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Posted on Tuesday, June 14th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by a42e662b

Company: All Transportation Limousine

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All Transportation Limousine

I have a contract with All Transportation Limo that says they would provide 8 hours of 57 seat shuttle bus service. This contract specifies the exact pick up and drop off locations and that the bus will be availalable for 8 hours during the course of my wedding to shuttle guests back to the original location, if needed.

This company did not check out the pick up or drop off locations and the bus driver refused to drop off my guests at the precise location. According to him, the bus was too large. The owners of both the pick up and drop off locations assure me that they have had many buses make these trips withou incident in the past. As a result, guests had to walk or be shuttled by others to their final destination. I witnessed this fiasco from my wedding limo, in my wedding gown, and we have it all on videotape.

The bus driver decided to go back and get a smaller bus, which he felt he could drive better. As a result, there was no bus shuttle service for several hours (which I had already paid for). Also, the bus he returned with was a much smaller bus, which could not hold all my guests and therefore some of my guests had to wait for an hour for the bus to return to get them.

All Trans refused to refund any portion of my money and they were rude to me on the telephone. Fact is, they did not live up to the terms of their contract and I did not recieve the services I paid for.


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