Tesco's security guard

Posted on Saturday, July 23rd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by f0827ee1

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Tesco's security guard

To Whom It May Concern I would like to make a complaint about my visit to your Tesco Branch in Bexhill on Sea ( Tel : 0845 677 9049 )on the 23/07/2005 at about 2.00am in the morning. (Reciept: 23/07/05 2.44 2094 005 1079 7108) I and two friends had come in to do some shopping and throughout the visit we felt very uncomfortable because the security guard had been following us in circles. It seemed like everywhere we went he would walk around checking out what we were doing. Then I went off on my own, he would follow me too, if he had really suspected something then he should have informed us and we would be more than happy for him to shop around with us. Although he did not do anything to us, we felt like we were some sort of criminals or thief., we were going to leave the situation but while we were at the check out, he was again a few feet away and at that point we felt very annoyed and angry, because he was staring at us and our trolley. The look on his face was not at all friendly, and that is not the kind of image I thought of Tesco. This is when we was about to take his photo to make a complaint, but before we had taken anything, he had already approached my friend and demanded us to delete the photo with a very rude attitude, therefore we did call the supervisor, who had apologised and said she will investigate the incident. My complaint is not about if the supervisor is going to investigate the case or not, it’s about the fact that a highly reputable company like yours would have staff that treat there customers or certain customers like thieves , I would have thought Tesco would have higher standards of selecting there employees, well as least ones with good customer service. I really understand that he has a job to do, but we were at the store for about 45 minutes and he was around us for about 40 minutes of it. I don’t think his job is to follow customers around while they do there shopping because if that is the case, then you’ll need plenty of security to cover the amount of customers you have. And I don’t think any one of your customers would find this acceptable! However after you have read this letter and you still want to support your staff and believe that the way they treat some of there customers like that this is acceptable, then I truly understand. But your company image have always been very good in my family because we all have either car insurance or credit cards with Tesco, and have always shop at Tesco and have thought of Tesco as a nice and friendly company but after this experience our views of Tesco have been changed. What we would like to point out is that we don’t know if this situation had anything to do with our race, I’m Chinese and have been brought up in England all my life and never before had I been mistreated like this and felt that it had something to do with my colour. My Clubcard number is 6sssssssssss Miss T Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_46281#


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640fa2a1, 2009-02-10, 08:56AM CST

LOL its okay, today I walked into my local Tesco store and the security Guard whos name is Howard Bradley, called me an Idiot,completely unprovoked, said it was because i walked on a mat he was adjusting.Fact is he was not he was standing there with his hands in his pockets doing nothing.I have reported him to the store manager and the head office and they promised a follow up, we will see

a09bd10a, 2010-03-18, 03:12PM CDT

I have the same problems with the security guard at the Hove branch. The man is obsessed. I also thinks some selected members of staff are told to watch us as well.Not exactly subtle. If you are reading this - neither I nor my daughter have ever stolen anything in our lives.Don't judge others by your own shabby standards. I would have thought that after over a year of persecution, the penny would have dropped by now.

e14c6c74, 2010-04-13, 04:39PM CDT

I was shopping at the 'Tesco' branch /Sunbury/Middlesex on the 12/4/10.

As I left the store a security guard came running after me saying the alarm had gone off.

I immediately returned to the store asking him if he was sure it was me who activated the alarm ...he said yes.

After showing him the receipt for my goods I expected him to search my bag. He did not, so I said is that it then, he nodded and said yes.

It would have been nice to have received an apology for the inconvenience and embarrassment this caused me but one was not forthcoming.

If this happens to me again at 'Tesco Stores' I will seek legal advise.

Needless to say as I left the store the alarm remained silent so even the dumbest of security guards would admit their mistake/or not!

82542c84, 2010-12-22, 04:47PM CST

i visited a tesco months ago in bridgend s wales with my partner a lil girl we went yp the escalator the secuirty guard flew past me a grabbed my partner at the top and right under the store camera.tesco dnt do nothing only think bout their profits a turnovers that it

78b7c0d3, 2013-01-14, 10:27AM CST

Tesco have NO Customer care WHATSOEVER...especially the FILTHY Addlestone store in Surrey.

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