Posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by dc05075e


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Hi, I'm a local and I'm not usually one to complain about services, because I do know people aren't perfect and I also know that things do go wrong. But I'm very disturbed at this company right now because I have a 1999 BMW 528i which I had serviced two weeks ago. I brought it in to get a new motor mount, alignment, and two new tires, which it all came out to a total of 1700.00. I know about cars, so I'm not stupid when it comes to bringing it into the shop and knowing the problem. When I brought my vehicle in my car was not overheating , nor was the temperature gage going bad. But when I picked up my car , I was driving out of the service station and it started heading torwards the hot on my gage. So I pulled over and tried to let it cool, well it went down but I couldn't bring it back because they close at 6:15. so then I called and left messages but no return. and then i finally got them to call me back.

Well come down to it, I brought it back in, and now they are saying that my temperature gage went bad and now I have to get a new radiator, But i'm sorry , during the period prior to service , everything went fine, but when i got it back from bmw, that is when i had the problems. Now BMW expects me to pay them another 1000.00. I don't find this particular dealership very helpful, I feel that alls they want is money. I think the mechanic or whoever worked on my car accidentally hurt my radiator while putting in my motor mount or just plain working on my car. I feel that they are making me pay for a mistake they did. I had just checked everything out a week prior to putting in the shop and the funny thing is everything was working properly and then i get it out of the shop and the min i drive the car my radiator is ruined. I don't think so.


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