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Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 5a84f5db

Company: Uniden - defender.com

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Uniden - defender.com

Ordered through www.defender.com in Waterford, CT: I have been waiting since February for a UM525 radio that I ordered through Defender.com and they have to keep saying it is backordered ....and now Uniden says they probably won't deliver it until late

August? I had planned to use it on an offshore sail around Florida in May but was told at the last minute that Uniden couldn't deliver... it was then too late to order another and we had to use an old, non dsc outfit that we had to rig a speaker to, to get it to work.

I am furious because I am still seeing this model advertised in Motorboating magazine as if it available. Why do they advertise a product they don't intend to deliver in a timely fashion? I can imagine the service on such will be just as delayed. Randall

Cherrylog, Ga 30522

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