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Brand New Trane System

I has this installed by a local delaer in 2003. They told me it was the most enegry efficient system and that nothing could stop a TRANE! 2 years later my TRANE system has broke down about half dozen times. A couple of times the issue was traced to coolant leaking, a couple of times to compressor failing and one time to bad thermostat. And again today, (day before Jily 4) it has broke yet again and when I call TRANE support they ask me to call the local dealer and take no responsibility for their inferior substrandard product!

As a homeowner I bought the most expensive system in the market - TRANE! I have called them several times and they have the WORST UNRESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT in the industry. Not only do they not respond they point fingers. They told me to contact my dealer. I said "Are you not worried about your reputation?" The tech support girl giggled and hung up on me!

Save yourself a bundle both in terms of trouble and money. I am seriously thinking about throwing away this high priced TRANE crap and replacing it with CARRIER or just about any brand. If you want to contact me for details please email me at COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_74676# I will tell you what has happened to me and hopefully it will make you stay away from this wreck of a system called TRANE!

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2e3a589b, 2008-06-06, 10:10AM CDT

I had an XL13 system installed by a local dealer in 2002 and I have had over 12 visits to date (6-6-08) to address problems that began in week one after installation. Some related to installation and others related to equipment deterioration and malfunction.

I'd agree Trane customer service does pretty much what you said... claim it is not their problem!? and point me back to the installer or my (now, new) local service provider. Thank God I purchased the 10 year P&L Warranty and haven't had to pay the thousands of $ in repairs I'd be liable for without it.

Right now as I write this note - my latest Trane Certified service technician is here trying to find another/second leak.

I have also noticed some contacts on a relay that are burning/burnt up, but Trane tech say's they can't be replaced without a fee until they fail completely - so I'll have to wait until it fails and then be without AC AGAIN for a while when I call them to come out for repair, and then wait until that can be scheduled with the techs and I can take off more time from my work to be available for them to get into and work around my home.

I will NEVER buy a Trane system again, and keep my eye out for Carrier comments and customer feedback since from what I've seen thus far - their customers seem to be satisfied.

e3024589, 2008-12-03, 09:29AM CST

Dont ever buy a Trane.

When I had my house built in 1998, the builder installed a Trane air conditioner. During the ten plus years weve lived in the house, we have never gone more than two full seasons without having repairs performed on the unit. Numerous Freon leaks were repaired, the cooling coil in the air handler was replaced two or three times, all the copper lines between the air handler and the compressor were replaced, and the expansion valve in the air handler was replaced more times than I can remember. Now, I guess for lack of anything else to replace, Im told I need a new compressor at a cost of $2,800.

In September of 2008, I wrote a letter to the president of Tranes Residential Systems Division describing the problems Ive had, and requesting that Trane provide some compensation for my troubles over the past ten years. I waited over a month for an answer to my letter, and then I wrote a letter to the Chairman and CEO of Trane. I included a copy of my original letter and expressed my feelings about my first letters being so rudely ignored. Its been almost two months since I wrote the second letter, and so far it has produced exactly the same result nothing. Not even the courtesy of a reply.

I very strongly suggest that you not even consider buying anything made by Trane unless you want a product that wont provide more than two years of service, you prefer to buy from a manufacturer that is unwilling to stand behind his product, and want to deal with a company whose executives dont care a bit about providing even a small amount of customer service.

27ffac98, 2009-07-09, 02:05PM CDT

Have any of u folks thought about a class action law suit, I have, I have been having issues too, my unit is 2 1/2 yrs old, have placed 6 service calls and have had 3 evaporator coils!!

[email protected]

b00948a5, 2009-09-14, 02:58PM CDT

I built a new home in 2002 with two Traine AC units. I have had many problems with both and today I just found out the Compressor is bad in the XL13i. Not even 7 years old and now I am facing a major bill.

I use to live in the house nest door. I installed a Carrier AC system there in 1997. That is still going and with no problems. I will never buy Traine again. Next time I am going to buy a Carrier. They really do seem to hold up much better.

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