my grandmother. i state my name and ask if i can help.

the lady confirms thatshe is calling on behalf bell because of the complaint put in with ccts, and wishes to reslove this matter.

she introduces herself as

mme prince. as in prince charming, she states.(I GUESS IT COULD HAVE BEEN CHARMING CONVERSATION, IF SHE WERENT A WACKO)

she informs me that this matter does not require a 30 minutes call, it is simple case.

she states thats she wont be able to reveal info on the account till my grandmother comes to the phone for approval of such, i answered that presently it is not possible, maybe to leave phone number and we'll call her back.

she says to me; but you can tell me all u know. its just that i wont be able to tell u what i know. i said thats great cuzz i dont want to hear what you have to say, just send your decision by mail.. i said i dont need info from you, , but if u do ill help u.

she says tell me the phone number of the other communication cie, we will believe you, because at bell we offer this kind of service, we will correct this and cancel as per dec 26th. the new number provided proof that grandmas wall plug is in fact serviced by videotron.

she says... and i beleive u, do you hear that mrs craig i beleive you. ON VOUS CROIT. .ect...///.... i dont give a hoot what she believes, personaly.

now after too much of rambling about how great bell is, she says, for me to process this, i need a copy of your bill of your new telecommunication provider.

i said, first i dont have one at my house, my grandmopther is staying here temporarly since last week, and second, im wondering now why you need a bill when u said you would correct this because you believed me, AND i am informing you of my position' i am NOT GONNA SPEND TIME AND ENERGY TO SaTISFY BELL PAPERWORK. you ve got the info you need to decide what u wanna do, the rest is up to do, and do what u have to do.

well she says, if u dont send me bill i will report its a refusal of cooperation .



and im sorry mme prince charmante, THIS PHONE CALL has EXCEEDED 30 MINUTES , and i must attend to other things,I HAVE TO GO, HAVE A GOOD DAY.


i am shocked! this is in fact simple. it appears her want for domination and her need for me to submit was her primary goal.

> Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 16:57:02 -0500

> From: [email protected]

> To: [email protected];

> Subject: CCTS >

> Nom du client > Date de la communication avec le client : Aucune.


> La petite fille sur la

> requ?te) refuse de nous permettre de parler ? sa grand-m?re ? cause de

> sa sant? et ce lors de notre appel du 1er mars 2010. Elle a ensuite

> accept? et ensuite refus? en raccrochant la ligne sans terminer la

> conversation.


> D?tails de la plainte : La petite fille signale que sa

> grand-m?re est en convalescence ici m?me et refuse qu?on lui parle. Ai

> offert de lui demander ? peine quelques minutes l?autorisation de parler

> ? tel la loi de la confidentialit? m?y oblige et Mme Craig a

> dit qu?elle me communiquera dans quelques minutes. Mme Craig m?explique

> alors que sa grand-m?re aurait demand? la fermeture du compte

> t?l?phonique le 26 d?cembre 2009 car a quitt? pour Vid?otron en

> changeant de num?ro pour le 450 417-3040 et Bell n?a toujours pas fermer

> le dossier ? ce jour.


> D?tails du r?glement : Aucun r?glement n?a pu ?tre ?mis.


> Avons expliqu? , de fa?on g?n?rale, qu?un tel cas se r?gle

> en s?assurant de ne pas p?naliser le dossier du client en ne facturant

> que le pr?avis de

> 30 jours (26 d?cembre 2009 au 25 janvier 2010 selon son exemple donn?)

> et qu?avec la preuve de facturation Vid?otron, nous pourrons nous

> assurer qu?elle ne paie pas un sous de plus que si la demande avait ?t?

> re?ue le 26 d?cembre 2009. Malgr? le fait que Mme a confirm?

> ?tre en mesure de rapatrier le compte Vid?otron, aucun r?glement n?a ?t?

> possible car a chang? d?id?e et confirme que nous n?auront pas acc?s ?

> la cliente sur le compte de Bell). La

> raison de ce dernier refus nous est inconnue car apr?s avoir rappel? au

> cas ou la ligne aurait raccroch? par inadvertance, la ligne raccroche ?

> nouveau apr?s la pr?sentation de mon nom et compagnie Bell.

> La plainte a ?t? r?gl?e ? la satisfaction du plaignant et du FST : non

> La plainte demeure non-r?gl?e : oui


> Nathalie Prince

this is suppose to be a relation customer service of bell that again states in her email of today that her account is not cancelled. when in fact its been stated that grandma cancelled on december 26th , called again on jan 20th and again in february and now march this one wants a copy of other provider to prove that she hasnt had service with bell.

LIke check your lines !!!

theres no ld since dec 26th.

clear that no service. and why should i give u a copy of other provider?

do your own legwork, bell, plus your ccustomer service is retarded.

71c7b80a, 2010-04-21, 04:53PM CDT

We are dealing with a really horrible situation with Bell right now. I feel that in a country like Canada there is little help to protect consumers. We do not know where to turn. We are at the point where we have been trying to pay off the contract for the past two months and they keep asking us for more and more money. Every time a final balance is given and we pay it they come up with more moneys oweing. When we give them they employee name and number of the last person spoken to who informed us of the last balance they said oh it was a mistake on their part. I have a question do we keep dishing out money we do not have on this Bell Company and who is out there to help us because Canadian Government isnt doing a thing to stop companies from stealing consumers' money.

43d97492, 2010-05-13, 07:43PM CDT

Hey, I can imagine all your frustrations with Bell. My parents were once Bell customers, but they left because Bell kept charging them double on their internet bill every month to give them faster internet apparently. My dad fought with them to give some money back to no avail. I used to live in Manitoba where they have MTS (a sister company of Bell), and they absolutely lied to me. They called me and reminded me that my contract was coming to an end, and wanted to see if I would like to resign another 2 year contract. I said no, because I am possibly moving to northern BC, and you guys are not there. The lady oh we are there on the Bell towers. I told the lady I will think about it. I get out to my destination in northern BC, and I have absolutely no service unless I turned the phone to roam. When I came back from my trip, I cancelled my contract when it ended, and told them how very unsatisfied I was and how they lied to me. This was not the first time. a few months before that, my wife's cell phone was freezing up, so we had to send it away to get it fixed. The guy at the store said that it would be 4-6 weeks before we get the phone back. I said well will I get a loaner phone, he said you will need to pay $25 a month. I said are you kidding me. I said well then you need to stop charging us for those 4-6 weeks, and he said they cant do that because we are under a contract with them. I called customer service and told them off and that they needed to do something for me. Well, they said they would give me credit to which they did for the 7 weeks it was gone for. Anyways, that is another factor. We had not heard from anyone about the phone getting back, so we went down to the store, and the manager told us she didnt know where it was and that we needed to call the manufacturer of the phone. We called the manufacturer and they told us they wouldn't know because it was up to the phone company to give us the phone to which I agreed. I called the store about 3 times, and we only got the voicemail of the store to which we left messages. Oh I can go through complaint after complaint.

Lately, I have hated Bell so much because of the haressing phone calls they have made to our home phone. They would call everyday for everyday in the week. They have used an outside telemarketer to call, and when we pick up they just hang up in our ears. I called Bell and told them never to call me again or I will report them to the CRTC. No matter how much I swore at the guy and yelled at him, he still had the urge to offer me their services to try to beat the company we are with. I was livid, and hung up on the guy. I don't want BELL ever because they are all idiots!

And oh can I add something? I also had problems with PC Mobile, which is also run by Bell. Funny how these things work out? And last year, I heard the CRTC also gave Bell the permission to call all their old customers and beg them to come back to them. Fat chance I will ever go to bell! Bell can kiss my feet, and I would kick them in the nose good and hard.

ca090949, 2010-05-18, 08:22PM CDT

I to have had nothing but problems with Bell for 3 years. Recently I cancelled my contract once it was up and they still billed me. I called to see why and they said I never cancelled it and I would have to give another 30 day notice...even though my contract was up and I did indeed cancelle. He said he only had a record saying I called and was told to call back in 30 days which I did as I wanted to be rid of this company..he said there was no record and that it was his work against mine and would not let me talk to anyone else...I am still trying to get to the bottom of this

ca4abb86, 2010-06-18, 07:28PM CDT

Hey, I work for Bell Canada promotional department and I'm not sure why you guys hate BELL so much, I find it very good compared to all the other services available right now. Bell takes care of all its people and that's its main priority! So if you want to switch providers, then switch, but Bell has high standards of customer satisfaction. I've met customers who have been with Bell for over 50-60 years and their very pleased with the services they're getting and aren't even interested to see other providers, SO WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT...???

09a3ea5e, 2010-07-12, 08:59PM CDT

I absolutely agree!!!!! They have such poor customer service. We have had nothing but problems with bell since we moved in the area 8 years ago.

Leaving them too! cant wait & i hope all you people out there read this and think about the other service providers out there. Bell has gotten so big they move their offices to India where they do nothing but hang up on you because of the lack of communication! Poor sevice bell, two thumbs down for you!!!!!!

1285e096, 2010-07-13, 01:59PM CDT

Politicians, Open up the chance for other businesses not just Rogers and Bell.

4080 Hwy. 7 #3

Woodbridge, ON

They took my Black Berry for a service and said it will take 2 days to repair. I called five days after and said it hasn't been repaired yet. So i give them another week and called this time they said: we can't find your phone. Another week i called said: we haven't fixed it yet. Two months later i went to the store and the guy couldn't find my phone!! he went to the back and came back with the phone and replaced the track ball while i was standing!! Why two months then? Apparently the phone was sitting in the back and got ignored!! How did I know that? Because the Bell store in Vaughan Mills replaces the track ball while you're there standing!!

Today i went back for more issues *track ball again* and they wanted to take the phone away from me for repairs, i said i'm not giving the phone to you unless you give me a black berry loaner, last time you said it would take two days to repair it took you two month!! guy there said: careful who you talk to? i took my phone and left the store.

If you need your phone serviced then take it to Vaughan Mills, the store there is much better, avoid the above store at all cost.

59808e29, 2010-07-27, 05:25PM CDT


c191eea1, 2010-07-29, 11:31PM CDT

be43e291, 2010-08-05, 08:11AM CDT

I have been a loyal bell canada business customer for 20 years and I am greatly disappointed with how my buisness was treated, and in the manner in which the problem was NOT resolved. In may of 2010, bell canada recieved a cheque that was not addressed to them. The cheque was addressed and mailed to another company. In june 2010, i recieved my invoice from bell, and noticed that they had processed the wrong cheque. the first thing I did was call bell canada and see 1)how they managed to cash a cheque that was not processed to them 2) what could i do now to return the money to me. I was informed that at that point there was nothing I could do, because the cheques are processed by atm's and the only option I had was to go to the bank and reverse the cheque. when i went to my bank, i was told that b/c it had been over a month, I could NOT reverse the cheque.

I have since called back bell to see what options i had. I asked if i could have the balance returned to me. One agent said yes, and another said no. It was frustrating 1) because i was being told different reponses 2) because bell canada was able to deposit a cheque that was not addressed to them 3)because it seemed like bell canada was giving me the run around to get MY MONEY back! I returned to the bank to find out what my options were with them. the only way i could have the money returned was to file a legal suit which would cost me more money and time. I am a small business owner, i do not have the time and resources to follow through with a legal suit.

Finally i thought i found the answer one CSR took responsibility for bell canada's mistake and told me that I needed to file an IFACT, it was the legal department of bell canada and they were supposed to check if bell canada did in fact cash a cheque that wasn't made out to them, and if this was the case that it should be rightfully returned. I was informed that someone from IFACT would contact me. THIS NEVER HAPPENED!!!! i had waited patiently for another 3 weeks, when i finally called back the CSR told me that the IFACT had determined that i need to go back to the bank and get a cheque reversal!!!!!!!!!! You can imagine that at this point, i had enough! AS a company you need to take responsibility for cashing a cheque that WAS NOT addressed to you, and no where did i get that acknowledgement, instead i got told that because my bank allowed the cheque to be processed it was my fault! I sent you proof that the cheque was deposited by bell canada, and that it clearly was not addressed to you. Instead of getting a timely solution to the problem i got road block after road block. I asked if I could have the balance left returned to me, and was told i could not. So now, not only did bell canada not take responsibility but was not willing to return MY money. In the end, i have decide to take my business elsewhere, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THAT I CAN HAVE MY MONEY RETURNED TO ME!

0982fce4, 2010-08-21, 11:12PM CDT

I do not have to read the lette you sent to bell, as a costumer of bell for many many years I have realized that they are nothing but thieves with license, The goverment allowed this shameles people to steal from the public without regulations. bell is one of the largest scamers in Canada.

1b788e2d, 2010-10-11, 06:26PM CDT

Hello Bell Canada

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and I do resent a marketing/customer service call at the supper hour on our holiday from your company. Why do these things happen on a holiday such as this, Lord forbid it is bad enough on other days at the supper hour from someone who I hate to say it "that I cannot understand"" and why to you say "Bell Canada"?????????????????

0802d7b2, 2010-10-12, 02:45PM CDT

Bell Canada is no longer "Canada" they should call themselves Bell India, I am so sick of their Indian customer service that doesn't understand most of the things I say to them, nor do I understand them half the time. How dare they call themselves bell Canada?!?! And I also receive LOTS of phone calls to sign up for $0 down cell phones (as if that's something new), and the same person will call me over and over, sometimes they call me at 10-11 at night. Don't give this company any of your money, all they have done was take work out of your own country, and you are now supplying a different country with money that should have been paid to someone that lives in Canada.

They can take their services and shove it, I'm switching to Cogeco.

2bf3d9c9, 2010-11-16, 01:48AM CST

Bell canada seem to be outsourcing the business to small timers viz UNIC Network and that operation being held by one crook called Hoston Hawk gouthier.His contact details.Hostan Hawk Gouthier

UNIC Network

Main 520-226-9452 EXT 1001

Dir 520-254-4490

Fax (602) 865-8213

[email protected]

He , infact get sale part of all bell canada products to call centres in philiphines, india ect.,He gets the sale done through the centres with all false promise of good payouts to them .But ultimately doesn't pay call centres any money.And this character been given contract by bell canada to sell thier products. A pity state, isn't it .Please donot buy bell products and that too if it is through this guy hoston of unic

19d7dd18, 2011-01-03, 04:54PM CST

I feel your pain - Im tired of solicting calls from Bell that are out sourced from India - they can hardly speak english and Ive many times asked to be removed from the list - I have used a whistle - I have screamed at them -- they are always calling us during the dinner hour - quite simply I will NEVER be a bell customer again as Ive never in my life dealt with such RUDE people from that company well other then our utility company - Lakeshore PUC but thats another story of terrible customer service - I left Bell years ago and will never return -- I need to know how do we stop these harrassing calls as that is what it is!

8ef6bec8, 2011-01-18, 03:01PM CST

I to have had nothing but grief with bell. In September we recieved aphone call from bell offering a ``great deal`` free bell satellite for a year. In October we had it installed, they charged my credit card $105. and in November we received a call from bell collections stating we had an over due charge and would be disconnected if we didn`t pay the $26. I told them to disconnect our system and now we are in January and we still have the service. We have taken their equipment out of our home and went back to shaw. Bell is refusing to disconnect our service because my husband refuses to call them. I don`t understand how they were able to change the account from my name to my husbands name. They will not talk to me and my husband refuses to call them, after all he didn`t have anything to do with getting the service.

Bell Canada is a FRAUD.


Anonymous, 2011-01-25, 07:04PM CST

way do I have to open multipule brousers to get service waiting for one and the other freezes go back to the other on and on I wont a discount/rebate or I am going back to Rogers gee guess what your complaint service even has problems I just tried to submit this complaint and here we go again ???. the type the word: was monkey and thats what I feel like, so inprove or good bye, quick like Rogers service may be. bye

318c5c14, 2011-02-06, 02:27AM CST

2011,there's competition,but somehow Bell can still act like they're a monopoly! Internet competition is now being hand cuffed to stop offering unlimited bandwith,or pay higher Bell wholesale pricing. Heard the subsidy argument,I don't buy it because Bell will always make a profit since they own Canada's infrastructure,resell to CLECs, ie.Teksavvy,Yak,Primus,etc.

Sadly,those escaping Bell's bad customer care still have to deal with them because they do the on site service for the CLECs.

Bell,and other large providers 'tend to treat customers like they're doing them a favor when things go wrong. I have dealt with them, Telus,and Rogers to arrive at such a conclusion.

For years Bell got subsidized via fees for "sharing"their network. Still mobile network fees. CRTC,let in foreign competition,and open up the spectrum,fibre for!Let fair pricing match up with fair use policies for the internet!

8e2983fe, 2011-03-16, 11:49AM CDT

Bell is the biggest loser company in the wolrd.

they have no manor, plus very stupid people. i have been their customer for 3 years and i am so happy to get out fo their stupid system.

I paid my bill al the time and when I had problem with their junk system and services they wouldn't help.

BBB is also a loser they have no power at all they do not care about customers because they get a bill pay check from them. BBB close the case after they hear from BELL WOW.

now we as people must let people know what is going on. we must tell others the truth about ourself. that's how we can make Bell to loose more customer

175b9523, 2011-04-07, 12:54PM CDT

I have been a customer of Bell for 8 days now and I can say that it the worst service ever. I signed up for Bell internet last week and all I can say that it is absolute hell dealing with them. They said that my service would be running on Friday. Call on Friday (30 minute call), they indicated that it was not set up yet. They indicated that it would be running after midnight. It did not work. Called Saturday (another 30 minutes), they said they would call back within 5 - 10 minutes. No call back. Sunday (another 30 minutes), they indicated that someone would fix my phone on Monday. They called me Monday Morning and indicated that my situation was complex, therefore they would have someone over on the Tuesday before Midnight. Tuesday came along (another 40 minute call), no one was scheduled to come out. I complained to a manager and said that they would have someone before 5:00 (if not someone would come out between the window of 5-9 pm. Tuesday night (50 minute call), Called them back, technician said that someone would come out tomorrow or the day after. I complained and they told me that someone would come by 11:00 Wednesday. This lady also indicated that she would call me back at 3:00 that day to verify that everything was good - no call back. Someone actually came on Wednesday. The internet was fine, but when I went to make a call - the phone did not work. I could not call Bell from my neighbours phone because it was too late. Also, on Wednesday, two operators from the Billing department indicated that they would call me back which they did not. I went to the Bell store where I signed up for the internet. They could not help so they put me on the phone to contact the operator. They refused to come to fix the home phone (which was there fault and they actually admitted that it was there mistake). That phone call was 53 minutes. Still they refused to fix it. I am sick and tired of them already and will cancel the service immediately. All I have to say is that Bell is from Hell. Worst service ever.

77678f7b, 2011-10-03, 01:36PM CDT

My phone was repaired 3 times by bell. It was defective only 6 or 7 months after it's first use.Now it is dead and bell will not acknowledge the defect and threatens to penalize me if I cancel the contract. I am now using my old phone until the contract expires.

239594ae, 2011-11-04, 01:08AM CDT

Bell is an ongoing nightmare with me, even though I have cancelled them since July. Here's the entire story. I cancelled them on June the 30th for my home phone and internet. They told me that after a month, all the services would be cut off.

Simple, then that means that by July 30th, all the payments would stop, right? Wrong.

They decided to cut only my internet off, and had the audacity to bill me for the phone line. Fuming, I called them and demanded to speak to the supervisor. She looked over our account and confirmed with us that we had indeed asked Bell to cut off our services and apologized for the mistake. She asked us to pay whatever was the amount due, and it would be credited back to us. Her reason was that we would be charged for the late fee if we didn't. That was fine, it was in the ballpark of around $40.

Since we had cancelled our internet, they sent us a stamp to send our modem back. We went to Canada post somewhere in August to send back the modem. After the modem was sent back, they sent us another 3 stamps. Thinking that the modem was lost, I called Bell. The confirmed with me that they HAD received a modem and assured me that the stamps would stop coming. Fine, I thought that was done with.

So for the August bill, I had a accumulated credit of about $50. I asked them when I would get it in the mail, and they assured me that they must revise over all closed accounts, before sending off the credit cheque for us. She told me that the cheque would take about 6 weeks to process. I was also find with that. She also assured me that the revision for our account would be done in September.

September's bill comes, and they still owe us a credit of $50. I still see a F beside our account number, that tells us that the revision has not completed. I call them up AGAIN, and tell them the ENTIRE story. They tell me to wait until October's bill, and the cheque will be received by us.

October's bill came today. And they charged us for the modem that they reported that they received back in August. Honestly, really? I call them up, and ask them what the hell is going on. Until now, all of the representatives have been polite to me, even though they couldn't resolve my problem. Not this guy, he was RUDE. He's trying to tell me that I DON'T owe any money to Bell, when it clearly states that Amount Due: 33.85. He asks me, quote on quote, "What part of 50.95 CREDIT do you not understand?" I reply back, "What part of I apparently owe you 75.00 do YOU not understand? Obviously my 75 cancels out the 50.95 that you owe me for about 3 months, and on top of that, I have to PAY YOU." He tells me to wait on hold while he phones up head office in order to try to get them to speed up my cheque. He tells me that I might be able to see my money by Christmas, or the end of January. Really? I would have been waiting about half a year for my money if I actually do receive it by then. Before I called in and met this rude person, my aunt and cousin called in the morning, because they were so frustrated. They do have a strong accent, which is why I usually handle all of the talking on the phone. The representative that was talking to them, plain out asked them, "Do you know how to speak English?" Really. How rude. Urg.

This whole issue aside, I would have to call Bell around once a month after bills, because they like to charge us for random things that we don't use. Even if we don't use long distance, every couple of months, we get charged an extra 10 - 20 dollars for long distance calls to NB, or Calgary. We have no relatives there, so I don't know how this happens.

Bell has horrible customer service, and are nice and happy to you ONLY when they are receiving your money. They will try to hold onto whatever they owe you for as long as possible.

94b9d707, 2012-02-19, 03:30PM CST

I am 70 years old & has had many experiences both good & bad in my life but my dealings with Bell is probably the worst.Because of a mistake made by this evil company,they have turned my life upside down & at a time when I need it least. The story is long but I'll give an abbreviated account.Bell had my address completely wrong & my account statements, two of them, were returned to them.The statements were sent to an address that was not even close to mine.When contact was finally made,I was villified & threatened-I won't go into details.Even though I have paid the bill I'm still getting calls from them & they want to apply late & other charges for a mistake that they made.I would advise anyone to not have any dealings with this co.They are a dispicable & shamefull corp.If there is anyone out there who is willing to give me some legal advise without breaking the bank I would appreciate it because I am seriously thinking of legal action for the pain & stress they have caused me.

6c624809, 2012-12-17, 03:11PM CST

Dec.17/12 Dear Sir/madam Re. Bell home phone service. Subject billing for non/contact calls long distance. (1.10)per attempt, for example for an average of Non /connect average of 10 or so(monthly) long distance no connect calls per month . spoke to your customer service Hamilton supervisor Big story and do not seem to care about your Long time Customers! So its time to get all on record. my # is 905-827_4456 I have had this number since Aug 1968 City of Oakville ont. for over 44 years, and prior to that was in Port Credit for about (5) years before , and Sudbury ont for several years basically Half a Century Customer. I would love for someone from Ontario head office to contact me and explain WHY the Bell does not CARE or Seems to ignore a Half a CENTURY Customer .. P.S. last several Years I spent average OF $4000/4500.00 on Bell service I am fed up with Is there some one AT BELL that Can Tell me WHY I am treated like NOBODY Thank You..

d7768aa0, 2012-12-17, 08:48PM CST

Does anyone know about CCTS, Commissioner for complaints for telecommunications services. They world with you and your telecommunications service provider to resolve complaints. They are a non profit organization under part II of the Canada Corporation act governance is provided by an independent board of directors which insures our independence.They bill participating providers for their services. They pay a one time fee that is based on the amount of their Canadian telecommunications revenues. Their is also a fee based on the number of complaints they receive. I'm sure if you told bell you were going to call the CCTS they might be more cooperative. Check out the site

d7768aa0, 2012-12-17, 08:56PM CST

Correction to my comment, it's they work with you and your telecommunications service provider to resolve complaints.

2dba0bdf, 2013-02-07, 08:06AM CST

I started out w/ Bell yrs ago and ended up cancelling because of extremely poor customer service and poor reception/technical support and response times to fix it. Being charged for services not ordered and waiting mths for any kind of refund.

I decided to give Bell a second chance and once again I am extremely disappointed with your customer service, technical support, response times and being charged for services I did not approve and lastly upping the fee's with no notice and not receiving any aper bills and telling me that I signed up for e-mail billing. I am not an e-mail billing erson as I need the bill in front of me to pay it right away. (I still have yet to receive any paper copies even after several verbal attempts on my part and promise made to have them sent out to me ASAP, I have to call in every month to get a total if I remember).

Now today I called in to find out where my postage pd receiver boxes were cause tomorrow is my last day of service with Bell and I DO NOTwant your products in my home any longer. The rep on the phone was extremely rude and I could not understand him as he started out talking French and had such an accent I could barely understand a word he said. Then in the end he told me that the rep I spoke with 30 DAYS ago FORGOT to put int he request to have the boxes shipped to my house prior to ending of contract. This ticks me off big time because apparently NOW I have to store YOUR 5 receivers for 5 DAYS till the boxes arrive..........DISGUSTING!!!!!!!

So once AGAIN Bell has let me down YET AGAIN.........

The sad part is I was hoping to at 1 time switch ALL our home services (phone, internet, t.v) but now ROGERS will be my provider for all my services and at a much lower rate per month at that......

Bell Canada is going down hill big time and trust me when I say EVERYONE I know is in the process of switching their services because ROGERS is more then happy to meet/beat BELL's rates on similar services.

I am a very extremely upset and disappointed customer........

7894edee, 2014-08-10, 09:54AM CDT

I was a loyal customer for 10 years. The year of 2014 I decided to order the bell fiber DSL the first package. On Friday, 8 August my telephone line went out. Saturday August 9th I call them, And they referred me to a customer technical support from Malaysia or something do it sound with the Malaysian or Philippine I don't know , The guy told me there's nothing they could do because there were no technician available to come on Saturdays or Sundays .

I explain my situation I am about to receive important call, Second and he told me hold on soon he will put me on hold and call me back 10 minutes after if you have an emergency technician. Still nothing. call back again some one from Asia answer. so I'm very disappointed in bell that the referring customers overseas and didn't handle the problem in Canada very Disappointed. I am a senior citizen Bell canada. I'm so disappointed in Bell Canada that I don't want to be a member anymore plus they could give me a rebate for a couple days there was no phone available I was receiving important call.

This proves that they don't care about their customers they don't give a darn about anything the customers says. the customer is not worth anything to them only money's worth more to bell .

Thank you Bell Canada for giving best service . On Saturdays August 9th 2014.

Bell doesn't care about its customer who is a 65+ with heart problem & who lives in a low income housing .

Thank you bell for your service ever.


A Worth less 3rd class citizen of canada from south east Asia

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