La Petite Baleen Swim School - A Nightmarish Experience With La Petite Baleen Swim School in San Bruno, CA

Posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 7388b795

Company: La Petite Baleen Swim School

Location: 434 San Mateo Avenue San Bruno, CA 94066

Category: Sports, Recreation

In 2004, we paid for the full enrollment fee for swimming lessons for my granddaughter (who will be turning 3 years old in August 2005) and her half-sister (who just turned 7 years old last June). The Customer Service Representative who took and processed our credit card payment over the phone assured us that the kids will be able to get into a weekend class and at a time that is the same or very close to each other, as there is a four-year age gap between the two of them and they cannot be in the same class even if they are both beginners. After waiting for several weeks and calling LA PETITE BALEEN SWIM SCHOOL numerous times, they finally got the kids into two classes on a weekday. We have told them many times that both my husband and I as well as the kids' parents (our son and his wife) have to work on the weekdays and we can only bring the kids in on weekends to attend swim classes. We asked that they refund our payments, as they are not able to put the kids into weekend classes so they can possibly attend. A LA PETITE BALEEN SWIM SCHOOL manager in San Bruno told us that it is the school's policy to never issue a refund -- they would just keep the credit in their files until a weekend class becomes available. They mailed us a cash voucher that they claimed is good forever. In May 2005, I checked with the swim school again and was told that we should call on the first day of registration to get into the waiting list in June 2005. Again, I told them we had waited more than one year and will be so happy now that they will be admitting the kids into weekend classes. When a phone enrollment representative finally called after two weeks, they gave us two classes on Tuesdays (12:15 to 12:45 pm for the 7-year-old and 12:30 to 1:00 pm for the 3-year-old). I told them that we had been waiting for weekend classes for more than a year and was promised by a Customer Service Representative in 2004 that we would get those classes in 2005. I called the San Bruno School to say how disappointed I was. On June 21, 2005, a Customer Service Representative called me back and after I explained our scheduling conflict for weekday classes, she asked me to come in to fill out a 30-day notice to drop the kids from the Tuesday class. I went to the San Bruno School right after work on June 21 and filled out the form. I made notes on the DROP REQUEST FORM for a reversal of the charges to my husband's credit card in 2004 if they cannot give us weekend classes sometime in 2005. I was again told that LA PETITE BALEEN SWIM SCHOOL never issues any refunds, but that the children have until July 21, 2005 to try to make it to a couple of the Tuesday classes to see how they would like the experience. Then, I was again to call on August 5 to put the kids on the waiting list for weekend classes in Fall of this year. On July 12, I took a day off from work and brought the younger girl to the Baby and Me Class at 12:30 pm. She was delighted with the class, and I made it a point to take the next Tuesday (July 19) off to bring both her and her sister to the classes, which were around the same time (with a 15 minute interval). When I arrived at the San Bruno School, the Desk Manager told us that the kids have been dropped from their classes effective July 1. I showed him the note on the CLASS DROP REQUEST FORM made by their Desk Staff, which clearly states that the kids are enrolled until July 21, 2005, then they would be on the waiting list when the phone reservation starts again on August 5. He said he would check with the instructors, but he never spoke to any of them. He just decided that there was no room in any Beginners Class for the 7-year-old. He told us to wait another 15 minutes to see if the 3-year-old could be admitted to the Baby and Me Class in case there were any absentees. We just decided to leave. I cannot express our frustration and dissatisfaction at the ill treatment and unfairness we have been subjected to by LA PETITE SWIM SCHOOL. We really have to question what the school's criteria are in assigning students to requested classes. We firmly believe that more than a year of waiting is long enough for our grandchildren to get into weekend classes. We have paid close to $500 and they have hanged on to our money forever. All the $500 was worth was one trial swim class. We truly believe this is UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICE on the part of LA PETITE SWIM SCHOOL. I have never encountered a business organization with such terrible customer service. Thank you very much for your assistance and mediation in this complaint. We will be waiting for your reply and update.


90377968, 2008-04-02, 08:34PM CDT

La Petite Baleen does not take payment unless the child is already enrolled in a class.

897c0b29, 2009-08-13, 05:10PM CDT

The school is getting too crowded and the instructors are bored. I don't recommend you take your kids here. I'm considering calling the fire department to see if it is violating any codes.

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