1999 Tahoe

Posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by b4a9f296

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1999 Tahoe

This was submitted to GM. I am so tired of the NON VALUE ADDED QUALITY that GM is putting in to their product lines as well as their LACK of response. I submitted a complaint about the cost of repairing my 1999 Tahoe last winter and never received a reply, the transmission destroyed itself, the 4 X 4 transfer case encoder, fuel pump and NOW, NOW I have an intake manifold leak. GM was never heard from. I have trusted GM products for over 29 years but not anymore. With almost $4300.00 in repairs I am scared to think what intake repair is going to cost. This is not the first time my GM products have disappointed me. The entire rear end center section destroyed itself when a spring failed on the locking mechanism on my 1995 Z71 4 X 4 at $1500 for a used one. The 700R4 transmission failed on my 1989 Corvette at a cost of $1800. Toyota is looking more inviting everyday,,, seems I can't afford to own another GM product, with the cost of the repairs over the years GM could have thrown in a new GEO Metro.

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