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Posted on Saturday, July 30th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 0f37640f

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Boost Mobile

My name is Yvonne. I've recently had a very serious situation happen with Boost Mobile, their customer service rep.'s and supervisors, as well as the service itself. This statement should serve as a warning for any Boost current and future customers, in regards to how poorly "customer satisfaction" is handled.

On July 25, 2005, I called their customer service dept. to complain about a reoccurring problem that had been happening for approximately 3-4 months. Whenever I tried calling my voice mail from my phone, it would take me several tries to get thru to the voice prompt that asked for my "pass code". However many times it took me to get to that point, I was being deducted a minute each time, .... even though I wasn't connecting to anyone! As all Boost users know, each minute COSTS YOU MONEY. Each minute ranged from 25 cents (before the change in July), to now 20 cents/min. In other words: I would make 1 call - no actual connection would be made to lead me to the prompt for my pass code; 2nd call, same thing; 3rd call... I MIGHT get thru, but sometimes it would take up to 5 times for that prompt to be heard... meaning I had actually made it thru to my voice mail, but NOT UNTIL I HEARD THAT PROMPT! During those first few calls, all I would hear was "dead air". When I made that initial call to complain of this problem, I was given assurances that this would be resolved and my account would be given a credit. I was told to call back in a few days with a tracking number, and my situation would be handled at that time.

Today, July 29, 2005, I experienced the exact same problem. I awoke this morning to find a message on my phone from the night before. I tried to retrieve my message, only to have to try 3 TIMES. On the 3RD TRY, I got thru. On my first attempt, I was told I had 99 minutes for my call. NO CONNECTION, NO PROMPT. I hung up in less than 30 seconds. I tried again. SAME RESULTS! On my THIRD ATTEMPT, I heard the proper prompt, asking for my pass code. Once I was finished with that call, I IMMEDIATELY called 611 on my phone, pressed the appropriate numbers to talk to a service representative. She identified herself as "Mary Ann". After explaining to her what had JUST occurred, and letting her know of my previous complaint, she informed me that the "escalation team" determined that all my calls were "legitimate" and that my claim was "DENIED"!!! I WAS FLOORED!!! I asked to speak to her supervisor. I went to great lengths to explain to her supervisor all that I listed above. I went even as far as to let her know that Verizon had a better offer to me, and I was considering changing services!! It didn't matter. Citing that the "escalation team" denied my claim, she promptly hung up on me. I called back later, asked to talk to another supervisor, only to get the run-around! When I tried to explain to the second supervisor what had been happening, I was informed that if I make a connection to their system for more than 30 seconds, then I'M CHARGED FOR A FULL MINUTE, even though my call NEVER CONNECTED!!!

I was told that I could send a complaint to Boost Mobile's customer service email, but was given NO ASSURANCES that it would be taken seriously, or that I was going to receive a serious response. I was also informed that even though it was THEIR SYSTEM that messed up my phone calls each and every time, that I was NOT going to receive ANY credit to my account, EVER!!! Basically, even though I have a legitimate complaint about THEIR SERVICE, I received NO "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION".


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bbf97517, 2008-01-05, 02:46AM CST

THANK GOD!!! I thought I was the only one with a problem with boost. I had two phones with the unlimited service for son and myself. In less than two weeks my phone locked up and I couldnt turn it back on. I called boost and the rep said I had to call Motorola and resolve with them not mentioning that I can get credit for the time my phone had to be repaired or while I waited for a replacement phone. In the meantime, my sons phone did the same exact thing. Fortunately, so I thought, I bought a service plan for both phones, they sent replacement phones and I was somewhat happy until I realized that the phones I received where rebuilt phones that did not work. Again, I called Boost Customer Service line, wait on hold for more than thirty minutes and no results, no one gave me a credit although I just paid again for another month because I thought the New replacement phones would work, I was told by my service plan to send those phones back. One month later no repaired phone or replacement phones either. I called Boost and they said there is nothing they can do, I again requested a credit/refund on service I was transferred so much from one person to another until I finally was told they could not help me. I posted a note on the website, I then receive a call from customer service just to say I should have requested a credit when the phone initially broke. Ha-ha, what a joke. I still am waiting for that credit, well actually refund because I am with a new company.

So tired of horrible customer service, whatever happened to the customer is always right.

I will never recommend Boost to anyone!!!

98cb8e8f, 2008-09-09, 09:54PM CDT

I am in the same boat. I have a boost phone that was bought 7 months ago, it is dead. Customer service did NOTHING to help me. The phone died while one of there incompetent reps had me doing a upgrade. Well it is now stuck on a blue update screen, so i've lost all my contacts, etc. They wouldn't do crap to help me. Now i, like the idiot i am, went and spent $180 on there Krazor phone, the freakin back (to the battery) won't stay on, and the volume can only be heard by a mouse. So i called them up and all they could say is take it back to the store and get a new phone. They do nothing to help there customers PERIOD. They are the worst service i've ever gotten from someone. Since i paid next months bill to . I'm stuck with them until the end of October. I'm taking the phone back tomorrow getting the cheap one, since none of them work anyways, and when they the end of october comes around, i will take my business elsewhere.

baeb1c3c, 2009-01-15, 09:03AM CST

I live in the Detroit area and just gave up on Verizon's garbage phones and switched over to boost. I did this because I had a decent working old I 530 Nextel phone. What a mistake.....I can dial out, but I cannot receive calls. I called boost and they said there was an outage in my area and just hung up on me. I strongly advise anyone who is thinking about using Boost to reconsider. You will be wasting money and time.

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