Uniden marine radio defective, poor Uniden service

Posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 50e23f43

Company: Uniden marine radio defective, poor Uniden service

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Uniden marine radio defective, poor Uniden service

I have a oceanus marine radio I bought 5/24/04 and this is the second time I am sending it in for repair. Twice the display gets moisture in it and then the uit stops working. I called on 7/22/05 twice. The second fellow said he was from repair and that I should keep the radio dry. I said it was submersible so splash and rain shouldn't affect it. He said just the mike was submersible. I said the unit had submersible printed on it and you advertise it meeting JIS-7 standards. He said to send it in. Both people I spoke to I told it was the second time. I spoke to a supervisor today, 7/25/05 and she offered to send me a prepaid mailer. I already arranged to have the unit sent overnight.

Why didn't either of the two I first spoke to offer to send me a mailer? I paid the first time to ship it to you and now again. This unit is costing me money and much inconvenience as being on the water without a marine radio is hazardous. I want a new radio but the supervisor won't send me one. As a matter of fact, the radio I have now is refurbished. I bought a brand new radio which turned out to be a lemon. I did not originally buy a refurbished radio. I want a new radio. Refurbished NEVER works like new. If you send me a refurbished radio I know it will be defective like these first two. Please send me a new radio. This may be sent to Uniden as it already has been anyway - COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_74688#


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