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Subject: Screwed by Kodak

Dear Friends;

Normally I do not do things like this but I am so mad at Kodak that I could spit. It is Kodak who is screwing me. Back in the early part of May I bought a Kodak Digital Camera; the DX 7630. I had it for about two weeks and I liked it very much. In the two weeks that I first had my camera the battery went dead and I had forgotten the charger. So I placed the Kodak in my glove box of the vehicle and left it there until I got home. It was used approximately 4 days. When I got home I charged the battery and replaced it in the camera. At that point the toggle wouldn't work and the lens moved on its own in and out and then into the macro setting.

It took another 3 weeks of communication with Kodak before the camera was sent to one of their repair centers. It took another 3 days by mail to get to United Camera Repair. They didn't answer me for 2 more weeks. After repeated emails and finally a phone conversation Kodak they said they would look into the problem. That took another 7 days. After a total of about 6 or 7 weeks they came up with a photo of a drop of water coming out of the camera and said the warrantee was voided because of the water. If it took about 5 weeks to get the camera to United and they showed a photo of water,

the whole camera would have been corrupted with moisture instead of the trifling points they show. And it would have been an obvious warrantee void. They would not have needed to "look" into it to verify a voided item.

I would had to have left the camera out in the rain for 5 weeks in order for it to "still" have water drops in it. THEY HAVE LIED ABOUT THE PROBLEM AND WORKED AT IT UNTIL THEY COULD FABRICATE THIS STORY TO GET OUT OF REPLACING A CRAPPY PRODUCT.

It took these people almost a month to find something so that they could claim the camera was wet. I do not believe that the photos they sent me were from my camera at all. If my camera was not wet how can it show moisture.

I have always prided myself in the fact that I have taken the blame for things that I have done. I am honest with those I do business with and accept the outcome when I am at fault. BUT I EXPECT THE SAME IN RETURN AND APPARENTLY KODAK DOES NOT OPERATE THAT WAY! In retrospect I should have taken pictures of my own camera to make sure the report would be about "my" camera......how stupid of me to "trust" Kodak.

I am telling you this to make sure you do not buy a Kodak Camera!! They are crooked and do not stand behind thier products.

Do NOT buy a Kodak Camera no mater how much you think you like the camera.....they will screw you if you need service from them!


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