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Sony snapshot digital camera


My name is ALi AKKIZ, a Turkish citizen, lives in New Delhi, India for one and a half year. Last year I

bought a snapshot digital camera from Palika Bazar. After 4 months my camera dropped and focus side leaned left side. It was not going inside and outside. There was no warranty, so I decided to show Sony service in Lajpat Nagar-2, in Central market New Delhi/INDIA. I wanted to learn how much does it cost to repair it.

The man in Service took the camera from me, and called after about one week. He said, it will cost 16000 Rs. I gave up the idea of repairing it. I gave my camera on the 1st of March and, I took my camera back on the 10th of March. 2 weeks ago, I showed my camera another repairman in Palika Bazar. He said me, if the lens was not broken, he could repair for 2000 Rs. When I gave him the camera, he first asked me whether the camera was opened by another person or not. I said the situation that I gave the Sony Service, and took back after 10 days. In front of me he opened the camera, and said to me, it was opened and the CCD part had been changed. And he said CCD part is the most important part of the camera. Without it camera is nothing. I realized that I was cheated by Sony Service. Not Sony Service but a person who works for Sony Service. I took the camera again and went to the same place again. I explained everything. The receptionist lady said me that it is not possible, but let us check. I left the camera on that day, next day I had a call from Sony Service.

A man said me that, repairing camera will cost 17500 Rs. I again explained that I only gave the camera to be checked whether its CCD part changed or not. The man said it is not possible, If you come to the service I can explain. The same day I went to the Service, the same receptionist lady rejected that the CCD part was not changed, it is a wrong information. She said after some day she would give my camera back to me. As a customer I trusted Sony, and I bought a Sony camera. After broken, I again trusted and showed my camera to a Sony Service. But unfortunately I think I was cheated. I couln't sleep all day. I hope you do right thing, and search again my situation. Otherwise, I am sorry but from Sony Hedaquarters to media I will look after my rights. I hope you do your best and we find a solution.

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