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Douglas Furniture


Below is an e-mail I sent out to Douglas Furniture " COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_74598# ":

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From: Karl


Cc: Karl & Susan

Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2005 9:28 AM

Subject: Warranty support

Dear Mr./Ms.

We need some help here.

On Jan. 23 2005 we purchased a Sofa corner section with two recliners and a fold down table on one end and a fold out bed on the other end. Just like the one that shows on your web page.

We purchased this sectional from D & L furniture LLC. Sales man Alex N. and Manager Tony D.

at Florin Road Sacramento, CA 95823 Tel # 916-391-5333, Fax# 916-391-2709.

Here is the problem:

On Jan 27- 05 they brought the sectional into our home, they unwrapped it and than gave us a demonstration.

The vibrator on the left recliner did NOT work. The installers looked at it and told us that the vibrator

was not put in the right place .

They got their electric drill / screwdriver out and fixed the problem.

On March 9-05, after 41day's, we went to the store and told Tony, the manager, that the seat on the left recliner was bulging up. I showed him my 4 pictures. That is the same recliner we had trouble with the vibrator.

Tony told us, than that he will contact the repairman for us and the repairman should contact us within a few days to make an appointment .

We waited two weeks and on 3/21/05 we called the store again and talked to Tony and told him that we still have not seen any body to repair the sectional.

Tony told me that the repairman should have called us a long time ago and he will find out why the repairman has not contacted us yet. He also told me that the repairman should contact us within 2 days.

We waited another week. The repairman came finally on 3/29/05. Bill, the repairman, looked at the recliner section and told us that he will order a new seat for replacement. He said he has seen this at many places. He said it takes about 3-4 weeks for the delivery of the seat to him and than he will install it right way.

We waited and waited and on April 25, 4 weeks later, we went to the store again and told Tony, that we were very,very unhappy with this couch. It is much worse now and we can not even sit on it . We have not used the vibrator, because we were afraid that it would damage the recliner more. I told Tony to take the couch back and we wanted our money back OR get it fixed now. He said he could not help us we should call the repairman our self.

I told Tony that I did not buy the recliner couch from the repairman and that the repairman is not working for me.

I told Tony that it is his responsibility to fix the recliner seat. I asked him to replace that section with another section that was in the store. He could not do that he said.

Tony told me he will check into it again and will call me the next day

Well, we waited and waited 11 days again and still no call from anybody.

We are very very frustrated now.

We do not even want this couch anymore, because we do not know what and when the next problem will occur.

Do we have to ask the radio and or TV programs, that have a follow up service for consumer complains, to get this problem fixed ??

We sincerely hope YOU can solve this problem for us.


Sacramento, Ca 958333-9788

I sent this e-mail out today see below.


I send an e-mail to you May 16 2005 see below

On May 18, I contacted Cindy @California Repair @ Granet Bay and she told me that the part should be in no later than May 31. Well it is now June first and I called Cindy again and she told me that she is still waiting for the part ( seat / cushion ) and she did send an e-mail requested the status .

She said there is nothing else she can do than just wait for the part to come in.

We are now waiting for repair the couch since March 9 , that is 85 days waiting so far ! !

Please Please help me to expedite this.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.



I surely hope you can help me . I am very frustrated. Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_44669#

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f56d8fb2, 2012-10-31, 10:16PM CDT

Does anyone know where to get replacement parts for a Douglas Furniture sectional recliner?

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