IPI WIRELESS - 07/05/2005 -$99.98 IPC IPI*WIRELESS SALES 888-378-8094

Posted on Tuesday, July 5th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by fa7c94ba


Category: Unauthorized Charges

IPC IPI*WIRELESS SALES 888-378-8094 twice they took out money why?

. I called my bank today and to my surprise, a company called IPI Wireless deducted $199.66 from my account. I got the name of the company from my bank and they gave me this phone number 1-888-378-8094, but everytime I called, I got a recording which said "all circuits are busy" and I waited and then the phone disconnected.. I called three times and each time the same response. I then called Sprint and asked them if they authorized this and they said no. I want to know why IPI Wireless is taking money out of my account without my permission. This is wrong!!!!!!!



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