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Posted on Thursday, June 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by d7ca3085

Company: Gozing surveys

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Gozing surveys

BEWARE THIS COMPANY. I strongly suggest that YOU DO NOT DO ONLINE SURVEYS FOR THEM OR GREENFEILD ONLINE, since they are part of the same company. These two companies do not like paying for surveys you take. On their website they say payments will be made in approximately 8 weeks after completing the survey for them. I currently have two surveys that as of this date I have not been paid for. They make it impossible to talk to anyone at their location, and the general form response they give you is "due to accounting problems, we have some delays". These two surveys are months old as example. One is 6 months since taken,

and 3 months past their "pending payment" date. The other is 5 months since

taken, and 2 months past their "pending payment" date. Jan 5, 2005 $10.00 Pending Mar 2, 2005

Feb 7, 2005 $3.00 Pending Apr 4, 2005 On several occasions with these people, I have gone with the flow and given

extra time... the longest being an additional 4 weeks to get payment. However, since the first of the year, they have gotten worse than ever, and I will not accept this any longer. I am making a complaint to the Texas Attorney General office for FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY and THEFT OF SERVICES. I recommend that anyone else out there in this spot do the same. I take surveys for several online companies, including a couple international ones. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, treats their participants like this. Everyone that I work with, except for Gozing and Greenfield, make their payments within 1 week, plus or minus, of the promised date. BEWARE OF DOING ANYTHING FOR THESE PEOPLE!!! They will steal your time, and keep the money! Mike Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_44679#


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11607db8, 2008-04-10, 02:38PM CDT

I have done surveys for them in the past and have always gotten paid.

9b54f9d9, 2009-07-30, 08:07AM CDT

Sorry you had a hard time with this company. I appreciate your input and warning. I checked Gozing out and others feel the same way you do. Also, i found out that tho owners of this company are Grgg B. Lavin and Mathew Dusig. See is you can find anything on them. You may be able to contact them or complain to someone about them. See CASRO, ESOMAR, AMA, etc as well. Good luck!

176ee2ab, 2009-11-02, 11:25AM CST

Which companies do you work for that actually pay and actually give surveys? I've tried many but some of them don't even bother to send any surveys via email like they say they will. When I do receive surveys they always say i don't qualify and send me to take a "sweepstakes entry form" and of course I never win that. If anyone has a good solid list of survey sites that work would you email me at [email protected] Thank you.

ea2c645d, 2010-08-18, 01:58AM CDT

Oh yeah Greenfield took over Toluna and they SUCK, I SUPER STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU DO NOT take ANY surveys for these people they ARE LIARS and will NEVER EVER PAY YOU. When I was with Toluna I got paid on time and everything was great but these people at Greenfield are sneaky as hell and they have made me wait 8 straight months with a bunch of BS excuses and I just strongly suggest that you walk away from these theives of my time and possibly yoursas well

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