My new home / driveway from Maronda Homes of Ohio

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Company: My new home / driveway from Maronda Homes of Ohio

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My new home / driveway from Maronda Homes of Ohio

Maronda Homes 3811 Twin Creeks Drive, Columbus , Ohio 43204

My wife and I bought a new built house from Maronda and moved in the first week of November 2004. They put up 6000.00 dollars for us to move in with no money down and no closing cost. We were ecstatic. About eight weeks after moving in our driveway began crumbling. It had a blemished spot the size of my fist where the concrete had looked peeled off when we took our initial walk through ,but it seemed minor and we didn't want to nit pick. now though it was coming off in sheets and I was having to sweep up piles of sandy looking debris. We told our sales person in January, who then emailed the Maronda service dept. which was their preferred method of contact.

He thought it had been handled as they are supposed to respond to the home owner within 48 hrs. But I heard nothing back. I was working 15 hour days with no weekend or holidays at the time to be able to move, which lasted a year and a half, so I did not realize the time that passed for a while with no reply. By then it was time for my six month walk through to go over problems with the new house. At the April 15th walkthrough I brought up the driveway again among other issues such as my basement walls that were getting wet, my stairway railings that were not anchored into anything but drywall, my incomplete furnace vent in the basement and freon in the air conditioner, the trashy job done on my porches (Nails were hanging out everywhere, and the boards were not even cut to size. I could stick my fingers between some of the joints where they were nailed together and many of the pieces were not cut at the right angles. It all together looked like leftover scraps were used and the nails split many of the boards. Some in fact weren't nailed down at all.)

Dan Brush told me they would pull out nails and screw in some of the wood on the porches, they would send the C & M heating and cooling over to finish the air duct, they would contact the basement waterproofing company they used to build the house to come and check the basement wall, they wouldn't do anything about the handrail coming out of the wall because this particular safety device was cosmetic only, and they would turn in the driveway issue and that if I did not hear back by the end of the month to call and see what was going on. After a week of calling every day when the heating guy was to show up and going through three people someone finally came and put freon in the air conditioner but said they knew nothing of the air duct but they put in a work order. I never heard a thing again. The fist week of May I called service back about the driveway as I was told and Kelly told me they weren't doing anything until after May 15th last freeze date and that there were a lot of people with this problem and it would take a while to get to me.

At the same time my wife talked to our salesman again who was surprised the issue of our driveway had not been addressed and he emailed service again on May 3rd. Near the end of May, after still no word, my wife talked to the onsite supervisor, Chris, who said he would make a few phone calls and get back with us, as he was unaware of the problem of our driveway and other issues. We still heard nothing. So I went back to our salesman and asked for some more contacts since no one was responding to us at all for months. It had been six months since the first complaint about our driveway. He gave me the name of Mark Shiels who he said he had been talking with about the concrete issues of mine and others with the same problem. He told us it had gone from about 50 people when we first complained to about 400 by now. So I now emailed an angry letter to service of when were they going to respond to my complaints and I attempted to call Mark Shiels as he suggested but was only allowed to leave voicemail. Two days later I received a letter from Luke Wu, at the service department for Maronda Homes. He stated that nothing would be done about my driveway because the severe scaling was due to weather and road salt brought on my vehicles tires and that Maronda did not warrant concrete.

He restated this again in a phone call later that morning and told me even though I moved in during November I had time to seal the concrete before bad weather. I didn't seal it though because the MARONDA HOMES SEVICE POLICY HANDBOOK GIVEN TO US STATED SPECIFICALLY "THAT A DRIVEWAY SEALER (WHICH CAN BE APPLIED BY THE OWNER) BE APPLIED TO THE DRIVEWAY ANY TIME AFTER THE FIRST YEAR." So why did he tell me I should have sealed it to keep it from damage when the driveway was only poured in October a couple weeks before I moved in and the crumbling began within eight weeks after that? I was following their own instructions and they told me the damage was due to my negligence! Next Dan Brush called me again and set up an appointment to look over my complaints again (except for the driveway). He came out and I showed him the complaint of the porches again. He said he was meeting with some one and would discuss the issue. A later phone call the following week he said they would pull nails and use screw (same as before) but they would do nothing about the boards not cut and fitting properly. He asked if I wanted the porches torn down and just put in three steps as they intended for the house and I said no. We both knew that the local building code required the porches and that Maronda didn't want to have them in the first place. Hence the crappy job.

The wet basement wall issue they set up an appointment with a company they switched to for July. He said he would have someone work on my handrail and find some studs to anchor it in. I had a new issue I found with exhaust vents from the bathrooms to the outside that had not been boxed in at all and bugs were getting in and dropping on us in the bathroom. And I had questions about the property so I could do my own improvements that the answers eventually made me more dissatisfied with Maronda Homes. I wanted to hang a ceiling fan in my 17 ft. high living room. He called three different people to see what the safe weight was to hang from their installed rough ins. One said 50 lbs., one said 150 lbs., and the next said 85 lbs. I hope these people that don't know what they installed in my house guessed correct when he concluded 85, because mine is 50 lbs. and I hope it doesn't fall. next I wanted to know what was under my property besides electric, etc. (all my utilities are underground) because I didn't want to landscape something that would create problems years after for myself. I then found out that my property drainage was misstated to me. I have a large steep hill for a backyard and voiced drainage concerns when first looking at the house I was told there was a french drain at the bottom of the hill behind the house and that they sprayed the inside of the basement with a product they called crystal lock, which quelled my fears of wet basements and mildew/mold which greatly affect my athsma and allergies. It was a major concern to me.

Now I was told they don't use french drains and at an earlier time was told that they don't do the inside of the basement either. I also learned that my entire backyard of the 3/4 acre property is subject to destruction at any time deemed necessary due to a culvert under the length of it. I knew there was an easement but thought it was just for access to the electric units and never had this full impact of what was meant explained to me. This meant I could not count on future additions which I had hoped to make and that any trees or landscaping would be destroyed sooner or later for needed maintenance. (probably sooner with the track record they've been giving me) I also learned at one of the walkthroughs after I was moved in and complained about the floors bouncing everything in the room when you walked across them, (even my 45 lb. dog made things shake as he walked by) that the floor joists and inside studs were set 24 inches apart and that some areas such as walk in closets, pantries, bathrooms, etc. ( smaller rooms) may have no studs at al except at the corners of the room. He said this was how they gave you more house for your dollar. Which explained why small shelves couldn't hold any weight such as my laundry which dropped a shelf holding only 3 containers of laundry supplies, which did not fit on the floor because the room was so small you could not stand in it and do laundry otherwise. This I complained about also. I asked when we first looked at the house if the washer and dryer would fir in the room because it looked so small and was told it would and took their word for it. The fact is once moving not only was the door so narrow and awkwardly placed, I had to remove it to get the appliances in and still had to push through the opening, scratching it, but once they were in you can't open the door all the way to walk in and you halve to close the door to be able to open the dryer door and struggle to get a basket around the door, in a space you can barely stand in, to take laundry to the living room to shake out and fold and put on hangers. Thanks for the improvement to my life Maronda. Ok. So now I seem to have rambled a lot, but there is a point to it.

It is the first week of July. The only thing done about any of my complaints since the first one in January until now is the air duct fixed and freon put in the air conditioner. That’s it. My scrappy porches, my railing, my air exhaust vents, my basement wall, are all still pending. My backyard I'm afraid to improve at all to make it enjoyable. I'm afraid to do anything in the house to make it more functional because there is nothing to attach to half the time and the easement that wasn't fully explained (I thought it was something I would be able to modify by applying for some future variance or something) keeps me from adding the space required as finances allow. The disfunctional laundry will continue to make life harder than it was before. And finally the driveway they instructed me not to seal until after the first year and then told me it was my fault I didn't seal it with in weeks of being poured, has been totally denied for any option of repair what so ever. I admit they told us they don't warrant concrete, but there should be reasonable expectation that it should not have immediate deterioration, and that if it were that urgent they should have stated otherwise in their homeowners service policy manual. Maybe even told us it wouldn't be wise to park on it that first year until it should be sealed , if our road-salty tires were of that much danger. When I have finished paying for my home in 29-1/2 years, I will have paid almost 400,000.00 for my brand new home. I deserve brand new quality when paying for brand new product . Not immediate repairs and eyesores. You do too. That is why I have told all the details surrounding the main issues. So that you can make wiser choices when buying a new home. For me, I believe I am entitled to the repairs I have asked for, in a timely and complete fashion, to have the "new" quality I paid for. Then hopefully I will be able to sell without a loss and move after a few years of saving and paying down my mortgage to a home I that is functional and I feel secure in that I can live in as intended through retirement until I die. I don't trust the one I'm in after all this. Would you?

My Name is Tim. If you have the same issues with your concrete with Maronda Homes in central Ohio, networking helps, I want to know.


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ad5943c8, 2008-09-06, 10:15AM CDT

Join our Class Action Lawsuit!

We are a large growing group of Maronda Home owners in Florida who are working together to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Maronda Homes. All Maronda owners are invited to join us.

Recently, one of our members was featured in a television news report in Seminole County, Florida. An entire subdivision is organizing with us. We also have qualified attorneys who are preparing to handle our legal matter against Maronda.

You are invited to join our group if you want. No specific outcome or result is gauranteed. We are confident we will get the attention this serious matter deserves.

098e33d3, 2008-09-08, 09:01AM CDT

Hi Tim,

We had much of the same situation as you. Maronda gifted us the downpayment and we moved into the model house at the end of August 2006. The first thing we noticed was that the temp in the "parlor" area was much cooler/hotter than the rest of the house--by as much at 12-15 degrees. FINALLY they came and moved the return from the top of the wall to the bottom and this has helped somewhat.

We too, have the same issue with the drive way. We have been told that there is nothing that can be done.

After a month of living there, a piece of the siding kept coming off... they have fixed this at LEAST four times.

The garage door had a gap at both ends. We were told it was because the concrete was not level.. and "you know that it is really hard to get them level." No one else in our sub-division seems to have this problem. They have REFUSED to fix this issue as they say they would have to bust up the concrete and they are just not going to do that. In the meantime, we have had mice EVERY winter since that time! The final straw was when we were told by the "brilliant" manager or whatever his title is.. to put that spray foam that comes in the cans for cracks. His thinking was that it would spread the bottom seal out enough to make it seal all the way... WRONG!! When we had the garage door opener installed, I was told that we should never have done that and when we replaced it they would come back out and adjust the door so that it would properly go down. Well, we have removed the seal and now cannot find the replacement for it.

The final straw was when my daughter came to help hang a BOREDER in the upstairs loft/family room area... the walls are NOT square and it became ONE big headache!!!

If we had to do over again.. we would have NEVER purchased from them.. Not only have we had problems with the build but also the homeowner's association and their shady practices...even to the point of hiring an attorney because of their questionable practices which violated what they had in their OWN handbook!!

We were told one thing by the sales person and then come to find out.. it is NOT true.. ANY of it!!

Look forward to hearing from you!!

Steven and Melanie Dick

7aacf878, 2008-10-15, 11:34PM CDT

How do we join the lawsuit in Fl.? We have been calling maronda on our upstairs air unit it has been fixed about four times and we complained about the baseboards in the front and back of the house warping and having brown marks. We later found out that these were caused by water leakage. We have been told someone named John would get back with us and now our warranty runs out today and they have still not responded. They never did a six month walk through and they have yet to return a call. We don't want to get stiffed. [email protected]

4f9484ad, 2009-11-22, 06:21PM CST

we bought a house back in 2004 thats when we signed the contract, and then it took them 2 years to built the house, and every thing has been bad i have one of there two stoey homes windows are caped ,dishwasher went bad,wwater heater leaking, drive way crubling,and I can go on and on yes I would like to join your class action law suite let me now what I have to do they never did a 6 month walk or the yearley walk, never returned my calls and now I can,t even sell it

1231fa92, 2010-04-24, 11:48AM CDT

I recently purchased a home n delaware Ohio and my concrete is flaking and pitted they said it is from salt sorry for your luck that is why we have you sign a release on concrete

c159e0bb, 2010-08-27, 10:24AM CDT

I need information on how to get involved in this . We live in Jacksonville and we are having the same issues plus more . I cant afford to keep missing work for repeat repair nor can i afford to keep paying for ac repair on a new house

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