1998 Saturn SC1

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Company: 1998 Saturn SC1

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1998 Saturn SC1

Saturn of Appleton, WI

October 2003: Took 1998 Saturn SC1 in at 84,000 miles due to "coolant light". Was told that the head gasket was cracked. They fixed the head gasket. I checked the oil 2 days after arriving home and found I had very little oil in my car. I immediately called Saturn to find out what happened. They said it was leaking oil. I said that I did not see any oil on the ground and that I was wanted the car looked at again. The customer service agent passed me to the service manager and I asked him about this car and what was happening to the oil. He was extremely rude and non-cooperative--he even said when I asked him about the repairs, that he would "guarantee it for life" and that I was the one with the problem. To open the engine again, he said he would charge me for the cost-around $500. I called Saturn, they offered me a "deal", where it would only cost me $250 to look at the car. After numerous phone calls, I could not get a resolution on the problem. (Yes, I bought the extended warranty) Since the Saturn is the only car I had to drive, I had to keep driving it. The coolant light came on again. I called the dealership. They said my coolant must be low and to add coolant. I did so, and the light went off. This continued for numerous months, as I constantly filled the car with water and oil. Since I had such terrible service at Saturn of Appleton, I called every mechanic I could find. Noone would touch the car under the warranty. I kept driving the car. At 101,000 miles, when I driving on Hwy 57 to Milwaukee, the car died. I had to force it to the side of the road and barely made it. Considering it was a busy Sunday afternoon, I was lucky I was not hit. It was a nice 95F day, while I waited for someone to pick me up. The car was towed to a dealership and they have tried to fix this car. They replaced the head and now it is leaking by the timing chain and is pinging at 102000 miles. I got my Ford Bronco with 178,000 miles on it out of storage and have been driving that. I will never buy another Saturn as long as I live. Thank you,


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