Costco service in San Francisco

Posted on Monday, August 1st, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 8340022f

Company: Costco service in San Francisco

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Costco service in San Francisco


On Sunday, July 30th, I went to Costco of San Francisco to purchase 4 items. After waiting in a very long line, it was my turn to pay. I asked the cashier if I can pay with my check. He was fine. I gave him my costco card, my check, and my driver license. He wrote everything he needed and then call out to another Costco worker, Bismarck Gonzalez to check if he needed to write my address down. My address was not printed on my check as that is how I like my check to be (just my full name was printed). Bismarck took one look at it and said that they cannot accept my check because my address is not printed.

They wiped my transaction of $27.11 after 2 hours at Costco. I was very upset. As a Costco member, I have the right to use my personal check regardless if my address is printed. I also show them my driver license. Bismarck said I could talk to his Assistant Manager Derek Thompson. After I spoke with Derek, he said that I was able to purchase the items. After humilation and embarrassment, I left the store deciding not to purchase the items. I believe that as a costco member, I should be treated with respect and Bismarck should verify the issue with the Derek before making firm decision that I can't use my check. It was very humiliating and embarrassing. Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_45890#


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